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Local Experience and National Dedication Is Found in Mastercraft Exteriors – By Mastercraft Exteriors

Founded by visionary Richard Spanton, Jr., Mastercraft Exteriors is a nationwide leader in roofing, gutters, and siding.

White Bear Lake, MN, August 29, 2009 — During his childhood, Richard Spanton, Jr. was taught many skills of the land. When he wasn’t playing hockey, his father was teaching him the essentials of farming and animal husbandry.

In his adulthood, with a firm grasp of the realities of a life lived off the land, Richard Spanton, Jr. decided that industrial fortification promised a sound financial future. A family man with agricultural roots, Mastercraft Exteriors is his full-service home exteriors company.

Richard Spanton, Jr. founded Mastercraft Exeriors in 1996.  He had seen firsthand the damage and anxiety inflicted upon his neighbors by extreme weather conditions. He wanted to help those members of his community by being a contractor they could trust.

“We want to provide you with a long lasting professional relationship,” says Mastercraft Exteriors founder, Richard Spanton, Jr. “A relationship that gives you a sense of comfort when your job is finished.”

Since those early shop days, the Mastercraft Exteriors enterprise has grown into a nationwide operation. Whether it’s a ferocious Midwest storm or a coastal hurricane that has damaged the exterior of your home, call Mastercraft Exteriors at their toll free number to get it fixed. They’ll even help you negotiate with your insurance company.


Mastercraft Exteriors

2340 Country Road J

White Bear Lake, MN 55110

877-ROOFS-02 (Toll Free)


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How Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI) Reduces Your Energy Costs Immediately – By Energy Automation Systems

Is your business paying too much for energy? If your business occupies a building of any kind, the answer is probably yes.

Energy Costs Affecting Business Owners

Energy costs have risen globally, threatening the growth of businesses everywhere. Some of the hardest-hit organizations are those that own or lease property and pay for electricity. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings account for 36 percent of total energy use and 65 percent of electricity consumption. So, when electrical energy costs rise, businesses demand a solution. Energy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI), an international leader in energy-saving technology, can reduce energy costs by reducing the electrical energy waste and consumption already present in your facility today.

A Real Solution

Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI) designs, manufactures and installs systems that reduce electrical energy consumption and improve power quality in commercial and industrial facilities by enhancing the efficiency of electrical systems with no trade off in performance. Energy Automation Systems work passively, requiring no routine maintenance, and they function in virtually any facility that consumes electricity. The company’s proven systems can reduce a facility’s electrical energy consumption by 30% or more – and your savings are backed by a written guarantee, underwritten by a major insurance company.

Energy Automation Systems has installed customized energy conservation systems for decades for many thousands of clients in more than 60 countries around the world. Energy Automation Systems Founder and CEO Joseph Merlo has more than 30 years of experience in the energy conservation business and has helped countless companies reduce their energy costs. Paul Bleiweis, President of Energy Automation Systems, leads development of the company’s unique portfolio of energy-saving products. As a result of their leadership, Energy Automation Systems clients have included General Electric, British Petroleum, Apollo Management, Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and ConAgra Foods, as well as many other companies, large and small.

If your business is looking for a long-term solution to rising energy costs, visit the company’s corporate Web site at: If you would like to learn more about the company’s executive leadership, click here for a bio on Joseph Merlo and Paul Bleiweis.

A Unique Opportunity

As a result of rising energy costs, demand for Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI) systems is growing around the world. For years the company provided its systems directly to customers, but increasing demand lead the company to develop a unique business opportunity in which individuals can become Affiliates of the company and market its products to customers around the world.

For a brief overview of the Energy Automation Systems business opportunity, visit

For an in-depth look at the Energy Automation Systems opportunity, including video interviews with current Energy Automation Systems Affiliates and customers and a detailed overview of Energy Automation Systems product portfolio, visit

Brian Weinstock | Rehabilitation Communication | Brian Weinstock

Rehabilitation Communication – By Brian Weinstock

When remodeling your home, Home Installation Professionals urge you to tap into one of your most basic human skills – communication.

When renovating your home, you’re a most valuable asset. So don’t risk disappointment by not speaking your mind.  Consistently communicate with your contractor.  Brian Weinstock, a prominent name in the field, urges homeowners to establish a rapport with their contractor.  Set expectations together, review your plan often, and talk through issues as soon as they arise – not near the end of the project.

Many people hire a contractor, and then expect the renovation to magically appear at the end of their wait.  Though it is the contractor’s job to produce labor and materials, they are not mind readers.  A seasoned contractor like Brian Weinstock expects that, if you have a question or a doubt about a particular project, you will communicate with him before that project is far along.

“Selecting a contractor is a very important decision,” agrees Tom Black, an Illinois homeowner who contracted Brian Weinstock of Home Installation Professionals. “It’s not only about the total cost of the job or the timing of the job.  It’s about choosing to be in a close relationship with your contractor while making some big decisions.”

Choose a veteran contractor like Brian Weinstock.  Call around.  Find someone who is available and responsive.  Remember to communicate periodically with your contractor.  In this way you will preemptively iron out any kinks before they become expensive and taxing problems.


Brian Weinstock

Home Installation Professionals

Covering all of Northeastern Illinois


Larry Weir | New Single 'Rock On' 09 | Larry Weir

History Repeats For Fast Rising New Single ‘Rock On’ 09 – By Larry Weir

Recording Artist Michael Damian appears to have a hit all over again with the release of his new ’09 version of his No 1 Billboard rock classic, “Rock On” from his soon to be released CD album, “Rock On” from Caption Records.

“Rock On” ’09 was released twenty years after Michael Damian’s version hit No 1 on the Billboard and Radio & Records charts.  The same production team behind Michael’s chart topper – Grammy® Award winner Tom Weir, Michael Damian and Larry Weir – produced “Rock On” ’09. Larry Weir who runs National Record Promotion has been running all of the radio promotion for the single. Taking a break from his successful independent film career as an award winning Writer/Director/Producer (“Moondance Alexander”) to return to the studio and his musical roots by popular demand, Michael has artfully crafted a warm, intimate musical treasure of new music tracks combined with fresh, innovative new recordings from his hit music catalog, with a few classics.

“It was exciting to return to the recording studio and immerse myself completely in my music once again,” reveals Michael. “I’ve been so focused creatively on making art through my independent films (directing/producing) until the fans and the media spoke up demanding more of my music.” Michael adds, “Plus, it’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since my original ‘Rock On’ hit No 1 on Billboard. Yet, this new version shows it’s still a classic song and socially relevant to a whole new generation.”

Adult Contemporary, Hot AC and select Top 40 radio stations across the country have already embraced the new single favorably generating high rotation airplay, strong fan response and the buzz is spreading quickly. Michael’s ‘Rock On’ has become a national anthem and his new version is ready to conquer a whole new generation,” raves Tom Holt at WSRS radio. “Let’s Rock On!”

“Michael has taken ‘Rock On’, his ’80s classic and given it a contemporary edge without losing that classic feel,” adds Rusty Keys of KBEE radio. The new “Rock On” CD album features new contemporary tracks plus new recordings of fan favorites including “Was It Nothing at All”, a hit on the Billboard charts, and Top 5 Radio & Records Adult Contemporary chart twice for which Michael was awarded a BMI Song-writing award.

Michael’s new album features world renowned musicians Tim Pierce, who has played with Celine Dion, Chris Isaak and David Cook on guitar; Paul Bushnell, who has recorded with Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill and Miley Cyrus on bass, Josh Freese, who has played for Avril Lavigne, Sting, Gun’n’Roses, and Daughtry – who toured with Michael on the first Rock On Concert Tour when he was only 16 years old – playing drums. Michael’s brother and record promoter Larry Weir also did back-up vocals for many of the tracks.

Michael is also known for his starring role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical “Joseph & the Amazing Technical Dreamcoat” where he broke box office records both in L.A. and on Broadway, plus performed in San Francisco and Chicago. His starring role earned him a Grammy® nomination for the cast recording. Damian features a new rendition of “Close Every Door” and “Any Dream Will Do” from the hit musical.

The ‘Joseph’ musical songs were a family affair – co-produced by Maria ‘Mom’ Weir, a classical pianist and choir director. She directed the children’s choir in the songs. Plus, one of the children in the choir is Mia Frampton, the daughter of rock superstar Peter Frampton. It’s the first time many of these fan favorites by Damian from “Rock On” and “Was It Nothing At All” to his selections from “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” will be available to fans for purchase.

As an actor, Michael is probably best known for his 18 year run in CBS No 1 Daytime Drama, “The Young & the Restless”, where he recently reprised his role and performed two of the CD’s tracks, “Getting So Much Better” and “Still Mad About You” for Y&R’s 35th anniversary special. Besides Y&R, TV audiences have seen Michael perform his music on a wide range of TV shows including Oprah and The Tonight Show, where brother Larry Weir played keyboards. Michael is currently on location in Vancouver, Canada directing the feature film FLICKA 2 for 20th Century Fox.

“Rock On” 09 the single has been released and is available for purchase through iTunes. The album “Rock On” has been released by Caption Records March 24 and is available for purchase on iTunes, and through retail stores nationwide. For more information, visit

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A Bailey Plumbing | Making Your Home More Efficient – By A Bailey Plumbing

Have you heard it said that cleanliness is next to godliness? Well, if you’ve got a furnace, cleaning or replacing the filters once a month will keep it working at top efficiency. Also clean your air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators as needed, and make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes. It won’t guarantee holiness, but you will save money on your heating bills.

Do you have a gas furnace or stove? Then you might consider a gas hot water heater as well. You’ll save money extending the gas line to your water heater, as natural gas and propane water heaters are about 3 times less expensive to operate than their electric counterparts. This is one time when having gas can actually bring you a lot of relief.

When was the last time you had your water heater professionally inspected? It should be checked out by a certified plumbing technician a minimum of once a year. Not only will this keep it in top working order, but your unit should also be checked for possible carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is serious business. It’s colorless, odorless, and potentially deadly. Don’t take chances with your family’ safety. It’s more than a money-saving tip, it could be a life-saving tip as well.

And speaking of safety, chemicals belong in a laboratory—not down your drain! Chemical cleaners have a triple whammy of disadvantages—they’re dangerous to use, harmful to your pipes, and polluting to the environment. A kinder, gentler, yet effective solution to clearing drains is the use of a biologically active drain cleaner.

What does that mean? All-natural, good bacteria and enzymes literally eat away the clogs in your system without damaging the pipes. Sounds gross? Well, unlike harsh chemicals, bio-cleaning products are safe for children, pets, and the planet. So go green and be clean—call A. Bailey Plumbing to get hooked up with product.

About A Bailey Plumbing

When Chris and Joanne Bailey started A Bailey Plumbing in the late eighties they had no idea how tied they would become to their community. More then twenty years later, Bailey Plumbing is known throughout the area for their slogan “same day service with a smile”. Chris is a master plumber by trade and a good friend by personality. Their business is family owned and operated and they are happy keeping it that way. “A Bailey Plumbing has built its reputation on the principles of quality service, respect, and unwavering commitment to you and your home,” Chris recently told a local group.

The firm combines good old-fashioned hard work with the most current technologies to create a service experience second to none. This speaks most clearly in both their 100% money back guarantee and their A+ accredited business rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company has been a BBB accredited business since December 2001. That means A Bailey Plumbing supports the BBB’s services to the public and meets BBB Accreditation standards. A Bailey Plumbing is fully licensed and bonded as well as registered with the New Jersey State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers.

CALL A Bailey Plumbing at  800-392-3981 TODAY! Or Contact us via E-MAIL at

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Liberty Settlements Provides Assistance When You Need It – By Liberty Settlements

Do you feel pinched by your credit card company even after years of consistent payments?  You’re not imagining it, and you’re not alone.  The good news is that there is help out there.  My assistance came in the form of Liberty Settlements of Houston, TX.

When this financial crisis struck the country, people nationwide were caught in a position of unemployment after years of consistent work.  I was one of the lucky ones.  I didn’t get laid off, but I got laid back.  My hours and my pay were cut about 25%.  At first my wife and I worried about making ends meet. I was still paying our basic monthly bills like rent and utilities.  I could still buy groceries.  Then the unthinkable happened.

My credit card company, to address my lost wages – get this – actually hiked my interest rate up!  Next thing I knew my minimum payment was nearly twice what I was used to.  It was only a matter of time before I ended up broke; there was no way to keep up.  I was at the end of my rope.  My phone was ringing off the hook from insistent creditors.  After a few low weeks, I decided I wasn’t going to live like this.

I did some research on the Internet and discovered Liberty Settlements.  Liberty Settlements is a debt negotiation firm that is helping me pull out of the pit of debt my credit card company has placed me in.  Liberty Settlements also relieved me of a lot of stress.  You see, they do the calling and haggling with the credit card companies.  I stop getting hounded.  And while I follow a savings plan, Liberty is negotiating a settlement with my creditors.

Soon the credit card company will accept my offer through Liberty Settlements, at a much lower payoff than what I initially owed.  I will pay that settled amount from my savings plan.  My credit rating will survive, and I will be debt free.  I don’t think my wife and I could have accomplished this whole process without Liberty Settlements.

Brian Weinstock | While Choosing Contractors | Brian Weinstock

When Choosing Contractors, Caution Is Advised – By Brian Weinstock

Is it time to remodel?  There are a lot of contractors out there.  How will you decide?  Before plunging in, look into long standing organizations, like Home Installation Professionals.

Nearly all contractors have the rudimentary skills necessary to produce a new kitchen or bathroom for an eager client.  But a select few go above and beyond.  It is the consumer’s responsibility to dig deeper than just a low-ball price and an impressive truck full of tools.

Always research contractors and home remodeling firms.  Do they have the experience to back up their claims?  Look for a contractor who is a member of their business community.  A contractor like Brian Weinstock, who has a base of dedicated professionals to bring their combined expertise to bear on your project.

“Know exactly what you are getting,” counsels Brian Weinstock, “and in turn have a much better chance of making the perfect investment.”

For example, is your prospective contractor operating under the auspices of a particular trade organization?  Is he or she licensed and bonded in your state?  Does he, like Brian Weinstock of Home Installation Professionals, have access to the design professionals and skilled tradesman necessary to bring your remodel to completion?

Brian Weinstock is an educator, engineer, builder and home inspector with over 31 years experience in the field. He holds degrees from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and College of Lake County, Grayslake.  He currently owns and operates Home Installation Professionals, faithfully serving all of Northeastern Illinois.


Brian Weinstock

Home Installation Professionals

Covering all of Northeastern Illinois


Victoria Vitale-Lewis | Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center | Dr. Vitale Lewis

Why Choose Victoria Vitale-Lewis, M.D. and the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center? – By Victoria Vitale Lewis

Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis has been practicing cosmetic surgery since 1987 in Brevard County. Known for her practices of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Vitale-Lewis attracts an international clientele from as far away as Austria, England, and Germany. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is President-elect of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons for 2007. Her expertise has led her to be featured on many national television programs including Good Morning America, Discovery Health Channel and Fox 35 news.

As a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis has lectured and trained surgeons from around the world. She is a published author of a plastic surgery book on sclerotherapy and is a contributing author to The Womens Encyclopedia of Health and Emotional Healing. She is considered an expert in her signature “The Feminine Facelift.” Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis graduated Phi Beta Kappa from St. Louis University where she also obtained her medical degree from the School of Medicine.  Her general surgery and plastic surgery residencies were completed at St. Louis University Hospital. Additional training at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine enabled Dr. Vitale-Lewis to earn her fellowship in Microsurgery.

Dedicated to Your Personal Comfort

You are Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis’ top priority. You’ll receive personalized, individual attention throughout your experience. From the moment you enter our restored turn-of-the-century building, you’ll discover that everything is designed for your comfort. From the classic antique furnishings to our sophisticated surgical suite, we’ve designed a tranquil environment to ensure your comfort. Your wishes for privacy are also treated with respect. It is important that you have a positive experience.

Today 99% of cosmetic surgical procedures are accomplished on an outpatient basis.  For those rare procedures requiring more than just a few hours of post-surgery recuperation, the center’s overnight room allows you to recover in the comfort of a home-like environment under the watchful eye of a trained nurse. For those patients wishing a hospital-based procedure, we are able to accommodate that request.

The Highest Standards of Excellence

The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is a new facility designed for patient-focused care, personal comfort and medical excellence. The staff at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is selected by Dr. Vitale-Lewis to ensure continuity, caring and a team of highly skilled professionals. She has a team of highly trained nurses and technicians as well as a nurse practitioner who was personally trained by Dr. Vitale-Lewis on her techniques and philosophy. They are prepared to answer your questions and meet your needs before, during and after your surgery.

Dr. Vitale-Lewis’ state-of-the-art sophisticated outpatient surgery facility was created specifically for cosmetic plastic surgery. The surgical suite meets the highest standards of medical care, while focusing on your comfort and safety as a top priority. From the outside it looks like an elegant Southern home from an earlier century.  Go inside, and you’ll find the utmost in high-tech cosmetic surgery. The Victorian home built in the 1890’s is decorated in soothing tranquility.

One way to make sure you’re delighted with the results of your surgery is to understand and communicate what you want and expect. Dr. Vitale-Lewis’ state of the art video imaging system helps manipulate your image in a computer and allows you to visualize different effects. Although the system won’t show exactly how you will look once you’ve had your surgery, it will give you an idea of the possibilities.


If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you should be comfortable with the doctor you have chosen. Here at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis wants you to know that you are important. She believes that the time you spend in your cosmetic consultation should be both thorough and informative.

You first option is a complimentary consultation with the patient educator. This provides you with information on the procedure, estimated costs and discussion of finance options.  Before and after pictures will be reviewed as well.

After you have seen the patient educator, if you feel you are ready to make the next step, we will schedule a consultation for you with Dr. Vitale-Lewis. There is a minimal fee for the doctor that is applied towards surgical costs. You will get a quote once your surgical plan is finalized.

We hope that you leave our office as an informed patient, excited about the future and its many possibilities. We are available for any follow up questions by phone or even for a second consultation to assist you in making your decision.

The cosmetic consultation is an important step in the process of considering cosmetic surgery. We understand more than anyone that a cosmetic consultation can be seen as an intimidating or daunting experience. Because of this, we take special care to ensure that our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible in a professional, yet friendly atmosphere.

The goal of a cosmetic consultation at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is primarily to educate the patient about the procedures available to address their concerns, the process of preparing for the procedure(s), and the recovery period involved. We want to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make an informed choice.

In order to make your dreams become a reality, you must take the first step — contact us to make an appointment for your cosmetic consultation.

Dr Victoria Vitale-Lewis is a Florida board-certified Plastic Surgeon. She specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery to enhance your appearance by re-contouring facial and body features. Whether you want to flatten your abdomen, enhance your breasts, slim your thighs or restore damaged, wrinkled skin, the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center offers procedures to boost your confidence and improve your appearance from head to toe. Procedures and treatments include:

Facial and Eyelid Surgery
Endoscopic Facelifts
Mini-face lifts
Upper/lower eyelid
Chin/cheek implants
Forehead lifts
Nasal Surgery
Rhinoplasty (nose)
Nasal tip elevation
Cosmetic Facial Treatments
Chemical peels
CO2 Laser resurfacing
Breast Augmentation
Breast reduction
Breast lifts
Transumbilical (bellybutton)
Body Contouring
Liposuction and tummy tucks
Lipolysis (mesotherapy)
Endermologie (cellulite reduction)
Ear Surgery
Protruding ear correction
Spider vein removal
Restylane and other fillers

Facial and Eyelid Surgery

  1. Endoscopic Facelifts
  2. Mini-face lifts
  3. Upper/lower eyelid
  4. Chin/cheek implants
  5. Forehead lifts

Nasal Surgery

  1. Rhinoplasty (nose)
  2. Nasal tip elevation

Cosmetic Facial Treatments

  1. Dermabrasion
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Fraxel
  4. IPL/V-Beam
  5. CO2 Laser resurfacing

Breast Augmentation

  1. Breast reduction
  2. Breast lifts
  3. Transumbilical (bellybutton)

Body Contouring

  1. Liposuction and tummy tucks
  2. Lipolysis (mesotherapy)
  3. Endermologie (cellulite reduction)

Ear Surgery

  1. Protruding ear correction


  1. Spider vein removal


  1. Botox
  2. Restylane and other fillers

Larry Weir | Rock 09 Hits Top 30 | Larry Weir

Rock 09 Hits Top Thirty on the Billboard AC Charts – By Larry Weir

Caption Records announced that Recording Artist Michael Damian’s “Rock On 09″ hit the Top30 on the Billboard AC charts. Record promoter Larry Weir from Heartland Entertainment ran the radio promotion for Caption records.

It was twenty years ago that Damian’s first release of the rock classic hit #1 on both the Billboard and R&R Top40 charts. The single taken from the newly released “Rock On” album from Caption Records, also moved to #28* on the Mediabase AC charts, and is Top 10 at New Music Weekly and now ranks #5* on the Independent Music Network’s Top 30 Countdown.

Larry Weir was Damian’s manager at that time and oversaw all the promotion activity with the A&M records staff. Damian is currently in production on location directing the film “Flicka 2″ for 20th Century Fox, where he recently added Clint Black (country singer & TV star of “The Celebrity Apprentice”) to his all-star cast.

“I’m so thrilled for what’s been going on with ‘Rock On 09′,” said Michael from his film set up in Vancouver, Canada. ” And thanks to the fans along with my friends at radio who have been so much a part of making this happen a second time around.

“The new “Rock On” album was produced by Grammy® Award winner Tom Weir, Michael Damian and Larry Weir and is a top feature on iTunes this week. Plus, a summer tour is in the early planning stages. “Rock On” from Caption Records is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and through retail stores nationwide. For more information, contact Caption Records LLC at 818-505-9368 or visit the website at

Liberty Settlements | Provides Critical Solutions | Liberty Settlements

Liberty Settlements Continues to Provide Critical Solutions – By Liberty Settlements

Credit card companies depend on consumers who struggle to pay off  debt.  They actively look for consumers who submit minimum payments each month.  Those of us who survive this way are familiar with the feelings of stress, discomfort, and even shame that this type of usury creates.  Liberty Settlements knows this and they can help stop it.

The market crashed.  Jobs evaporated.  Consumers have less money now than ever.  At this critical moment, credit card companies have chosen to cut throats – our throats.  The throats of the same customers they’ve been generating income from, for years.  They’ve mercilessly raised interest rates and the required minimum payments are now much higher. Unless we know about companies like Liberty Settlements, we will never get the pressure off our lives.

Who can we turn to, the government?  The government bailout may be aiding the banks that run the credit card companies, but it’s not helping the little guy.  The government is not doing a thing that eliminates the pressure of the average consumer.  What about credit counselors?  Credit counselors are going to tell us what we already know, maybe give us some free therapy while we moan about our debt problems, but offer no critical solutions.

It’s time to look into debt settlement.  Debt settlement firms, like Liberty Settlements, provide the same services to individual consumers that have been available to companies for decades – clearing debts.

Liberty Settlements knocks heads with the credit card powerhouses, negotiating a settlement with them on our behalf.  The folks at Liberty Settlements run interference for us, confronting predatory credit card companies.  In turn, this gives consumers elbow room to save some money to satisfy creditors.  By the time Liberty Settlements is done negotiating, their clients will usually pay half or less of what they initially owed the credit card companies.  Voila!  Liberty Settlements provides a real solution.