Best Naperville dentist Recommends Healthy Diet for Whole Mouth and Body Well Being

Dr. Chiann Gibson says a well balanced diet aids in tooth and gum development and overall oral health.

Smiles By Dr. Gibson, voted one of the best Naperville dentist offices, educates patients on a variety of oral care and hygiene methods. One of those is eating well. This best Naperville dentist explains that the foods people consume affect the mouth.

The dental professionals at this best Naperville dentist office encourage patients to vary their diet to include plenty of dairy, vegetables, grains, and fruit. As Dr. Chiann Gibson explains, the best food delivers nutrients to the body, and a healthy body sets a good stage for healthy teeth and gums.

Dairy, says the best Naperville dentist, contains calcium, which is vital for strengthening teeth and also building strong bones. Yogurt, milk, and cheese are fabulous sources for calcium, but the best Naperville dentist cautions against the high fat content they contain. Low fat options are available and contain the same amounts of calcium says the staff at Smiles By Dr. Gibson.

According to the best Naperville dentist, vegetables are also an essential component to whole mouth health. Dr. Chiann Gibson recommends a versatile diet filled with plenty of green veggies; she knows that leafy vegetables are another great source of calcium. As a Naperville dentist, she urges her patients and staff to do the same.

Whole grains are also important. They contain B vitamins, iron and magnesium. These nutrients, explains the Naperville dentist, are the best key to gum health. As an added benefit, grains contain plenty of fiber, another important piece in the whole health puzzle, says best Naperville dentist.

Many fruits are a no-brainer, as this Naperville dentist knows it is often the best way to get children to eat fresh food. Fruit, explains Naperville dentist Dr. Gibson, encourages saliva products. Saliva is the mouth’s main tool for depositing minerals in the mouth, hence combating tooth decay.

Overall, a healthy diet is good for the whole body, not just the mouth and teeth. It makes sense to eat a well-balanced variety of foods, says Dr. Chiann Gibson.

The best Naperville dentist professionals at Smiles by Dr. Gibson can be reached via their website at or by calling 630.357.3333

About Best Naperville Dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson

Recognized by many as the “best Naperville dentist,” Dr. Chiann Gibson is no stranger to awards. Not only is Dr. Gibson the best Naperville dentist, she is considered one of the medical community’s premiere female dentists. Having been featured on the cover of the American Association of Women Dentists magazine, Dr. Gibson is committed to helping boost the self-esteem of her clients, one smile at a time.

Long before she opened her Naperville dental practice, Dr. Chiann Gibson was a graduate from Tufts University. There, Dr. Gibson was a Merit Scholar, winning awards for her work in operative dentistry and prosthodontics. During her time at Tufts, the future best Naperville dentist worked as a clinical instructor.

To help pay for college, Chiann Gibson competed in pageants, catching the attention of Miss Universe pageant owner Donald Trump, who would later dub her the “official dentist of Miss Universe.” Mr. Trump credited best Naperville dentist Dr. Gibson “a dedication to her profession” and credited her with “that ability to create that perfect smile.” A former Mrs. United States of America, Dr. Gibson became the best Naperville dentist because she knows the confidence a winning smile can instill in a young woman.

“I achieved a beautiful smile through orthodontia,” the best Naperville dentist told Woman Dentist Journal. “This also resulted in an improved confidence level. I’m glad I can do the same for others today.”

Her practice, Smiles by Dr. Gibson, specializes in cosmetic dentistry with an emphasis on giving patients a beautiful smile. Dr. Gibson achieved the reputation of best Naperville dentist through a dedication to helping others. With a vast clientele that includes celebrities and some of Naperville’s most prominent citizens, Dr. Gibson is not only the best Naperville dentist, she is also well-respected as a public speaker, with memberships in the American Association of Women Dentists and the American Dental Association, among many other organizations.

In 2006, Tri-Delta Sorority honored the best Naperville dentist with the “Distinguished Alumni” award, which Dr. Gibson received along with a number of public figures, including Dixie Carter, Senator Elizabeth Dole, and Katie Couric.

A published author, best Naperville dentist Dr. Gibson writes a column called Open Wide, which appears in The Naperville Sun Times. Her work has also been published in dental magazines. Her speaking engagements include conferences for the American Dental Association and the California Dental Society.

Smiles by Dr. Gibson offers a wide variety of services from this best Naperville dentist, including veneers, dental whitening, Invisalign braces, gum lifts and implants. Dr. Gibson believes in thinking of her work as “smile design,” as she knows that changing your smile can often alter your entire face, giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of having.

In addition to serving as the best Naperville dentist, Dr. Gibson is married to award-winning TV host Jim Gibson. They live in Sugar Grove and have a son, Jim III. In their spare time, the Gibsons are active in charity work, producing the annual Fight Night in Washington, D.C.

Gregory Leb Talks About the Beauty of Ponte Vedra

Located just eighteen miles from downtown Jacksonville, Florida, Ponte Vedra Beach is miles of beautiful, sandy beach among the much-loved Jacksonville beaches. For Gregory Leb, Ponte Vedra provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jacksonville, where he has worked as national account manager for Sissine’s Office Systems for the past five years.

Known as the home of the ATP Tour, PGA Tour, and The Players Championship, Ponte Vedra Beach is reportedly the home of several professional golfers, including Bob Duval, David Duval, Fred Funk, and Jim Furyk, Gregory Leb says. PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem also calls Ponte Vedra home. The area is popular for golf, partly thanks to a high-quality plot of land called Sawgrass development, according to Gregory Leb. Gregory Leb remembers when the city offered half of the property to the commissioner of the PGA Tour at the time for only a dollar. Gregory Leb says the one-dollar deal brought all of these golf groups to Ponte Vedra, which in turn increased national interest in the touristy area.

Other famous Ponte Vedra residents, according to Gregory Leb, are Kim Alexis, football player Tony Boselli, and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. Gregory Leb points out that the area is home to two highly rated resorts—Ponte Vedra Inn and Club and the Lodge and Club. Most of the beaches in Ponte Vedra have limited public access, Gregory Leb relates, allowing Ponte Vedra residents to enjoy privacy and exclusivity.

Gregory Leb’s home of Ponte Vedra has a population listed as 35,400 in 2005, the same year Ponte Vedra was a finalist for CNN’s and Money Magazine’s list of the best places to live. Gregory Leb says it was one of only four areas in the state of Florida to make the finalist list.

About Gregory Leb

Gregory Leb, Sissine’s Office Systems’ national account representative, is committed to a simple motto, “Live well, and serve well.” An avid car collector and longtime cross fitness enthusiast, Gregory Leb has lived his life with a focus toward appreciating common things and embracing his good fortune.

Every man needs a man. For Gregory Leb that man was his stepfather who was a boxer in the Navy.  Gregory Leb was naturally drawn to athletics as most young men are. For Gregory Leb athletics included the study of boxing. Encouraged by his parents, he started his boxing career with the Jacksonville, Florida police athletic league, working his way up to Super Middle Weight by his mid-teens. Gregory Leb continues a health oriented lifestyle that includes boxing which he says could add up to more than twenty-nine years physical fitness that has included boxing. Among his sports heroes he includes boxing greats such as Manny Pacquiao, Mohammed Ali, and Roy Jones, Jr. Gregory Leb continues to be active in a local Jacksonville gym specializing in martial arts, and self-defense; disciplines that benefit from Greg’s early passion for boxing.

Gregory Leb has been employed by Sissine’s Office Systems since 2006. As national account manager, he represents the Northwest Florida and South Georgia region’s top supplier of Lanier and Copystar brand copiers. Sissine’s has been in business for 25 years, with an emphasis on providing office automation solutions to businesses. Prior to his employment with Sissine’s Office Systems, Gregory Leb was a freelance marketing coordinator for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida and marketing director for Lamborghini North America in Jacksonville Florida. During his time with Lamborghini, Leb was able to secure a deal with Universal for eight television shows with the Diablo Roadster. A life well lived indeed.

Gregory Leb’s interest in cars extends far beyond his employment with Lamborghini. He regularly participates in specialized auto racing around the country. He is a member of car clubs and has inherited a passion for collecting both vintage and new sports cars from his father who is also a car collector.

In addition to his love of cars, Gregory Leb also has a deep love for golden retrievers. He has a golden retriever named Molly who is two-and-a-half years old, which he bought from a breeder in Georgia. He and Molly live in Pointe Vedra Beach, right outside of Jacksonville.

As busy as he is, Gregory Leb puts a high priority on his charitable work. He is involved with the Mary Saulzbacher Homeless Shelter in Jacksonville, as well as Second Harvest Food Bank’s Lutheran Social Services. He supports both United Way and Cathedral Foundation Meals on Wheels.

Fitness, passion and charity have combined to shape a life that does embrace his simple motto; live well, serve well.

Growing Up Mill Town: Joe Zanotti Remembers Life Before Superstores

Joe Zanotti is a small-town boy at heart. Growing up near the tiny mill town of Braeburn, Pennsylvania, Joe Zanotti learned first hand the value of hard work. The self-sufficient town’s residents were hard-working immigrants, many of whom worked in the towns steel mill, that, at one point made what was considered to be some of the world’s best high alloy tool steel.

“No fancy computer stuff in that mill at the time,” Joe Zanotti said, “just hard working, loyal men who took tremendous pride in what they did.”

Joe Zanotti vividly recalls the time he spent at his grandparents’ house in Braeburn as a kid. A large flood on St. Patrick’s Day in 1936 was away the train station and created a pond that connected to the river, filling the pond with fish. Joe Zanotti has many stories from his week- to two-week routines visits to his grandparent’s houe.

One of Joe Zanotti’s memorable childhood experiences came when he would accompany his grandparents on Saturdays to buy a live chicken for dinner on Sunday. To get chickens, Joe Zanotti’s parents would take the grandparents to Pollock’s farm.  On one visit an ornery young Joe decided to throw rocks at a big, mean bull that was kept in a pen. Even though the bull was penned up, when the bull began scratching the ground and snorting, Joe ran away in fear and tears.

“I remember bringing the chicken home,” Joe Zanotti says. “Grandpap would chop its head off and it would still run round.” Anyone growing up during that time knows the full meaning of the term, ‘running around like a chicken with its head cut off.’

Joe Zanotti’s grandmother would pluck the feathers off the chicken. He still recalls one time watching his grandmother pull an egg out of one of those chickens. A very young Joe was frightened by this since he knew he thought eggs came from the grocery store!

“It was maybe a month before I ate an egg,” Joe Zanotti remembers with a laugh.

About Joe Zanotti

For Joe Zanotti, family heritage has always been important. Growing up in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Joe Zanotti was always aware of his Italian and Slovak heritage enjoying the culture, foods and curtoms. In fact, he spent many weekends and long summer weeks at his grandparents’ house in the nearby mill town of Braeburn.

Joe Zanotti has lived in Pennsylvania most of his life, mostly near Pittsburgh. After graduating from Burrell Senior High School, Joe Zanotti attended the Pennsylvania State University, where he majored in civil engineering. During college, he was an invited member of both the Chi Epsilon Honorary Society and Tau Beta Pi Honorary Society, both national engineering societies for honors students. Joe Zanotti attended graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied structural engineering.

An experienced structural engineer with more than 31 years in the field, Joe Zanotti often travels throughout the USA and overseas for work. Joe Zanotti is currently employed by Camp, Dresser, & McKee, Inc., a worldwide engineering firm based in Pittsburgh. Joe Zanotti’s work often stations him in many Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam and in Middle-East countries such as Israel.  He considers working overseas, such as when he helped rebuild a Catholic church in tsunami-damaged Banda Aceh, Indonesia, an experience that has been life changing.

Prior to Camp, Dresser, & McKee, Joe Zanotti was project design manager for MPS Corporation in Leetsdale. He worked as a structural engineer for Sargent & Lundy Engineers in Chicago, as well as Dravo Engineers in Pittsburgh. His professional associations include the American Society of Civil Engineers, International Concrete Repair Institute, for which he serves on the board of directors, and American Concrete Institute, for which he is a subcommittee member on the national level.

An avid golfer, Joe Zanotti has had the privilege of golfing everywhere from overseas in Asia to many top courses in the USA. Joe Zanotti began golfing at the age of fifteen, at a tiny 9-hole course near his house where greens fees were only $3-$4 a day.  For years, he was part of an annual golf retreat comprised mostly of former Pennsylvania State graduates. Joe Zanotti is an avid cook and would maybe enjoy attending chef school when retired. He is a lover of great wine and while he wouldn’t consider himself a connoisseur, Joe Zanotti keeps 40-50 bottles of wine in his basement at all times.

Born in 1958, Joe Zanotti currently resides in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, where he has lived since 1988. Joe Zanotti is registered as a professional engineer in eleven states, including Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Indiana, and the District of Columbia. He is single, with no children, has a brother, sister, nieces and a nephew and both of his parents are still alive.

Anatesha Dunn Offers up More than Bread and Wine

Ardent Christian and avid cook Anatesha Dunn offers up some delicious dining ideas with inspiration right out of the Bible.

According to Anatesha Dunn, everyone loves to eat – and few do it better than those from the South. States like Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Florida all have cuisine unique to the Bible Belt. Anatesha Dunn is one who likes to cook, and some days she takes her inspiration straight out of the Good Book.

Anatesha Dunn says that for starters, a good rule of thumb for a homemade Biblical feast is to eat only “living foods”: grains, vegetables, meats, and fruits. God, explains Anatesha Dunn, wants His children healthy, and therefore provides a bountiful harvest from which to nourish the body.

Breakfast, insist Anatesha Dunn, starts the day off right when eaten with proper nutrients. A meal of bread and butter, honey and milk, says Anatesha Dunn, serves the body well, as God intended.

Snack time brings a chance to sample one of Anatesha Dunn’s favorite pop-able treats: nuts and dates. Pomegranates and figs also makes for a heart healthy, and God approved snack. Deuteronomy 8:8 cites these, among other foods as being found in prosperous lands, notes Anatesha Dunn.

Ready for lunch? How about a fish sandwich topped with dill and a side of fresh apples… Finish with grape juice, and you have another nourishing meal, says Anatesha Dunn. Anatesha Dunn also says the midday meal might consist of beans and onions with a glass of fresh milk.

The Bible brings many options to the dinner table, too, notes Anatesha Dunn. A hearty rosemary-garlic chicken drizzled with olive oil and served with diced cucumbers and a glass of wine, says Anatesha Dunn, not only follows with the Bible but is quite tasty. Goat, veal, lamb and even ox are also main courses noted in the Bible, remarks Anatesha Dunn.

For desert, says Anatesha Dunn, fresh fruit is key. Sliced apples with raisins or dates are a light and healthy sweet treat. Those looking for a heavier post-meal follow up are sure to find fig cake, topped with honey and chopped almonds, a pleasant offering.

All of these foods and more are found in the pages of the Bible. Anatesha Dunn claims that no one is better to say what is good for the body, than He who created it. She finds inspiration in the many foods mentioned in the Bible, and it shows in her passion for good food, family time, and post-service potlucks!

About Anatesha Dunn

Anatesha Dunn believes in Joyce Meyer’s positive, uplifting messages. A fan of Meyer’s book, Battlefield of the Mind, Anatesha Dunn takes spiritual guidance from Meyer’s advice to gain control over one’s own mind and refuse to let negative thoughts intrude. It is an attitude that has served Anatesha Dunn throughout her life.

Anatesha Dunn has worked most recently for Financial Freedom in Longwood, Florida. At Financial Freedom, Anatesha Dunn assisted with taking inquiries from potential clients looking for financial advice. During her time assisting customers with their financial needs, Anatesha Dunn no doubt relied heavily on Meyer’s advice on dealing with different temperaments.

“Learn different personalities and how to live with them,” Anatesha Dunn paraphrases from Meyer’s advice. “Once you know what triggers a certain personality, you can learn how to move through certain situations to get the end results you’re looking for.”

A devout Christian, Anatesha Dunn also follows the wisdom of Bishop T.D. Jakes. Once the subject of a Time Magazine cover story titled, Is This Man the Next Billy Graham?, T.D. Jakes is highly respected among Christians, thanks to his positive, uplifting messages. Anatesha Dunn especially appreciates Jakes’ take on change.

“Jakes accepts the inevitability of change, teaching how to embrace and accept it rather than fear it,” Anatesha Dunn says. “Mixing both sacred and secular insights, he shares a unique mix of practical and pragmatic steps, coupled with the sage wisdom of scripture for which he is noted.”

Anatesha Dunn believes in giving back, having headed up and assisted with fundraisers as well as participating in volunteer work over the years. She is certified in both CPR and First Aid and, in the course of her career, Anatesha Dunn has often been trusted with matters that are confidential and of a sensitive nature.

Anatesha Dunn currently lives on the East Coast, where she is actively involved with her church. She believes in Meyer’s advice to arm yourself with God every day.

“Begin your day with prayer to get your day started,” is the advice Anatesha Dunn takes from Joyce Meyer. “End your day with prayer and reflection of what you did that day.”

Anatesha Dunn believes in following Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind in positive thinking as well. Using the power of positive thinking, Anatesha Dunn finds specific ways to impact every aspect of her life. Anatesha Dunn has learned to count her blessings, thanks to a couple of great role models.

Anatesha Dunn also believes in balance. Anatesha Dunn tries to approach every day with a cool, calm, level and objective mind.

“Life is an experience of both good and bad,” Anatesha Dunn says, taking from Meyer’s advice. “In order to really enjoy life, try to find the positive in everything.”

William Howland MD | Are You Suffering From Allergies or Infections?

Austin-based allergist William Howland MD helps patients by determining whether they are suffering from allergies, colds or sinus infections. The symptoms of allergies and infections are similar, which can be confusing to patients before they consult with William Howland MD.

For instance, a patient with a clear runny nose, a stuffy nose and watery eyes could be suffering from either from allergies or an infection, William Howland MD explains. However, if a patient has colored mucus, a fever, muscle aches, a sore throat or swollen glands, then those symptoms would indicate to William Howland MD that he or she has an infection.

William Howland MD walks patients through the determination process. Allergies are reactions to otherwise harmless substances that affect people who are sensitive to them, William Howland MD explains. People with allergies tend to have a genetic predisposition toward them, adds William Howland MD. He also notes that patients who have allergies may have symptoms involving the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory tract, the skin or the whole body.

Respiratory allergies are often seasonal due to Ragweed in the fall, Mountain Cedar pollen in the winter or Oak pollen in the spring, points out William Howland MD. Or, they could be caused by exposure to common allergens such as cats, dust or even mold. These same symptoms can manifest themselves at the beginning of a cold. Allergist William Howland MD can help determine what is causing those symptoms and prescribe antihistamine and or decongestant medications.

Colds, however, are caused by viruses – and there are more than 300 viruses that can attack the respiratory tract, according to William Howland MD. Children tend to get more colds than adults with the average being between 4-12 colds per year. Adults on the other hand only average between 2-6 colds a year, William Howland MD states.

The difference between cold symptoms and allergy symptoms are slight, but systemic symptoms tend to accompany the nasal and eye symptoms with a cold. Body aches, coughing, hoarseness, or feeling run down are symptoms of a cold, with fevers occurring with approximately 20% of colds, notes William Howland MD. Other symptoms of a cold are a sore throat or swollen glands. William Howland MD also associates colored mucus from a patient’s chest, nose or throat with cold symptoms.

A native of Austin, Texas, William Howland MD has been voted one of the best doctors in Austin by the magazine Austin Monthly. In addition to his busy private practice, Allergy and Asthma Center of Austin (, William Howland MD conducts research in the field of allergies and asthma, seeking to find new medications to ease symptoms. William Howland MD works with patients who suffer from asthma and hives and allergic reactions to insect bites, drugs and foods. Dr. William Howland MD sees patients as young as four years old and has a special interest in Cedar Fever, a wintertime allergy that affects Texans. His research has been widely published and he hosts a regular televised segment on KVUE news about allergies.

Naperville Family Dentist Discusses Women and Their Oral Health

According to Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson, the difference between women and men is not only physical, but it’s dental as well. Dr. Gibson downtown Naperville, Illinois dental practice Smiles by Dr. Gibson, says women are at higher risk of serious medical consequences from poor oral health. The Naperville family dentist adds that oral cancer, which used to affect men six times more than women, now affects men only two times as often as women.

Surprisingly, puberty, menstrual cycles and pregnancy can all affect a woman’s oral health, says the Naperville family dentist. These changes that occur throughout a woman’s life should not be taken lightly, Dr. Chiann Gibson says. The Naperville family dentist wants her female patients to understand that hormones play a role in their overall oral health.

For instance, the Naperville family dentist points out that high hormone levels during puberty can result in sensitive gums. Irritation of the gums by plaque and food particles can cause redness and swelling.  Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson also says that monthly hormone fluctuations may result in increased salivary proteins, which can cause women to suffer from bad breath just prior to their monthly cycles.

Many people, says the Naperville family dentist, may be aware that a mother’s dental health can effect the health of her unborn child’s developing teeth. Therefore, the professionals at the Naperville family dentist encourage pregnant women to have a thorough cleaning during their first trimester, and subsequent check ups in the second and third trimesters as well.

Naperville family dentist, Dr. Chiann Gibson encourages all of her female patients to be diligent and keep up with oral hygiene. By making regular check-ups with the professionals at the Naperville family dentist, women can reduce their risk of gingivitis, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Smiles By Dr. Gibson and Associates is a Naperville family dentist ready to serve patients in Naperville and surrounding areas including Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield, Bollingbrook, Lisle and Wheaton. Dr. Chiann Gibson’s Naperville family dentist office is open during convenient office hours on weekdays and staffed by a compassionate team of  dental professionals. To learn more about the Naperville family dentist, go online to or call Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates at 630-357-3333.

About Naperville Family Dentist

Did you know Naperville has an award-winning family dentist? It’s true – and Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is also a former Mrs. United States whom Donald Trump declared “Official Dentist of Miss Universe?” Trump also described Dr. Gibson as “a dedication to the profession,” when he gave her the honorary title during her reign as Mrs. United States.

A published author and newspaper columnist, Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson has spoken across the United States on the subject of dentistry. Using pageantry to help pay for her college education, the future Naperville family dentist graduated from Tufts Dental in 1995, joining a family practice in Boston, Massachusetts soon after graduation. While at Tufts, the future Dr. Chiann Gibson also received awards of excellence in both operative dentistry and prosthodontics.

Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson is now with Smiles by Dr. Gibson & Associates in Naperville, Illinois. A published author, Dr. Gibson is known for her Open Wide column, published bi-weekly in the Naperville Sun Times. In 2006, the Naperville family dentist was chosen as one of Tri-Delta Sorority’s distinguished alumni, along with TV host Katie Couric, Senator Elizabeth Dole and actress Dixie Carter.

Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson specializes in cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign orthodontia, crediting orthodontia with her own beautiful smile. Dr. Gibson’s personal goal is to instill self-confidence in young women and all of her patients and the Naperville family dentist gains great satisfaction from seeing the results of her work. The Naperville family dentist has a loyal client base that also includes a number of high-profile celebrities and public figures.

Highly acclaimed by her peers, the Naperville family dentist served on the board of directors for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. In 2006, Dr. Chiann Gibson was on the cover of the American Association of Women Dentists magazine’s September issue. Her advanced training includes a degree from The Hornbrook Center for Advanced Clinical Education. The Naperville family dentist graduated from that program with honors, which is an achievement earned by less than one percent of American dentists.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Naperville family dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson moved with her family to America in 1971. With only $200 to their name when they moved here, Dr. Gibson and her sisters graduated with honors from high school and received scholarships to help pay for college. During college, the future Naperville family dentist became a cheerleader for the Washington Huskies and began competing in pageants at the urging of a friend.