Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD Offers Insight into Civil War Diseases

According to Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD some 620,000 soldiers died during the four-year Civil War conflict. The North lost 360,000 souls while the South gave up 260,000. However, says Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD, not all the deaths were caused by injuries sustained in battle. Nearly one-half of the deaths during the Civil War were caused by disease and infections. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD lists several types of these ailments. These include typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhea and infection from Staphylococcus Aureus and Streptococcus Pyogenes. Dr. Foster says most of the diseases were brought about by very poor camp conditions and that filth encouraged these types of diseases to grow and decimate whole units.

Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD suggests that perhaps one of the biggest killers was Typhoid. He says that although Typhoid is nearly non-existent in the modern Western world, it was a rampant killer during the 19th century. No one, insists Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD, was safe from the crippling and often fatal effects from Typhoid. Typhoid was spread by salmonella that was present in contaminated food and water. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD has found that a significant number of non-combatant deaths on the Confederate side were caused by this terrible disease. The only treatment for Typhoid Fever at the time was rest and fresh food and water that was often in short supply, according to Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD.

British researchers have proven that Typhoid is a water-borne disease. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD maintains that most physicians from the Civil War did not appreciate this link. . So Typhoid, says Dr. Foster, manifested itself in the young, old, rich, poor, officer or enlisted. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD points out that the disease practiced a non-discriminatory approach. He says that the worse part of having a patient with Typhoid at that time was the feeling of helplessness as physicians watched their patients die in droves.

About Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD

Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD is a Tennessee Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. In 1971, North Carolina State University conferred a degree for undergraduate work to Dr. Foster. The completion of Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD’s doctoral program was at Duke University Medical School and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD is married to wife Patty and is a long time enthusiast of United States History and collecting Civil War memorabilia.

An Interview with Tom Raffy, Founder and President of GAR Labs

GAR Labs is a high-end Private Label Cosmetic Contract Packager, that has tenured formulas for Skin Creams, Hair Treatments and 100’s of toiletry items, as well as beauty and health aids. Tom Raffy is Founder and President of GAR Labs.  Recently, Raffy talked with Zrylw.com about his passion and belief concerning GAR Labs.

Zrylw.com: Tom, thank you for sharing your passion about GAR Labs with our readers today. You recently said, and I quote, “GAR Labs is a smart choice.”  Knowing your passion for the company you founded, what exactly did you mean by that?

Tom Raffy/GAR Labs: Well, thank you for the opportunity to unpack what I meant when I described GAR Labs as a “smart choice”.  In a nutshell, I think GAR Labs is a smart choice on two levels.  The first being our capabilities as a high end private label cosmetics manufacturer that can quickly turn your hair or skin care idea into a finished product that can be sold nationally.

Zrylw.com: GAR Labs has a lot of options to offer clients?

Tom Raffy/GAR Labs: We have tons to offer.  From our on-site chemists at GAR Labs that work in a large full-service laboratory to our extensive manufacturing and filling departments that are the envy of competition, we offer clients unlimited possibilities.

Zrylw.com: Tom, can you briefly lay out the process when a new client brings a product to GAR Labs?

Tom Raffy/GAR Labs: Well first, we have thousands of fragrances and thousands of skin and hair prototypes on file.  So a client of GAR Labs can quickly make additions to their new product idea.  From there, GAR Labs is going to hit the laboratory where we can formulate and create test samples, at no costs.  With production at GAR Labs clients are guaranteed, through our physical and electronic analysis, 100% ‘on-spec’ ingredients, no “look a likes”.  Also, this helps the client know that during production, their ingredients are in compliance.  After production, GAR Labs will run a series of tests to ensure that the color and the thickness is compliant with the customers standard and at the correct pH for the skin, and lastly that the product is bacterial free BEFORE being filled.

Zrylw.com: Then after production comes packaging…

Tom Raffy/GAR Labs: That is correct.  At GAR Labs, we have machines that feed thousands of tubes in a minute, and seal the packaging at hundreds a minute.  From there we palletize, triple stretch-wrap and ready for pick-up by the client.

Zrylw.com: And how do you calculate pricing?

Tom Raffy/GAR Labs: Our pricing is handled by a computerized system that is fair and quick – offering our clients a low, no haggle needed price.  And I would mention now the second reason we are a smart choice.  We are going through this whole process using green energy as much as possible.  We just spent three years converting much of our 133,000 square foot factory to renewable energies, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint.

Zrylw.com: Wow, absolutely amazing.  Tom, we know you are busy with this wonderful company.  Thank you for sharing with us your passion about GAR Labs.

Tom Raffy/GAR Labs: Thank you.  Twenty-seven years old and still going!

For more information about GAR Labs, visit them online at www.garlabs.com

About GAR Labs

Founded in 1982, GAR Labs has grown and now operates from a 133,000 square foot headquarters located in Riverside, California.  The GAR Labs facility meets or exceeds all health, safety, EPA and FDA standards and requirements, and is licensed for both alcohol filling and storage.  Using only purified water, GAR Labs can serve a capacity ranging from 55 gallons to 12,000 gallons per shift.

From 5,000 to 5 million pieces, GAR Labs can develop the formulation, fill and package your product.   GAR Labs is licensed and staffed to all personal care products which include sunscreens, face cream, body creams, hair care, body soaps, perfumes and alcohol related products.  In addition, GAR Labs is an FDA registered over-the-counter drug (OTC) products.

GAR Labs employs its own in-house chemists that work in a full-service laboratory and can quickly make test samples of the products you want.  Along with the development laboratory, GAR Labs offers clients peace-of-mind by having a fully equipped quality control-testing department.

GAR Labs works to ensure that ALL the ingredients AND the finished products are compliant by using three testing divisions:

  • “Analytical Testing Lab” verifies the chemical finger print of each ingredient to guarantee compliance through Infrared Spectrometer (IR) and High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC).
  • “Quality Control Department” ensures all finished products meet customer specification.
  • “Microbiological Testing Department” insures all ingredients and finished products are bacteria free.

As you can see with GAR Labs, ALL raw materials AND finished products are fully tested for both quality and compliance so that you can trust what you are selling and it will last a long time.

When it comes to processing your order the team at GAR Labs is committed to offering the best in project management.  Upon receiving a client purchase order, customer service reps have the ability to track the project’s progression.  Using a state-of-the-art computer system, GAR Labs customer service personnel enter your purchase order and then track the progress of the work and email their status every week until your order is complete.

Even after completion, GAR Labs can help you with the technical documents that might be needed to sell your product domestically or by exporting.

GAR Labs has received rave reviews from their customer base.  One such customer wrote that GAR Labs are “easy to work with” and “reasonably priced.”

For more information, visit GAR Labs online at www.garlabs.com or call them at 951-788-0700.