Archive: February, 2011

Mario Romano Colts Neck Demonstrates the Power of Determination

The power of determination cannot be underestimated, according to Colts Neck resident Mario Romano. Romano, a financial management educator with Wealth Engineering, has seen what an unflappable demeanor can bring. “When I was in school at St. John’s University,” Colts Neck’s Mario Romano explains, “I was determined to make the most of my education as well as my internships.” With his sights set high, Mario Romano of Colts Neck was able to secure internships with some heavy hitters on Wall Street, a move that put him well ahead of his classmates. “Looking back, I realize the strength of my resolve to secure an outstanding internship was so great that I didn’t stop until I had one,” Colts Neck citizen Mario Romano recalls.

PFGBEST: Helping Individuals Manage Risk in Their Investing and Trading

According to PFGBEST, one of the most significant events to rock the U.S. financial market in decades has begun. This event is the listing of and public trading of a product called single stock futures (SSF). According to the PFGBEST website, “The world is changing and people are taking control of their futures and their portfolios.”

Senior Healthcare Consultants: Creating a Dream Environment for Sales Professionals

What if, as a salesperson, potential sales came to you? According to the staff members of Senior Healthcare Consultants, that sales dream is a reality for them. Senior Healthcare Consultants, with their appointment-generated system, release their team of professionals from the burdens of traditional cold calling and sales prospecting. According to one staff member, “it is a huge reason to work for Senior Healthcare Consultants.”