Reverse Mortgages | explains that a reverse mortgage may be a life-changing opportunity for seniors.

Although reverse mortgage products tend to get an unfair amount of negative attention, believes they are a wonderful option for certain seniors. The team at reports that a reverse mortgage can do several things for those who qualify:

  • Eliminate a monthly mortgage payment
  • Provide funds for living expenses
  • Offer considerable tax benefits explains that in a reverse mortgage, the subject property remains in ownership of the borrower until that time at which the loan matures or the responsible party dies, moves, or sells the home. According to, seniors who do not have a need to pass their property along to their heirs are well suited for a reverse mortgage as the collateral property may be forfeited as payment upon death. For those wishing to bequeath the home, points out that surviving beneficiaries are provided the option to refinance, sell for equity, or simply release the property to the lender.

According to, a reverse mortgage differs in many ways from traditional financing options in that they it does not require a credit check. This, points out, is because those entering into a reverse mortgage agreement are not obligated to pay a recurring amount. The amount of cash dispersed from a reverse mortgage is considered a loan advance and therefore not taxable as income.

There are restrictions to attaining a reverse mortgage. says that the borrower must be 62 years of age and must live in the dwelling. As well, the mortgagee must complete a counseling program prior to entering into a reverse mortgage agreement. The subject property must also have a loan to value ratio high enough to cover any liens on the property as well as fees associated with procuring a mortgage product, explains the team at

Obtaining a reverse mortgage from is easy and safe. A borrower will be directed to an approved counseling agent, who will provide detailed information about the loan, as well as the financial obligations associated with a reverse mortgage. can help the senior get the most from the reverse mortgage so that they may take care of their needs.

Qualification reports there are only three requirements which must be met to apply for a reverse mortgage:

  • Age of borrower must be at least 62
  • Home must be principal place of residence
  • Subject property must be single family, less than 4 unit multi-housing, or condo with HUD approval

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Missed Fortune’s Douglas Andrew on Transferring Money Income Tax Free

Missed Fortune specializes in helping clients safely accumulate wealth with high rates of return. Founder Douglas Andrew helps Missed Fortune clients earn high returns using an approach he calls the Laser method of wealth accumulation—one that offers liquidity, safety, and a high rate of return. He also helps clients maximize tax advantages in both transferring and withdrawing funds from existing assets.

When transferring money and accumulating funds, Douglas Andrew names three common scenarios:

– Taxed as earned. Douglas Andrew says that while this is the most popular choice for many people, it is also the worst way to save and invest.
– Taxed sooner or later. Sooner would be a Roth IRA or 401K. Later would be a traditional IRA or 401K. The “later” option is for those wanting to defer the tax to a later date, when the taxpayer thinks he or she might be in a lower tax bracket, Douglas Andrew explains.
– Accumulate in an option that allows wealth to accumulate completely tax-free. With this option, the money can be accessed tax-free, says Douglas Andrew, and if the person dies, the money transfers tax-free.

However, as a financial specialist and tax strategist for 38 years, Missed Fortune’s Douglas Andrew has found one superior option that, under the current tax code, allows someone to accumulate wealth tax-free. When a person dies, the money not only transfers income tax-free under section 101(a) of the Internal Revenue Service tax code, but it increases significantly in value, according to Douglas Andrew.

This option is a maximum-funded life insurance contract. As Douglas Andrew outlines in the Missed Fortune educational materials and workshops, these insurance contracts must be structured to perform as a capital accumulation tool. However, according to Douglas Andrew, many financial advisors and even insurance agents aren’t aware of how to structure these contracts to perform this way.

In his Missed Fortune educational materials, Douglas Andrew talks about using compound interest to reduce the impact of tax on insurance contracts. Andrew cites Mayer Amschel Rothschild, named by Forbes magazine as the “founding father of international business,” as stating that one of the secrets to real wealth is compound interest in a tax-free environment.

Many people know that a dollar doubling every period for twenty periods will grow to $1,047,000. However, Douglas Andrew points out that the dollar only does that in a tax-favored environment. If that dollar were to double to two dollars, says Douglas Andrew, and a taxpayer had to pay tax on it of twenty-five percent, the gain would be reduced to $1.75 instead of double. It continues to decrease the gain each time a dollar grows, Douglas Andrew continues, and at the end of the twenty periods, instead of having $1 million, the total investment would amount to only $72,000. You could have saved more than a million, Douglas Andrew points out, and only $72,000 would remain after taxes.

Accordingly, Douglas Andrew and the team at Missed Fortune stress the benefits of putting money in an account that provides tax-fee growth and withdrawal. For more information, visit Missed Fortune online at

Traveling to Australia

“Australia is no doubt one of the outstanding multicultural nations of the world” says Kyle Thomas Glasser. The country has hundreds of thousands of people from almost every part of the world including Britain, Africa, Asia, Europe as well as the Aboriginals. The fact that it doubles as the 6th largest country in the whole world as well as a continent by itself makes it very unique. As a student, he understands how a visit to such a country could make a positive impact on his medical career. He particularly notes that the black box flight recorder for airplanes was invented in this country.

Australia has always been referred to the home of the Aborigines something that makes him to want to travel to this beautiful country. Who in the world would not plan to go to a culture of people who were reputed for sleeping in the open and only providing campfires for warmth and never caring about building permanent shelters such as the Aborigines of Australia? Even  as a future medical doctor he would love to find out how these people survived through cold weather seasons by sleeping in the open or at best, building some dome-kind of temporal shelters.

Women have a vital history in Australia. He notes that the importance of women in any society cannot be ignored. They are the birth channel of every human life. But the women of Australia have women ancestors in whom they are very delighted about for example Judith Chisholm. Her role as a renowned female philanthropist, women rights activist and social worker is something they can boast about. This kind of information is of great priority not only to him but to other students in every part of the world.

The fact that Australia is the only country in the world without an active volcano is another factor as to why Kyle Thomas Glasser would like to visit Australia. There is sufficient evidence that there were volcanoes in Australia in the geological past evidenced by some of the volcanic rocks that can that range from over 2 billion years. Sydney harbor Bridge is one of the popular Australian historic sites that he would love to visit. Since the day it was opened in 1932 to date, it is still the widest steel bridge in the entire world. Because of his passion for music, his trip to Australia would be incomplete without making a trip to Sydney Opera House.

Missed Fortune Cautions About the Future of Taxes

According to Missed Fortune founder Doug Andrew, tax changes over the past few decades have drastically changed the way people should plan for retirement. Now, as the Missed Fortune founder explains, there are six thresholds in place where individuals might have to pay out as much as 33%-45% of their income, when state and federal income taxes are both in place.

As Doug Andrew explains in the Missed Fortune series, the Congressional Budget Office is estimating that within the next two or three years, most middle income Americans will be paying about 29.6% more in income tax than they did just two or three years ago. The reason for this, says the founder of Missed Fortune, is twofold. Bush’s tax cuts are set to expire around the same time the tax legislation that has recently been put into place takes effect. But as Missed Fortune explains it, since the Bush tax cuts were some of the largest we’ve ever seen, it stands to reason that when they expire, they’ll be some of the largest increases we’ve ever seen.

It’s bad enough that many Americans will soon be paying out at least a third of their income to taxes, Andrew states in the Missed Fortune videos and workshops. But, according to Missed Fortune, because of the national debt and other issues many believe that one day we’ll be paying as much as half of our income to taxes. It’s even worse for those who make more than $200,000 each year. The goal, according to Missed Fortune ’s Andrew, is to eventually tax those incomes at 62.5%.

Obviously, these large taxes are out of the range of affordability for many Americans. Complicating this is the affects of inflation, says the Missed Fortune workshop leader. If the cost of living doubles in the next fifteen years, it will crunch even further into the funds that remain after a sizable chunk of a person’s income has been given over to taxes.

Andrew explains in the Missed Fortune materials that by putting your money into a tax-free vehicle, you can pull out any amount of your nest egg without paying taxes. The key, says Andrew, is to make sure it’s not deemed earned, passive, or portfolio income. According to the Missed Fortune materials, there are only three types of income that fall into a taxable income category: earned income, passive income (rents or leases), or portfolio income (interest or dividends). And Andrew emphasizes to his Missed Fortune readers and workshop attendees that IRAs and 401ks are classified under one of these three.

For four decades, Missed Fortune founder Doug Andrew has been pointing clients toward ways to realize income that is not deemed earned, passive, or portfolio income. The IRS is fully aware that the policy owners receive this income, but since it is not earned, passive, or portfolio income, it is not taxed. Doug Andrew details this further in the Missed Fortune workshops and educational materials. For more information, visit Missed Fortune online at