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Rytech Nashville: Can You Predict Water Damage?

Rytech Nashville Water damage restoration experts from Rytech Nashville have seen it all. From busted pipes to widespread flooding, the company’s technicians assert that it is not always possible to know when water damage will happen. But there are indications that you are sitting on a trickling time bomb.

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Plumbing leaks. Obviously, a busted pipe is a good reason to call a plumber. Unfortunately, many homeowners choose to ignore what they consider minor issues such as “weeping” pipes or an upstairs toilet flange that drips water into the garage. These issues shouldn’t be overlooked as they could signal a rupture in the near future. This will require potentially extensive water damage restoration services.

Outdated appliances. There are many appliances in your home that use water every day. These include the hot water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher. Even if they appear to be functioning properly, there could be a lot going on inside of them that could cause them to fail and leave your home flooded. The hot water heater, for example, is at significant risk of internal corrosion at less than 10 years of age, according to the water damage restoration professionals at Rytech Nashville. Your washer and dishwasher may also corrode from the inside out, especially if you live in an area with hard water.

Ruptured hoses. It is not just the appliances you must keep an eye on, but also the water supply lines in and out of them. If these lines are more than three years old, they may rupture with no warning.
Missing shingles. One of the leading reasons people call for water damage restoration in Nashville is because of roof leaks. Often, this is after a thunderstorm or tornado but leaks do not have to happen all at once to cause damage. According to the water damage restoration experts at Rytech Nashville, a few missing shingles or damaged flashing on the roof could cause prolonged water seepage, which can leak into the walls and completely saturate the insulation in your attic.

Excessive humidity. Your home’s HVAC unit is designed to remove excess moisture from the air inside of your home. But sometimes, these units fail and can result in extensive moisture buildup within its internal components, which then blows through the ductwork. Further, a blocked drain line can result in a flooded drain pan, which can then spill water. This is not always a significant cause for concern on a concrete garage floor, especially if caught early, but when your unit is inside of your attic crawl space, the flooring underneath may soak up moisture and eventually rot, leaving you with not only a busted HVAC, but also damage to your home’s structure. If you need water damage restoration, you may be required to temporarily leave your home if it is deemed unsafe or if mold removal is necessary.

Clogged drains. Clogged drains are annoying, but they are usually an easy fix. However, if your plumber is just as familiar with your bathroom as you are, it is time to discuss ways to fix chronic clogs. If you notice that your bathtub or shower tends to back up when you flush the toilet, you may have significant damage to your main or secondary sewer line. This may be caused by an excess of materials stuck in the pipe, the line could be ruptured by overgrown roots, or the pipes could be corroded. In addition to water damage restoration services, you may also need to replace your main sewer line. This is an expensive process and will require that part of your yard be excavated.

Water damage restoration is not a DIY job. If you experience flooding or other water damage, contact Rytech Nashville 24/7 at 800-865-8787.