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Psi Chi International Honor Societies

Psi Chi International Honor Societies cover a wide range of medical expertise fields offering premedical students and medical students the help and aid that they need to facilitate and guide them through their learning process. The organization aims to equip students with the right support system so that they will become responsible medical practitioners within their respective chosen fields. With a wide array of medical fields included in this prestigious honor society and covering several countries around the globe, this organization provides plenty of medical students a chance for membership.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Offers Breakthrough Parenting Course

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school that offers rehabilitation and a healing program to help troubled teens form more rewarding family relationships. As part of a holistic treatment plan, a Breakthrough Parenting Course is offered to the parents of all young men who attend the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Boarding school. The agenda of the parenting course at Mount Carmel Youth Ranch tackles every aspect of the parent-child relationship including dynamic approaches that are based on extensive psychological research.