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Reverse Mortgages | explains that a reverse mortgage may be a life-changing opportunity for seniors. Although reverse mortgage products tend to get an unfair amount of negative attention, believes they are a wonderful option for certain seniors. The team at reports that a reverse mortgage can do several things for those who qualify: Eliminate a […]

Missed Fortune’s Douglas Andrew on Transferring Money Income Tax Free

Missed Fortune specializes in helping clients safely accumulate wealth with high rates of return. Founder Douglas Andrew helps Missed Fortune clients earn high returns using an approach he calls the Laser method of wealth accumulation—one that offers liquidity, safety, and a high rate of return. He also helps clients maximize tax advantages in both transferring and withdrawing funds from existing assets.

Traveling to Australia

“Australia is no doubt one of the outstanding multicultural nations of the world” says Kyle Thomas Glasser. The country has hundreds of thousands of people from almost every part of the world including Britain, Africa, Asia, Europe as well as the Aboriginals. The fact that it doubles as the 6th largest country in the whole world as well as a continent by itself makes it very unique. As a student, he understands how a visit to such a country could make a positive impact on his medical career. He particularly notes that the black box flight recorder for airplanes was invented in this country.

Missed Fortune Cautions About the Future of Taxes

According to Missed Fortune founder Doug Andrew, tax changes over the past few decades have drastically changed the way people should plan for retirement. Now, as the Missed Fortune founder explains, there are six thresholds in place where individuals might have to pay out as much as 33%-45% of their income, when state and federal income taxes are both in place.