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Guy Riordan Speaks: Hunter Safety, When Firing a Weapon

“There are basic rules of weapon safety,” asserts Guy Riordan. The outdoors enthusiast, who once owned a game preserve along the Rio Grande, notes that the first four rules are basic. “It is essential to point the gun in a safe direction, to know your target, to not rely on the ‘safety’ and to unload the weapon when not in use,” explains Guy Riordan. However, there are a few additional rules that Guy Riordan believes are crucial when firing the weapon. “These first four rules of safety apply to those times when the weapon is not in use,” explains Guy Riordan.

“What if the gun fails to fire?” asks Guy Riordan. When firing the gun and it fails to fire, “handle with caution,” cautions Guy Riordan. If the weapon does not discharge properly, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. “Again, the direction in which the weapon is pointed is fundamental,” explains Guy Riordan. After pointing the gun in a safe direction, open the action with care, warns Guy Riordan. “You want to keep your face away from the breech,” states Guy Riordan, “and after removing the cartridge that malfunctioned, dispose of it safely and then wash your hands.” There is the potential of lead in the ammunition, so washing your hands prevents exposure to lead.

Another important rule in firing a weapon is to always wear protective eye and ear protection, according to Guy Riordan. “Hearing damage is common among hunters who do not wear protective ear covering,” reports Guy Riordan. Along with protecting the ears comes protecting the eyes. “Eye covering can protect the hunter or target shooter from pieces of twig bouncing back, falling shot, or even clay target chips,” explains Guy Riordan. The eye protection needs to have “spring tension” in it, adds Guy Riordan. “In short, eye protection needs to be shatter proof and protect the eyes with bounce, not just be fashionable,” explains Guy Riordan.

Guy Riordan’s next rule is that correct ammunition that has not been damaged must be used in the correct weapon. If ammunition has been submerged in water, it needs to be disposed of in a safe manner. “It is important to note that guns are manufactured to specification for use with certain ammunition,” explains Guy Riordan. Not using the correct ammunition can have devastating results, says Guy Riordan. “It only takes a second to check each piece of ammunition before placing it into the weapon,” comments Guy Riordan. As well, adds Guy Riordan, it only takes a second to cause harm to the shooter or the gun because of wrong ammunition. “The results of not doing a quick double check on the ammunition being fired can destroy the weapon and worse, can cause physical harm to the one discharging the weapon,” concludes Guy Riordan.

About Guy Riordan

In 1969, Guy Riordan began a life of service as he joined the United Sates Marine Corp. For the next three years of the Vietnam War era, Guy Riordan would serve as crew chief for Sikorsky helicopters earning the rank of corporal. Following his faithful service in the Marine Corp, Guy Riordan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Albuquerque, graduating Cum Laude. Later, Guy Riordan would attend the Pepperdine University School of Law.

Following Pepperdine, Guy Riordan began working his way through the financial and securities industry. From 1982 to 1984, Guy Riordan served clients from his position with Quinn and Company, a New York Stock Exchange member firm. In 1984, Guy Riordan joined Raucher, Pierce and Refsnes, later moving to Albuquerque AG Edwards in 1989. In 1994, Guy Riordan joined the team of Southwest Securities. Beginning in 1997, Guy Riordan spent the next decade with First Union/Wachovia Securities, servicing clients in the greater Albuquerque New Mexico area.

During this time, Guy Riordan began to pursue another personal passion, boxing. From 2002 to 2005 Guy Riordan Boxing promoted some of the biggest names in the sport. Guy Riordan’s boxing client list included three-time world champion Danny Romero and six-time world champion Johnny Tapia. In addition, Guy Riordan co-promoted NABF heavyweight champion Taurus Sykes. Guy Riordan co-promoted a NABF/NABA heavyweight championship bout between Sykes and heavyweight champion Samuel Peters, featured in 2005 on the Showtime Cable Network. Rounding out his resume of boxing promotion, Guy Riordan was a co-owner of Maloof Brothers Boxing with Sacramento Kings’ famed Joe and Gavin Maloof.

Guy Riordan has always held civic duty as important. As a life long resident of Albuquerque, Guy Riordan worked on the Board of Directors for the Hispano Chamber of Commerce. For three years, Guy Riordan also served as a board member for the Albuquerque Museum Foundation. Guy Riordan’s life of service would continue into the state government arena of public service.

A former elected commissioner of the La Joya Water Association, Guy Riordan returned to his college alma mater as a member of the University of Albuquerque Foundation, serving for five years from 1982 – 1985. Guy Riordan would later continue his life of public service through numerous positions and appointments. Guy Riordan holds real estate licenses in both New Mexico and Florida and has served as a governor appointee of the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. Guy Riordan was also a mayoral appointee, serving on the Albuquerque/Chihuahua Bilateral Commission, was a gubernatorial appointee as Commissioner for the Judicial Nominating Commission as well as the New Mexico Governors Educational Retirement Board Task Force. Guy Riordan was also given the opportunity to expand his passion for the outdoors by receiving gubernatorial appointment and Senate confirmation to the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission. Riordan was later elected as chairman of the Game and Fish Commission.

An avid outdoorsman, Guy Riordan holds a Master Captains License from the U.S. Coast Guard. A former owner of Rancho De La Joya Game Preserve, Guy Riordan provided an area for upland game hunting along the banks of the beautiful Rio Grande River. Guy Riordan’s shooting preserve provided clients with the ability to hunt quail, pheasant, chuckar, snow geese, and ducks and Canadian geese. Guy Riordan’s Rancho De La Joya Game Preserve offered a fully automated sporting clays and five-stand course. Guy Riordan’s love of the outdoors, including hunting, fishing and kayaking have positioned him on national television shows including Jimmy Houston and Wayne Pierson Outdoors. Guy Riordan also owns

The first love and passion of Guy Riordan is, however, his family. Married for over twenty-four years, Guy Riordan and wife have laid the foundation of their lives on each other and their children. Guy Riordan and his family reside outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Perfect Vacation Source Members Visit Stunning Sri Lanka

The Perfect Vacation Source is a travel club specializing in resort vacations at wholesale prices. As a full-service travel agency, they are knowledgeable about areas all over the world. Today the staff of The Perfect Vacation Source will be discussing some of the most interesting and stunning places to visit in Sri Lanka with Thank you so much for talking to us today.

The Perfect Vacation Source: We appreciate the opportunity. So, let’s get right to it. What do you suggest our readers do for fun when they travel to Sri Lanka?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Well, if visitors are adventuresome, we suggest that they go kayaking and canoeing on the Mahaweli River. That sounds exhilarating. What else would you recommend?

The Perfect Vacation Source: The mountains in Sri Lanka are wonderful to hike and camp in. Also backpacking is a great way to discover the island. Sri Lanka is so gorgeous. Is there another way to see the island?

The Perfect Vacation Source: One of our favorite ways to see the island is from a hot air balloon. What is your favorite place to see the wildlife of Sri Lanka?

The Perfect Vacation Source: One of the best bets for wildlife watching is at World’s End Park. Visitors are allowed to wander through without a guide. Is the park large?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Yes, it is quite large. In fact, to walk through the entire park will take about three hours. Are there any specific towns that you would recommend visitors check out?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Colombo is Sri Lanka’s largest city and it is especially interesting if you are a history buff. What are your favorite historical sites to visit there?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Galle Fort is a historical treasure. The Portuguese built it in 1588. In fact, it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have one last question before you have to go. There are a number of beautiful Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. Do you have a favorite?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Many former visitors to Sri Lanka suggest that people visit the Gangarama Vihara temple. It’s decorated with stunning brass work and ornate stone carvings. Thank you so much for stopping by today and talking to us.

The Perfect Vacation Source: It’s been our pleasure.

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