Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS Returns From Trip to Haiti

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS has been friends with his gregarious alligator mascot Chomp for many years. In that time, Chomp and the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist have been on some fantastic adventures together. Chomp says that adventures with Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS are a ton of fun, but they can also be very meaningful. For example, the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist has been making excursions to Haiti since 2007, offering charitable dental services to those in need. Following the terrible 2010 earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, Dr. David Snodgrass DDS and the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist’s team of dental care staff members traveled to Ouanaminthe in Haiti to help care for the injured and orphaned. Upon the Hermitage Pediatric Dentist’s return to Tennessee, Chomp had the opportunity to interview him about the experience.

Chomp: During your latest mission to Haiti, here did you expend most of your relief efforts?

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: We spent most of our time in the dental clinic we set up at Danita’s Children, Hope for Haiti Center.

Chomp: Tell us more about Danita’s Children.

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: Danita’s Children is a non-profit committed to caring for Haiti’s orphaned and abandoned children. After the devastation of the earthquake, Danita’s Children was filling up with children rescued from the damages, who had lost their homes and families.

Chomp: How did you develop your connection to Danita’s Children?

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: HMy adopted daughter, Margarite, was rescued and cared for by the wonderful and dedicated missionaries who operate Danita’s Children. Without Danita’s Children, we never would have been blessed with Margarite.

Chomp: What did you and your team do while in Haiti?

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: We performed routine and essential dental procedures for over 300 local Haitians in pain. Some of them were orphans, but many others were folks who attended Danita’s church and school, as well as those who work for Danita.

Chomp: What were some of these services?

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: You name it, whatever people needed. In some cases, it was extractions, fillings or the application of sealants. Other people needed crowns or cleanings.

Chomp: It sounds like you and your team was very busy.

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: I only wish we could have done more, but our time was limited.

Chomp: What can others do to aid in the Haiti relief effort?

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: Every little bit helps. If you have the time, contact UNICEF or the Red Cross and offer your help. If you cannot travel to Haiti to help, make donations. The infrastructure is so damaged that there is still a lot of work to do.

Chomp: Thank you so much for taking time to discuss your trip, Dr. Snodgrass. I’m sure your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed.

Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS: Thanks, Chomp. It’s good to be home, but the fact remains that we will be returning to Haiti again to continue our work.

For more information about the efforts of Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Dr. David Snodgrass DDS, visit Snodgrass-King online at http://snodgrassking.com

About Hermitage Pediatric Dentist

The Hermitage pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King offer an exceptional and different dental experience for children. Founded by Dr. David Snodgrass and Dr. John T. King, the Hermitage pediatric dentist offices of Snodgrass-King combine “fun” with exceptional oral health care and services. In addition to their office located in Hermitage, Snodgrass-King offers pediatric dentist services in several other convenient locations around Nashville.

A first time visitor to Hermitage or any of the Snodgrass-King pediatric dentist offices may find a surprise awaiting them. On any given day a child may be greeted by Chomp, the Snodgrass-King alligator mascot, in the Hermitage lobby before they see their pediatric dentist. And if Chomp is not in the Hermitage office, there are other surprises before seeing their chosen pediatric dentist. From the video games in the lobby to watching a movie during a teeth cleaning, the Hermitage pediatric dentist office maintains the tradition of “fun” that comes with a visit to any Snodgrass-King office.

While a youngster wants fun, parents desire excellence in dental care for their child. The Snodgrass-King Hermitage pediatric dentist office meets and exceeds that expectation. Both of the founders of Snodgrass-King bring credentials and experience to their Hermitage pediatric patients. Dr. David Snodgrass, a respected and sought after speaker, brings over twenty years of experience to the Hermitage community. Dr. John T. King is Diplomat Board Certification with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Between the founders and staff, the Hermitage pediatric dentist offices of Snodgrass-King offer nearly one hundred years of combined experience.

The highly skilled Hermitage pediatric dentists offer a wide array of specialty services to their young patients. From basic pediatric dentist services to orthodontic and specialty work, Snodgrass-King of Hermitage boasts exceptional pediatric dentists. Patients needing oral and maxillofacial specialty work can find such services at the Snodgrass-King Hermitage pediatric dentist office. The Hermitage pediatric dentist office of Snodgrass-King also offers tips and points concerning pediatric dental care online. The Snodgrass-King website displays safety and general health care tips as well as information about “what to expect” when visiting the Hermitage pediatric dentist office. Patients will also find contact information and hours of operation for the Snodgrass-King Hermitage pediatric dentist location.

Known for their work both within and outside of Hermitage, the pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King have donated equipment and time to those who could not receive such quality care. Recently, co-founder of the Hermitage pediatric dentist office Dr. David Snodgrass was part of an effort to offer dental care to Nashville residents who otherwise would have gone without. In addition, the Snodgrass-King founders and pediatric dentists from Hermitage and other locations have donated equipment and frequently served the impoverished regions of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

For more information or to contact the Hermitage pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King please visit http://snodgrassking.com.

Instant Tax Solutions: Back Tax Relief, Part One

According to the professionals at Instant Tax Solutions, “the IRS is becoming more cooperative than ever.” The reason for this increased willingness for compromise, according to Instant Tax Solutions, is the current economy. Instant Tax Solutions is a forty-person team of tax professionals that assist individuals with tax relief. Co-founded by Byron Pedersen and Ian Woodman, Instant Tax Solutions has a client list that spans the entire nation.

“While it is important for an individual owing back taxes to consult legal representation, there are basically two categories of programs for handling back taxes,” explains Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen. The first category of programs, according to the Instant Tax Solutions co-founder, is to enter into an agreement settling the amount of back tax for less than owed. “If for some reason the tax debt cannot be reduced, a taxpayer can apply for special consideration,” explains Instant Tax Solutions’ Pedersen.

In this article, using the Instant Tax Solutions website as a resource, we will briefly examine the three options available if the Internal Revenue Service agrees to settle back taxes for less than what is owed. The first option, according the Instant Tax Solutions website, is the Offer in Compromise. “While this is the most popular option among taxpayers, it is also the most difficult for which to qualify,” notes Instant Tax Solutions. The OIC gives the IRS authorization to reduce the amount owed, including penalties and fees, according to Instant Tax Solutions. “The burden falls on the taxpayer applying for this option to prove that the amount owed would force them into financial hardship,” says Instant Tax Solutions, “and that it probably would never be paid in full.”

According to the Instant Tax Solutions website, the second option under the program of a settlement reduction is penalty abatement. The Instant Tax Solutions online resource explains that penalty abatement is the elimination or reduction of fees and penalties imposed by the IRS. However, according to Instant Tax Solutions, reasonable cause for failure to follow tax laws must be stated. Instant Tax Solutions further explains that some of those reasons include death or serious illness, unavoidable absence by taxpayer, or inability to determine tax amount for reasons beyond taxpayer control.

The third option under the program of settling back taxes with the IRS for less than what is owed, says Instant Tax Solutions, is a Partial Payment Installment Agreement (PPIA). According to the Instant Tax Solutions website, a PPIA is a reduction of total tax liability broken down into a monthly payment plan. In order to qualify, the taxpayer has to demonstrate that they are financially unable to pay the minimum monthly payment of the tax debt, explains Instant Tax Solutions. A negotiated agreement may be reached, for a lesser amount, allowing the taxpayer to pay their tax liability over a monthly payment plan.

Whatever the situation may be, a taxpayer owing back taxes needs proper representation, maintains Instant Tax Solutions co-founder Byron Pedersen. “Qualified representation, like that provided by the professionals at Instant Tax Solutions, knows the ‘in and outs’ of the IRS and can negotiate the best option for the taxpayer,” states Pedersen.

Instant Tax Solutions was birthed out of a vision to join expert tax relief services with an absolute commitment to integrity. With genuine concern for clients and a combined tax relief experience of over one hundred years, the professional and highly educated staff continues to remain current with tax changes. For more information about the assistance offered by Instant Tax Solutions, visit them online at http://InstantTaxSolutions.com.

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Carlotta Luis Discusses How to Keep Travel Fun and Affordable

Carlotta Luis is a Travel Industry Professional who has helped countlesstravelers find the perfect vacation getaway. Carlotta Luis connects potentialtravelers with some of the best Travel Agents in the business. The key to atruly satisfying vacation is knowing what your vacation goals are, setting yourpreferences, proper planning and sticking to your budget, says Carlotta Luis.The average US Leisure Traveler is on the hunt for the lowest price with thebest quality. Travelers are typically going on vacation more than they did lastyear but they are definitely trying to spend less, reports Carlotta Luis.

True all-inclusive resorts and cruises are very popular for thefamily, individual, or group that is watching their dollars. However, thebudget-minded traveler shouldn’t discard hotels and resorts that offer aEuropean plan. There are a lot of deals to be had in that category as well. Oneimportant thing to keep in mind, points out Carlotta Luis, is that visiting anew destination is all about experiencing the culture and exploring. Accordingto Carlotta Luis, that means enjoying the natural splendor, local cuisine, music& entertainment, art & crafts, and learning about the history of the peopleand places you’re visiting.

Carlotta Luis loves to help her clients find a satisfying vacationin the right price range. Most travelers these days, notes Carlotta Luis, aretraveling on a budget but they must keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t necessarilymean better. Carlotta Luis says that spending a little more could mean betterquality accommodations, transportation, activities, or meals. Carlotta Luis explainsthat if your goal is to stay at a beautiful resort with good customer servicethen that’s what you should aim for. Always consult review sites to learn whattravelers and industry professionals are saying before you make a decision.Carlotta Luis reminds vacationers that the ultimate vacation goal is to behappy, stress-free and delighted.

Carlotta Luis notes that when it comes to activities such as waterand resort sports, spa treatments, dancing events and guided tours, theseactivities often require additional spending, and the shrewd traveler knows howto minimize this extra expenditure. An excellent way to save money, saysCarlotta Luis, is to decide upon a limited number of activities on your trip.If planning more than one or two activities, Carlotta Luis suggests that if it’spossible, travelers should try to join in with group activities, like scubadiving lessons or a group tour. Group tours and activities includetransportation to and from the fun, adds Carlotta Luis, as well as a lower costto participate.

Carlotta Luis also points out that most expenses related to travelcost more for a single traveler. Buying bulk travel is often cheaper, notesCarlotta Luis, just as in other areas of the marketplace. In other words,having a “travel buddy” will often qualify you for cheaper lodging or fares,explains Carlotta Luis. At many Caribbean resorts and island cruises, thesingle occupancy rate is often higher per person than the double or groupoccupancy rate. These are just a few of Carlotta Luis’ tips and techniques onkeeping travel to the Caribbean, US Virgin Islands and beyond fun andaffordable. If you are planning vacation travel, contact Carlotta Luis at (305)741-2013 and take advantage of her travel expertise.

About Carlotta Luis

When Carlotta Luis was completing her education she had not yet set her sights towards being a travel industry professional. For Carlotta Luis, graduating was the goal. Her life, it turns out, has become more than she could have imagined.

As Carlotta Luis began moving into the work place she began to slowly define a career direction. For Carlotta Luis, this would eventually carry her to an enviable position. People now refer to her as a travel industry professional, a savvy market research resource, a skilled employee trainer and voice for innovative change. These are not titles that Carlotta Luis had originally seen herself owning.

Initial humanitarian interests took Carlotta Luis first to St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti. St. Damien’s Hospital had 120 beds, including an 18 bed emergency unit, 10 bed pediatric intensive care unit and a 9 bed cancer center. The hospital was staffed with 18 pediatricians, 50 nurses and 60 certified nursing assistants, as well as 8 lab technicians. This was Carlotta Luis’ introduction into the health care and medical communities.

According to Carlotta Luis, more than half of all the hospital’s patients were admitted for an infectious disease such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV while twenty-five percent were admitted for non-infectious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and kidney infection. Most patients admitted were also malnourished. This experience and the exposure to a very different life fueled what would become a passion for Carlotta Luis – an interest in different cultures. This interest continued to develop and Carlotta Luis began to sense a focus on the Caribbean countries.

Fast forwarding to the present, Carlotta Luis’ career track now places her as a sales professional promoting the U.S. Virgin Islands throughout the southeastern regions of the United States. She is employed by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and resides in south Florida. Carlotta Luis serves as a board member of the Caribbean Tourism Organization through its South Florida Chapter. She pursues excellence in her vocation, passion for her profession and vision for tourism throughout the Caribbean basin. These days, Carlotta Luis embraces the age old wisdom given by many in her line of work: Don’t worry, be happy!

Dave Ramsey supports Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries – Nancy Alcorn and Dave Ramsey both in the business of transforming lives.

Nancy Alcorn and Dave Ramsey have been friends for a long-time.  They share the love of helping people find freedom from bondage – bondage to money and debt or bondage to life-controlling issues.  Here are some highlights of the partnership between Dave Ramsey and Nancy Alcorn:

As long-time supporters of Mercy Ministries and Nancy Alcorn, Dave and his wife, Sharon, have generously donated their expertise and resources to our residents and graduates. The girls learn how to balance a checkbook, make a budget, save, eliminate debt, find bargains, build wealth and experience the joy of giving.   Nancy Alcorn is committed to building Mercy Ministries homes debt free and Nancy Alcorn also believes that operating debt free is key – a tone that resonates with Dave Ramsey and his teachings. Upon graduation, each resident is blessed with a Financial Peace University Lifetime Membership kit and receives all course materials. Graduates (along with their spouses if they are married) can also attend a FPU class in their area!

In 2009, Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, considered it a great privilege to be invited by her dear friend, Dave Ramsey, to speak to his nearly 300 staff during their weekly devotional time. Dave and Sharon Ramsey have been long-time supporters of Mercy Ministries and Nancy Alcorn, and Dave has had Nancy Alcorn lead devotions several times for his staff. Dave dedicates time each Wednesday morning for his staff to have an opportunity to begin their day in prayer and Bible study. Nancy Alcorn used this time to encourage his team that they are making a difference by helping people. Nancy Alcorn shared the stories of several Mercy girls and emphasized that each of them had to let go of the past in order to experience lasting change. Nancy Alcorn explained how Mercy Ministries and Dave Ramsey’s Lampo Group are similar because they teach people that their past does not have to determine their future.

Here is what Nancy Alcorn had to say about her time with Dave’s incredible team:

“I count it a great honor to call Dave and Sharon Ramsey my friends, and I was even more proud of them today as I saw the impact they are having on so many people in this country and beyond. Times are tough and Dave’s team continues to extend great wisdom to people about budgeting, planning and living debt free. I loved connecting with the truly wonderful people in this organization.”  – Nancy Alcorn
In October 2010, Dave and Sharon Ramsey hosted Nancy Alcorn and 100 guests of the ministry at their home in Franklin, TN.  Guests were blessed to hear Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, Nancy Alcorn, cast the vision of Mercy and encourage everyone to attend the Merry Mercy benefit coming up in December.  Here’s what Dave Ramsey had to say about his support of Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries:

“Since the business and the ministry that we’re in is that of transforming lives, we want to see a broken and hopeless life completely transformed. There are a few ministries that do that very well and there are none that do it better than Mercy with Nancy Alcorn at the helm. I don’t know how much more of a personal endorsement I could give something, but after meeting Nancy Alcorn, Mercy became the first ministry we’ve ever given to, and it’s one of the few today that we still have on our list of ministries that we give to lavishly.” – Dave Ramsey

In December 2010, Dave and Sharon Ramsey hosted the Merry Mercy event at the Loews Vanderbilt plaza along with Nancy Alcorn and with musical guest Phil Keaggy!  The night was a great fundraiser for Mercy Ministries with both Dave Ramsey and Nancy Alcorn encouraging the crowd to get involved with transforming lives!

Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries would like to thank the Ramsey’s for their overwhelming generosity and huge hearts! Their investment of time, expertise, materials, and financial resources into the graduates and staff of Mercy Ministries as well as Nancy Alcorn herself has literally been life-transforming for all involved! To learn more about Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University, visit his website at www.daveramsey.com.

To learn more about Nancy Alcorn, visit www.nancyalcorn.com and order a copy of the book, “Echoes of Mercy” by Nancy Alcorn.

About Nancy Alcorn

During her five years working for the state of Tennessee, at a correctional facility for juvenile delinquent girls, Nancy Alcorn developed a passion to impact the lives of hurting young women.  Time and time again, Nancy Alcorn watched as the young women she worked with at the juvenile facility passed the age of eighteen and ended up in the women’s prison system because they never got the real help they needed.

During the next three years, as Nancy Alcorn investigated child abuse cases for the state of Tennessee, she saw firsthand why so many of these young women were angry and hurting.  Working with juvenile delinquent girls and investigating alleged cases of child abuse gave Nancy Alcorn the opportunity to interact directly with secular rehabilitation programs and the girls impacted by those programs. It was during this time that Nancy Alcorn realized that these programs were not producing permanent results that exemplified changed lives.

Following her tenure with the state, Nancy Alcorn accepted an appointment as Director of Women for the Nashville Teen Challenge.  Through all of these experiences, Nancy Alcorn began to realize that true transformation would never come as the result of any government system.  Nancy Alcorn understood that only Jesus could bring restoration into the lives of girls who were desperately hurting and searching for something to fill the void they felt in their hearts.

Nancy Alcorn began to sense that God was unfolding a plan prompting her to step out in faith.  God called Nancy Alcorn to help hurting young women find freedom and have their lives transformed.  With her experience to assist her and God to guide her, Nancy Alcorn would prayerfully make a giant step of faith to help hurting young women.

In January of 1983, Nancy Alcorn relocated to Monroe, Louisiana and established Mercy Ministries of America.  Nancy Alcorn was determined that the Mercy Ministries program would bring about true-life change in the lives of young women.  With that in mind, Nancy Alcorn knew there were three guiding principles to which she must always remain faithful.  First, Nancy Alcorn committed that Mercy Ministries would accept girls free of charge.  Second, Nancy Alcorn committed that Mercy Ministries would donate ten percent of all donations to other organizations and ministries.  Third, Nancy Alcorn made the decision that Mercy Ministries would never accept any state or federal funding.  In no way did Nancy Alcorn want any money that might interfere with the freedom to share Christ.

Since 1983, Mercy Ministries, under the leadership of Nancy Alcorn, has seen exponential growth and impact.  Establishing locations in Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri and California, Nancy Alcorn has seen her God-sized dream impact numerous women ages 13 to 28.  Nancy Alcorn has seen Mercy Ministries grow beyond the borders of the United States with home in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada.

Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries help young women seeking freedom from physical and sexual abuse (including sex trafficking), eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addiction, depression and unplanned pregnancy.  Mercy Ministries, with Nancy Alcorn serving as Founder and President, assists young women through a non-conventional approach to healing that allows them to stop and break destructive cycles of behavior.  Nancy Alcorn continues her commitment to helping young women recognize their self-worth and reach their full potential.

For more information about the services offered by Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries, visit the Mercy website online at http://www.mercyministries.com.

Detect Early Orthodontic Problems with Murfreesboro Pediatric Dentist Snodgrass-King

Did you know that Murfreesboro pediatric dentist Snodgrass-King recommends that children have an orthodontic evaluation as early as the age of seven? Murfreesboro pediatric dentist Snodgrass-King knows just how important the oral health of your child is, and they strive to offer every service that you and your family could possibly need.  This also includes the services of trained orthodontists right in the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist office.

While seven years old may seem young for an orthodontic evaluation, the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist explains why this is necessary.  Your child may have inherited conditions, says the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist, which affects the formation of bone in the jaw or the spacing of his or her teeth.  Murfreesboro pediatric dentists at Snodgrass-King can also check for any damage that may have been caused by excessive thumb sucking.  The Murfreesboro pediatric dentists will also look for signs of poor nutrition or bad hygiene that could lead to malformation of the jaw and teeth.  It is much better to discover these things earlier in your child’s life, points out the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist, and it could save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

The orthodontists with Murfreesboro pediatric dentist Snodgrass-King are all exceptionally knowledgeable in their field, and they bring the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist office a wealth of experience.  The staff orthodontists at the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist have stellar educations, and all are committed to the health of your child’s teeth.  There will be no reason for your child to feel anxious about the possibility of braces when he or she has seen the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist for several years, and that’s another reason why your children should start the process as early as possible.

Get a head start on giving your child a beautiful smile.  Visit the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist office as soon as your child turns seven so that he or she can undergo an orthodontic evaluation with Snodgrass-King. For more information about orthodontic evaluations and braces, visit the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist online at http://snodgrassking.com.

The Murfreesboro pediatric dentist staff of Snodgrass-King is known for their excellence in service. Founded in Franklin, Tennessee, with several additional offices that include Murfreesboro, pediatric dentists Dr. David Snodgrass and Dr. John T. King and their staff represent a dental experience of nearly 100 years. From the belief in a “kid-friendly” environment to the pursuit of dental expertise, the Murfreesboro pediatric dentist office of Snodgrass-King believes service is fundamental. For more information about the Murfreesboro pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates, please visit them online at http://snodgrassking.com