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Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald Says Biotechnology’s Future Is as Yet Unimaginable

The future of biotechnology is beginning now, says Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald of Investment Partnership.What is biotechnology? According to Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, at its core, biotechnology utilizes living organisms or systems to make industrial, medical, and other products. The technology itself, in a much more crude form, has been used for many centuries in agriculture. However, […]

On Off Digital World Compares the Apple iPad to Net books

The team at On Off Digital World is often asked, how does one choose between a net book and an iPad? To help kick off the shopping process, On Off Digital world compares some of the significant features of these next generation computers. Most net books have a 10.1-inch backlit LED screen, notes On Off […]

Carnegie Digital Computers | Consumer Tips for Buying Electronics

With so many products on the electronics market today, it’s easy for buyers to feel overwhelmed. Carnegie Digital Computers details some key things shoppers should look for when buying technology today. First, Carnegie Digital Computers stresses that buyers should not be afraid to ask questions. If the electronics store does not have informed and knowledgeable […]

Chiro8000 Medical Office Management Software Finds Innovation

Innovation is a word that is tossed around quite a lot these days. However, when it comes to Forte Systems’ Chiro8000 Medical Management Software, with its Windmill technology, the word is more than appropriate. The Chiro8000 Windmill Technology is a unique assembly of program features designed to increase software speed and efficiency while keeping the […]

Searching for the Best Cameras and Laptops at Lafnac Digital Computers

Lafnac Digital Computers knows that each person shopping for digital gadgets has different needs that he or she needs the product to fulfill. It may be that you are buying a digital camera or iPhone as a gift for a loved one. Other Lafnac Digital Computer customers are looking for a new laptop for their […]

E-stealth | Level the Playing Field | E-stealth

E-stealth Works to Level the Playing Field Lawrenceville, GA, October 22, 2009 — Have you ever felt that it’s unfair that corporations and government agencies can freely wiretap without any trouble? Do you ever wonder where that technology comes from or how you can get it for yourself? A new industry on the web, spearheaded […]