Google Users Search for “Robin Williams,” “World Cup” in 2014

Google recently presented their annual report of the leading search terms of 2014, with the results showing a diverse number of interest among Internet users over the last 12 months.

Overall, the top trending term was “Robin Williams,” the popular, award-winning actor and comedian who passed away on August 11. Finishing in the runner-up position was “World Cup,” a tribute to the international

soccer tournament held every four years in locations around the world. This year’s edition took place in Brazil between June 12 – July 13.

After “Robin Williams” and “World Cup” came “Ebola,” the rare and deadly disease that gained global attention towards the latter part of the year.

Along with the list of the most popular search terms, Google shared its countdown of the top YouTube videos. It comes as no surprise that the winning clip featured an animal. In the number-one entry, a dog dressed up in a spider costume incited laughter among YouTube users worldwide.

Google has emerged as the most significant search engine in the world. In the United States, the company currently holds a 67 percent share of the online audience. By comparison, Microsoft Bing has garnered a mere 20 percent share. All statistics are courtesy of ComScore, a technology firm that offers statistics for a wide range of industries and companies.

Top Trending Searches (United States)

1st Place – Robin Williams

2nd Place – World Cup

3rd Place – Ebola

4th Place – Malaysia Airlines

5th Place – Flappy Bird

6th Place – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

7th Place – ISIS

8th Place – Ferguson

9th Place – Frozen

10th Place – Ukraine

Top Trending “What is…?” Questions (United States):

1st Place – “….Ebola?”

2nd Place – “….ALS?”

3rd Place – “….ISIS?”

4th Place – “….Bitcoin?”

5th Place – “….Asphyxia?”

6th Place – “….Gamergate?”

7th Place – “….WhatsApp?”

8th Place – “….MERS?”

9th Place – “….Hamas?”

10th Place – “….Airdrop?”