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C. Frederick Wehba Examines America’s Tradition of Charitable Giving

C. Frederick Wehba

Businessman and community service leader C. Frederick Wehba understands the challenges for charities and philanthropic organizations relying on the donations of the American public. With the U.S. economy in a holding pattern, C. Frederick Wehba has witnessed a hesitance on the part of many people to make donations, for fear of compromising their own personal financial situations. Here, C. Frederick Wehba shares about his own experiences with assisting the community.

ZRYLW: It’s so nice to talk with you once again, Mr. Wehba.

C. Frederick Wehba: I’m grateful to be here and share my story.

ZRYLW: As an active member of your community, how do you see the future of philanthropy?

C. Frederick Wehba: As the U.S. economy shows signs of improvement, the hope is that Americans will experience an increased desire to give to charities.

ZRYLW: What are the most prevalent reasons why citizens are deciding not to donate to charities right now?

C. Frederick Wehba: Due to the unemployment rate and resulting financial hardships, it’s only natural that charitable donations would shrink.

ZRYLW: How much do Americans donate to charity?

C. Frederick Wehba: In each of the last few years, the total exceeded $214 billion.

ZRYLW: From where were these statistics drawn?

C. Frederick Wehba: Tax records of the Internal Revenue Service are used to formulate the data.

ZRYLW: Are these tax records public knowledge?

C. Frederick Wehba: The IRS offers general information to the public each year that describes how much money has been given to charity.

ZRYLW: Is the financial information of individual households protected?

C. Frederick Wehba: Yes, absolutely. The data concerning individuals or families is protected for the safety of all Americans.

ZRYLW: From your perspective, what is the common thread among people who do choose to be philanthropic?

C. Frederick Wehba: Whether or not they feel personally connected to a specific organization or cause, they find tremendous benefits in giving donations.

ZRYLW: Why do you feel that citizens are more likely to give back to the community?

C. Frederick Wehba: Donating time and money often makes people feel a greater sense of purpose.

ZRYLW: What about yourself? Is there a particular reason for your own community service?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s fair to say that I’m primarily guided by my religious beliefs.

ZRYLW: In summary, how can U.S. charities get back on the right track?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s time to reframe the conversation and get to the heart of what truly matters.

ZRYLW: And that is…?

C. Frederick Wehba: For the generations of tomorrow, our efforts today are going to make a considerable difference in their well being. It’s important to keep our children’s and grandchildren’s futures in mind.

ZRYLW: Thanks for joining us today, and being such an inspiration!

C. Frederick Wehba: All credit goes to my family members and friends, who have encouraged me with every step. But you are certainly welcome, and thank you for having me.

Whether he’s supporting the Boy Scouts of America or one of his community’s local churches, C. Frederick Wehba is always eager to be involved in local development initiatives. C. Frederick Wehba believes that volunteerism has defined the United States and given rise to some of the greatest achievements in our society.


Amazon Emerges as Major Competitor to YouTube, Hulu with New Preroll Ads


These days, media giants such as AOL, Yahoo, Hulu and YouTube have some heavy competition in their midst.

Amazon has started placing preroll ads within original series pilots that are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Instant. The company is currently collaborating with several advertisers on future video campaigns.

Amazon users can share which TV pilots they wish to see promoted to series as distributed on Prime Instant Video. Geico is slotted as the presenting sponsor for the

company’s “pilot season.” As a portion of the agreement, Geico will have 15-second TV spots streaming prior to episodes, as well as banners on landing pages.

Only series pilots are available for free to Amazon users. A subscription fee is required to access further episodes.

Amazon’s most significant efforts in the field of video advertising began late in 2013. Consumers who viewed the first few episodes of particular television shows through the Kindle Fire were shown a variety of video advertisements. In order to bolster their activity, Amazon has collaborated with major TV networks to offer advertisements during many of their shows.

Last month, Amazon shared details about a new deal with FreeWheel, a video ad-tech company. The company will now begin playing commercials before how-to videos and movie trailers on the site. According to industry insiders, the partnership is intended to draw the company closer to providing more videos for advertisers over the next 12 to 24 months.

The online video market has proven to be a valuable one for many retailers. The national research organization eMarketer estimates that U.S. businesses will devote $5.75 billion on video advertisements in 2014. At this time, YouTube holds about 20 percent of this burgeoning market. Based on their latest endeavors into video marketing, Amazon hopes to take a big chunk out of the number in the near future.



YOR Health Products Offer Complete Nutrition in a Great-Tasting Shake

YOR Health Products

YOR Health is a California-based company composed of individuals all over the world who strive for the same goals: health, prosperity and freedom. YOR Health products are of the highest caliber, designed to help customers achieve exceptional health and well-being. At only 140 calories per serving, YOR Shake is an example of an outstanding YOR Health product, which is designed to support healthy weight management. In a

recent interview, the YOR Health products team explained the benefits of using YOR Shake.

Zrylw: Thank you for joining us today.

YOR Health Products Team: It’s our pleasure. Thanks for having us.

Zrylw: Can you explain to our readers what the YOR Shake is?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Shakes are a creamy and satisfying meal replacement consisting of enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Absolutely no calories are wasted with this delicious and nutritious shake.

Zrylw: What exactly is a meal replacement shake?

YOR Health Products Team: Meal replacement shakes are highly nutritious, fortified foods designed to replace a conventional meal. Meal replacement shakes are low in calories but high in nutrients.

Zrylw: Who can benefit from a YOR Shake?

YOR Health Products Team: People with different wants and needs can benefit from YOR Health products. Someone who wants a nutritious meal on the go would be a good candidate. A person seeking a balanced, low-calorie meal while trying to lose or maintain weight could also benefit from a YOR Shake. Or someone looking for an additional protein to supplement their diet would benefit from YOR Health products as well.

Zrylw: Can’t we get all the necessary nutrients from diet alone?

YOR Health Products Team: In an ideal world we could, but there are two major obstacles that make healthy eating a challenge. The first obstacle is our schedule. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has us rushing out the door with no time for breakfast. We often sacrifice good nutrition for convenience. The other obstacle is that even healthy foods may be depleted of nutrients our bodies need each day.

Zrylw: How do you make the YOR Shake drink?

YOR Health Products Team: It’s easy and fast. Use two scoops of YOR Shake with 8 ounces of water in the blender or the YOR Shaker Cup. Blend or shake for 30 to 40 seconds and you have a delicious and nutritious shake.

Zrylw: Is there enough balanced nutrition in the YOR Shake product?

YOR Health Products Team: Yes. YOR Health products provide nutritional balance with 20 grams of protein and 22 essential vitamins and minerals. YOR Shake contains no artificial colors, no aspartame, and no yeast.

Zrylw: How do YOR Health products help in the long run?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Health products may help sustain long-term weight loss as part of a healthy maintenance program. YOR Health products such as YOR Shake support muscle growth, lean body mass, and muscle recovery. With only 140 calories and less than a gram of sugar, YOR Health products also aid weight management by satisfying hunger and controlling calories. YOR Health products are an excellent addition to a weight management program. YOR Health products offer an alternative to high-calorie meals and provide the protein and nutrients a body needs.

Richard E. Dover Updates Community on Alexander Inn Restoration

Richard-E-Dover-ZRYLW-Alexander-Inn-Update Richard E. Dover, general manager of Family Pride Corporation, the company restoring the historic Alexander Inn into a retirement living center, recently provided an update on the project during an Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association meeting. The meeting took place in the Midtown Community Center in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Richard E. Dover wants to maintain the exterior of the building, which was built as part of the top-secret Manhattan Project during World War II, at its original look, and Richard E. Dover provided details at the meeting. According to Richard E. Dover, a summary was also provided of places in East Tennessee that

have been that have been identified as the top structures of concern in each county for historical preservation.

The Alexander Inn, originally known as the Guest House, is being restored as a result of the U.S. Department of Energy’s $500,000 grant. The former inn housed some of the top scientists working on the atomic bomb. According to Richard E. Dover, the inn will be preserved to look just like it did in the ’40s.

Richard E. Dover brought the attendees up to date on the specific dates and plans for the next steps in the restoration of the historic inn. Family Pride Corporation and Richard E. Dover have their work cut out for this long awaited renovation. All the windows will have to be updated, and all the wood will need to be the same as it originally was, explains Richard E. Dover.

Richard E. Dover has requested photographs of the Guest House so he can gain as much information as possible about the original appearance of the structure. According to Richard E. Dover, photographs of the inn during the early years would be very helpful. Richard E. Dover appreciates the community’s support and interest received thus far. Richard E. Dover is very familiar with this type of work so he fully understands the requirements for historic preservation standards. According to Richard E. Dover, the renovation will take six to 12 months, and the first step is to demolish anything that is hazardous to the crew. The general frame and structure, however, are in great shape, says Richard E. Dover.

According to Richard E. Dover, the restored inn will add immensely to the historic townsite, Jackson Square. Richard E. Dover believes that even a dilapidated structure can hold a large part of a community’s history. History is what makes a community unique. Richard E. Dover believes that safeguarding the history of a place through historic preservation gives a community its personality. Richard E. Dover thinks history, including historic buildings, provides a link to the origins of the community and its ancestors. According to Richard E. Dover, historic preservation offers cultural, economic, educational and environmental benefits to the entire community. Sometimes, says Richard E. Dover, historical things just need a little dusting off. He believes that everyone profits when historic structures are rehabilitated. Family Pride Corporation is committed to protect the architectural harmony and physical characteristics of a neighborhood while supporting its improvement.


Rick Dover of Knoxville on How Building Rehabilitation Creates Jobs


Rick Dover of Knoxville has served as general manager of Family Pride Corporation since 1993. The company’s emphasis on rehabilitating historic properties has brought great benefits to each community, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville residents know that each project Family Pride Corporation undergoes helps property values and community morale, as Rick Dover of Knoxville has found.

According to Rick Dover, Knoxville has suffered from the recent recession and high unemployment rates. During this time, Rick Dover, a Knoxville businessman, is proud to have been able to help local residents by creating jobs for each area. Rick Dover of Knoxville notes that job creation has followed each of Family Pride Corporation’s projects.

While the nation is gradually recovering, Rick Dover of Knoxville notes that growth has been slow, with hiring gradually improving. At the same time, the number of seniors needing living facilities is growing, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville has a number of abandoned buildings, some historic, and through repurposing those buildings, Rick Dover and Knoxville team members can help communities in a variety of ways.

Each remodeling project requires a talented team of construction workers and contractors, notes Rick Dover, a Knoxville businessman. This team works hard during the process to refurbish buildings, many of which have long been abandoned, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville has a rich past rife with culture and history, Rick Dover of Knoxville tells us, which makes pinpointing the perfect location for the next assisted living community a natural for his team.

Once remodeling is complete, Rick Dover of Knoxville says it’s time for a new round of hiring. Everyone from the executive staff to maintenance workers must be hired to support the new facility, states Rick Dover, Knoxville general manager. Additionally, a full staff of nurses are required to ensure seniors have the care they need, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville has a large population of qualified nurses, eager to work at a community like those Family Pride Corporation provides.

Rick Dover of Knoxville points to recent research that reveals that aging baby boomers will bring a large demand for health care in coming years. To prepare for this, Rick Dover, a Knoxville resident, believes that businesses like Family Pride Corporation must put communities and workers in place.

But Rick Dover and Knoxville Family Pride Corporation know that providing healthcare communities is only part of the equation. Family Pride Corporation centers its focus on providing personalized care to each customer. The team at Family Pride Corporation has found that each family has individual expectations for the care they want for family members, notes Rick Dover. Knoxville residents in particular are independent and interested in finding a home away from home.

In providing the “extras” each customer needs to feel comfortable, Rick Dover of Knoxville knows Family Pride Corporation is doing something special. Dover and Family Pride Corporation staff members are committed to keeping this level of care for many generations to come.

Helping Advice for the Aspiring Actor

Q: What is an essential tip for acting success?

A: Stay on time. Films and television shows cost quite a lot of money to produce. If an actor is just a few minutes late for a paid gig, the director, producer and the entire crew will be extremely disappointed and could question their choice of actor. If an actor shows up after a scheduled audition time, the casting director will be concerned about an ongoing issue of tardiness.

On that note, show business runs on irregular hours and extended workdays. Without the endurance and positive energy necessary to withstand a long day on the set, an actor will find success impossible to attain.

Q: What kind of schedule can be expected?

A: For an actor in the television or movie business, a 9-to-5 schedule is just not feasible given the nature of the work. Most actors must rise before dawn to ensure they are fully prepared for the day and can arrive at the set on time. In theatre, the call time might be 10 a.m. because the actors work well into the night. The long, intense hours required mean that actors will spend roughly half their lives with co-workers.

Be cordial and respectful to all people involved with the production to maintain harmony on the set. Establishing a negative attitude in the beginning stages of a job will have a noted impact on the rest of the staff.

Q: How else can actors improve their routines?

A: Always be clean and well groomed. It should go without saying, but bathe regularly and have fresh breath. Anyone with poor hygiene will earn a bad reputation and miss out on future acting opportunities. Complaining regularly is also a sure way to cause tension on the set. Some actors in show business choose to complain about the realities of the job – the food, the director, fellow actors, costume assistants, dressing rooms, lack of work, long hours, the script and almost anything else. Being labeled a complainer can damage the career of even the most talented actor. Word does get around.



Identity Fraud in the Internet Age

When the term ID theft was first coined in the 1960s, it meant simply to pretend to be someone else. Now, with the Internet creating a world of faceless interactions, identities can be both assumed and created.

Clone and conceal

One way the tech-savvy persona thieves are crafting new “lives” is by cloning the image of another, thus concealing him- or herself from the virtual world. These people may, for instance, steal profile pictures from unsuspecting connections on social media sites like Facebook. Once they have enough “evidence” they are real-world friends with a select individual, they then befriend others with a mutual connection. These new acquaintances are typically subject to fraudulent newsfeed, solicitations for donations, or other manipulations, usually garnered from heart-wrenching posts, playing off their sympathies.

Criminal ID theft

Criminal ID theft can begin online using the “clone and conceal” methods to capture another’s personal information, photos and other data. In these situations, the perpetrator uses the victim’s name, address and other credentials when arrested for an unrelated crime. This type of ID theft can have long-lasting effects on the individual whose name was cited in official criminal records and, in some cases, on the Internet.

Synthetic ID theft

The main victims of synthetic identity theft are typically financial institutions and retailers. This variation of identity fraud often combines a real person’s Social Security number with a fictitious name and birthdate. The person creating this new identity will usually apply for credit and, when granted, intentionally default on their payments. In some cases, the person whose Social Security number was used can have his or her credit negatively affected.

Child identity theft

A recent but growing problem is the practice of tarnishing a child’s as yet unused Social Security number to establish lines of credit to buy expensive items or obtain a fraudulent driver’s license. The biggest downside of child ID theft is that it can go undetected until a child becomes of age and begins to apply for credit on his or her own. A study by the Carnegie Mellon CyLab estimated that more than 10 percent of children are victims of ID theft.

Aside from using the Internet to obtain information, criminals may also rummage through personal rubbish in a practice known as dumpster diving, obtain public records in a completely legal fashion, or actually follow a person to observe his or her password, credit card information, or pin numbers. While there is no guarantee that any particular individual will not become a victim of identity theft, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission stresses that guardianship of personal information is the most effective intervention strategy.

When Can You Eliminate Controls? Joanna A. van der Vant Explains

Joanna A. van der Vant has a decades-long career in real estate and accounting. Currently, pursuing her CPA and Master of Accounting in Financial Management, Joanna A. van der Vant serves as accountant for Sol Property Management in Chicago. Joanna A. van der Vant has helped companies understand the importance of having control systems in place to prevent financial loss due to errors, fraud, and theft and answers questions today about the best time to remove those controls.

Q: Why would a company take control systems away?

Joanna A. van der Vant: By removing a control system whose time has come, a company can save money in extra clerical costs. A company may remove control systems to help streamline accounting processes.

Q: Is there a way to map it out to determine if removing a control is the right move?

Joanna A. van der Vant: Flowcharts can be invaluable. I recommend a CFO map out the entire process, listing out all controls, in order to determine if removing one control might affect one of the others or create a breakdown in processes.

Q: You advise estimating the cost of controls to calculate the money savings. What should be included in this calculation?

Joanna A. van der Vant: It’s fairly complex because the accounting team will not only need to calculate the savings on personnel and materials, but also the cost savings associated with removing the control from a process where it might be creating a bottleneck.

Q: What if the control point only exists to back up another control point?

Joanna A. van der Vant: Each control in the process will need to be evaluated separately to determine how critical it is.

Q: So when a process is not found to be critical and has a significant cost, it might be time to remove it?

Joanna A. van der Vant: This is, of course, a judgment call, but even if a control point has a high cost but is extremely critical, it’s unlikely a business would want to remove it.

Q: What if I decide to remove a control?

Joanna A. van der Vant: Even if it’s patently clear a control needs to be eliminated, a CFO should still notify everyone impacted by that control, just to make sure removing it won’t harm another part of their process.

Q: Should control systems be regularly reviewed?

Joanna A. van der Vant: Generally if there are major changes to a process flow, it’s best to review control systems to make sure they’ve not been rendered redundant.

Q: How often should we review our control systems?

Joanna A. van der Vant: Time intervals will vary by industry, so it’s important to come up with a schedule that works for your facility.

Joanna A. van der Vant is a certified bookkeeper that has worked in Warsaw, Poland and Chicago, Illinois. A licensed broker, Joanna A. van der Vant has an MBA from the Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management.

On Off Digital World Compares the Apple iPad to Net books

The team at On Off Digital World is often asked, how does one choose between a net book and an iPad? To help kick off the shopping process, On Off Digital world compares some of the significant features of these next generation computers.

Most net books have a 10.1-inch backlit LED screen, notes On Off Digital World, while the iPad’s screen is only 9.7-inches. The iPad on the other hand, says On Off Digital World, weighs in at a mere 1.5 pounds while the lightest net books are still closer to three pounds. Net books have drastically more memory, upwards of 160 GB of hard drive space, compares On Off Digital World, where the iPad comes in 16, 32 or 64 GB models. The iPad is smaller and sleeker, with less storage space, says On Off Digital World, but net books are cheaper and bigger with tons of storage. On Off Digital World adds that iPads also feature a touch screen interface, while net books rely on the classic track pad and keyboard interface.

On Off Digital World adds that many net books have extra convenient features like a web cam for video chats and multiple data ports, including USB slots and SD card readers. Because of this, elaborates On Off Digital World, net books are a great choice for syncing with devices like cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras. On Off Digital World explains that iPads do not have data ports for syncing with peripherals, but can download any media from online accounts.

Additionally, iPads still rely on a full scale Mac or PC, explains On Off Digital World, but a net book is a fully contained miniature computer with some limitations in functionality. On Off Digital World says an iPad can be thought of as a souped up iPhone that doesn’t make calls. On the other hand, adds On Off Digital World, a net book is a pared back laptop. It is on this middle ground between laptop computer and Internet ready smart phones, explains On Off Digital World, that the new generation of computing is taking shape.

Contact On Off Digital World at:
485 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10017