Travel Experts Share Favorite Global Hotspots for 2014

travel The International Business Times recently assembled 20 lists from English-language travel magazines, guidebooks and news organizations to determine what locations travel experts are recommending in 2014.

The top five countries, in order, are: Brazil, Scotland, Myanmar, Iceland and Panama.
The top five cities, in order: Riga, Latvia; Glasgow, Scotland; Cape Town, South Africa; and Chengdu, China.

The Americas

The usual suspects like Nashville, Charleston and Austin strutted their stuff once again, but a few surprise entries shook up this year’s list. Major U.S. cities such as Detroit and Chicago appeared on numerous lists. Colorado’s new marijuana laws have increased intrigue in the mountainous states. The warm and sunny environments in Orlando, Palm Springs, Miami and Honolulu have proved quite popular.

The World Cup is bound to draw visitors from across the globe in 2014.

Uruguay rated first on several lists due to its proximity to Brazil, as well as its recent move to allow same-sex marriage and legalize marijuana. The Panama Canal celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014, ensuring an influx of visitors throughout the year.


In 2014, Scotland hosts the Commonwealth Games along with other international events. Glasgow in particular received high marks on the survey. War anniversaries place Sarajevo, Belgium and Berlin on many lists, while Iceland continues to be consistent performers. However, 2014 Winter Olympics host Sochi, Russia, received only scattered mentions.


The death of Nelson Mandela has inspired renewed interest in South Africa, particularly Cape Town. U.N. World Tourism Organization co-hosts Zimbabwe and Zambia stormed up the rankings, while Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya experienced small jumps.


China and Myanmar were the formidable twosome at the top of many tallies. After securing rights to the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo experienced an uptick. Taiwan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Bhutan also earned multiple plaudits.