ANY LAB TEST NOW Provides Individuals with Discreet STD Testing and Results

Individuals can take control of their health utilizing the convenience of ANY LAB TEST NOW® STD Screening. ANY LAB TEST NOW has trained medical assistants that can draw blood and obtain a urine sample to test for many STDs. Testing is fast, easy, and completely confidential. ANY LAB TEST NOW does not chart tests results, ensuring complete privacy.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Helps People Take Control of Their Health and Their Life

Case Studies have shown that facilities like ANY LAB TEST NOW can help men and women identify STDs, thereby arming them with the knowledge they need to talk to their doctor, for instance:

Annie is a 32-year-old accountant. She and her husband have been trying to conceive for three years. She visited her local ANY LAB TEST NOW center after a few days of painful urination. She had read on the ANY LAB TEST NOW website that certain STDs, like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, can have symptoms such as hers. She was embarrassed, but the professional staff at ANY LAB TEST NOW assured her that there was no shame in testing. Two days later the results were in; Annie had Chlamydia. She spoke with her husband that night. The two visited her OB-GYN a few days later and Annie was treated with a simple round of antibiotics. Thanks to ANY LAB TEST NOW, Annie was able to get the care she needed.  She reports that she is now well and that they are expecting their first child this December.

Testing at ANY LAB TEST NOW Covers a Broad Spectrum and Relieves Worry

ANY LAB TEST NOW Offers a Comprehensive STD panel, which uses the information found in urine and blood, to offer patients fast and reliable results. The Comprehensive STD panel tests for:

  • Hepatitis (B & C)
  • HIV
  • Herpes Simplex Virus (I & II)
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis

Not all STDs have outward signs. Only blood/urine tests like those performed at ANY LAB TEST NOW can confirm the presence of an STD. ANY LAB TEST NOW can perform the STD testing that is recommended yearly for sexual active women under age 25, as well as anyone engaging in sexual intercourse with multiple partners. ANY LAB TEST NOW has a group of well-informed staff that can answer any questions you may have about STD testing; however, ANY LAB TEST NOW does not treat or diagnose any condition. ANY LAB TEST NOW acts as a portal for the consumer to access these and other tests.

At ANY LAB TEST NOW, testing for STDs starts at just $89 – prices vary by location.

With one hundred and thirty-three walk in draw centers located in communities across America, ANY LAB TEST NOW offers medical, DNA, drug and other standard laboratory tests. Named the second fastest growing franchise in America by the Franchise Times in April 2010, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise provides thousands of lab tests, allowing individuals to take control of their health. For more information about ANY LAB TEST NOW and the tests available at your neighborhood location, visit them online at

Unilife CEO Alan Shortall Discusses the Demand for Pre-Filled Syringes

Having an insatiable appetite to satisfy the unmet needs of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare workers and patients is driving Unilife CEO Alan Shortall and his colleagues to attain a position of global leadership in the fast-growing market for advanced drug delivery systems.

The development of innovative device solutions by Unilife, Alan Shortall says, is being driven by “the unmet needs of our pharmaceutical customers.” What is behind the growing demand for the customized, differentiated devices that Unilife specializes in?  “The change from small molecule drugs to large molecule biologics is now driving pharmaceutical companies to seek innovative device solutions that can address specific drug and patient requirements,” says Unilife’s Alan Shortall.

Biologics, explains Unilife CEO Alan Shortall, are created by biologic processes rather than being chemically synthesized. They are used to treat a range of acute and chronic diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and growth hormone deficiency. Unilife’s Alan Shortall says that due to their protein-based structure, most are fragile in nature. As a result, the vast majority of biologics are injected.  The products being manufactured by Unilife, says Alan Shortall, can in many cases help to make the commercialization of these specialized drugs possible. In fact, according to Alan Shortall, Unilife provides “we will partner with our pharmaceutical customers early in their clinical pipeline to develop customized devices that can enhance and enable the commercialization of their pipeline drugs.”

Due to the specific molecular and patient requirements of biological drugs, Alan Shortall reports that Unilife has had several pharmaceutical companies seeking to enter into collaborative partnerships to develop effective drug-device combination products for biologics. This is because in order to gain regulatory approval, most makers of such biologics need a delivery device like those of Unilife, explains Alan Shortall.  “The regulatory approval process will be linked with custom-designed devices manufactured by Unilife,” Alan Shortall states. “What follows such an approval process are long term contracts for manufacturing for Unilife,” says Alan Shortall, adding that this creates significant opportunities for Unilife to become intertwined within the $200 billion market for injectable drugs and vaccines.

Unilife Corporation is a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of a diversified portfolio of advanced drug delivery systems. Since CEO and Executive Director Alan Shortall founded Unilife in 2002, he has been a principal driving force behind the company’s rapid global expansion. At Unilife, Alan Shortall has led the Company in the development, patent-protection and diversification of its broad device portfolio, which includes a best-in-class technology platform of safety syringes. As the leader of Unilife, Alan Shortall has also attracted world-class experts from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to the Board and executive management team.

Between 2008 and 2010, Alan Shortall spearheaded Unilife’s transition from Australia to a fully based and registered U.S. business. This included the redomiciliation of Unilife by Alan Shortall and associates into a Delaware registered Company, and its listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange (NASDAQ:UNIS) in February 2010. Unilife also continues to trade on the Australian Stock Exchange (UNS:ASX).

Rick Siskey: Drivers for Life, Part One

“Some of my favorite quotations, what I refer to as ‘Life Drivers’, have kept me steadily guided in business and life,” says Charlotte, North Carolina-based investor Rick Siskey. Siskey, a nationally respected angel investor and builder of companies has been motivating audiences for decades.  In fact, as a former member of the National Speaker Association, Rick Siskey has shared his life insights countless times.  “For me, these sound bites of wisdom can be tremendously inspirational,” says Rick Siskey.  In this brief article, Rick Siskey shares five of ten quotations that have carried him through pivotal life moments.

Rick Siskey Life Driver One:  It’s not where you start but where you finish. “It doesn’t matter so much if you start small or big, the key is ending well,” points out Rick Siskey.  According to Siskey, we all start at different locations in this “race of life.”  And yet “finishing the race with integrity and honor” is fundamental, adds Rick Siskey.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Two: If you want to be successful, you must be obsessed with obsession and out work the competition. “It’s probably clear to see why this quotation is a life driver for me,” says Rick Siskey.  Hard work will never be replaced, asserts Siskey.  “I can train skill all day long, but I cannot train will,” states Rick Siskey.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Three: Kids don’t want your money – they want your time.  “I do not live to work, I work to live,” says Rick Siskey.  For this angel investor and business builder, there is nothing more important than the relationships he has with his family.  “The bottom line is, work will always be there but the kids will someday move out and on to establish their lives,” points out Rick Siskey.  Enjoy the kids, enjoy the grandkids and build a lasting solid relationship with your spouse, that is what matters, adds Rick Siskey.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Four: Think like a gladiator, act like a mercenary. “Without a carefully thought out strategy, you are planning to fail, because you have failed to plan,” states Rick Siskey.  Yet once the strategy is in place, “refer back to my life driver number two. Work with an attitude of never quitting, never giving up,” adds the Charlotte based businessman.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Five: Work on your strengths and not your weaknesses… strong strengths will always win.  If you work on your weaknesses, you will go to your grave with strong weaknesses. “We all have weaknesses. No one can be a heavy hitter at all aspects of life or business,” maintains Rick Siskey.  He says that an individual can work on their weaknesses and only improve five to ten percent.  “However, a person can work on strength, improve it easily by fifty percent and do great things,” concludes Rick Siskey.

For more information, contact Rick Siskey at Siskey Industries at

About Rick Siskey

Rick Siskey knows there is no substitute for the combination of intuition and discipline. A student of the capital markets, Siskey understands what it means to build solid, successful companies. Inspired by a commitment to traditional values, Rick Siskey founded and established Wall Street Capitol. Siskey envisioned Wall Street Capitol as a company that would meet the financial requirements demanded by high net worth clientele.  Drawing from a pool of exceptional talent, Wall Street Capitol has demonstrated solid performance for its investors even in times of economic instability.

In addition to his role at Wall Street Capitol, Rick Siskey serves as the Chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC.  Through traditional and alternative sources of funding, Rick Siskey and Siskey Industries offer strategic insight and solutions through alternative investment conduits. Over thirty years, Rick Siskey has built a reputation as a seasoned investor and advisor to numerous entrepreneurs and businesses both small and large.  In fact, the Greater Charlotte Biz magazine described Rick Siskey as having “an uncanny ability to discern situations in advance.”

It’s a Dawg’s World | Kyle Thomas Glasser Talks about Life as a UGA Student

Sitting beneath the magnolias on the University of Georgia’s campus, Kyle Thomas Glasser looks like any ordinary student. He isn’t just any student though. Kyle Thomas Glasser is a senior, working toward medical school, a member of the Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical and Psi Chi International Honor Societies, the UGA Biology & Life Sciences Association, and the American Medical Student Association. Kyle Thomas Glasser is immersed in life as a UGA student, and recently shared some insights about campus living with online blog site Zrylw.

Zrylw: Good morning, Kyle Thomas Glasser, we appreciate you speaking with us.

Kyle Thomas Glasser: I’m glad to do it!

Zrylw: Can you tell us about the campus a bit?

Kyle Thomas Glasser: It’s 615 acres and some of the buildings are over a hundred years old. As you can see, we also have beautiful scenery.

Zrylw: That you do. What are some of the buildings we see?

Kyle Thomas Glasser: Well, those four are East Campus Village–like apartments–and we also have a library, restaurants and everything else a student needs.

Zrylw: What are some of the sports popular with students here in Athens?

Kyle Thomas Glasser: Everything! Team sports, golf–even equestrian camps.

Zrylw: And what about student clubs, Kyle Thomas Glasser, we know you are involved with many…

Kyle Thomas Glasser: Taiwanese American Student Association, Air Force ROTC, a Garden Club; if that gives you an idea of the diversity we have here.

Zrylw: But why did you, Kyle Thomas Glasser, want to continue your education here at UGA?

Kyle Thomas Glasser: I have always dreamed of being a UGA student – since I was a kid.

Zrylw: Looks like there is a lot to do on campus.

Kyle Thomas Glasser: Yeah, the Tate Student Center even has a full game room with air hockey and pool tables.

Zrylw: What about off campus?

Kyle Thomas Glasser: I like the old Georgia Theatre; it caught fire in 2009, though. It reopens this month.

Zrylw: There seems to be a lot of music history in the area. Do you, Kyle Thomas Glasser, know anything about the musical past of Athens?

Kyle Thomas Glasser: Well, I know the B-52’s and REM both got started here, and that there are some wonderful music venues where students are welcome and can chill out after a long day of classes.

Zrylw: Tell us a little about you – did you get any scholarships for school?

Kyle Thomas Glasser: Actually, yes. I was lucky enough to get a HOPE Scholarship, UGA Charter Scholarship and the Lou Ann Caldwell Memorial Science Scholarship.

Zrylw: That’s great.

Kyle Thomas Glasser: Thanks! The UGA financial planning office is a huge help, too. They can help students organize funding.

Zrylw: Well, we sure appreciate your talking with us this afternoon.

Kyle Thomas Glasser: It’s my pleasure. I always like letting potential students know just how great the University of Georgia is – GO DAWGS!

About Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser is the classic picture of what it means to work towards a dream.  In his short life, Kyle Thomas Glasser has demonstrated what it means to remain persistent, hope filled and to never stop reaching. Glasser’s future plans center around the goal of becoming a medical doctor. He dreams of this for one reason – to serve.

Kyle Thomas Glasser graduated from Brookwood High School in 2008 with Honors and Distinction.  Achieving an overall GPA of 3.96, Kyle Thomas Glasser added to that scholarship a breadth of involvement in extra curricular activities.  From the Brookwood Leadership Team to the arts and sports, Kyle Thomas Glasser was a standout. An established pianist and saxophonist, Glasser received numerous awards for his music at the state level. Kyle Thomas Glasser was also recognized at the national level for his music, achieving the coveted Gold Cup for Twelve Consecutive Years of Superior Ratings in Piano by the National Federation of Music Clubs.

Fencing Talk with Catherine Case Szarwark: Why Fencing Is Good For Everyone

An avid fencer, Catherine Case Szarwark appreciates the sport for its precise balance between physical fitness and mental alertness. According to Catherine Case Szarwark, fencing is as much a mental challenge between two opponents as it is a physical competition. Another facet of fencing that Catherine Case Szarwark values is its gender equality. In the international sport of fencing, notes Catherine Case Szarwark, men and women compete equally. In fact, Catherine Case Szarwark finds fencing to be a particularly good sport for girls to take up, because they develop their natural physical coordination sooner than boys. In addition to physical coordination, Catherine Case Szarwark says that girls are also free from the cultural prejudice of a macho persona, which tends to distract boys from the finer mental points of the sport.

In fencing, says Catherine Case Szarwark, brute strength and speed alone cannot defeat mental clarity and coordination. Fencing is a precise sport, points out Catherine Case Szarwark, and subtlety can score just as well as strength. Though fencing is particularly popular in Europe, only a few schools in the United States teach fencing. This is one reason why Catherine Case Szarwark found it necessary to travel abroad to join international fencing competitions. According to Szarwark, European fencing societies host competitions more often than American fencing societies. Fencing clubs or private academies dominate the American fencing circuit with specialized instructors, and Catherine Case Szarwark notes that fencing in the United States is more prevalent at institutions of higher education.

While attending Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee, Catherine Case Szarwark rose to the highest-ranking American epee fencer in the under-17 age category.  Her fencing for the American team took Catherine Case Szarwark to Italy and Germany, and Szarwark spent time at the United States Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she trained alongside Olympic hopefuls from all over the United States.

In her senior year at Penn State University, Catherine Case Szarwark’s fencing team won the National Championship Tournament.

About Catherine Case Szarwark

For Catherine Case Szarwark, accomplishments came early in life. While friends were hoping to adapt to middle school, Catherine Case Szarwark found her passion. Szarwark started fencing in the sixth grade when a mini-fencing class was offered for physical education. She discovered that she loved it and possessed a rare talent.  Catherine Case Szarwark’s parents were supportive and her path to success began.

Catherine Case Szarwark spent six years at the Nashville Fencing Academy where she developed into one of the finest fencers in the country.  While attending Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee, Catherine Case Szarwark rose to the highest-ranking American epee fencer in the under-17 age category.  Her fencing for the American team took Catherine Case Szarwark to Italy and Germany, and Szarwark spent time at the United States Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she trained alongside Olympic hopefuls from all over the United States.

Upon graduation from high school, Catherine Case Szarwark elected to attend Penn State University where she fenced under the legendary Coach Emmanuil Kaidanov.  There, Szarwark compiled a record of 149 wins against only 35 losses, for an 81.0% winning percentage.  This remains the sixth-best in the storied history of fencing at Penn State University.  Catherine Case Szarwark earned all America honors three times, and was the captain of the Women’s Epee team in 2006-2007 when Penn State University won the NCAA National Championship. In speaking of this team, Coach Kaidanov singled out Catherine Case Szarwark for her leadership and dedication.

Catherine Case Szarwark also earned All Academic Big Ten honors, and finished with a 3.4 grade point average at Penn State University.  Szarwark now lives in New York City and has taught fencing at the New York Athletic Club. She works at NYU School of Medicine and is involved in Junior League of New York.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise Interview: Fake Marijuana recently sat down with several ANY LAB TEST NOW® franchise staff members to discuss the harms of what is becoming known as “fake weed.”  While it may be legal, the ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise staff we spoke with detailed the consequences of its use. On behalf of our readers, thank you ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise staff for your time.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: You’re welcome.  We are happy to do it. This question is for either of you.  What is fake weed?

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: It is basically a substance – an herbal incense product, really – that looks like and mimics the effects of marijuana. Often it has been found in tobacco shops and while there are disclaimers of its harmful effects on the package, people are still using it. But it is legal?

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: Well, it’s not really “legal” anymore. The DEA recently banned five of the most common psychoactive chemical compounds found in the herbal incense product that is marketed under the trade names K2, Spice, Serenity, Black Mamba and a variety of others. And many states are going through the motions to ban it statewide. Where did it come from?

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: The short form of the story is that it was originally created to test how THC binds itself to the brain.  The creator of the chemical said that it was never intended for human consumption, however.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: In fact, its creator Dr. Huffman has said there is no real way of knowing how long this substance will stay in the human body or what the long term effects could be. Can you explain more?

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: The herbal incense is plant-based; however, it is coated with harmful chemicals that have led to its improper use.  The chemicals are the “drugs”.  The two most common synthetic cannabinoid compounds found in these products are JWH018 and JWH073.  Although these chemicals react with the same THC receptors in the brain as natural marijuana, they actually pose some opposing symptoms.  In fact, these chemical compounds do not show up in a regular drug test where THC is supposed to be detected.  A special drug test for synthetic cannabinoids must be ordered. How is it used?

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: These psychoactive chemical compounds we have been discussing are sprayed onto organic plant matter to give it an appearance of marijuana. From there it is typically rolled into joints and smoked, though there are other ways of consumption.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: And then people assume that it is no big deal, just a variation of pot… But I am sensing that is not correct.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: Absolutely.  The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported almost 2000 calls from people concerning frightening and negative consequences of the chemical.  And the DEA Diversion Control Program listed Spice as a “chemical of concern.” Does the traditional marijuana test pick up the use of Spice?

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: No.  However, at all the ANY LAB TEST NOW franchises, a drug panel test can be administered to detect it. That’s good news.  Obviously some grave concerns about this chemical.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: Very grave concerns and parents needs to know about this and its potential harmful side effects many of which are not known.  We do know it is dangerous. Thank you both for a very informative discussion that enlightens all parents and consumers.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise: Thank you for talking with the both of us.

Your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise can help you take control of your health.

For more information, visit them online at

About ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise

Named the second fastest growing franchise in America by the Franchise Times in April 2010, the ANY LAB TEST NOW® franchise network offers medical, drug and alcohol, DNA and other lab testing solutions to local communities.  With 133 locations nationwide, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise provides thousands of lab tests, allowing individuals to take control of their health.  Supporting individuals, physicians, local employers, attorneys, health and fitness centers, government agencies and many other types of businesses, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise offers a diverse selection of direct diagnostic tools. As the founder of ANY LAB TEST NOW often states, “The ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise organization was created to give consumers and businesses direct, affordable access to powerful diagnostic tools.”

Established by David Perlow, M.D., ANY LAB TEST NOW began making medical laboratory testing available to the general public in 1992.  Soon thereafter, the ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise model was revealed, bringing these same unique ideas to communities all across America.  Based in Alpharetta, Georgia and founded on the basis of empowerment of individuals and excellence, every ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise employs only certified, courteous and understanding professionals.  The team at every ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise also understands the potential anxiety that may come with medical or social testing and assures its customers that each ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise is HIPAA (privacy) and state law compliant.

The presence of an ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise empowers a local community through thousands of medical tests as well as drug and alcohol testing, forensic DNA and toxicology, as well as occupational exposure testing.  In addition to other numerous tests, each ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise offers legally admissible DNA testing and background searches.  Every day, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise assists companies of all sizes in assessing candidates and employees, especially in safety-sensitive positions, while proactively supporting corporate wellness that improves overall company morale and productivity..

If preventable healthcare is your concern, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise also offers health and  wellness programs.  By offering monthly promotions and becoming involved in health and wellness events, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise assists in the promotion of healthy living.  With basic health monitoring check ups, the professionals at your ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise screens for several components including complete blood count, urinalysis and blood pressure check.  This panel of testing is valuable in enabling an individual to take control of their personal health.  Your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise also screens for events that may impact heart health, such as cholesterol; and monitors glucose levels  for diabetes.  Each ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise also offers hormone testing for thyroid, testosterone, menopause and numerous other valuable screenings.

In addition to being affordable, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise ensures  the correct specimens are collected in the appropriate manner, depending on the tests you choose.  An appointment is not needed to see a certified medical assistant at your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise.  No insurance?  No problem! With convenient hours six days a week, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise offers you complete discretion and confidentiality. ANY LAB TEST NOW places the power of health care and lab testing in your hands.

Dr. Jerry M. Foster Lends His Perspective to the Doctrine of Simplicity

Modern society places a premium on urgency and business, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, but these concerns are often a detriment to overall health and well being. The stress that comes from a crowded and complex life, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, can have a significant affect on personal health. For this reason, Dr. Jerry M. Foster encourages readers to step back from time to time and evaluate the pace of their lives.

While agreeing that being productive is a desirable aspiration, Dr. Jerry M. Foster notes that a busy life can frequently get out of balance. Many people are constantly in a hurry, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, eating meals on the run and rushing from one commitment to the next. Thought this may at the time seem expeditious, points out Dr. Jerry M. Foster, it can backfire in the long run. In fact, Dr. Jerry M. Foster reports that an overly hurried and stressed lifestyle can have very direct bad affects on an individual’s health.

Dr. Jerry M. Foster’s advice to readers is that all people need time to contemplate and ponder their lives in an unhurried manner. Without pausing to assess the aim and quality of life, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, we can easily slip into the trap of “racing toward oblivion.” In fact, we may get so caught up in working towards perfection, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, that we forget that most of the joy is in the journey, not the destination.

Look for ways to make your busy life a bit simpler, encourages Dr. Jerry M. Foster. A philosophy of simplicity in life can actually uncover freedoms we may have forgotten about due to our harried modern schedules. Taking time to ponder one’s life and goals, concludes Dr. Jerry M. Foster, increases one’s self-knowledge and puts every individual on a more sure social, emotional, and intellectual footing with his or her fellow human beings.

Dr. Jerry M. Foster is Board Certified in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Jerry M. Foster completed his formal academic studies at distinguished universities in North Carolina, Tennessee, and England. After rigorous medical training and an oncology residency, Dr. Jerry M. Foster chose to pour his talents into his middle Tennessee community. Dr. Jerry M. Foster’s vocation is tempered by his Christian ethos, dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Dr. Jerry M. Foster gives his time freely to volunteer endeavors like Samaritan’s Purse and the Room at the Inn Homeless Ministry, as well as medical relief trips abroad to help the needy children of Haiti. Dr. Jerry M. Foster values family above all else, and lives happily with his wife Patty and two daughters near Nashville, Tennessee.