Larry Starr, Sarasota Presents Cedars Tennis Resort

Larry Starr, Sarasota owner of the vacation property company, Resort Vacation Accommodations, reports that the company purchased Cedars Tennis Resort on Longboat Key in 2012. In this brief interview, Larry Starr talks about the property and what vacationers can expect when visiting Cedars Tennis Resort on Longboat Key.

Zrylw Blog: First of all, give our readers a little background on the Longboat Key area.

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Longboat Key is located in the southwest region of Florida. It is a quiet barrier island just off the coast of mainland Sarasota that offers a more upscale vacation experience.

Zrylw Blog: What are some of the main draws to the area for vacationers?

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Longboat Key and the surrounding area has some of the best championship golf courses in Florida and the 12-mile beach is immaculate. This area is typically free of spring breakers, so it is an ideal place for families, retirees, and people looking to get away from crowds.

Zrylw Blog: Please tell our readers about why you decided to purchase Cedars Tennis Resort.

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Resort Vacation Accomodations purchased Cedars Tennis Resort in 2012 as a way to expand our Sarasota area and Longboat Key vacation rental offerings and amenities to vacationers in the area.

Zrylw Blog: Can you describe the accommodations?

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Cedars Tennis Resort has a village feel to it, with many amenities onsite. There are 1, 2, and 3-bedroom townhouses, with fully equipped kitchens for every guest.

Zrylw Blog: What are some of the specific amenities Cedars Tennis Resort offers guests?

Larry Starr, Sarasota: There is private beach access, a heated junior Olympic size pool, and an onsite fitness center with group fitness classes and a personal trainer. Each unit is fully stocked with linens, so guests can leave their towels at home. There are also chaise lounge chairs for all guests, because, as everyone knows, Longboat Key and Sarasota beaches are for relaxing!

Zrylw Blog: Okay, this is a tennis resort – so we need to know all about your accommodations for tennis enthusiasts.

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Of course! The 10 Har-Tru tennis courts at Cedars Tennis resort are attractive to beginners all the way up to tennis pros. Players can get all the supplies they need at the resort’s Pro Shop.

Zrylw Blog: Cedars Tennis Resort sounds like a place nobody would want to leave; are there also dining options at the resort?

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Yes, when Resort Vacation Accommodations purchased the resort, it was important to include Cedars Café and Tiki Bar in the purchase, to offer guests onsite dining convenience. There are scores of other restaurants in the area that offer every type of cuisine imaginable.

Zrylw Blog: Beyond tennis, what other activities does Cedars Tennis Resort offer guests?

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Guests can fish at the Cedars pier overlooking Sarasota bay or explore the Key by bike or kayak, and then spend the afternoon at the tropical Island tiki bar.

Zrylw Blog: And if one does wonder off site?

Larry Starr, Sarasota: Well, the area is filled with an eclectic mix of attractions. Vacationers can visit Circus Sarasota, Longboat Key Center for the Arts, or do some shopping at St. Armand’s Circle or the Avenue of Flowers.

Larry Starr, Sarasota and Longboat Key vacation property owner, real estate developer and entrepreneur has over 25 years of experience in the vacation rental field. As a local resident, Larry Starr ’s Sarasota commitment extends beyond vacation properties and includes participation with the Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Sarasota County Arts Council as well as active memberships in many local Chambers of Commerce.

Tips to Beat the Common Cold

It can be hard to avoid a run-in with the common cold or its nastier cousin, the flu, before winter’s out…especially if you work in a school, office or other closed-in environments that can be an incubator for germs. Even bolstering your immune system by taking your vitamins and supplements, eating right, getting enough sleep and generally staying in good shape, it can still sneak up on you before the winter’s out. So … once a cold comes to roost, here are a few ideas for getting it to pack its bags and get on down the road so you can get on with your life:

  • Get plenty of fluids – Yes, you’ve heard that before, but there’s a good reason for it. Your immune system triggers the production of more mucus, in an effort to flush the bad stuff out of your system. The more you can flood your system with warm liquids like herbal teas or soup broth, the more you can thin the mucus and get it out of there. Steam is especially helpful, in the form of a hot shower; even better, bring a pot of water to a boil, cover your head with a towel, and inhale as much steam as you can without burning yourself. A handful of antimicrobial, decongesting herbs in the boiling water can be an even bigger help (eucalyptus, thyme, peppermint, rosemary).
  • Vitamins and Minerals – The jury is still out on megadoses of Vitamin C, once the cold has already got a grip on you. Some studies seem to indicate that people who dose up on Vitamin C tend to shake the cold sooner…however, remember that the vitamin is more easily assimilated from C-rich foods like chile peppers, citrus fruit, strawberries or greens than from pills. Zinc is another supplement with mixed results…some patients have reported good results, despite the weird taste and occasional nausea from zinc lozenges.
  • Herbal Comfort – Echinacea has been shown to help lessen the severity of symptoms, especially if you begin taking it at the onset of the cold. A wise dosage is two droppers full of Echinacea tincture in a glass of water, every two hours. Others suggest a teaspoon of Echinacea tincture, three times a day. Andrographis, elderberry, licorice root and ginseng have also all been shown to bump up your immune system and help alleviate the worst of cold symptoms, as well as shortening the duration of the misery.

Peter Spittler Architectural Services Provides Program Management Services

Peter Spittler Architectural Services understands that construction and development projects are complex and require profound attention to detail and laser-sharp focus on timelines and resources.  In the following Q&A, Peter Spittler Architectural Services describes the essential role of the Project Manager.

Q:  Describe how the Project Manager fits within the overall design and build process.

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  During a construction project, an architect assigned by Peter Spittler Architectural Services will work closely with the construction project manager in the office of the General Contractor, while at the same time coordinate the work of the design team and consultants, and manage communications with the client.  With this many balls in the air, it is essential that the Peter Spittler Architectural Services team has someone dedicated to ensuring the project is on-track as related to timelines, resources, and quality; this is where the Project Manager comes in.

Q:  It sounds like the Project Manager Position is a big responsibility.  What experience do Project Managers require?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Yes, this position carries tremendous responsibility and requires the right skills and personality to ensure project success.  The Project Managers at Peter Spittler Architectural Services are experts in their field with extensive experience in architecture, engineering and construction.  They are licensed architects, with the know-how to oversee even the most complex projects.

Q:  Is the Project Manager only involved in the final implementation/build of a project?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  No, depending on the project, Project Managers can be involved in projects from initiation, all the way through design, construction, and occupancy.

Q:  Other than the architectural experience, what are some of the most important characteristics of a strong Project Manager?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Project Managers must have exceptional communication skills.  They must be able to lead and direct the work of their colleagues at Peter Spittler Architectural Services, interact with high-level, fastidious clients, and relay project needs, challenges, and solutions in a thoughtful, thorough and timely manner.  In addition, a great project manager must possess uncommon attention to detail.  The flow, pace, and overall quality of each project is dependent on the Project Manager’s ability to track, schedule, and advise team members throughout the project’s duration.

Q:  Finally, what does a typical day look like for a Project Manager at Peter Spittler Architectural Services?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Well, there really is no typical day at Peter Spittler Architectural Services!  The Project Manager oversees the day-to-day functioning of project teams and is the go-to person on any given project the team is working on.  They may be working with a team to coordinate a program committee, developing schedules for multiple projects, or advising team members on budget issues related to any given project.  For certain, Peter Spittler Architectural Services’ Project Managers love what they do and are never bored doing it!

Peter Spittler Architectural Services is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

The Balancing Act’s Gregory Fake Gives Back Through Prison Ministry

For his day job, Gregory Fake is an assistant television producer of the award-winning show that empowers women, Balancing Act.  In his free time, Gregory Fake can be found in a Florida prison and jail, counseling incarcerated men.  While this may appear to be an unlikely extension of Gregory Fake ’s expertise, it isn’t–he is very much committed to, and inspired by, giving back.

“Like many men, I returned to the church when I had my family,” explains Gregory Fake.  “It’s critical to raise children with core values that prepare them to face life’s challenges,” continues Gregory Fake.  Through the local Presbyterian Church, Gregory Fake began volunteering in prisons and jails and with work-release ministries.  That was ten years ago and he is still giving back.  Since beginning his volunteer work, Gregory Fake says has learned and grown tremendously from his experience.

Prison and jail life is completely foreign to most of American society, but Gregory Fake has learned to get past the stark environment and accept the inmates as people in need of love and forgiveness, just like everyone else. There, Gregory Fake provides counseling, advice, and a listening ear for inmates of all criminal backgrounds. “Oftentimes, inmates fall back into addiction or criminal behavior, but this is common on the road to accepting forgiveness and creating a path toward a brighter future,” says Gregory Fake.  He is there for inmates, whether or not they have lost hope in themselves.

While Gregory Fake has given a lot of himself to the inmates he has served, he has also gained in return.  “I am inspired by the inmates’ honesty about their struggles,” says Gregory Fake.  Working with inmates has taught Gregory Fake that there are no challenges in his own life that are too great to overcome.  “But it takes work, sometimes a lot of work,” Gregory Fake concedes.  Helping inmates move forward against all odds motivates and encourages Gregory Fake to continue this important volunteer work, despite his often demanding television production schedule.

Gregory Fake, whose career includes consultancy for Fortune 500 companies, banking law, and television production, received a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Georgetown.  Gregory Fake lives with his wife and two children in Pompano Beach, Florida, where he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family. 

Consultant Aldo Todini explains Business Management Systems

We recently sat down with Aldo Todini, a business consultant based out of Udine, Italy, about Business Management Systems and why using a trained auditor can greatly increase its worth.

Q: Thank you, Aldo Todini, for speaking with us today. We are pleased to present you to our international readership.

Aldo Todini: I am very happy to be here.

Q: First, can you explain what a Business Management System is?

Aldo Todini:  Essentially, it is having procedures and plans written out as guidelines for running a business. An effective plan will be written so that every operation in the company can be performed by anyone reading it.

Q: So it means to create standard operating procedures?

Aldo Todini: This is just one aspect of a proper business management plan.

Q: If you had to simplify the process, how would you describe it?

Aldo Todini: Evaluate your procedures to determine areas that need improvement and then do it.

Q: How is that achieved?

Aldo Todini: It depends on the business and its needs.

Q: How long does it take to create and begin using a business plan?

Aldo Todini: It can take weeks or months to really get started. After areas of need are identified and SOPs in place, it’s a continual process of monitoring for compliance and finding new areas to improve upon.

Q: How are they monitored?

Aldo Todini: Many companies choose to have both internal and external audits. An internal audit will usually be performed by a team of executives and supervisory staff. An external audit is completed by an outside source familiar with the company’s industry.

Q: Why have outside auditors?

Aldo Todini: There are many benefits to this. First, an independent audit can identify deficiencies possibly overlooked by staff. And, many top companies require their suppliers to pass a certain level of compliance with industry standards in order to do business with the company.

Q: You mention industry standards. How does a company get certified as compliant?

Aldo Todini: An external auditor can verify that the business they are inspecting maintains operational procedure standards and quality. This makes the company more likely to gain customers who need products manufactured to certain standards.

Q: We appreciate your time today but we must close for now. Thank you.

Aldo Todini: The pleasure is mine.


About Aldo Todini
Aldo Todini is a member of the National Register of Chartered Auditors and diversely experienced business consultant. He is proficient in identifying defects in operations, eliminating waste, implementing current technology, and matching investors to businesses in need to financial stimulation.

Aldo Todini is fluent is Italian, French, and English and has worked with clients across the globe.



Aldo Todini consulente d’azienda spiega i sistemi di gestione aziendale.

Un recente incontro con Aldo Todini, consulente d’affari con sede a Udine, Italia, sui sistemi di gestione aziendale e perché con un auditor addestrato può aumentare notevolmente il valore d’impresa.

Domanda: Grazie, Aldo Todini, per questa chiacchierata. Siamo lieti di presentarla ai nostri lettori di tutto il Mondo.

Aldo Todini: Sono contento di essere qui a parlare con voi.

Domanda: In primo luogo, si può spiegare in cosa consiste un sistema di gestione aziendale?

Aldo Todini: Essenzialmente si tratta di definire procedure e piani strategici come linee guida per la gestione di un’impresa. Un piano efficace sarà scritto in modo che ogni operazione in azienda possa essere eseguita da chiunque abbia letto la procedura.

Domanda: Quindi significa creare procedure operative standard?

Aldo Todini: Questo è solo un aspetto di un piano di gestione aziendale.

Domanda: Se dovesse esemplificare il processo, come lo descriverebbe?

Aldo Todini: Valutare le procedure per determinare le aree che necessitano di miglioramento e poi applicare i correttivi necessari.

Domanda: Come viene raggiunto questo obiettivo?

Aldo Todini: Dipende dal tipo di business e dalle sue necessità specifiche.

Domanda: Quanto tempo ci vuole per creare e applicare un business plan?

Aldo Todini: questa fase iniziale può richiedere settimane o anche mesi in funzione della complessità. Dopo che le aree d’intervento sono state identificate e sono state applicate le SOP (Standard Operating Procedures, Procedure Operative Standard), si tratta di un processo continuo di controllo di conformità e la ricerca di nuove aree da migliorare.

Domanda: Come vengono monitorati i processi?

Aldo Todini: Molte aziende scelgono di avere controlli sia interni che esterni. Un audit interno di solito effettuato da un team di dirigenti e del personale di controllo. La revisione contabile esterna è completata da professionalità esterne con esperienza nell’industria dove opera la società.

Domanda: Perché abbiano revisori esterni?

Aldo Todini: Ci sono molti vantaggi. In primo luogo una verifica indipendente permette di identificare le carenze eventualmente trascurati dal piano e dal personale di vigilanza. Inoltre molte aziende richiedono ai loro fornitori certificazioni specifiche prima di poter avere relazioni d’affari con l’azienda cliente.

Domanda: Lei parla di standard di settore. Come fa una società a ottenere le certificazioni necessarie?

Aldo Todini: Un revisore esterno è in grado di verificare che l’azienda che sta seguendo mantenga gli standard di qualità e procedure operative necessarie per la certificazione. Questo offre all’azienda maggiori possibilità nella fase di acquisizione dei clienti che necessitano di prodotti fabbricati secondo determinati standard.

Domanda: Grazie per il tempo che ci ha dedicato oggi. Grazie.

Aldo Todini: Il piacere è mio.

Riguardo Aldo Todini: Aldo Todini è un membro del Registro Nazionale dei Revisori Contabili e consulente aziendale esperto sulla fase gestionale. E’ specializzato nel miglioramento delle operazioni industriali, nell’implementazione di tecnologie finalizzate alla corretta gestione del business, e nella relazione verso gli investitori per imprese che hanno bisogno di supporto finanziario.

Aldo Todini parla correntemente italiano, francese e inglese e ha lavorato con clienti in tutto il Mondo.

Winterset Woods, a Scott Sohr-Developed Community in Nolensville, Tennessee

For families looking for a quiet place to raise their kids and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, Nashville-based developer Scott Sohr says there’s no better choice than Winterset Woods in Nolensville. This neighborhood located right in the middle of Williamson County—one of the fastest growing and most prosperous counties in America, according to Scott Sohr, and combines the charm of small-town life with elegant homes and a tight-knit community feel.

The homes in Winterset Woods are both ideal for families and also stunning in their own right, says Scott Sohr. These upscale showpieces feature crisp architectural lines, tree-lined lots, and beautiful landscaping—as well as breathtaking interiors with modern creature comforts and appliances. Scott Sohr reports the neighborhood also has tons of amenities for families, young couples, and children to enjoy, including a clubhouse, two swimming pools, a children’s pool, a playground, and wide open grassy areas for impromptu games of soccer, baseball, or just lounging around and enjoying a picnic.

According to Scott Sohr, part of what makes Winterset Woods so appealing for families is its school system. Children who live in the neighborhood are zoned for Williamson County Schools, which is one of the best school districts in the state for test scores, achievement measures, and college preparation, reports Scott Sohr. Winterset Woods is also only a 10-minute drive away from I-65, which makes it convenient for parents who work in Franklin or Nashville.

Developer Scott Sohr says that Winterset Woods features a total of 172 homes, and the sense of community is very strong. That is reflected by the city itself, as Nolensville is well known for its small-town charms as well as its safe and friendly atmosphere.

Homes in Winterset Woods are priced from $329,000 to $429,900 and are available in eight different floor plans, so there’s truly something here for every family, concludes Scott Sohr.


Nashville investor Scott Sohr is linked to several high-end residential properties in the Middle Tennessee area. His passion is developing warm and inviting communities that feel like home with all the amenities of a private retreat. In addition to Winterset Woods, Scott Sohr is active in Arrington Retreat and Courtside at Southern Woods, both luxury developments with exceptional amenities.

Scott Sohr got his first taste of entrepreneurship in sales while studying Materials Engineering at Auburn University. He soon expanded his interests to real estate. After purchasing several pieces of land in the Burton Hills neighborhood, Scott Sohr quickly learned how to spot a lucrative deal, which led to the formation of Elmington Capital Group – a privately held firm with properties across the southern United States.

Scott Sohr is the Chief Manager at Elmington Capital Group. Scott Sohr founded the firm in 2010 and quickly assembled a team of top industry professionals who have grown it to span several states and manage large commercial and residential buildings.

Scott Sohr is married with four children and considers his family to be his most important development.


Therapist Thaddeus Heffner, LMFT Discusses Body – Soul – Spirit

According to Thaddeus Heffner, LMFT, human beings are three parts that make up one whole.  There is the physical body; the soul, which from the Greek means life, self, and our conscious personality; and then there is the human spirit.  However, reports Thaddeus Heffner, he often finds that when interacting with these wonderful three part human beings in therapy, only one of the three is being focused on and fed. Or in other words, they are top heavy in one area and anemic in the other two, explains Thaddeus Heffner.

As Thaddeus Heffner has observed, some people are all about their bodies: Exercising, training, grooming, watching everything they eat to a fault. Others, notes Thaddeus Heffner, are always in their heads: thinking, analyzing, worrying, fretting, or planning.  Last, and certainly not least, points out Thaddeus Heffner, some are all about the spirit: meditating, praying, reading holy books, contemplating ancient words, fasting, etc.

All of these are wonderful activities and practices we both have need of and were made to do, acknowledges Thaddeus Heffner.  But to focus on only one area, leaving two untouched is to abandon a whole and complete self.  When we neglect important parts of our being we fail to live a whole life, adds Thaddeus Heffner.

When working with clients, Thaddeus Heffner has discovered that many times part of the solution to their presenting problems is turning their focus toward those areas of their life that they have abandoned and, with intention, care for these orphaned pieces.

The biggest objection Thaddeus Heffner hears most frequently is, “I don’t have time! I cannot afford to spend anymore time on myself.”  His response is that “You can’t afford not to. Find the time in small ways.”  The idea of taking time to feed your body, soul, and spirit regularly does not have to be an overwhelming one, affirms Thaddeus Heffner.  It can be done in small bites.

Thaddeus Heffner has several suggestions for making some small changes. First, consider setting a boundary in the evening when you will stop answering work email, turn the TV off and pick up a book instead, go for a walk, hold someone’s hand, say a prayer, maybe say two, stretch your body and drink more water, call a friend, go to bed a little early tonight, take time to help someone, look people in the eye when you speak to them, be kind to a stranger. As Thaddeus Heffner points out, the list goes on and on.

These do not have to be great, overwhelming feats, according to Thaddeus Heffner.  He cautions, “Don’t be fooled by the seemingly smallness and ordinariness of these acts. When done with intention they can be a power force that is good and nourishing. You might be surprised at how far one small act of kindness can go.”

So be kind to someone today, proposes Thaddeus Heffner. And start by being kind to yourself and, with intention, begin nourishing your whole self.

Thaddeus Heffner is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Brentwood, Tennessee and is a member in good standing with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  Visit him today at