Archive: November, 2010

Bikes Direct Offers Advice to Aspiring Touring Cyclists

Bikes Direct has watched with excitement as customers have bought bikes for the purpose of touring. In its simplest form, according to the Bikes Direct professionals, bike touring involves traveling long distances by bike, carrying any necessary gear such as clothing, camping gear, and cooking equipment. Bikes Direct is glad to see that cycling has become so integral to the lives of many people that they are eager to plan vacations not only incorporating a bike, but also completely centered on it. Many customers who have purchased their touring bikes from Bikes Direct post their experiences on forums and blogs, and Bikes Direct employees love to see pictures of happy customers on their touring bikes by the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or inaugurating and concluding a cross-country tour by dipping their wheels in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Bikes Direct customers report that these tours, whether days, weeks, or months long, are among their most memorable vacations, and their first tours often become the first of many.

Dr. William Knudson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa | Hammertoe and Ingrown Toenails

Dr. William Knudson, a long-time podiatrist from Cedar Rapids, Iowa has dedicated his professional life to the health and comfort of people’s feet. Practicing for many years in the greater Cedar Rapids/Waterloo area, Dr. William Knudson recently transitioned his practice to the East Coast. Prior to the move, Dr. William Knudson helped many patients from Cedar Rapids to live healthy, pain-free lives, and in this post Dr. William Knudson provides more expert advice for individuals dealing with painful foot ailments at home.

A Diving Gear Primer from John Michael Hughes

John Michael Hughes is an avid SCUBA diver with 26 years of diving experience. John Michael Hughes has applied his passion for SCUBA diving to a new business venture, Leisure Excursions, LLC. The clients of John Michael Hughes are treated to first class private diving tours that are worked into a breathtaking vacation package.