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Zrylw Discusses How to Tip Almost Anywhere in the World

Tipping can be a conundrum even in the United States. But it can be much more challenging in a country where a person barely speaks the language – let alone knows the local customs and mores. Here are a few suggestions regarding the proper tipping etiquette for popular and off-the-map vacation spots.

When someone is traveling in South America what should they tip?
Like most of the places we will be discussing today, it varies from country to country. For instance, in Argentina diners should expect to give wait staff ten percent of the tab and at least ten pesos to a porter. In Brazil, people shouldn’t expect to tip at all because that amount is worked into the tab. However, they will be expected to tip the cleaning crew about two dollars a day and porters two dollars a bag. Also, in Brazil American currency is welcome, so gratuities don’t need to be in pesos.

What about the Caribbean Islands?
Tipping in the Caribbean is akin to tipping in the U.S. Fifteen to twenty percent in restaurants that aren’t covered by a resort package. Also, if a traveler needs a special favor from the concierge, they should expect to hand out a gratuity. American currency is accepted for tipping.

When traveling through Europe do different countries have different expectations when it comes to tipping?
Yes, unfortunately there’s no hard and fast rule about tipping across Europe. In France, the term “service compris” at the bottom of a dinner check means that no tipping is required. However, the locals tend to leave about ten percent in cash for the wait staff. Tipping at a bar isn’t customary in France, however in Germany, bar patrons are expected to tip up to fifteen percent. The most important thing though is to tip in Euros, because dollars aren’t preferred.

Is it true that tipping in China is frowned upon?
It is true. However, within the last decade or so tipping has become slightly more acceptable. So, if a traveler really feels the need to give someone a gratuity they can do it. However, they need to make sure that they do it out of the employee’s supervisor sight, because receiving a tip is still discouraged.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays | Best Places to Visit in Europe

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is a travel club specializing in resort vacations at wholesale prices. Because they are also a full-service travel agency, they are knowledgeable about areas all over Europe and the world. Today, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reveals some of the best places to ski, visit and find mineral water springs in Europe to the Zrylw blog staff.

Zrylw: Good afternoon, thank you for joining us.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: We appreciate the invitation, so thank you.

Zrylw: Because you are so familiar with Europe, can you tell us what the “must see” countries and places are?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Well, for sports fans we would definitely have to recommend skiing in Austria.

Zrylw: That’s something we might never have considered, and it sounds fantastic. Is there a particular town in Austria that you would recommend for skiers?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Definitely. We would suggest that skiers go to the Arlberg in Tirol.

Zrylw: What makes Arlberg so special? Is it the conditions?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: It’s the conditions, along with the fact that the scenery is stunning and the mountain is perfect for both first time skiers as well as experts. So, it would be perfect for a family with younger children.

Zrylw: What about European destinations for people who aren’t as athletic?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: We think Hungary – and Budapest in particular – is an excellent European destination.

Zrylw: Why Budapest over, say, Paris?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Budapest has amazing Old World charm and it also has some of the best food that you will find in Europe. Also, it has 12 thermal baths and about one hundred mineral water springs. The history is fascinating – and the arts are really thriving, as well.

Zrylw: Where else would you point people?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Well, Paris of course. (Laughs) 

Zrylw: Is it true that Paris is extremely expensive for visitors?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Travelers can always find inexpensive things to do that feel much more glamorous simply by the virtue of being in Paris. For instance, attending a flea market along the Champs-Elysées is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Zrylw: You’re right, that does sound fantastic.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Also, some of the best things to see in Paris are free or have a very low cost. For instance, there are many city gardens, discounted museums, and visitors can always find reasonably priced bistro fare.

Zrylw: What are some of your other favorite destinations?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Visitors to Europe should travel to as many cities as possible. We suggest Madrid, Florence, Crete, St. Petersburg, Edinburgh and London. And because of Europe’s high-speed rail system, it really is quite simple to see many places in a short amount of time.

Zrylw: Is there anything else you would like to say before we wrap things up?

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: We think that it’s a good idea for travelers to know at least a little of the language of the country they are going to visit. Even if it’s only danke in Germany or merci in France. A little basic knowledge can really help a visitor navigate a country.

Zrylw: Thank you so much for talking to us today.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: It was our pleasure. Thanks for having us.

Travelling to Costa Rica

Kyle Thomas Glasser is a man who has grown tremendously due to his involvement with care providers in various parts of the world. He has travelled to Central America with a program called International Service Learning. This became an eye opener for him and life-changing situation that really has improved his life. Kyle grew up in Georgia and he is a senior of University of Georgia and his main goal is to serve people through the work he does. He went to Costa Rica in 2010 and there he says he saw how people were living in poor conditions that many Americans have not lived. These people were not able to afford any basic amenities and thus they were exposed to many diseases.

Kyle further indicates that the people they were offering assistance in Costa Rica could not even afford medical attention. This was a learning experience for him as he worked together with medical doctors to help those in need. Kyle has growth with St. Marguerite Catholic Church as even as a young person, he knew that he wanted to serve the community. This is why he is pursuing a career in medicine so that in future he can reach out to people within the society. Kyle says that he and the other students with travelled with realized that many people in the world needed medical care. Most of those they saw have never experience any medical attention all their life.

The 2010 tour to Costa Rica and Nicaragua opened his eyes to the needs of other people. It felt great to help someone who is really in need and providing support as much as possible. They spend the two weeks in Central America offering medical awareness while they also learned a lot from the people.  This is why Kyle feels that the trip has motivated his desire further into pursuing medicine as his career of choice. He grew up with a heart of helping people for instance, he has done volunteer work in tutoring high school students in the area of mathematics His determination and hard work earned him the opportunity of Scholarship from HOPE and he has managed to go far.

Kyle Thomas Glasser is currently shadowing Dr. Jeff Traub in Atlanta thus gaining experience in the medical field. In this way, Kyle feels that the trip to Costa Rica is the best thing that happened to him in understanding the value of helping those in need.

Douglas Battista Offers Travelers a Rundown of London’s Best Attractions

Douglas Battista says no trip to London is complete without visiting these key landmarks.

The Churchill War Rooms

Located on King Charles Street, Douglas Battista reports that the Churchill War Rooms are not only an amazing historical find, honoring one of England’s most famous soldiers, but that this site’s proximity to St. James Park and other museums and parliamentary buildings makes it a great stop on an all-day London tour.

Hampton Court Palace

Want to step back in time? Douglas Battista notes that visitors can do just that at the Hampton Court Palace. This former home of King Henry XIII still hosts court where tourists can participate in a living anachronism, and may even have a chance to glimpse the King picking a midday snack off the world’s largest grapevine, which is located in the Gardens.

London Bridge Exhibition

According to Douglas Battista, a holiday in the nation’s capital is enhanced with a visit to the London Bridge Exhibition.  The landmark, which originated as a Roman pontoon military bridge in 50 AD, has been rebuilt at or near the same spot over the Thames numerous times in its 2000 year history. Douglas Battista also remarks that a unique and memorable restaurant, the Medieval Banquet, is close to the bridge, and is a must for hungry vacationers.

Thames River Cruise

The Tower Bridge may also be viewed from a cruise on the Thames, reports Douglas Battista. This cruise covers London in depth like no other tour in the area. Douglas Battista highlights the beauty of the River Boat itself with its large windows and open-air upper deck.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

According to Douglas Battista, this iconic figure of London’s skyline took 35 years to complete. It’s no wonder, when the amount of detail and quality of craftsmanship is considered. Douglas Battista claims that this attraction, in addition to its status as a mecca for Christians, is also a prime spot for those looking for a bit of a challenge. Five hundred and thirty steps lead to the top of the Golden Gallery, which boasts some of the best panoramic views of London’s core.

Windsor Castle

The home of a current British Royal, Her Majesty the Queen, Windsor Castle’s claim to fame is its continuous occupation for the last 900 years. The castle is purported as haunted by visitors, who claim the sound of Queen Elizabeth I’s heels are still heart wafting through this Gothic structure’s halls and passages, says Douglas Battista.

Douglas Battista is a travel enthusiast who says that London is among his favorite vacation destinations for its never-ending list of attractions and historical landmarks. He is the President of North America Field Operations of the Jenny Craig Company, and resides in sunny California.

The Perfect Vacation Source Members Visit Stunning Sri Lanka

The Perfect Vacation Source is a travel club specializing in resort vacations at wholesale prices. As a full-service travel agency, they are knowledgeable about areas all over the world. Today the staff of The Perfect Vacation Source will be discussing some of the most interesting and stunning places to visit in Sri Lanka with Zrylw.com. 

Zrylw.com: Thank you so much for talking to us today.

The Perfect Vacation Source: We appreciate the opportunity.

Zrylw.com: So, let’s get right to it. What do you suggest our readers do for fun when they travel to Sri Lanka?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Well, if visitors are adventuresome, we suggest that they go kayaking and canoeing on the Mahaweli River.

Zrylw.com: That sounds exhilarating. What else would you recommend?

The Perfect Vacation Source: The mountains in Sri Lanka are wonderful to hike and camp in. Also backpacking is a great way to discover the island.

Zrylw.com: Sri Lanka is so gorgeous. Is there another way to see the island?

The Perfect Vacation Source: One of our favorite ways to see the island is from a hot air balloon.

Zrylw.com: What is your favorite place to see the wildlife of Sri Lanka?

The Perfect Vacation Source: One of the best bets for wildlife watching is at World’s End Park. Visitors are allowed to wander through without a guide.

Zrylw.com: Is the park large?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Yes, it is quite large. In fact, to walk through the entire park will take about three hours.

Zrylw.com: Are there any specific towns that you would recommend visitors check out?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Colombo is Sri Lanka’s largest city and it is especially interesting if you are a history buff.

Zrylw.com: What are your favorite historical sites to visit there?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Galle Fort is a historical treasure. The Portuguese built it in 1588. In fact, it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Zrylw.com: We have one last question before you have to go. There are a number of beautiful Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. Do you have a favorite?

The Perfect Vacation Source: Many former visitors to Sri Lanka suggest that people visit the Gangarama Vihara temple. It’s decorated with stunning brass work and ornate stone carvings.

Zrylw.com: Thank you so much for stopping by today and talking to us.

The Perfect Vacation Source: It’s been our pleasure.

To learn more about The Perfect Vacation Source, visit them online at www.perfectvacationsource.com