Archive: December, 2012

Michael Courouleau Discusses the Danger of Combustible Dust

Michael Courouleau is an expert in environmental safety and health in the workplace. Q: What are some unusual fire hazards in the workplace? Michael Courouleau: Of course, everyone thinks of combustible chemicals or fuels, but dust is a major fire hazard as well. Q: What kinds of materials can produce combustible dust? Michael Courouleau: Coal, […]

Jeffrey Nimer Offers Tips to Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness

Any time of year is the perfect time to embrace all that a vegetarian diet has to offer, said Los Angeles Chef to the stars Jeffrey Nimer. His kitchen is stocked with a variety of local produce and whole grains, and he recommends that people start to take advantage of their farmers markets for seasonal […]

Peter F. Spittler Discusses Urban Redevelopment

Today, the staff of Interviewing Experts had the opportunity to speak with Peter F. Spittler, a renowned architect and urban designer from Ohio. Peter F. Spittler has left a mark on many urban areas, through sustainable development and creative design. Interviewing Experts: What does it take to execute your ideas for revitalizing an area? Peter […]

Rich Von Alvensleben – Home Remodeling Opportunities for Construction Workers

The economic crisis and rampant home foreclosures are hitting families in every state in America, but Rich Von Alvensleben says the problem is especially pronounced in California. In fact, Rich Von Alvensleben sees countless run down and vacant homes throughout the state that no one wants to purchase. However, Rich Von Alvensleben says this downturn […]

Dr. James D. Sterling Supports Fathers of Chapin School Students

Dr. James D. Sterling spends much of his week serving the New York City community with a private practice in psychology, as well as clinical education work at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center. In addition to these important endeavors, Dr. James D. Sterling recently endowed a program that benefited the fathers of students at the […]

Jay P. Clark Discovers the Beauty of Lake Powell

Jay P. Clark works hard on his Idaho ranch. When it’s time to relax and enjoy life, Jay P. Clark prefers to indulge his love for the great outdoors with beautiful waterfront scenery. Recently, while on his honeymoon, Jay P. Clark and his wife explored Lake Powell, which is located on the border of Utah […]

Zrylw Discusses the Optimism of New Year’s Resolutions

People who are striving to improve themselves – and who are using the impetus of a New Year’s resolution to start – shouldn’t feel alone. Nearly 50% percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. And of those, approximately 40-45% keep them. That’s a lot of cigarettes not smoked, cream puffs passed up, and homes de-cluttered […]

J. Kale Flagg – An Inspirational Success Story

J. Kale Flagg believes in inspiring others. Nothing can ignite the fire in an aspiring salesperson like a good story. Often, he relates the story of a young man in Scotland in the late 1800s. A young, very poor dreamer by the name of Andrew Carnegie immigrated to the United States with only pennies in […]