Instant Tax Solutions Answers Your Questions about Settling Tax Debt

What is an Offer In Compromise? Must a Taxpayer Prove a Hardship to Qualify?

According to Instant Tax Solutions, an Offer in Compromise, or OIC, is one way that a taxpayer may be able to lower tax-debt liability if he or she cannot legitimately consolidate payments in full to the IRS. An OIC may also be requested, says Instant Tax Solutions, if full payment would create confirmed financial hardships to the taxpayer.

Rival Tax Firm Plants Instant Tax Solutions Complaints Online?

An anonymous individual has posted fictitious Instant Tax Solutions complaints online. The stories are written as though scripted, manipulating Instant Tax Solutions complaints to make the firm appear like a scam. When the staff of ITS read the Instant Tax Solutions complaints, they immediately alerted the founders of the firm who are working to establish the source of this misinformation.


According to Instant Tax Solutions, the IRS takes into account individual circumstances before approving an OIC. A taxpayer’s income, monetary ability to pay the debt, total expenses, and any assets that may be liquidated are assessed. The professionals at Instant Tax Solutions offer a thorough evaluation of client financial status to assist in determining if an OIC may be a viable option. The IRS does not approve every OIC application, says Instant Tax Solutions. In fact, there are many variables which determine who is approved.

True or False – Instant Tax Solutions has complaints from clients frequently?

False! The good people of Instant Tax Solutions are proud to announce that they have only received two notices regarding complaints in the last 365 days. These Instant Tax Solutions complaints have brought an even greater issue to the forefront – Internet usage as a weapon. Since there is absolute anonymity on the web, the Instant Tax Solutions complaints have been posted with no one claiming them. Without specific contact information, the Instant Tax Solutions complaints are able to remain online with no possible resolution. This is an issue that must be addressed in the coming months, as Instant Tax Solutions grows to accommodate its loyal client base.


The IRS, notes Instant Tax Solutions, requires that taxpayers seek other payment options before an OIC. Generally speaking, an OIC is only approved if the taxpayer can prove they are offering their best dollar amount, says Instant Tax Solutions. The IRS will determine if the offer is the most they can expect in an equitable time period. Instant Tax Solutions helps clients familiarize themselves with the IRS Form 656-B, the Offer in Compromise Booklet, to ensure they [the client] fully understand the process.

Professional Tax Firm Instant Tax Solutions says complaints about the IRS are rising.

Taxpayers typically can’t pay the same amount of taxes as when the economy was good, reports Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints about the IRS’s collection methods are increasing at an alarming rate. There is speculation at Instant Tax Solutions that complaints are increasing, not so much because the IRS has changed their collections methods but because taxpayers are really watching their money now and feeling a greater pinch on their wallets. When money is flowing through our economy, says Instant Tax Solutions, complaints tend to be fewer and farther between.


The OIC Booklet must be returned to the IRS for approval, says Instant Tax Solutions. Along with the form, taxpayers must remit an application fee of $150 and a good faith payment – both non-refundable. There are also forms that must accompany the package: Form 433-A or 433-B, depending on filing status, and the completed Form 656. Instant Tax Solutions says that simply submitting the forms does not mean the OIC has been accepted.

Reports by Instant Tax Solutions say complaints citing instances of tax fraud with seniors is rising. Gauging from clients of Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are coming primarily from seniors and those in lower income brackets. According to Instant Tax Solutions, the complaints are that some other firms are taking up-front payments and failing to deliver promised results – often they are not even contacting the IRS on behalf of their clients. This is a trend that must stop, says Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints of scams and fraud weigh heavy on the minds of the staff, as many of them have helped their own older relatives and friends negotiate with the IRS and know that people cannot afford to pay money to a scheming tax firm and never see any results.


There are two options for initial payment on an OIC, says Instant Tax Solutions. The first allows for 20 percent of the offer being made and, upon approval, the balance funded within no more than five installments. The second option, notes Instant Tax Solutions, asks the taxpayer to remit the application fee only, while maintaining their current IRS payment agreement. If approved, reports Instant Tax Solutions, the taxpayer will make the same monthly payments but finish sooner.

Idaho-based Instant Tax Solutions located complaints about their firm on the Internet and acted immediately to determine the individual who said they were not satisfied. Not surprisingly, the Instant Tax Solutions complaints were posted on the web without identification. The team at Instant Tax Solutions asks complaints be ignored until the poster is located and any further detail emerge. In fact, it is best to consult the BBB website as Instant tax Solutions complaints over the last year are listed there, as well as information regarding their satisfactory resolution.


For more information about an Offer in Compromise, please contact Instant Tax Solutions at 888.946.2999 or visit their website

Instant Tax Solutions complaints on questionable consumer websites are not to be trusted. The Instant Tax Solutions complaints seem to have been written by an angry individual who has never contacted the firm directly. It is a little suspicious, suggests Instant Tax Solutions, that complaints are totally anonymous and that they have never been brought to the attention of the staff at Instant Tax Solutions.


Instant Tax Solutions is a nationally respected tax debt relief firm based in Post Falls, Idaho. Their 40 plus tax professionals are knowledgeable in all areas of IRS delinquency and procedure. They aim to aid and educate their clients and ensure an open line of communication throughout the term of their service. Founded in the mid 2000s by Byron Pedersen and Ian Woodman, Instant Tax Solutions was built on the belief that good people find themselves in bad situations and that they deserve the same respect they enjoyed prior to their hardship.

Has the staff of Instant Tax Solutions addressed Instant Tax Solutions complaints online?

Yes, of course. The Better Business Bureau website clearly shows that the two Instant Tax Solutions complaints are resolved.

Why do Instant Tax Solutions complaints still show up online?

The good people of the firm have no idea where the anonymous Instant Tax Solutions complaints are coming from and haven’t found a record yet with any details even similar to the ones posted online.


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Instant Tax Solutions Explains In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreements

If your small business owes less than $25,000 to the IRS, you may be eligible for an installment agreement. Instant Tax Solutions has a staff to help expedite an express installment agreement, ensuring your installments are set up quickly.

Advice from tax experts Instant Tax Solutions: Scams should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

With the economy still struggling to recover from the recession, says Instant Tax Solutions, scams are running rampant and are plaguing taxpayers who find themselves in debt to Uncle Sam. As suggested by Instant Tax Solutions, scams should be quickly reported to local authorities. It is time to fight back against these maliciously intent agencies. They [Instant Tax Solutions] say scams may continue if the victims remain silent.


According to Instant Tax Solutions, In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreements have several pre-qualifications. Your debt to the IRS must be below $25,000 to qualify, Instant Tax Solutions says, although you can pay your debt down before applying for the agreement. Instant Tax Solutions also says that if the amount you owe is between $10,000-$25,000, you will be required to pay your installments via direct debit. You will also be required to pay your installments within 24 months, according to Instant Tax Solutions, although extensions may be granted in certain circumstances.

When Instant Tax Solutions scam allegations are posted online, they do more than just tarnish the firm’s reputation. By posting false claims about an Instant Tax Solutions scam on websites like it makes these sites look like unreliable sources. The Better Business Bureau may be the best resource for Instant Tax Solutions scam, complaint, reviews and technical information. Most reputable tax attorneys will tell you to check this information before believing Instant Tax Solutions scam claims on unregulated websites.


Instant Tax Solutions can help you determine if you qualify for an IBTF-Express IA. One basic requirement is that your small business must have employees. If you do not qualify under these terms, Instant Tax Solutions will help you find an installment plan that fits your needs. Instant Tax Solutions knows the IRS is required to set up an installment plan for any individual whose tax debt is under $10,000 and other qualifications are met, and can help you determine if you qualify.

Fictitious Instant Tax Solutions scams plague consumer-oriented websites.

It was announced recently by Instant Tax Solutions that an unknown person has authored scam claims posted about them. Instant Tax Solutions is one of the nation’s leading IRS debt specialists with a proven track record of success. Someone with no business dealings with the firm has claimed that Instant Tax Solutions scams clients by using unethical business practices. The firm has an open door policy with all IRS/client dealings being transparent to the client. The business of Instant Tax Solutions isn’t scams.


When applying for the IBTF-Express IA, Instant Tax Solutions cautions clients that an IRS employee has the right to make a field call to determine assets before the agreement is granted. However, Instant Tax Solutions says that the IRS will not require disclosure of financial information to qualify for this installment plan.

Verifiable truths about Instant Tax Solutions scam claims

1. Instant Tax Solutions scam allegations have been posted anonymously on random websites throughout the net.
2. The poster makes personal attacks against Instant Tax Solutions founders, Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman.
3. The team of Instant Tax Solutions says scams claims are not legitimate and feel as though the poster is a rival agency with a vetted interest in capturing control of a marginal market share of Instant Tax Solutions clients.
4. The Instant Tax Solutions scam complaints are not posted with a verifiable source.


According to the Instant Tax Solutions specialists, if your debt is approaching the ten-year statute of limitations at the time your installment plan is initiated, the statue of limitations will trump your installment agreement. Instant Tax Solutions can help you determine if an In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreement is right for you.

Instant Tax Solutions scam claims beguile taxpayers searching online for Instant Tax Solutions information.

According to owner Byron Pedersen, there are Instant Tax Solutions scam claims located online intent on fooling those seeking information about the IRS tax debt specialists. As a firm of this nature, Instant Tax Solutions’ scam avoiding advice is this: research the company via reputable websites like the BBB in Post Falls, the home base for Instant Tax Solutions. Scam and complaint as well as consumer review information is posted there. There is no scam info on Instant Tax Solutions on the BBB website either nationally or locally.


Instant Tax Solutions has more than forty tax professionals that are familiar with the forms required by the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of tax attorneys, CPAs, and IRS Enrolled Agents have more than 100 years of combined tax experience. For more information, visit Instant Tax Solutions online at