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Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living on Keeping Memory Sharp

Kelley D. Hamilton Bonaventure Since Kelley D. Hamilton joined Bonaventure Senior Living as CEO, he has noticed one stand-out trait in those who stay mentally focused: They tend to suffer from dementia far less than their more passive peers. Today, Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living offers stimulating advice for keeping the brain as healthy as the body.

ZRYLW: Thank you for taking time to visit with us today.

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: It’s my pleasure.

ZRYLW: What types of activities can older adults do to keep their minds active?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Brain-stimulating games and puzzles are about the best thing you can do for memory and overall brain function.

ZRYLW: Like what?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Jigsaw and crossword puzzles, board games and Sudoku.

ZRYLW: Games? Really?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Yes, strategy games, especially those that require thinking ahead, are a wonderful way to keep the brain vital. Chess is one of the best for this because it requires the brain to work on so many levels.

ZRYLW: What about reading?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Absolutely. Books and magazines on subjects that you consider interesting will keep you focused, educate, and rouse your brain.

ZRYLW: These are all individual activities. Can brain training be done in a group setting?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Yes, that’s actually even better.  Those who are social tend to have better cognitive skills later in life. Talking to people keeps your mind thinking, which is great for the brain.

ZRYLW: We’ve heard that math can be a great mind activity as well?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Yes, math, science; anything that makes you really think and apply logic.

ZRYLW: Are diet and exercise factors?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: How you eat and whether or not you stay fit affects every area of the body including the brain.

ZRYLW: Many seniors, especially those in stressful environments, seem to suffer from forgetfulness more than others. Is there a connection?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Too much stress on any part of the body will weaken it. The brain is no different. One thing we emphasize at Bonaventure is keeping a positive attitude and staying active both physically and mentally.

ZRYLW: Is there any sort of brain game that you can do without special equipment?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: One of the most amusing games involves telling an entire story in just seven words.

ZRYLW: Can you give us an example?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: You could say something along the lines of “The pumpkin was picked by two children.”

ZRYLW: And how is that helpful?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: When you reduce a story to its bare minimum, your brain has to actually consider all the factors surrounding the events and figure out exactly what words will convey the most accurate depiction of what happened.  Additionally, the story can spawn additional conversation and mental stimulation imagining the surrounding events.

ZRYLW: That makes sense.

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Another activity that we encourage our memory care residents to do is using their non-dominant hand every once in a while.  For example, if you’re right handed – try using your left hand for throwing a ball, or writing your name.

ZRYLW: Isn’t that difficult?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: It can definitely take some getting used to, but it becomes easier as the day progresses. This sounds really simple but it actually forces the brain to go out of auto drive and work for each movement.

ZRYLW: We hear there are television programs devoted to brain health?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: There are a few including the PBS DVD Brain Fitness With Peter Coyote. Most video game consoles also have games that will stimulate the brain. Tetris is a classic and probably one of the best out there due to its simple, but progressively challenging style.  We also incorporate Wii Bowling in many of our Bonaventure communities, which is fun for seniors and works both the body and mind.

ZRYLW: Technology has made it easier to keep the brain going strong, right?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: I could not have said it better myself.

ZRYLW: Before we go, do you have any final tips for our readers?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to proper brain activity. Also, doing art projects, learning a musical instrument or foreign language, or even browsing the dictionary for obscure words every day can really help.

ZRYLW: That is all great advice.  Thank you for joining us and sharing these tips!

Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living: You’re very welcome, thank you for having me.

Inspirational Senior Stories from Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon: Dolly Parton


Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon serves as the CEO of Bonaventure Senior Living. In this brief Q&A, Hamilton lauds Dolly Parton as an inspiration for all seniors. According to Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, Ms. Parton is widely recognized for her talents as a singer, songwriter and actress. More importantly, says Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, she has served her countrymen as an activist and charitable fundraiser.

Q: Where was Dolly Parton born?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Dolly Parton was born one of 12 children to a rural Appalachian family. Her humble beginnings bolstered her commitment to helping others.

Q: How did Dolly’s career begin?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Dolly moved to Nashville soon after graduating from high school.

Q: What was her first major accomplishment?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Dolly Parton’s career took off when she began collaborating on duets with Porter Wagoner. She appeared regularly on The Porter Wagoner Show.

Q: She’s had a number of hits…

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Dolly accumulated a slew of Number One country singles, 25 in total.

Q: What were some of her notable accomplishments?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Famous Dolly Parton hits have included “I Will Always Love You,” “Jolene,” and “Coat of Many Colors.” She received the coveted Female Vocalist of the Year award from the Country Music Association twice.

Q: But Dolly Parton didn’t stop there…

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Not at all! Dolly showed her creative range by accepting movie roles in the 1980s.

Q: Where would audiences have seen her?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Her most notable role was in the film, 9 to 5.

Q: What other interests did Dolly pursue?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: She opened her theme park called Dollywood in 1986, which is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Thousands of families flock to the Smoky Mountains destination each year.

Q: Dolly loves to give back, from what I read…

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Yes. Dolly has been involved in a number of charitable organizations throughout the years. They serve a wide variety of individuals.

Q: Can you tell me what is Dolly Parton’s favorite cause?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Dolly is widely heralded for her work with literacy programs.

Q: What are some examples?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: In 1995, she formed the Imagination Library. The program sends a book each month to children until they enter kindergarten.

Q: Are there other organizations that Dolly has helped?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Yes, actually… Dolly Parton has offered her time and money to many other organizations. Examples include the Save the Music Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.

Q: What other interests does Dolly Parton have?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Dolly also holds a special interest in natural wildlife.

Q: Has Dolly Parton been recognized for her efforts?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Dollywood received a Partnership Award in 2003 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The park was honored for its work towards the protection of the bald eagle.

Q: What would you say makes Dolly Parton special?

Kelley D. Hamilton, Salem Oregon: Her hard-working attitude and zest for life inspire people of all ages. Seniors should be encouraged to follow their own dreams because of her success.


For Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, senior adults like Dolly Parton prove that life doesn’t end at a certain age. Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon, often uses these examples of famous seniors to motivate residents. Kelley D. Hamilton of Salem, Oregon recognizes that staying active after retirement is the key to a long, healthy life.


Eat Healthy to Prevent Cancer and Disease, Says Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure

Kelley Hamilton Bonaventure

Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living knows a thing or two about seniors. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure believes that seniors who want to feel better and live healthier should pay attention to what’s in their kitchen. As chief executive officer, Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living makes sure the company’s chefs prepare a variety of healthy meal options.

According to Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure, about a third of all cancers could be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight through nutritious diet and regular

exercise, researchers have found. Emerging science also states what combination of foods appears to offer the most protection against cancer, says Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure. Below, Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure talks about the health benefits fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

ZRYLW:  We’re glad you could join us today, Kelley. Thank you for coming.

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: It’s my pleasure.

ZRYLW:  Healthy and delicious food is often listed as a reason people make their homes at Bonaventure Senior Living. Is it really that good?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Our food is exceptional. Our chefs prepare nutritious and delicious dishes every day. They only use the finest and freshest ingredients to keep our seniors healthy and strong.

ZRYLW:  Research shows that certain foods can help prevent diseases and some even offer protection against cancer. Does your menu reflect these studies?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Absolutely. Our menus consist of natural foods that offer functional benefits, and certain ingredients rise to the top of our menu.

ZRYLW:  Can you name some of the ingredients?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Salmon, for example, is a great source of healthy protein and fats. Our chefs prepare fabulous salmon.

ZRYLW:  Are vegetables and grains served with most meals?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Yes, we serve a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and kale. They are known to release enzymes into the body, which break down chemicals that cause cancer and may slow tumor growth. Tomatoes are great, too. They contain an antioxidant that helps prevent breast, bladder, cervical, lung, colorectal, prostate and skin cancer. Whole wheat pasta and brown rice are filling and healthy.

ZRYLW:  What are some good cancer fighting fruits?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Blueberries, cherries, plums, red and purple grapes contain anthocyanins and antioxidants that help neutralize cancer-causing substances and may prevent stomach cancer. Our seniors like to add them to cereal, yogurt or pudding.

ZRYLW:  So anything with natural bright color is a good choice?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: The easiest way to eat healthy is to think colors. The more colors on your plate, the more nutrients in your body.

ZRYLW:  What do seniors at Bonaventure eat for breakfast?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Whole grains are healthy, so we encourage our residents to start their day with at least two servings of whole grains, such as a full bowl of oatmeal, bran cereal, or two slices of whole wheat toast.

ZRYLW:  Any healthy drinks you can recommend?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Green tea is wonderful because it contains antioxidants that can help protect against colon, skin and stomach cancer. Iced or hot tea is a healthy addition to any menu.


Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO, manages an assisted living community where seniors live life on their own terms. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure joined the company in 2001. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure oversees the company’s 4,500 units across the country. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure lives in Oregon.

Kelley D. Hamilton Examines Connection Between Food and Dementia

Kelley D. Hamilton is the co-owner and chief executive officer of Bonaventure Senior Living. Bonaventure is a family of companies devoted to providing outstanding living communities for senior adults in the Western United States.

Kelley D. Hamilton is interested in any issues that concern senior adults. Over the years, Kelley D. Hamilton has collected facts to aid him in his goal of providing senior adults with information to help make their golden years the best years of their lives. Sometimes, the issue of dementia comes up when Kelley D. Hamilton discusses senior living options with prospective residents and their family members.

Kelley D. Hamilton has discovered some interesting facts about diet and its possible effects on dementia. The common assumption is that memory loss is an unavoidable part of aging, but Kelley D. Hamilton found some studies that suggest a change of diet may help protect against mental decline.

Dementia is associated with long-term inflammation in the body. Kelley D. Hamilton learned that many experts believe foods with prominent anti-inflammatory properties may be able to delay age-related cognitive disorders. Norwegian researchers found dark chocolate and red wine increase blood flow to the brain and may protect against conditions like dementia.  Kelley D. Hamilton suggests buying dark chocolates with low sugar and high cocoa content and drinking no more than one glass of red wine per day.  As in everything, Kelley D. Hamilton says moderation is key.

Kelley D. Hamilton also learned researchers found senior adults with low levels of vitamin B12 had a greater risk of Alzheimer’s. Three servings of oily fish a week significantly lowered the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Kelley D. Hamilton found that salmon is an excellent source of omega-3, vitamin D and B12 and can help prevent neurodegenerative disorders. Kelley D. Hamilton advises the purchase of wild salmon whenever possible. Two or three servings of oily fish each week will supply the body with inflammation-fighting properties.

Other alternatives for obtaining B12 that Kelley D. Hamilton suggests are fish, shrimp, oysters, scallops, beef liver and other animal liver. Folate deficiencies have also been found to increase the risk of developing dementia. To prevent folate deficiency, Kelley D. Hamilton suggests adding asparagus to meals. Other brain foods Kelley D. Hamilton recommends include beans, cauliflower, beets, citrus fruits, lentils, broccoli, spinach and other leafy green vegetables.

Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries contain antioxidants and other properties that help reduce inflammation. Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Kelley D. Hamilton learned, have found to be related to both brain oxidative stress and inflammation.

Kelley D. Hamilton discovered that plaques in the brain are thought to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. A Mediterranean diet is considered helpful in combating plaque. Many curry dishes contain turmeric, which is an effective substance that removes plaques from the brain. Countries with populations that eat curry regularly report lower rates of dementia. Adding dishes with turmeric into weekly menus may help ward off dementia.

Kelley D. Hamilton says quercetin, found in apple skin, has been discovered to protect the brain from damages associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. In order to enjoy good health throughout those golden years, Kelley D. Hamilton suggests that senior adults should heed their mother’s advice by eating spinach, plenty of vegetables and an apple a day.