Archive: July, 2011

Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD Offers Insight into Civil War Diseases

According to Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD some 620,000 soldiers died during the four-year Civil War conflict. The North lost 360,000 souls while the South gave up 260,000. However, says Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD, not all the deaths were caused by injuries sustained in battle. Nearly one-half of the deaths during the Civil War […]

An Interview with Tom Raffy, Founder and President of GAR Labs

GAR Labs is a high-end Private Label Cosmetic Contract Packager, that has tenured formulas for Skin Creams, Hair Treatments and 100’s of toiletry items, as well as beauty and health aids. Tom Raffy is Founder and President of GAR Labs.  Recently, Raffy talked with about his passion and belief concerning GAR Labs. Tom, […]