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C. Frederick Wehba Examines America’s Tradition of Charitable Giving

Businessman and community service leader C. Frederick Wehba understands the challenges for charities and philanthropic organizations relying on the donations of the American public. With the U.S. economy in a holding pattern, C. Frederick Wehba has witnessed a hesitance on the part of many people to make donations, for fear of compromising their own personal […]

Amazon Emerges as Major Competitor to YouTube, Hulu with New Preroll Ads

These days, media giants such as AOL, Yahoo, Hulu and YouTube have some heavy competition in their midst. Amazon has started placing preroll ads within original series pilots that are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Instant. The company is currently collaborating with several advertisers on future video campaigns. Amazon users can share which TV […]

YOR Health Products Offer Complete Nutrition in a Great-Tasting Shake

YOR Health is a California-based company composed of individuals all over the world who strive for the same goals: health, prosperity and freedom. YOR Health products are of the highest caliber, designed to help customers achieve exceptional health and well-being. At only 140 calories per serving, YOR Shake is an example of an outstanding YOR […]

Richard E. Dover Updates Community on Alexander Inn Restoration

Richard E. Dover, general manager of Family Pride Corporation, the company restoring the historic Alexander Inn into a retirement living center, recently provided an update on the project during an Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association meeting. The meeting took place in the Midtown Community Center in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Richard E. Dover wants to […]

Rick Dover of Knoxville on How Building Rehabilitation Creates Jobs

Rick Dover of Knoxville has served as general manager of Family Pride Corporation since 1993. The company’s emphasis on rehabilitating historic properties has brought great benefits to each community, according to Rick Dover. Knoxville residents know that each project Family Pride Corporation undergoes helps property values and community morale, as Rick Dover of Knoxville has […]

Helping Advice for the Aspiring Actor

Q: What is an essential tip for acting success? A: Stay on time. Films and television shows cost quite a lot of money to produce. If an actor is just a few minutes late for a paid gig, the director, producer and the entire crew will be extremely disappointed and could question their choice of […]

Identity Fraud in the Internet Age

When the term ID theft was first coined in the 1960s, it meant simply to pretend to be someone else. Now, with the Internet creating a world of faceless interactions, identities can be both assumed and created. Clone and conceal One way the tech-savvy persona thieves are crafting new “lives” is by cloning the image […]

When Can You Eliminate Controls? Joanna A. van der Vant Explains

Joanna A. van der Vant has a decades-long career in real estate and accounting. Currently, pursuing her CPA and Master of Accounting in Financial Management, Joanna A. van der Vant serves as accountant for Sol Property Management in Chicago. Joanna A. van der Vant has helped companies understand the importance of having control systems in […]


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On Off Digital World Compares the Apple iPad to Net books

The team at On Off Digital World is often asked, how does one choose between a net book and an iPad? To help kick off the shopping process, On Off Digital world compares some of the significant features of these next generation computers. Most net books have a 10.1-inch backlit LED screen, notes On Off […]