Types of High Fence, Installation, and Why You Need a Solid Perimeter Boundary

Straight Shooter Game Fencing
If you own any kind of agricultural or hunting land, you need a good fence to keep your investment from harm. While a small barrier wforks for some scenarios, most often, a fence of at least six to eight feet is the most effective. Today, we sit down with Straight Shooter Game Fencing, an Alabama-based installer with decades of experience, to discuss the different types of agricultural fencing.

Q: Good afternoon. We are so glad that you could join us today. Fencing is not something most people think about, but we understand that it’s pretty important for many different reasons. We would like to talk about some of those today as fencing pertains to agriculture.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: Absolutely. Obviously, we believe that it is important, and we are happy to explain why.

Q: Wonderful. We would like to start by touching base on the different types of fencing materials one might see on a farm, for example.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: For as long as man has existed, so have fences. In the early days – prior to the Bronze Age – fences started out as little more than rocks laid on the ground with the intent of outlining a man’s land. This evolved through the years to include wood and metal, which are two of the most common materials used today. There is also light-duty mesh netting, cable, and PVC fencing.

Q: Which is the most effective?

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: That depends on the application. If you are trying to keep a dog contained, for example, a four-foot traditional chain-link fence should do the trick. But, our company focuses on high fencing installation, meaning that we provide fencing and gates for gaming preserves, small airstrips, and large agricultural operations where reducing predator entrance or livestock exit is crucial.

Q: Why would you install a high fence at an airstrip?

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: For many of the same reasons that commercial airports have a visible and nearly impenetrable barrier. A small airstrip, one that might be used for a small rural neighborhood or crop dusting, for example, is at risk of many of the same security concerns as a big airport. High fence installation can keep intruders out and prevent potentially fatal contact with wildlife.

Q: That is a great point.

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: Something else that a fence can do for a small airport is add a sense of prestige, much like a gated community.

Q: You also mentioned game preserves and agriculture. How does agricultural fencing benefits land designated for either of these activities?

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: When you pay for high fence installation for either of these scenarios, what you are buying is peace of mind. If you are a rancher, for example, the last thing you want is your cattle wandering off of your land. If you own a game preserve, you want to keep predators away from your product. Farm operators can protect both their animals and their crops by adding something as simple as a fence. A tall fence is usually recommended for these properties as they also serve to keep deer away. We use a high-tensile material that can withstand being hit by an errant cow, for example, or a running coyote.

Q: Is it necessary to add perimeter protection to your entire property?

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: Not always, but that again depends on the purpose. When we do a consultation for high fence installation, we start by asking how many linear feet of fence the client thinks they need, based on their measurements. We then further narrow it down by figuring out what purpose they want to get out of the fence. If their goal is to protect a small garden from rabbits or a single pen of pigs or chickens, fencing just that area might make the most sense. Sometimes, it is most logical to put a boundary around the entire property. This is usually the case for farms, ranches, gaming preserves, and airports.

Q: Is high fence installation expensive?

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: When compared to what it can do for you, the answer is an easy “no.” While we probably would not recommend it for everyone, most of our clients have valuable assets to protect, whether this is a small airplane or hundreds of head of cattle. By having a fence professionally installed, these individuals have an added layer of security against forces that can impact their livelihood.

Q: That is a great point, and we appreciate you speaking with us today. Do you have anything that you would like to add before we close?

Straight Shooter Game Fencing: Just that we encourage people who are considering a fence to compare the cost of doing it wrong against the additional expense of professional fence installation.

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