Archive: February, 2010

Monahan Chiropractic Offers a Complete Approach to Back Pain Relief

Monahan Chiropractic is known as a community leader in chiropractic treatment. In many practices, chiropractors typically function within limited methods of treatment. Monahan Chiropractic explains that there are four main types of acceptable treatment: traditional straights, objective straights, mixers and reform. Each group, except for reform, is derived from chiropractic philosophies that facilitate the relief […]

Searching for the Best Cameras and Laptops at Lafnac Digital Computers

Lafnac Digital Computers knows that each person shopping for digital gadgets has different needs that he or she needs the product to fulfill. It may be that you are buying a digital camera or iPhone as a gift for a loved one. Other Lafnac Digital Computer customers are looking for a new laptop for their […]

Robert Martyna Discusses Venture Capital for Business Startups

Robert Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, gives a frank assessment of the fund raising process for entrepreneurs in the never-ending search for venture capitalist firms. Entrepreneurs have to spend quality time choosing firms and partners who might be receptive to a pitch for investment, begins Robert Martyna. Once a list of firms is compiled, the hopeful […]