Sophia Wong of YOR Health Urges Consumers to Monitor Nutritional Intake

Sophia Wong YOR Health

Sophia Wong of YOR Health notes that a polluted environment causes tremendous strain on the human body. Along with poor diet and irregular exercise habits, consumers of all ages are struggling to stay healthy. Here, Sophia Wong of YOR Health tells ZRYLW how some of the world’s most troubling issues affect health and wellness.

ZRYLW: Hello again!

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Hi – it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

ZRYLW: It has. We’re here to talk today about how your company is changing the face of the nutrition industry.

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Yes- we are very passionate about this topic. So many people around the world are feeling tired and stressed from the daily pressures in their lives.

ZRYLW: How has your company become such a major advocate for today’s consumer?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Our supportive atmosphere is second to none.

ZRYLW: What issues are of greatest concern for your company these days?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Over the past century, our world has experienced a 72 percent loss of minerals in soil.

ZRYLW: What other factors contribute to ongoing health problems for our world?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: In 1900, the world’s population was just over 1.6 billion. Now, it’s over 7 billion.

ZRYLW: Can food manufacturers keep up the pace?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: It’s a nearly impossible task.

ZRYLW: Which components of their operations have been adjusted to meet modern standards?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Quality is often compromised in favor of convenience.

ZRYLW: How do these new trends affect current production standards?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Well, in a way there is a simple answer: Mineral-deficient foods are the result of mineral-deficient soil.

ZRYLW: What are your Customers saying about their current lifestyles?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Many of our Customers have complained about general tiredness and lack of energy.

ZRYLW: Why do you belive they are they so fatigued?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Today’s consumers are, for the most part, malnourished or poorly nourished.

ZRYLW: What are the consequences of this problem?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: Depriving the human body of nutrients, vitamins and minerals creates a great deal of physical and psychological stress.

ZRYLW: How so…?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: The body’s organs are depleted and unable to work at their normal function.

ZRYLW: So in what ways does the body compensate?

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: The body produces adrenaline and cortisol – stress hormones – to cope with the burden.

ZRYLW: That’s quite remarkable….I was not aware.

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: With all the emotional, physical, environmental and mental stressors in our world, it’s necessary to have good nutrition at all times. Our company allows people to do just that.

ZRYLW: This has been incredibly beneficial for our readers – and myself as well. Thank you!

Sophia Wong, YOR Health: You’re quite welcome!

Sophia Wong and YOR Health maintain focus and commitment at all stages of the development process in order to ensure the quality of the company’s products.

C. Frederick Wehba Examines America’s Tradition of Charitable Giving

C. Frederick Wehba

Businessman and community service leader C. Frederick Wehba understands the challenges for charities and philanthropic organizations relying on the donations of the American public. With the U.S. economy in a holding pattern, C. Frederick Wehba has witnessed a hesitance on the part of many people to make donations, for fear of compromising their own personal financial situations. Here, C. Frederick Wehba shares about his own experiences with assisting the community.

ZRYLW: It’s so nice to talk with you once again, Mr. Wehba.

C. Frederick Wehba: I’m grateful to be here and share my story.

ZRYLW: As an active member of your community, how do you see the future of philanthropy?

C. Frederick Wehba: As the U.S. economy shows signs of improvement, the hope is that Americans will experience an increased desire to give to charities.

ZRYLW: What are the most prevalent reasons why citizens are deciding not to donate to charities right now?

C. Frederick Wehba: Due to the unemployment rate and resulting financial hardships, it’s only natural that charitable donations would shrink.

ZRYLW: How much do Americans donate to charity?

C. Frederick Wehba: In each of the last few years, the total exceeded $214 billion.

ZRYLW: From where were these statistics drawn?

C. Frederick Wehba: Tax records of the Internal Revenue Service are used to formulate the data.

ZRYLW: Are these tax records public knowledge?

C. Frederick Wehba: The IRS offers general information to the public each year that describes how much money has been given to charity.

ZRYLW: Is the financial information of individual households protected?

C. Frederick Wehba: Yes, absolutely. The data concerning individuals or families is protected for the safety of all Americans.

ZRYLW: From your perspective, what is the common thread among people who do choose to be philanthropic?

C. Frederick Wehba: Whether or not they feel personally connected to a specific organization or cause, they find tremendous benefits in giving donations.

ZRYLW: Why do you feel that citizens are more likely to give back to the community?

C. Frederick Wehba: Donating time and money often makes people feel a greater sense of purpose.

ZRYLW: What about yourself? Is there a particular reason for your own community service?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s fair to say that I’m primarily guided by my religious beliefs.

ZRYLW: In summary, how can U.S. charities get back on the right track?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s time to reframe the conversation and get to the heart of what truly matters.

ZRYLW: And that is…?

C. Frederick Wehba: For the generations of tomorrow, our efforts today are going to make a considerable difference in their well being. It’s important to keep our children’s and grandchildren’s futures in mind.

ZRYLW: Thanks for joining us today, and being such an inspiration!

C. Frederick Wehba: All credit goes to my family members and friends, who have encouraged me with every step. But you are certainly welcome, and thank you for having me.

Whether he’s supporting the Boy Scouts of America or one of his community’s local churches, C. Frederick Wehba is always eager to be involved in local development initiatives. C. Frederick Wehba believes that volunteerism has defined the United States and given rise to some of the greatest achievements in our society.