Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives

Kummetz Corp LLC knows Colombia has large deposits of gold spread throughout the country. As a company that regularly scans the globe to help bolster economies in countries that need it, Kummetz Corp LLC sees great opportunity in gold mining in Colombia, thanks to mines that have been around for decades, with new mines springing up often these days. As such, Kummetz Corp LLC has partnered with Colombia to help increase the country’s economy.

The partnerships, Kummetz Corp LLC states, are in the northern region of the country, with Kummetz Corp LLC making plans to mine more than 9,000 acres of land in these areas. Many have flocked to Colombia in recent years, Kummetz Corp LLC explains, thanks in part to the rising value of gold in most parts of the world, as well as the opportunities that exist in Colombia.

Gold mining is a hot issue in Colombia now, with some experts predicting the country will produce more than three million ounces of gold in 2012, Kummetz Corp LLC describes. Colombia has been encouraging miners to explore for gold, with recent reports stating that more than forty international companies are now exploring the country in search of gold, Kummetz Corp LLC cites. Due to the rising prices of gold, companies like Kummetz Corp LLC are able to take advantage of Colombia’s rich resources, which, in turn, benefits the country by bringing in industry and strengthening the country’s economy.

As Kummetz Corp LLC explains, Colombia had a long struggle after a 1999 depression weakened its economy. In addition to gold, Colombia’s exports include agriculture, petroleum, and coffee, Kummetz Corp LLC says. Colombian coffee is known worldwide for its delicious, rich taste. According to Kummetz Corp LLC, the country has also become a leader in petroleum exportation, ramping up export efforts in recent years to become the U.S.’s seventh largest foreign supplier of oil.

By focusing on gold mining in Colombia, Kummetz Corp LLC hopes to help strengthen the country’s economy, which is now growing stronger, thanks to the increase in exports. By building the economy, Kummetz Corp LLC knows it can help the people of Colombia have access to all of the comforts for a long, productive life. Additionally, Kummetz Corp LLC knows that increasing gold production can help keep gold prices reasonable by increasing supply to meet worldwide demand.

About Kummetz Corp LLC: The Kummetz Corp LLC was registered in the state of Nevada in 2005. The Kummetz Corp LLC has satellite offices in some of the remotest regions of the world, allowing them to react in areas with the greatest need for economic stimulation. The firm consistently produces a steady return on investment for their clients through funding projects that bring change to some of the poorest areas of the world.

Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1

Pastor Pierre Bennett is the founder and pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries, which has two weekly services in Virginia. With years of work serving others, Pastor Pierre Bennett is working hard to fulfill his vision of worldwide service through this ministry.

According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, sometimes God will show us things, and then ask us what we see. For an illustration of this truth, Pastor Pierre Bennett points to Amos 7:7, when God and Amos were standing on a wall made with a plumb line. When God asked Amos what he saw, Amos told God he saw a plumb line.

Of course! Pastor Pierre Bennett explains that God knew exactly what Amos was seeing. God was the One showing it to him, but He wanted Amos to describe it. Amos simply replied, “I see a plumb line, Lord.”

At the time, Amos was not a very popular prophet, Pastor Pierre Bennett points out. According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, Amos was prophesying against things that were popular at that time in Israel, and that caused the people to dislike him. Prior to this conversation between God and Amos, Pastor Pierre Bennett says that God had shown Amos a couple of visions.

One of those visions, Pastor Pierre Bennett states, was a swarm of locusts during the late crop. This frightened Amos, who begged God not to cause this destruction, relates Pastor Pierre Bennett. His pleading  got through to the Lord, who said, “It shall not be.”

However, God’s point was not really about locusts, but about the destruction of the traditional church, Pastor Pierre Bennett believes. In the same passage, Amos begs, “O Lord God, forgive, I pray! Oh, that Jacob may stand, for he is small.” Pastor Pierre Bennett explains that Jacob represents the church. God is talking about the destruction of the church and Amos is begging for its salvation, says Pastor Bennett.

When Amos described Jacob as small, according to Pastor Pierre Bennett, he meant small like a baby. Babies don’t know any better, and Amos was asking the Lord to save the church because it wasn’t aware of what it was doing, just as a baby wouldn’t know.

According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, God then showed Amos another vision. In the second vision, fire devastated the entire earth. Amos begged for the world’s salvation again, and simply by asking God, Amos was able to save the world from destruction. God said “okay,” Pastor Pierre Bennett recites. Because Amos prayed for it, God changed His mind.

The prayers of a righteous man, says Pastor Pierre Bennett, are powerful and when we keep ourselves in line with the will of God we should not hesitate to call on Him for our needs.

Ian Woodman Memorable Holidays: Honeymoon Cruise

Of Ian Woodman’s many memorable vacations, his honeymoon cruise in 2004 stands out. Ian Woodman and his wife Becky were so impressed with one of the destinations, the Bahamas, that they chose to revisit it for their seven-year anniversary.

A cruise is a preferred way to travel for many reasons, Ian Woodman explains. First, he says, is that it gives you a small taste of several destinations in one trip. According to Ian Woodman, most ships stop in several ports during a one-week or two-week trip, with tours available at each stop. And as Ian Woodman found, you may often discover destinations for future vacations during these stops, returning to spend more time in the future.

During Ian Woodman’s honeymoon cruise, he and his wife were treated to a taste of Jamaica, Cozumel, and the Bahamas. While in Jamaica, Mr. and Mrs. Ian Woodman were treated to a view of Dunn’s Falls, a popular destination for tourists. Visitors of Dunn’s Falls can climb up to six hundred feet while enjoying breathtaking views while led by a guide. As Ian Woodman explains, climbing is, of course, optional and some simply choose to stand on the sidelines, taking pictures. At the base of the waterfall is a beach where visitors can relax, while those who make it all the way to the top will find souvenir shops. Ian Woodman calls Dunn’s Falls a must-see destination for anyone visiting Jamaica, adding that it is one of the most amazing things he’s ever done.

In Cozumel, Ian Woodman and his wife were able to swim with the dolphins for the first time. It proved to be such an incredible experience that he swam with dolphins five times within the next seven years. According to Ian Woodman, Dolphin Discovery provides a variety of packages for visitors. Ian Woodman notes the Dolphin Royal Swim, which allows you and your family to swim with the dolphins. This swim includes the famous foot push, where two dolphins pull you along as you stand on them. The Dolphin Swim Adventure allows you to watch the dolphins with a snorkeling mask, Ian Woodman describes, and the Dolphin Encounter is specifically designed for children.

In addition to being able to visit a variety of locations, Ian Woodman and his wife were impressed by all the offerings on the cruise ship itself. There seemed to always be something to do, Ian Woodman explains, with delicious meals and fun activities making every minute of the trip as excitement-filled as possible.

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Hear What Clients Are Saying about the Team at ITS

Instant Tax Solutions is a tax debt resolution firm with a knack for offering immediate piece of mind. By educating their clients and keeping them involved in every decision, the Instant Tax Solutions reviews team has earned a reputation as the best place to go when Uncle Sam comes calling. Founded in 2009 by Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman, Instant Tax Solutions combines the experience of more than 40 tax professionals, including Federally Enrolled Agents, former IRS Revenue Officers, and Certified Public Accountants.

Instant Tax Solutions provides reviews, free of charge, during an initial consultation where the client is given an honest evaluation of their circumstance. If the Instant Tax Solutions reviews team does not believe the debt can be settled, they speak up and inform the consumer as to why. Education is a top priority of the ITS founders, that’s why their staff is trained continually on new tax laws and tax relief programs.

The Instant Tax Solutions reviews team will waste no time getting started on your project, as they respect the value of your time and know that peace of mind can never come soon enough. As well, the Instant Tax Solutions reviews team provides live customer support with direct access to the client’s personal case manager. ITS believes that education is a key element in their process and offers insight in to each step so that the client may remain informed and involved.  With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Instant Tax Solutions is the right choice when it comes to IRS problem and back taxes.

Here’s what clients have posted on Instant Tax Solutions Reviews:

I received an IRS notice of levy on my wages and I was scared to death. Within 48 hours, ITS had the levy released and now they are helping me get caught up on unfiled returns. What a relief it will be to have this settled!  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Mary G. on 11/21/2011]

Instant Tax Solutions is a professional organization that does what it says. Just be ready with all your information because they do not mess around.  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Eric S. on 12/1/2011]

So far so good! They do what they say to do and that is great!!! In situations like this you need a company that will deliver, they really stand behind their company’s name…. INSTANT TAX SOLUTIONS… The solution is really instant. The people working in this company, they don’t waste time, they work on it right away……. so far I’m happy with their services, no doubt about it, they are very recommendable.  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: A.L.R. III on 11/30/2011]

Instant Tax Solutions provided me with the exceptional service and far exceeded my expectations and turned a $75,000 headache into (and I am not exaggerating) a $0 liability. I would highly recommend them for all your tax needs  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Tracy on 11/28/2011]

I highly recommend working with the very experienced staff at ITS. From my first intake call I felt like I was in competent hands, and was so relieved to have someone with your level of expertise on my side. All of the professionals at ITS are first -rate, and I couldn’t have achieved the results I did without their exceptional support. [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: David on 11/21/2011]

Instant Tax Solutions did a great job. They answered all of our questions and made a stressful situation into something that was easier to handle.  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Amy on 11/18/2011]

All of the interactions have been very professional at Instant Tax Solutions. I have no problem recommending them because they were straight forward and were able to make me feel comfortable to the point that they made dealing with the IRS comfortable. I cannot thank them enough. [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Gabriel on 11/15/2011]

I was very stressed about my situation but found relief from using Instant Tax Solutions. They stayed on top of things and took care of my IRS problem. [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Sharon on 11/11/2011]

NAR Arbitration Riddled with Issues, Says Arthur van der Vant

Illinois Receiver and Assignee Arthur van der Vant has published several articles about issues with the NAR arbitration process. Here, he offers additional supporting reasoning behind his outspoken criticism of the Association’s policy.

The Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of NAR Part 08, Section 39, says Arthur van der Vant, outlines the process for selection/appointment of arbitrators. Before an individual goes to REALTOR arbitration, he or she would be provided with a list of arbitrators to choose from, and/or to challenge. Arbitrators are REALTORS who happened to serve on the Professional Standards Committee at any given time, explains Arthur van der Vant.

1. Issue number one in selecting arbitrators is that the party in arbitration would only be given the individual REALTOR’s name and the name of the brokerage company he/she works for. No other information as to their qualifications would be provided. According to Arthur van der Vant, the NAR’s arbitration guidelines allow a party in arbitration to challenge any arbitrator on the list, based on qualifications but, asks Arthur van der Vant, how is it possible to determine their qualifications to begin with, if you do not know anything about them?

2. One of the qualifications based on which arbitrators are chosen is the familiarity with state(s) laws and regulations. Here, Arthur van der Vant outlines Part 08, Section 39 of the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of the National Association of Realtors (NAR):

Section 39. Selection and Appointment of the Professional Standards Committee
There shall be a Professional Standards Committee of at least ______ Board Members, in good standing, of whom at least a majority shall be REALTORS®, appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors. Members of the Professional Standards Committee shall be selected to serve on Hearing Panels as required to hear matters of alleged unethical conduct by Board Members or to provide arbitration as requested. The committee shall annually select its own Chairperson and Vice Chairperson (or, alternatively, the President shall annually designate the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the committee).

In selecting members of the Professional Standards Committee, the President should consider the following recommended criteria:

number of years as a REALTOR®
• number of years in the real estate business
• primary and secondary fields of real estate endeavor/expertise
• participation in post-licensing real estate education
• training in the Code of Ethics
• position in firm (principal, nonprincipal)
• size of firm
• common sense
• open-mindedness
familiarity with state(s) laws and regulations
• receptiveness to instruction/training
• other relevant professional or procedural training

3. Some may argue that the REALTOR arbitration is an insult, says Arthur van der Vant, partially for the reason that judgments are passed and awards are entered by unqualified individuals who have no knowledge of the state laws and regulations. Their decisions are often misguided by favoritism and the only recourse to the arbitration verdict is an appeal to the Board of Directors of the REALTOR Association which must be filed within 10 days of issuing the Arbitration Award Notice.

4. It must be also noted, insists Arthur van der Vant, that to calculate the 10 days for a timely filing of an appeal request the REALTOR Association does not go by the date of party’s receipt of the Arbitration Award Notice, but by their date of mailing it. If the Arbitration Award Notice by any chance would be lost in mail, you would lose your opportunity to appeal. According to Arthur van der Vant, Realtor Boards typically mail Arbitration Award Notice via US Certified Mail with the Return Receipt Requested, but that is a slow process and you may receive the Arbitration Award Notice 5-8 days after it was mailed to you, leaving you only few days to respond, at best.

5. In the event you would have enough time to file an appeal, points out Arthur van der Vant, the Procedural Review would only be available and granted to you if the original arbitration panel made procedural error, not because they issued a wrong verdict that was not in compliance with the state law or regulation.

6. The Procedural Review Panel would be made of members of the Board of Directors of the REALTOR Association. Says Arthur van der Vant, Realtors who are elected Association’s Directors are elected from its REALTOR members and often for “political reasons” and not for their qualifications or knowledge of the state laws and regulations.

7. It must be noted, says Arthur van der Vant, that in the event your request for a Procedural Review is granted you would again receive a list of arbitrators to choose from. However, you would only be given a REALTOR’s (board member) name and the name of the brokerage company she/he works for. No other information as to their qualifications would be available. As Arthur van der Vant has already, stated NAR’s arbitration guidelines allow you to challenge any arbitrator on the list, but he points out that this might do little good, if there was no specific information to go by.

8. If you make to the Procedural Review, says Arthur van der Vant, you must know that those reviews are conducted covertly in full secrecy. NAR does NOT allow Court Reporters or any other type of recording during the Procedural Review, he claims. So if you later intended to bring a lawsuit in the court of law, you would have no proof of what has transpired during the Procedural Review proceedings. Such secrecy allows REALTOR Associations to protect the status quo, and to escape the scrutiny of the law, cites Arthur van der Vant.


All arbitration proceedings are ruled by federal laws and state laws, notes Arthur van der Vant. In Illinois, this is the 710 ILCS Illinois Uniform Arbitration Act. Arthur van der Vant states that Illinois regulates arbitration through the variety of laws that govern issues pertaining to arbitration: (a) The law governing the arbitration agreement; (b) The law governing the arbitral tribunal and its proceedings (lex arbitri – procedural law); (c) The law governing the substance of the dispute; and (d) The law governing recognition and enforcement of the award. The Illinois Courts exercise jurisdiction over the seat of arbitration and have a supervisory role over the conduct of the arbitration. All arbitrations must be conducted in strict conformity with the Illinois Law (710 ILCS Illinois Uniform Arbitration Act).

(710 ILCS 5/3) (from Ch. 10, par. 103)
Sec. 3. Appointment of arbitrators.
If the arbitration agreement provides a method of appointment of arbitrators, this method shall be followed, reports Arthur van der Vant. In the absence thereof, any method of appointment of arbitrators agreed upon by the parties to the contract shall be followed. An arbitrator so appointed has all the powers of one specifically named in the agreement. When an arbitrator appointed fails or is unable to act, notes Arthur van der Vant, his successor shall be appointed in the same manner as the original appointment. If the method of appointment of arbitrators is not specified in the agreement and cannot be agreed upon by the parties, the entire arbitration agreement shall terminate.

1. Without an Arbitration Agreement you would NOT be able to bring action into arbitration, but you could in the court of law.

2. On the other hand, if you willingly participate in an arbitration – even if it is improperly conducted and the arbitration award is not issued in conformity with the law, you might have waived your legal rights because you voluntarily submitted yourself to NAR’s jurisdiction.

3. Arthur van der Vant says that another alternative may be having an arbitration agreement by and between parties to a transaction, which designates other arbitration venue, for example American Arbitration Association (AAA). With AAA you would have a transparent system where retired Judges and/or other highly qualified attorneys are making decisions. They have spent their lives on the law and its application and they are familiar with state(s) laws and regulations.

Arthur van der Vant is a Receiver and Assignee located in Cook County, Illinois. He is an expert in commercial real estate and corporate turnaround management with over 10,000 projects to his credit. As a member of several professional organizations, including the Turnaround Management Association and the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, Arthur van der Vant is up to date on every aspect of his profession. He is one of only a handful of Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM), and has trained at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC. Currently, Arthur van der Vant serves Illinois State and Federal Courts as a Receiver, and as an Assignee in Assignments for Benefit of Creditors (ABC).

For more information or to contact Arthur van der Vant, please call 800-496-9107.

The data contained in this publication is for information purpose only. The accuracy of the data contained herein is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. The author and/or publisher do not engage in rendering legal, accounting, or any other professional advice, and suggests that the services of a professional in those fields should be sought. Any liability, loss, or risk, personal, or otherwise incurred as a result of using any of the information herein stated is not the responsibility of the author and/or publisher.

Naperville Dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates Help Patients Battle Bad Breath

Halitosis can be a recurring problem for some patients of the Naperville dentists at Dr. Gibson and Associates, with the resulting bad breath causing others to mistakenly believe they consistently forget to brush. But the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson explain that halitosis, a condition that affects more than 90 million people, is easily treatable.

The Naperville dentists explain that halitosis is caused by bacteria that builds up in the mouth. Many incidents of halitosis, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson, originate from the tongue. For this reason, the Naperville dentists recommend patients pay special attention to the tongue when brushing their teeth. According to a study published in 2008, doctors have isolated halitosis to an organism called solobacterium moorei, which can sometimes be helped by using a tongue scraper while brushing.

Some toothbrushes now have tongue scrapers built in, the Naperville dentists note. But if a tongue scraper cannot be accessed, simply brushing your tongue can help eliminate some of the underlying causes of bad breath, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson.

According to the Naperville dentists, many patients try to cure halitosis with gum and mouthwash, but that won’t sufficiently kill the bacteria. At Smiles by Dr. Gibson, most patients with solobacterium moorei unknowingly have gum disease, a condition the Naperville dentists help diagnose and treat. By treating the root cause of halitosis, Dr. Gibson explains, the Naperville dentists can help patients overcome it.

A few signs of gum disease, according to the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson, are red, swollen gums, frequent bleeding while flossing or brushing, and loose or separating teeth. Having cleanings by a professional twice per year can help prevent gum disease, the Naperville dentists point out, as well as following the professional recommendations to brush at least twice daily and floss at least once per day.

For chronic halitosis, the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson can recommend a professional breath kit that will help correct the issue. The kit contains toothpaste made specifically for reversing bad breath, a chlorine rinse, and a tongue scraper, the Naperville dentists explain.

Chronic bad breath can make a person self-conscious, consequently jeopardizing personal relationships. And that’s assuming the sufferer knows of his or her bad breath. By having the Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson diagnose and resolve your chronic bad breath, you can once again feel confident to speak to others around you. Additionally, the Naperville dentists can help you learn proper hygiene that will contribute to good overall oral health.

The Naperville dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson are dedicated to improving your smile. Whether it’s through cosmetic dentistry that gives you straight, pearly white teeth or through reducing bacteria and cleaning plaque, Dr. Chiann Gibson can improve your smile today. For more information on how you can have a Hollywood smile, visit www.drchiann.com

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Sheri Simson of Keenfit to discuss Keenfit Walking Poles

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Sheri Simson

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: Forget having to pay to use an expensive stuffy gym. Forget the hard-to-use exercise equipment. Forget trying to work your schedule around workout times that don’t work for you. Forget having to “sweat like a pig, pant like a dog and hurt somewhere” in order to get fit. Instead, Incredible Discoveries shows you how to turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, total-body workout, with less effort and more benefits than regular walking.

Incredible Discoveries viewers can turn their body into a calorie burning incinerator with Keenfit walking poles. You’ll ramp up the benefits of your daily walk by raising the experience to a total-body workout that engages over 90 percent of your body’s major muscles. And you’ll boost your ability to burn calories by up to 48%. Incredible Discoveries will show you how Keenfit walking poles can strengthen your arms, legs, back, and your entire core, while strengthening and improving your posture. And you’ll do all of this with less effort than regular walking.

Exercise has numerous health and well-being benefits that help in preventing, and sometimes, even cure many health challenges. With walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise that you can do, there’s no reason not to add Keenfit walking poles today, so you can make it even easier – easier on you and a lot more beneficial. Pole walking is a rhythmically, energizing form of walking that includes a specially designed pair of walking poles that engage the use of your entire body rather than just your lower half.

Forget the old “no pain – no gain” mentality.  Incredible Discoveries knows you can get fit, with Keenfit. Start today – take the Keenfit challenge and get your Keenfit walking poles and make your walk more beneficial.

“I started using my pole walking sticks about 3 and a half months ago.  I lost 40 pounds in 3 and a half months.  It is just amazing, I step on the scale and I can’t believe it,” says one Keenfit walking pole user.

As seen on Incredible Discoveries, your Keenfit walking poles come with cork-rubber-mix handles that absorb moisture for a safer, more comfortable grip and ergonomically designed palm straps that eliminate hand cramping. These light-weight poles are made of aluminum-alloy and are completely adjustable for different heights. Whether you’re a casual average walker or a serious athletic walker, anyone can pole walk. Incredible Discoveries wants you to take the Keenfit walking pole challenge, get your Keenfit walking system today and walk your path to a healthier and happier life.

Incredible Discoveries: I’m Brian Fasulo here, with my very buff and enthusiastic co-host, Sheri Simson. Now Sheri, you couldn’t tell by looking at you now, but before you became well-known as “The pole lady”, you were actually struggling with your weight and exercise. Please tell us how you came to find out about pole walking.

Simson:  I truly know what it’s like to be frustrated while trying to get fit. I know what it’s like to be over-weight. I was a crazy, busy building contractor and the mother of 3, when my mother-in-law from Denmark gave me a pair of walking poles. First of all, just so you know, I’m one of those women that put on 50 pounds with each pregnancy, and I tend to keep at least 10 pounds each time.

When I first started walking with poles, I didn’t have a clue on how to use them. I didn’t even know how they worked.  But before I knew it, I couldn’t get over what started happening to me, I started feeling muscles I hadn’t even felt before – in my shoulders, arms, core, and in my back.  It was so great.  But the thing that I love the most was the added energy I had.  Before, when I used to walk, I used to watch my clock and go “OK, that’s enough, I’m done now”.  But now with the poles, instead I go “Do you think I can go another block? Do you think I could go for 10 more minutes? Oh that block went fast, I’ll go another.”  I just had so much energy, I felt like the energizer bunny.

Six months later, I lost 30 pounds, and I was so fascinated by what had happened to me, and so excited about what this European fitness secret could do for others. After training and studying, I founded Keenfit and developed the Keenfit walking system.  North America has a crazy lifestyle and our health system is in pretty rough shape; not to mention we are in epidemic proportions with cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and obesity. They are at an all-time high.  Interestingly enough, exercise is at the top of the list to help prevent and even help cure many of these health challenges, with walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise that we can pretty much all do.

Incredible Discoveries: Now, I know Incredible Discoveries viewers are sitting at home right now that can totally relate to your incredible story.

Simson: Well, that’s why I so appreciate being on Incredible Discoveries to be able to share it with people, because I know what it’s like to be overweight and out of shape. But, I tell you, when I found poles, it changed my life forever.  But what I really want to let Incredible Discoveries viewers know is how easy and fun it is to do.

As one of the nation’s leading direct response marketing firms, Incredible Discoveries offers unrivaled production capabilities and the industry’s most professional creative staff. With over 125 dedicated and eager employees, Incredible Discoveries has the right people for every situation and the experience to make every campaign a success. To Incredible Discoveries’ credit is the Lifetime Network’s morning variety show, The Balancing Act. As well, the firm is a leading e-commerce provider, offering strong tie-in content to their TV spots. Incredible Discoveries is a division of O2 Media, Inc.

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Iampur

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining Incredible Discoveries was Phil Hudson of lampur to discuss Iampur Relief

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Phil Hudson

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television: You know what it feels like…the stiffness, the swelling, the dull achiness. It’s back pain and arthritis; and no matter what you do, you can’t cure it – it’s always there! You’ve tried everything: aspirin, ibuprofen, prescription drugs that can have harmful side effects, those sticky wraps that are next to impossible to apply, and nothing works.  There’s got to be a better solution.

Incredible Discoveries shows you how you can be pain free in 3 minutes, guaranteed. One out of every three adults has arthritis or joint pain and it can ruin your daily life. Now, there is a smart, natural solution to deal with this on-going pain problem – Iampur-relief.

Iampu-relief was professionally formulated to provide fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief, so you can start to live again. If you’re one of the over 65 million Americans that suffer from arthritis, back pain or joint pain, if pain has robbed you of your independence and denied you from doing the things that you truly love to do, or even kept you awake at night, now, you can finally free yourself from the limitations of aches and pains. Iampur-relief reduces swelling and pain with a miraculous, natural topical cream unlike anything you have ever tried before.

Through this exclusive TV only offer seen on Incredible Discoveries, you can be pain free in three minutes, guaranteed. We’re going to introduce to you an extraordinary, natural product, designed by the team of a pharmacist and a medical doctor. As seen on Incredible Discoveries, Iampur is a company that is dedicated to making products that work, guaranteed. The product we’re going to introduce to you does just that, it works. Iampur-relief is a revolutionary, natural topical product made to relieve pain in joints and muscles for people with arthritis, osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, joint pain, muscle soreness, back pain, carpal tunnel, and sports injuries. Virtually anyone that is suffering from pain can benefit from Iampur-relief, guaranteed. Incredible Discoveries proudly introduces Phil Hudson, an award winning, compounding pharmacist and product co-creator from the company, Iampur.

Incredible Discoveries: Phil, thanks for being here and bringing along this wonderful product; it’s fabulous.

Hudson: Thank you so much for having me. At Iampur, we’re very excited about the invention of “Iampur-relief”.  The beauty of Iampur-relief is that you can use it externally anywhere that you have pain. Now, that might be only your hands or your wrists after a game of golf.  It could be your back, neck, legs, anywhere that you feel external pain or soreness. You can use Iampur-relief with the exception, of course, on your eyes or your mouth.

Incredible Discoveries:  The coverage is incredible, you don’t need a lot; just a little dab will do you.

Hudson: That’s right; it’s very concentrated. And what you’re going to notice right away is that it is a cream, it’s not a gel or an ointment. We’ve combined the cosmetic feel of a cream with the therapy of a pain rub.  And that means this isn’t going to stain your clothes or anything that you touch.

Incredible Discoveries: I know there are some ointments that get very greasy and messy, but this is soft and smooth; and I’ll tell you something, it smells pretty good.

Hudson: Yes, absolutely.  Iampur-Relief, being based on natural ingredients – contains menthol, camphor and wintergreen. They’re not only pain blockers, but they’re also aromatherapy. These ingredients are rapidly absorbed into the skin and act as a local block to help relieve the pain in the muscle or the joint. We’ve also added in a blend of omega oils, rich in essential
fatty-acids.  These oils actually decrease inflammation and also act as food for the skin.

Incredible Discoveries: Food for the skin – I like the way that sounds.

Hudson: That’s right! Also we have MSM, glucosamine and sea buckthorn extract.  These, all together, relieve joint swelling and pain through a natural, anti-inflammatory reaction.

Incredible Discoveries: So, the bottom line is that all of these ingredients assist each other in helping to do the same thing; that’s to relieve joint pain and swelling, and make you feel better.

Hudson: Exactly! And that is encompassed in the all-in-one, and I mean one, revolutionary formulation.

Incredible Discoveries: So, you’ve taken all of the best ingredients to relieve joint pain, swelling, achiness, and put it in this one cream, so no other products are needed.

Hudson: That’s right. Our main goal is to eliminate or reduce oral medications, because sometimes they can have very harmful side effects.

Incredible Discoveries: Iampur-Relief gets directly to the source of the problem. And I know there are people sitting at home saying: “I’ve tried aspirin, and ibuprofen, and everything my doctor prescribes, but nothing cures my pain.”  Well, this is it; this is the product right here.

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Eloi Kummetz Supports Work with Orphans and the Disabled

With focused initiatives in many areas in Brazil, Eloi Kummetz has established his interest in helping those in need. Through his company Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz is now developing programs to help orphans and the disabled in the country.

Most of Eloi Kummetz’s projects in the South American country revolve around improving economic development and helping citizens who need it. Eloi Kummetz has found ways to use the country’s resources to bring revenue in, which is a benefit to everyone who lives there. But there are still segments of Brazil that are in need of assistance and Eloi Kummetz is dedicated to helping those citizens.

Through a special fund organized by Kummetz Foundation, Eloi Kummetz is hoping to have the financing to improve education in Brazil. Eloi Kummetz firmly believes by bolstering schools and providing experienced instructors to help Brazilian youth learn, Kummetz Corporation can help create a foundation that will help Brazil’s economy for many decades to come.

Eloi Kummetz’s recent efforts have revolved around two particular groups in Brazil: orphans and disabled citizens. Unfortunately, a large number of orphans are living on the streets in Brazil, Eloi Kummetz explains, leaving the financial investor desperate to help somehow. By providing scholarships to these orphans as well as disabled citizens, Eloi Kummetz hopes to be able to not only help give families hope, but to also ensure a brighter future for the country as a whole.

Scholarships will also be developed for the development of housing to help alleviate the strain on families going through economic troubles, including the disabled. These scholarships will also go to fund counseling services orphans and the disabled need, including the assistance of counselors and corrections of behavioral disorders, Eloi Kummetz explains.

According to Eloi Kummetz, Kummetz Corporation is also working with Brazilian companies and the government to build schools and other educational facilities to help improve education in the country. Eloi Kummetz is also trying to strengthen housing in Brazil, which will help alleviate some of the housing deficiencies some of the residents face.

In everything Kummetz Corporation does, the company tries to uphold Eloi Kummetz’s commitment to protecting the environment. Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz explains, uses quality materials and accelerated timeframes to create inexpensive, environmentally-friendly buildings across the globe.