Embrace Spices for Health and Weight Loss

Spices are a great way to transform and flavor a dish without adding sodium or other processed ingredients. And because many contain capsaicin they can have a termogenic effect – which means that they can boost a person’s metabolism and help them lose weight.

One of the first spices that may surprise you is cinnamon. It’s not only good for sweet desserts and drinks – it’s also a hidden key ingredient in some Middle Eastern dishes as well as many curries. It has come to light that cinnamon has a beneficial effect on blood sugar, which can boost weight loss. Also, recent studies have found that cinnamon can help reduce high cholesterol. Cinnamon can also be found in Chinese 5-Spice powder and Jamaican jerk rubs, which makes it a delectable addition to many meals.

Black pepper is a spice that helps boost metabolism by 8 percent because of the piperine found in the pepper. Black pepper can also aid digestion, which makes it a valuable tool for weight loss and health. For best results, freshly grind the pepper as opposed to buying it pre-ground.

Cayenne is loaded with capsaicin, which helps to burn fat. It also helps with weight loss and nutrition because it has termogenic properties that help to burn calories. And its spiciness makes food with cayenne more difficult to eat quickly. This helps people realize when they’re actually full so they tend to eat less.

Another great spice is ginger. Its unique flavor makes everything around it shine and it also helps to settle an upset stomach. But, it also has another great benefit, which is burning calories. People can burn up to 43 extra calories after eating if they drink a cup of ginger tea.

So, remember to look to the spice drawer for overall good health and fat burning properties.

Donald Leon Farrow: Understanding Rescue Animals

Donald Leon Farrow Donald Leon Farrow has worked with animal rescue for many years. As an architectural leader, Donald Leon Farrow believes that professional success should be balanced with community involvement. For many years, Donald Leon Farrow has served as an animal rescue volunteer for the National Animal Welfare Society, the ASPCA and several local shelters. Donald Leon Farrow recently talked to the Zrylw Blog staff about rescue animals.

Zrylw: What should I do if I see a dog at the side of the road?

Donald Leon Farrow: The important thing is to keep both the dog and yourself safe. Try to lure the dog away from the road – taking yourself off the road as well so neither of you get hit by a car. If the dog is skittish and starts to back off or run – don’t chase it as it may run into traffic. At some point in the process – and especially if you can see that the dog will not come to you, you should call your local dog rescue or animal shelter. If the dog is rabid or aggressive toward you – do not approach. Instead – phone the animal shelter or animal control immediately.

Zrylw: Animal rescue may not get there in time – what tools do you need?

Donald Leon Farrow: I recommend carrying items in the storage compartment of your car to include an old blanket, good quality dog treats, dog dish and container of water. Also carry a rope with an adjustable loop to act as a makeshift collar / leash. Have with you the number of your local animal rescue and dog shelter. If the animal runs off – phone them with the time of day and direction the dog was going.

Zrylw: What if I choose to adopt a rescued dog?

Donald Leon Farrow: The first thing you’ll need to do is have the dog thoroughly checked over by a vet, as well as spayed or neutered, and a good check and clean of the teeth as teeth health is a large component for dog health. Give the dog a very good bath an regular combings. Have a comfortable bed of old washable blankets in a peaceful area for the dog to rest on.

Zrylw: Is there a certain amount I should feed the dog?

Donald Leon Farrow: It’s usually best to start a feeding schedule slowly at first. If a dog’s belly is distended, overfeeding can actually kill him or her. You’ll want to start with small amounts of food and fresh water. Always ask your vet for advice on this, and use high-quality dog foods that contain protein as the first ingredients.

Zrylw: Can I expect the dog to be problematic?

Donald Leon Farrow: It depends on the animal’s history. Remember, dogs are pack animals. They search for a pack to bond with. Once you’ve established yourself as that dog’s pack, it will likely be very loving toward you.

Zrylw: I’ve heard once a dog has been rescued, that dog is more appreciative and loving.

Donald Leon Farrow: Yes, that has been my experience. Once a dog has been mistreated or neglected, having an owner who is loving and cares for it means a lot. That dog is likely to be extremely loyal and loving.

Zrylw: What if I want to help my local animal rescue office?

Donald Leon Farrow: Enthusiastic volunteers are always needed. Caring for strays can be extremely rewarding. Call your local animal rescue and set-up and appointment to visit and discuss opportunities.

Zrylw: What if I want to donate?

Donald Leon Farrow: Animal shelters are always looking for dog food and supplies, including food bowls, and toys.

O2 Media, Inc. Offers Clients Rewarding Experience

A leader in the brandertainment industry, O2 Media has helped a new generation of brands redefine successful marketing. With television, direct response, and hands-on programs available across the nation, O2 Media can infiltrate and captivate virtually all audiences.  By leveraging respected Brand Friendly television, such as The Balancing Act and Designing Spaces, O2 Media creates a sense of trust and need for the products they represent. O2 Media offers companies the opportunity to showcase themselves to viewers who actively seek products in their field. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied clients illustrating O2 Media’s effectiveness:


The team at Richell USA would like to extend a special “thank you” to all of you at The Balancing Act for a great show last Friday morning! It was totally awesome! Our website received over 1000 hits by 9:00am and the phones were busy! It has been such a fun and rewarding experience working with such a GREAT group as yours!

Barbara Button, Richell USA Inc.

Thank you for your kind words, Barbara. We appreciate you letting us know how quickly you saw results.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


Working with everyone, the communication was great, going back and forth with the script and making sure that we had everything we wanted and the script was great too.

Meghan Walker, National Sales & Marketing Manager, EZ Bean Cooker

The EZ Bean Cooker is a fantastic product that sells itself. Thank you for allowing us to showcase it to our viewers.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


Our number one reason [for coming on the show] was that we’ve got this new technology and we felt like it was a great way of using your show to communicate to the broad masses about this new technology. I believe we were able to communicate how easy it is to develop a network within your home by using this new technology.

Kim Lewis, Marketing Director, Home Grid Forum

We are so excited to have been able to present this new technology to our viewers. John was fantastic to work with and we look forward to watching your company grow. Please call us if we can help you in any way.
Lysa Liemer, O2 Media
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073



The objective for [our] participation in the show is for us to educate women and families about Health Insurance Web and the free service that it offers and allowing people to come to the website, get information about different health plans, and then compare rates quickly and easily from different providers.

Lonie Murray, Marketing Manager, HealthInsuranceWeb.com

Lonie- Thank you for bringing this much needed service to our viewers’ attention.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


What we’re trying to do is communicate and connect with the women’s audience that is interested in prenatal care but also women’s health-related issues that our company is dedicated to serving. It’s a certain segment of the audience that we’re trying to connect with, right? I think for us this is a primary portal to get there—especially The Balancing Act, their focus on women’s health, women’s health-related issues. For us it was a natural fit and really plugs us in with that segment in a very personal way.

Michael Sullivan, VP Sales & Marketing, Avlon Pharmaceuticals

There is nothing more vital than protecting the health of this nation’s women. Women are the life givers and the ones we look to for guidance as children. We cannot thank you enough for letting us bring your product on set to help improve the lives of our valued viewers.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


As a result of the WriteSteps segments [The Balancing Act] aired, I have been asked to provide instruction on Common Core writing to teachers in a continuing education program at a Chicago community college. We also had a 250% increase in our website traffic on the days the program aired.

Thanks to Molly’s referral, our Awareness Ambassador, Herman, has made a presentation at a private school in Florida. Lauren connected us to Vicki Davis (coolcateacher.com) and we’re about to feature her as a guest blogger on our website. We’ve had a great deal of new interest in the program, and we celebrate each of these opportunities to empower more teachers and reach more students with the incredible skills they can learn from the Common Core writing standards.

Suzanne Klein, Founder & CEO, www.WriteStepsWriting.com

Susan, O2 Media is all about connecting and we are so pleased that we have helped you connect to so many opportunities as a result of appearing on The Balancing Act.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


We were beyond thrilled with the short segment that highlighted one of our current customers, Beech Grove City Schools. The district was so excited to be a part of the program and to receive national recognition for their strides toward becoming a “Dream School.” We truly appreciate the time that was taken to have the video crew sent out to Indiana for the shoot. Valentina was amazing to work with and showed a genuine interest in what we are doing. She even took some time to speak to the school’s media class when the teacher brought them in to see what was going on. It was great to hear such positive feedback about the CurriculumLoft solution from our customer and we can’t wait to put together additional pieces with the footage her team was able to capture.

Dottie Coven and Alicia Peters

O2 Media thanks you for the opportunity to have been a part of this journey with you. Valentina is also grateful to have been able to share her passion with the eager young minds of Beech Grove City Schools. We look forward to working with you again.
Doug Campbell, O2 Media
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


From my initial dealings with The Balancing Act staff, my experiences were positive and pleasant. The entire process (from paperwork through the actual taping) was handled professionally and courteously, and each step leading up to the taping was thoroughly explained to me.

The day of the taping was great. I was greeted by Christine Flint, taken to make-up, the green room, etc. I was interviewed by Danielle Knox who covered the main points of my book and was friendly and easy to chat with. After the taping, Steve walked me around the studio and introduced me to Brenda Sultan and Steve Zucker, who talked with me about possible PR tactics to help with the selling of my novel, A Passion for Prying. Only days after the taping, I received my Tune In Promo video and verification of the air date. I have already posted the promo to my author website.

Nancy Mangano, Author, A Passion for Prying

 Nancy, you are such a talented woman and we are so glad to have been able to showcase this exceptional work.
Doug Campbell, The Balancing Act
3850 N. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33073


Regeneration Found at Brenda Lee Reed’s Genesis Healing Center

Brenda-Lee-Reed-on-porch Brenda Lee Reed says that a successful experience at Genesis Healing Center is all about an open mind. Here, she shares some of the remarkable success stories from past guests at Genesis.


Brenda Lee Reed says that Gene is an individual that she has known personally for many years. He is fit, eats well, and takes care of his body. But when Gene turned 58, something went wrong; so wrong that he found himself in the hospital hooked up to machines while on a business trip after having what he later found out was a transient stroke, says Brenda Lee Reed.

He left the hospital no worse for the wear but he still felt “off.” Not long after, he had another episode and discussed it with his friend, Brenda Lee Reed, of Genesis Healing Center. Brenda suggested that

Gene check in to Genesis Healing Center for a cleansing. Gene was skeptical at first but after 7 days of following the Center’s regime, he felt 18 again. His issues, which have not returned as of 7 years later, were the result of an impacted colon and the toxins that built up inside of him. Brenda Lee Reed credits his stay at Genesis as what cleared the almost petrified waste from his insides and he left 12 pounds lighter.

Today, Brenda Lee Reed is proud to report that he is still feeling fabulous.  Gene, at the age of 67, goes mountain climbing and works out three times a week. He visits his friend Brenda Lee Reed at Genesis once a year for what he calls his “tune up.”


Erica was a busy woman feeling run down, says Brenda Lee Reed. With no time for herself, Erica needed a bit of quiet time. She checked in to Genesis Healing Center for a quick recharge and for an education on preparing nourishing foods, to combat the fatigue of everyday life. According to Brenda Lee Reed, as a result of her stay at Genesis, Erica has learned how to fuel her body and no longer feels three steps behind everyone else.


Brenda Lee Reed says that Veronica needed more than just a practical experience; Veronica needed to find a spot to fully understand how God wanted her body to work; how He created it to function, and what He intended to be put into it. Veronica’s stay at Genesis Healing Center provided this to her and has allowed her to learn more about how food affects every part of her. Brenda Lee Reed remains in touch with Veronica and reports that she continues to feed her mind, body, and soul with God’s love and healthy foods.

Brenda Lee Reed founded Genesis Healing Center in honor of her father, who she lost early to cancer. She believes that feeding the body food that it can use is the best way to regain stamina, energy, and even physical appearance. Through Genesis Healing Center, Brenda Lee Reed helps dozens of people each year cleanse, detox, and relax. For more information about Brenda Lee Reed and Genesis Healing Center, visit www.genesishealingcenter.com

Jeffrey Kale Flagg Shares the Secret to Success

Jeffrey Kale Flagg is a start-up expert with over twenty years in marketing, real estate, medical and direct sales. He rose to National Marketing Director at a $200+ million per year direct sales firm when he was just 24, and then built his first start-up company to #1 on the Inc. 500 list just four years later. He is currently General Partner in the real estate development fund American Redevelopment Fund, LP as well as chief operating officer of Array Asset Management, LLC, an asset management company managing utility scale solar arrays worldwide. Today, Flagg shares some of the wisdom gathered over his years of building successful business ventures.

Jeffrey Kale Flagg considers it a great honor being asked to lead, being given the chance to have a positive impact on another person’s destiny.  This role also bears tremendous responsibility, and it’s one that Flagg takes very seriously.  It is what compels him to work when most people that he knows are sleeping, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg.

To be successful, reports Jeffrey Kale Flagg, one must be willing to put in the effort, commit the time and take the action that is necessary to accomplish his or her goals.  Says Flagg, “Knowledge is important, but the reality is that information is very, very easily found.  What cannot be purchased, rented or leased–and what is the crucial element to success–is follow-through.  It is the kind of follow-through that takes action, makes things happen, that gets up off of the couch and attacks life.  That is the key to success, believes Jeffrey Kale Flagg.

Jeffrey Kale Flagg is a true believer in the theory that we all control where we are and what we accomplish in life. Why do so many people spend more time justifying where they are in life instead of simply taking action and going where they want to go? Flagg points out that we all have the ability to make the changes that will help us achieve our dreams.   Whether or not we make those changes is our choice.  It is one of life’s big tests, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, a test of character and a moment of truth.

According to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, if deep down in our hearts we believe that we are unable to successfully run our own lives then we constantly look for outside endorsements of our ideas.  We may make tentative decisions, but we never follow through because we need assurances that other people agree with us.  This lack of confidence, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, strips us of our ability to become successful.  No action ever takes place, because there will always be people who disagree.  Our lack of confidence invites the very criticism that we fear.

On the other hand, points out Jeffrey Kale Flagg, if we believe that we have the ability to run our own lives, to choose our own destiny, then that is exactly what we do.  We decide where we want to go and we make the necessary changes.  We listen to people who have accomplished the success that we desire—but we still make our own decision.  We don’t look back and re-evaluate, we simply make the call and than take action.  Success then becomes our reality, says Flagg.

So, you have a decision to make.  According to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, you have to decide whether you are going to be the captain of your own ship or not.  Now, if you think about it you will quickly realize that the choices that you have made in your life actually have defined your life. Think about it for a minute, suggests Jeffrey Kale Flagg. Are your relationships with your friends and family described more accurately as being filled with trust, respect and love or are they better defined as competitive, argumentative and shallow?  What about your lifestyle—do you have a lot of free time, relaxation, comfort and luxury in your life?  Or do you have penny-pinching, frustration and anxiety?

We must realize that we all have total control of our lives and that any change is possible, asserts Jeffrey Kale FlaggOur choices created the lifestyle that we live and they have defined the type of friendships and relationships that we have.  Our choices have determined whether we are happy or sad—they have created our lives.  In order for us to achieve our dreams, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, we are going to have to make a commitment.  It is a choice.  And our choices today, the commitments that we make today will define our futures, concludes Jeffrey Kale Flagg.


DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Cyberweb Solutions

The following segment aired on DR Marketing’s Incredible Discoveries. Joining DR Marketing Group was Cyberweb Solutions to discuss online auctioning.


DR Marketing Group: Take control of your financial destiny today. You can turn your auction hobby into an auction business with the Auction Genius Bootstrap CD. This simple, easy to follow business solution will improve your on-line auction business by giving you structured step-by-step lessons that will increase your revenue and put you on the road to financial freedom.

Cyberweb: E-Bay is the most popular auction website in America and the Auction Genius Bootstrap system teaches you how to make E-Bay and other auction websites work for you.

DR Marketing Group: We are going to take an inside look on how to build an auction business rather than an auction hobby with the Auction Genius Bootstrap system.

Cyberweb: Did you know that about half of one percent of seller’s on E-Bay actually succeed and the rest fail? Many people are looking for a how-to-get-rich-quick scheme and try their luck on E-Bay and other auction websites.

DR Marketing Group: But you don’t have to gamble on this hobby; you can turn it into an actual business and be successful!

Cyberweb: You may already know, bootstrapping is a business term that means to start a business with little or no capital, and that is exactly what the Auction Genius Bootstrap system shows you how to do.

DR Marketing Group: You don’t have to have a lot of money to be successful at on-line auction trading sites like E-Bay. Most on-line auctions are free to join, and like with any business, you just need a plan. The Auction Genius Bootstrap system gives you a step-by-step plan and more.

Cyberweb: The Auction Genius Bootstrap CD is a four step system for creating an E-Bay business instead of an E-Bay hobby.

DR Marketing Group: How does your system work?

Cyberweb: This complete training CD gives you simple step-by-step repeatable tools that allow you to use the same steps ever time you want to action a different product. With its easy to use format, you can stop and start the lessons on your own schedule.

DR Marketing Group: The Auction Genius Bootstrap system is a completely unique way of doing business. With the very structured lesson plan, you’ll know exactly what to do each step of the way.

Cyberweb: You’ll learn how to choose products for your profitable auction business, how to know in advance if your merchandize will sell, how to list your products, and how to eliminate mistakes, plus so much more.

DR Marketing Group: Cyberweb Solutions, the makers of the Auction Genius training collection, has been involved and established with the internet business for decades. Sydney Johnston, the founder of this incredible training tool, is going to tell us more about it. What can you tell us about your system?

Cyberweb: The best thing that I can tell you is that if you follow the four steps, you will always know exactly what to do.

DR Marketing Group: What if something goes wrong?

Cyberweb: If you occasionally find something that doesn’t work well, you know that you’ve messed up on one of the four steps. So you just need to go back and check where you went wrong.

DR Marketing Group: Why do a lot of people not succeed in online auctioning?

Cyberweb: A lot of people don’t succeed because they just get out there and don’t know what they’re doing. Some just won’t be bothered to educate themselves.

DR Marketing Group: If only they took the time to learn your four steps.

Cyberweb: Many will just go to E-Bay, which is the worst place to learn because they have their own agenda. Their agenda is to get you to spend as much money as you can, and second is to be totally dependent on E-Bay.

DR Marketing Group: I understand that agenda, naturally. But it’s not the same as yours or mine. It is great how you can make money by listing products.

Cyberweb: It’s not in our best interest to just follow the E-Bay line, because you’ll end up having a job with E-Bay. You will be an E-Bay employee. By not doing that is where your money is going to be made.

DR Marketing Group is an industry leader in direct response television production, focusing on branded entertainment. As a full-service turnkey marketing agency, DR Marketing Group has a diverse range of capabilities that allow the company to proactively respond to the ever-changing demands of a competitive global marketplace. DR Marketing Group is a subsidiary of O2 Media, Inc.


Philip Melugin Says Pheasant Run Ranch is the Place to Unwind

Philip Melugin spends most of his time managing Phoenix Home Care, the business he founded in 2011. With five offices in Missouri and one in Kansas, the business keeps Philip Melugin fully occupied throughout the week.

But when Philip Melugin wants to unwind, it’s his love for horses that pulls him away from the city. It’s a love he shares with his daughter, a high school junior who enjoys horseback riding alongside him. To fulfill this passion for nature, Philip Melugin built Pheasant Run Ranch, a 5,000-acre hunting and farming area in north central, Kansas. The ranch is set up as a comfortable habitat for wild creatures, specializing in wild upland bird, turkey, and whitetail deer. Hunters come from all around to participate in Pheasant Run Ranch’s guided hunts and lounge at the ranch’s primary lodge, which dates back to 1892.

Pheasant Run Ranch also offers overnight accommodates, according to Philip Melugin, with hunters feeling at home in the cozy cabin-like rooms. Pheasant Run Ranch even provides hunting dogs—English Setters who have been trained to help on hunts involving Kansas’s wild birds.

Philip Melugin strives to make Pheasant Run Ranch’s guests feel at home while they’re visiting. Whether staying overnight or hunting for the day, visitors can relax in the ranch’s newly renovated lodge, which provides internet, satellite television, and laundry service. A complete kitchen is also available at the lodge, for those who want to bring lunch along for their day on the ranch.

The land at Pheasant Run Ranch is carefully maintained year-round, Philip Melugin explains, with farming and supplemental watering systems keeping crops and the land well tended. Pheasant Run Ranch combines row crops, native grassland, and food plots, Philip Melugin says.

According to Philip Melugin, hunts start at $250 per day per person, with prices varying according to type of bird being hunted. Pheasant and bobwhite quail hunts are $375 a day per person, but those rates include lodging, a hunting guide, and dogs to assist on the hunt. Spring turkey rates are $250 a day and include lodging and a guide, while whitetail deer hunts are $500 a day per person, with lodging and guide not included.

Business is booming at Pheasant Run Ranch, says Philip Melugin, giving him and his fellow hunting enthusiasts a place and opportunity to do what they love. By providing a safe, uncrowded place for hunters to indulge their love of the great outdoors, Pheasant Run Ranch is a long-awaited Kansas treasure.

Direct Media Power Offers Exclusive Benefits to Clients

Savings plus value added professional services. That’s the power of Direct Media Power.

Direct Media Power is the largest provider of pay per call radio advertisements to business across the county. But, aside from just their sheer buying volume and steeply discounted ad space for clients, Direct Media Power offers numerous additional services that ad agencies and media brokers cannot match.

From the first contact, Direct Media Power proves they are different. While most brokers and media buyers insist on phone or email communications, Direct Media Power is ready and willing to meet in person to discuss their services. At this meeting, the team at Direct Media Power will take the time to listen and really get a clear understanding of the potential client’s goals and expected return on their investment.

Direct Media Power will discuss a potential client’s current marketing plan and help them decide on what works and what doesn’t. The group focuses on what the client wants and will work with them to achieve their goals. As well, Direct Media Power talks about who they need to target and where? Many brokers will simply put a commercial up on the first available slot; not Direct Media Power! They have over 2,000 network affiliations and can find a station and a time slot that works for their client’s business.

One of the first things customers usually ask the team at Direct Media Power is, “how do I make a radio commercial for you to broadcast?” With Direct Media Power, the client doesn’t have to worry about anything. They will write, produce, and record the commercials–at no additional cost. Once complete, Direct Media Power will ensure that the spot is aired in client specified markets and in their desired formats.

It gets even better. Direct Media Power also provides clients with a number of extras no one else even considers. DMP promises a ROI for each project. As well, Direct Media Power offers a free call center with live agents, and they provide a money back guarantee on their profits if the campaign is not successful. .

Direct Media Power offers these services and more all while beating the competition in sales, leads generated, and customer service. For more information, visit DMP online at www.directmediapower.com


Paul Savramis Talks about the Mission of Rising Stars

Paul Savramis founded Rising Stars in 1996 with one major goal in mind: to develop a yearly program that would enrich the lives of youth from a variety of backgrounds and have an impact in the way that they would develop. Today, Paul Savramis is pleased to see his original vision carried out in Rising Stars’ daily activities. The number of successful graduates who return to help with Rising Stars is a great testimony to the value of Paul Savramis’ original vision. Below, Paul Savramis answers some frequently asked questions about the mission of Rising Stars.

Q: What are the main goals of Rising Stars?

Paul Savramis: Our mission statement includes the words “education” and “values.” Overall, our mission is to utilize sports to enrich the minds of our young participants to better prepare them for the future.

Q: How do you view basketball as connected to education and values?

Paul Savramis: Athletics in general teach children the values of teamwork sportsmanship and the importance of being prepared. Many educators would agree that almost all learning is accomplished at an early age more so through play than in the classroom. What young minds are taught during that time and how is vitally important. Basketball is the vehicle by which we use play to form a foundation of learning. Almost all educational theories can be found lying somewhere on a basketball court.

Q: What is the age range of Rising Stars participants?

Paul Savramis: We introduce children to basketball as early as Kindergarten through clinics that are mostly motor learning. We begin enrolling them into the program and on to teams beginning in the third grade and continuing to the collegiate level.

Q: Why are teams so important?

Paul Savramis: Teams encourage participants to work with each other to achieve goals. One of our shirts has the word T.E.A.M on the back with a circle of hands. The words, ”Together Everyone Achieves More help us to promote the importance of working together. We don’t believe in the “each man for himself” way of thinking. Participants in Rising Stars learn to be just excited over a teammate’s success as their own. Learning to accept victory and share defeat are also important byproducts.

Q: We hear that Rising Stars is “much more than a basketball camp.” Explain the other values you emphasize.

Paul Savramis: We promote education and integrity in the hopes of encouraging youth to become productive, responsible members of society. Through basketball and the power of teams we seek to instill the values in life that children need when making important decisions and facing the many challenges that occur throughout the formative years.

Q: When you say that Rising Stars promotes education, what do you mean?

Paul Savramis: From the very beginning we stress in our students the importance of completing high school and going on to college. All of our student athletes are asked to review classes with their coaches’ and we look at progress reports and report cards together. We provide support to those that need it.We also require a commitment of community service.

Q: What if your student has dreams of exiting high school and going directly to the NBA?

Paul Savramis: We certainly don’t want to squash anyone’s dreams, but we try to use the example that even for an NBA star, an education is important. College basketball is a great place to be recruited to the NBA, if a student does well, and in the meantime that student can get a great education that will last beyond the average playing years of a professional athlete. We also utilize the NCAA and other professional organizations as partners to make that point.

Q: You’ve brought in a couple of big names to reinforce that point. Tell us about those.

Paul Savramis: In the past we were able to have some collegiate coaches speak to our groups, as well as big names like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. It’s one thing to hear a Rising Stars coach emphasize the importance of staying in school, but when a professional player coach or other famous person is telling you, the message seems to get across a little better.

Q: Your program also encourages parents to participate. How does that work?

Paul Savramis: That is a great question. We believe that the behaviors and lessons we’re teaching can help the child at home, school, and later in life. Because of that, having the parents’ support is invaluable. We encourage families to participate in the work we do and we ask them to sign an agreement that outlines how we will work together. We also encourage a child’s role in the community. In today’s world the challenges that a child will face should never be faced alone. The true power of a team is one that utilizes all of its potential members. For us that includes parents and teachers working together with coaches

Paul Savramis is a respected program founder and basketball camp instructor who has touched many lives through his basketball camps. With a Master’s degree from Queens College in New York, Paul Savramis has an education in physical education, child psychology, and special education that gives him a unique perspective on youth sports. Paul Savramis’ successful programs include Eastern Invitational Basketball Camp and Rising Stars, two programs that continue to thrive today.