Archive: December, 2010

Mario Romano Reflects on the Value of Partners When Starting a Company

Mario Romano believed that hard work, great products, dedication and execution were the necessary ingredients of success. According to Mario Romano, the team at Wealth Engineering identified the best products, they worked tirelessly to execute the mass marketing of those products and then, says Mario Romano, they used personal capital to launch the entire show. After four years, however, Mario Romano says that their capital was exhausted – even though success appeared imminent.

Jonathan Berkowitz Suggests Nature Walk Ideas for Parents

Jonathan Berkowitz’s affection for the great outdoors informs his work as a licensed clinical social worker. According to Jonathan Berkowitz, time spent outside experiencing nature can be a fulfilling and relaxing activity for the whole family. Jonathan Berkowitz says that parents can use nature walks to relax their own minds while entertaining and educating their children.

Tire Works Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Customers that visit Tire Works for the first time often have the same questions about basic services. They ask the professionals at Tire Works, “What is computerized balancing? What is wheel alignment? Does wheel alignment have to be performed whenever tires are replaced? What are the basic types of tires?”

Yochanan Berkowitz Appreciates a Good Hike

Yochanan Berkowitz is a big fan of the great outdoors. When Yochanan Berkowitz’s work as a licensed clinical social worker allows, he takes time out to commune with nature. First hand contemplation of nature, says Yochanan Berkowitz, is a good way to center one’s thoughts and regain perspective on life’s difficulties. There are many ways to enjoy nature, says Yochanan Berkowitz, ranging from walks in a local park to cross country skiing along a snowy landscape.