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Bonaventure Senior Living Applauds Amazing Octogenarians | Buster Martin

With 37 campuses catering to seniors across the West Coast, Bonaventure Senior Living has witnessed time and again the accomplishments that can be achieved well into the golden years. Bonaventure Senior Living believes that age is never a barrier to accomplishment. Buster Martin, 104, is just one example.

An intriguing fellow

Bonaventure Senior Living says that Buster Martin is perhaps one of the most intriguing figures in modern history. Born in the French countryside in 1906, Buster Martin was placed in an orphanage at the age of 3 months. Bonaventure Senior Living reports that his single mother was sent to live in a convent. Buster claims his nickname was bestowed upon him after he laid a solid punch to a priest when he was 3 years old.

Buster Martin, explains Bonaventure Senior Living, was married very early. At the age of 15, his then 14-year-old bride gave birth to the first of 17 children. Between 1921 and 1924, Buster Martin fathered at least two sets of multiples, reports Bonaventure Senior Living.

Working on a whim

Mr. Martin is widely known for his staunch dedication to being employed. Bonaventure Senior Living explains that Buster joined the British Army at the age of 14, after working for two years at the Brixton market. During his time in service, he became a physical training instructor and served during World War II. In 1955, reports Bonaventure Senior Living, Martin retired from the armed forces after reaching the rank of regimental sergeant major.

After a failed attempt at what Martin called a “wide range of trades,” he returned to the market in Brixton where he remained employed until after his 97th birthday, relays Bonaventure Senior Living. Shortly after retiring, Buster Martin decided that stagnation was not for him. Bonaventure Senior Living says that London-based Pimilco Plumbers offered Martin a part-time position cleaning vans.

On his 100th birthday, Pimilco requested that Martin take a day off. However, Bonaventure Senior Living says this spunky senior wasn’t going to let a mere milestone interfere with his routine.

In 2006, after 90 solid years of employment, Buster Martin finally took some much needed time off—much to his own personal contempt—due to an ingrown toenail, which Bonaventure Senior Living agrees can be quite painful.

Muddled muggers

Buster Martin rose once again to fame in London, says Bonaventure Senior Living, when in 2007 he was attacked by three would-be robbers. Bonaventure Senior Living reports that Martin took a surprise hit from behind, which sent him to the ground, but he immediately jumped up and fought back with a fury the trio was not expecting. The cowardly criminals quickly ran away, reports Bonaventure Senior Living.

A marathon man

In 2008, Buster Martin graced the London Marathon with his presence and completed the 26-mile course in 10 hours. Bonaventure Senior Living places Buster Martin as the oldest recorded marathon contender in the world, but Guinness World Records refuses to list Martin as scant records make age verification impossible. According to Bonaventure Senior Living, Martin’s presence at the marathon allowed a local charity to receive a donation of approximately $31,400. Before he died, Martin planned to attend a number of other marathons and events, says Bonaventure Senior Living.

Although Buster Martin passed away in 2011, Bonaventure Senior Living says he remains an inspiration to both the young and young at heart. He is the subject of a critically acclaimed documentary How to Live Forever.

About Bonaventure Senior Living

Bonaventure Senior Living takes pride in seniors and helping them accomplish their goals. With 37 locations in six states, this retirement and independent living services provider is enthusiastically recommended by more than 96 percent of current residents.

Eat Healthy to Prevent Cancer and Disease, Says Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure

Kelley Hamilton Bonaventure

Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living knows a thing or two about seniors. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure believes that seniors who want to feel better and live healthier should pay attention to what’s in their kitchen. As chief executive officer, Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living makes sure the company’s chefs prepare a variety of healthy meal options.

According to Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure, about a third of all cancers could be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight through nutritious diet and regular

exercise, researchers have found. Emerging science also states what combination of foods appears to offer the most protection against cancer, says Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure. Below, Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure talks about the health benefits fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

ZRYLW:  We’re glad you could join us today, Kelley. Thank you for coming.

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: It’s my pleasure.

ZRYLW:  Healthy and delicious food is often listed as a reason people make their homes at Bonaventure Senior Living. Is it really that good?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Our food is exceptional. Our chefs prepare nutritious and delicious dishes every day. They only use the finest and freshest ingredients to keep our seniors healthy and strong.

ZRYLW:  Research shows that certain foods can help prevent diseases and some even offer protection against cancer. Does your menu reflect these studies?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Absolutely. Our menus consist of natural foods that offer functional benefits, and certain ingredients rise to the top of our menu.

ZRYLW:  Can you name some of the ingredients?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Salmon, for example, is a great source of healthy protein and fats. Our chefs prepare fabulous salmon.

ZRYLW:  Are vegetables and grains served with most meals?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Yes, we serve a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and kale. They are known to release enzymes into the body, which break down chemicals that cause cancer and may slow tumor growth. Tomatoes are great, too. They contain an antioxidant that helps prevent breast, bladder, cervical, lung, colorectal, prostate and skin cancer. Whole wheat pasta and brown rice are filling and healthy.

ZRYLW:  What are some good cancer fighting fruits?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Blueberries, cherries, plums, red and purple grapes contain anthocyanins and antioxidants that help neutralize cancer-causing substances and may prevent stomach cancer. Our seniors like to add them to cereal, yogurt or pudding.

ZRYLW:  So anything with natural bright color is a good choice?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: The easiest way to eat healthy is to think colors. The more colors on your plate, the more nutrients in your body.

ZRYLW:  What do seniors at Bonaventure eat for breakfast?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Whole grains are healthy, so we encourage our residents to start their day with at least two servings of whole grains, such as a full bowl of oatmeal, bran cereal, or two slices of whole wheat toast.

ZRYLW:  Any healthy drinks you can recommend?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Green tea is wonderful because it contains antioxidants that can help protect against colon, skin and stomach cancer. Iced or hot tea is a healthy addition to any menu.


Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO, manages an assisted living community where seniors live life on their own terms. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure joined the company in 2001. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure oversees the company’s 4,500 units across the country. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure lives in Oregon.

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, on Genetic Testing

PamGrayBonaventureSeniorLivingGenetic Testing

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, has noticed a distinct shift in how individuals go about tracing their family histories. For seniors interested in understanding their own unique legacies, Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, presents the important elements of genetic testing.

ZRYLW: How has genetic testing changed in the last decade?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: In the early stages of genetic DNA testing, individuals were forced to build their own studies. This is still a viable option, though more tools are now available.

ZRYLW: Is there a better way to go about it?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Joining an existing project is more beneficial these days. Newcomers can be inundated with information, and this allows the first-time user to have assistance in their search.

ZRYLW: How does an existing process ease stress?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: By taking part in a project that’s already started, seniors have the ability to focus on names that appear throughout their family trees.

ZRYLW: Where does one begin?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Several options exist, but most of those involve the Internet. If a computer is not available at home, the local library will offer Internet services to visitors.

ZRYLW: What is a common website for these purposes?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: There are several options available online; one of these can be found at

ZRYLW: What are some other alternatives?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Public access databases are often searchable by surname and offer contact information for submitters. These databases include and

ZRYLW: Can an individual just use Google?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Many surname projects own websites, so a “surname DNA” query on the chosen search engine will display the desired result within the first few listings.

ZRYLW: What information is required to begin?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Information about the earliest known ancestor and the individual’s connection to this person through generations is necessary. Additional relations will increase the likelihood of success.

ZRYLW: Is genetic testing convenient?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Most websites feature a link for ordering a genetic testing kit right from the testing company. The administration will automatically be notified of the individual’s participation.

ZRYLW: What stipulations are in place?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: The individual must sign a consent form to release the testing company of any responsibility.

ZRYLW: How is one notified of a match?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Immediately after a match has been found, administration posts information directly on their websites for perusal by participants.

ZRYLW: What are the odds of a match?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO: Results vary depending on the individual, but participants in genetic testing can discover nieces, nephews, cousins and other close relatives.


Pam Gray, Bonaventure Senior Living COO, started in her position in 2007. She has more than 20 years of experience working in the field of retirement living.

YORHealth Testimonial: Pablo Salas, Merida, Yu Mexico

YORHealth is a nutrition and wellness company founded in 2008. YORHealth offers a variety of health products, including meal replacement shakes and nutritional supplements. Customers from all over the world enjoy premium-quality YORHealth products that are uniquely formulated to support the body’s maximum nutrition absorption to build and repair organs, tissues, and cells. In order to ensure product quality and safety, YORHealth uses the highest standards of scientific integrity.

The YORHealth Weight Management Product Line consists of satisfying shake packs full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, as well as YOR CompleteBurn™, which is designed to support different individual’s weight-loss needs. Overwhelming clinical evidence demonstrates that a diet rich in antioxidants promotes healthier lives.  YOR SuperGreens consists of nutrients and antioxidants with the equivalent anti-oxidant power of approximately 24 servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving.

YORHealth products are designed to spread health and happiness. YORHealth also promotes fitness and physical activities for all ages. People across the globe have felt and seen the results of YORHealth quality products. Loyal YORHealth customers have increased their energy levels, gained muscle, lost weight, and improved their overall well-being.

YORHealth helped Pablo Salas reach his goals. Here, he shares his success story.

My dad is a doctor, my mom is a housewife and I have a sister 3 years older than me. When I was a kid my father was not doing well financially, he had just started working in his profession and we lived with many limitations.

When he began to earn more money, he and my mom wanted to give us a better education so they decided to move us from a public school to a private one. This left a lasting mark upon me. I didn’t feel I belonged to that new group of students, my schoolmates had nicer clothes, more expensive and cool shoes, and mine were ugly and old. I felt completely inadequate.

There was a time when a teacher did a group dynamics exercise, she wanted us to think we were on the other person’s side, it was about taking off our shoes and leaving them in the center of the room and taking someone else’s shoes. When I realized that someone else was going to wear my shoes, I was very ashamed. I didn’t want them to notice the holes in my socks, so when we finally had to use someone else shoes, I ran and grabbed mine back. A schoolmate gave me away to the teacher; she got furious and scolded me in front of everybody. I felt exposed when she yelled at me, “Get out!” Pointing with her index finger toward the exit with her arm extended. I walked away crying and feeling frustrated and angry.

I didn’t want to go back to that school anymore. I endured the discrimination and denigration from the students for a whole year. They called me low-class, weird and poor. They all agreed to stop talking to me. The ones with better manners just ignored me, but the rude ones called me names, threw things at me, or pushed me and made me stumble. I was ashamed to be seen alone in the play yard. I watched from a distance how other students had friends, how they laughed, or how they teamed up to play basketball. I felt very sad and depressed. I would have given anything to have a true friend at that moment.

Years later, a co-worker gave me an invitation and introduced me to YORHealth. At YORHealth I found a group of people, who wanted to help me, they wanted me to succeed. My friends at YORHealth didn’t care about my past, they told me, “You can do it”, and they believed more in me than myself. They encouraged me.

I found a true friend in YORHealth founder Dennis Wong who is willing to sacrifice his life in order to change the world. My life has already changed because thanks to YORHealth I have my own business and I have achieved financial success. I’ve paid my debts and I own my time! I can spend time with my family. I have a new car and I can travel around the world. I can even take pictures at the Great Wall of China. I found true inner peace and I can be an example of values for which my parents are proud of.

Today YORHealth has helped me feel happy and fulfilled because I’ve been able to help bring out the best of many people. I firmly believe that YORHealth is going to change the world. Do you know why? Because YORHealth has already changed my world and it can also change yours!

Find out more about YORHealth by going online to

The 5 Wedges Every Girl Needs

Wedges are quickly becoming one of’s star styles and for good reason; they’re flattering and elongate the leg while adding height. Plus, they’re comfortable and easy on the feet. The team at has sourced styles in an array of platform heights, materials, colors and more, and with so many options, is able to offer a wedge for every look.’s multitude of styles may make it hard to narrow things down, so the fashion experts at have identified their five top picks.

The Shanghai goes seamlessly from day to night. This wedge is sky high, giving the impression of long, lean legs. Its strappy lace-up silhouette features on-trend tassel accents, and shoppers can choose from classic black or soft nude. Pair with silk genie pants for a day at the office or a flowing maxi skirt for weekend brunch with the girls.

Keena is a casual, sporty sneaker wedge from that gets you where you need to go in style. With three color choices including black, navy and multi-tone, there’s an option to match all of your weekend wear. Just Velcro the straps and hit the park to walk the dog or conquer your errands while staying in fashion, thanks to

Thebes is’s take on two styles in one. This cut-out, lace-up sandal features a demi-wedge and combines the comfy, easy-to-wear style of a flat with the lengthening look of a wedge. offers your choice of black or brown; simply slip on with a pair of cutoffs for a summer music festival or wear them with a mini dress to dance the night away. re-interprets the espadrille with Los Feliz. Made from cut-out canvas with an exotic black and white ikat pattern,’s take on urban chic will have you strolling the city streets in style. Pair with a full length black dress for a cocktail party or skinny jeans and a tank for an afternoon at the flea market.

With Doheny, has wrapped three of the season’s hottest trends into one fashionable wedge sandal. This shoe combines leopard-print detailing, an ankle strap and minimal design for the freshest in summer footwear. Available in orange and mint, the team at knows that a pop of color is just what the season ordered.

These styles are perfect for updating your summer shoe wardrobe, but don’t forget about the rest of your look. also offers accessories and clothing, releasing a new selection to members every month.

Rick Dover Explains the Importance of Environment Friendly Restoration

Rick Dover is the general manager of Family Pride Corporation, a family owned and operated company located in Knoxville, Tenn. Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation have been in the building restoration business since 1994. Rick Dover advocates the use of environment-friendly building methods.

ZRYLW: Rick Dover is here to talk with us about the construction business and the environment. Thank you, Rick, for joining us today.

Rick Dover: My pleasure.

ZRYLW: Your expertise is in restoration and rehabilitation rather than new construction, correct?

Rick Dover: Yes. I enjoy seeing old buildings and communities come back to life. Plus we feel it is more environmentally friendly than building new.

ZRYLW: But can’t new construction be just as environmental friendly?

Rick Dover: It can be almost as ecologically friendly. But I aspire to the notion that the greenest building is the one that doesn’t get built. New construction usually damages building sites. For that reason I think that, at least for me, less is more. I prefer to not build.

ZRYLW: Wouldn’t new construction be more profitable for you?

Rick Dover: I haven’t found that to be the case. With renovation, the biggest expense is labor, which is better for the community while still being profitable for Family Pride Corporation.

ZRYLW: How do you figure it’s better for the community? In your opinion, Rick Dover, Wouldn’t new construction have the same results?

Rick Dover: Restoration creates jobs using local contractors and fewer raw materials that are purchased locally, which help both the community and the environment. The construction cost is less, the property owner’s cost is less, and we can do the project cheaper, but our profit margin is pretty much unchanged.

ZRYLW: You seem to concentrate on urban sites for your restoration projects. Is there a reason for that?

Rick Dover: Family Pride Corporation’s objective is to restore buildings for senior housing and for residential and commercial use. The need for those types of buildings is typically in an urban setting. Plus, if we contribute to urban sprawl, we’ve defeated the purpose of the environmental friendly ideology that we support.

ZRYLW: Can you briefly explain the purpose of environmentally friendly construction?

Rick Dover: There are a number of motives for restoring and building green, including economic, social and environmental benefits. But perhaps the main purpose is sustainability.

ZRYLW: How do you make green building work?

Rick Dover: Green building combines an extensive assortment of practices, techniques and skills to reduce the impact of buildings on human health and the environment. Family Pride Corporation takes advantage of renewable resources and techniques that have the lowest impact on the environment. We harness and reuse energy by restoring existing buildings, then we add features such as solar power, reflective roofs and high-efficiency heat and air systems to make our buildings the greenest and most environmentally sustainable projects possible.

ZRYLW: It’s admirable that Family Pride Corporation uses sustainability initiatives in all its projects.

Rick Dover: We all must do what it takes to achieve and maintain our planet’s eco balance. At Family Pride Corporation we strive to do that while meeting the needs of current generations and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation restore buildings for senior housing and for residential and commercial use. Rick Dover advocates using environmentally friendly building methods. Rick Dover knows that improving communities by restoring existing properties is not only the best way to revitalize a neighborhood and add jobs, but it also benefits the ecosystem. For more information about Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation, visit

Recently Seen Wearing Just Fab Styles: Celebrities Love

Celebrities are recognized as trendsetters in fashion. They have the opportunity to get dressed by the world’s biggest designers. While many celebrities have their own personal stylists to help them look head-to-toe perfect, the team at Just Fab works with the Hollywood elite to keep them on trend with the latest styles from Just Fab. From makeup, shoes, accessories, “it” celebrities wear high fashion.  Even stars realize that fabulous designs don’t always have to cost a fortune, and many are fans of Just Fab styles.

Just Fab is a successful online fashion service where more than 10 million members are given the celebrity treatment each month as they receive tailored, individual trend suggestions by personal stylists.  Just Fab offers the latest fashion in shoes, denim, and handbags. Led by President and Creative Director, Kimora Lee Simmons, Just Fab focuses on the hottest catwalk trends for less. Some of the celebrities who have worn Just Fab  including Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Hudson, Rebecca Romijn, Nicky Hilton, Christina Milian, Emily Blunt, Jewel, and many other A-List celebrities.

By taking a quick glance at the Just Fab website you can see the long list of Hollywood A-Listers who are fans of Just Fab. Actress Amy Smart has been spotted wearing the Slender Cigarette Jeans from the Just Fab designer collection. These top-of-the-line Just Fab quality jeans are a favorite of a handful of celebrities.  Actress Angie Harmon paired sparkling Just Fab Cassidy high heels with an Azarro jumpsuit at a Red Carpet Style Event in Los Angeles. Hollywood actress Leslie Bibb matched her Just Fab Falsetto clutch with a floral-print dress, while actress Marcia Cross complemented her green satin sheath with the Taryn platform sandals by Just Fab. Christina Applegate was looking chic on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno wearing Lorei lace booties by Just Fab.

And while Hollywood is buzzing about Just Fab, the brand has also been featured in a myriad of top fashion magazines. Just Fab items have also been featured in Redbook, People Style Watch, In-Style magazine, Woman’s World, and many other national publications.

When your favorite celebrity is spotted wearing a fabulous piece of clothing or accessory, it may not always be high-end designer fashion – it could be Just Fab, at only $39.95 a piece seen in New York and Los Angeles, and buy wearing Just Fab, you won’t have to break the bank.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Just Fab has front-row access to all things fashion. With an expert team of Hollywood stylists, Just Fab is always right on trend offering sexy, fresh, and classic styles for fashion savvy women at an unprecedented price. For more information, visit

Super Foods for Super Seniors: Q&A with Pam Gray of Bonaventure Senior Living

Pam Gray, Chief Operating Officer for Bonaventure Senior Living, says that staying healthy and living a long and active life involves making healthy choices at every stage of living. Specifically, she cites the inclusion of a number of foods proven to have a positive effect on health. Here, Pam Gray of Bonaventure answers questions about what to eat—and what to avoid.

Q: What are the top super foods?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: There are many foods that are considered ideal for health and well-being. These include blueberries, oats, pumpkin, salmon, spinach, teas and tomatoes. Many other foods are considered super foods so it is difficult to pinpoint just a few.

Q: Why are blueberries considered a top choice of nutritionists?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Blueberries and other dark fruits are packed with antioxidants. Blueberries contain high amounts of vitamin C and potassium. They have anti-inflammatory properties and can help lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Q: What are the benefits of drinking green tea?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Not only is green tea delicious but, like blueberries, also contains heart-healthy, cancer-fighting antioxidants. Green tea is also known to burn fat and help prevent diabetes.

Q: Does spinach really increase muscle tone?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: While all green leafy vegetables are good for you, spinach is particularly healthy because it is an alkaline food, meaning it can stave off bone loss and prevent muscle deterioration with age.

Q: What are the best foods for beta-carotene?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Pretty much any orange food is going to contain lots of beta-carotene. Carrots and pumpkins are two of the most versatile and can be mixed with many other dishes to produce exciting flavors.

Q: How much salmon should someone eat to intake enough omega-3s?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Salmon, or other wild-caught cold-water fish, should be consumed two or three times a week in approximately 3-ounce portions to get the most benefit.  If you’re not a fan of fish or seafood, there are other sources of omega-3s such as flax seed oil.

Q: What are the health benefits of tomatoes?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Tomatoes are one of those amazing foods that have many different roles in a healthy diet. They can ward off inflammation, protect against blood clots, help reduce heart disease risk, prevent DNA damage, and may even help prevent some forms of cancer.

Q: Are beans good for you?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Beans are considered a super food because of their abundance of protein, fiber and antioxidants. Three cups of beans per week can help with weight loss, which can lower the chances of developing heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions.

Q: What foods are considered the “super greens?”

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Many cereal grasses in their infant stage such as wheat and barley are considered super greens. Certain types of algae are also either eaten raw or juiced for their almost unbelievable health benefits. Dark green vegetables and grasses help to detox the body and maintain a proper over all acid-base balance.

Q: Is juicing the best way to get the nutrients from fruits and vegetables?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: While a juice detox is considered healthy and safe for most Americans, it does not provide enough fiber for most senior citizens’ digestive needs. However, replacing store-bought processed juices with freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juice can add vitamins and minerals to any diet while reducing processed sugar intake.

Q: Are there any foods that can help lower cholesterol?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Many foods are known to lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. Legumes, oatmeal, broccoli and celery are some of the most popular and can be prepared in many different ways to suit different tastes.

Q: What are some ways to sneak vegetables into the diet of someone who does not like the taste?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Spinach, carrots and many other vegetables can be added to fruit smoothies, homemade ice cream, and mashed potatoes. Many vegetables including celery can be dipped in low-fat dressings. Kale and other low-liquid vegetables can be sliced thin, coated in olive oil, and baked as a replacement for the traditional potato chip.

Q: Dark chocolate is often touted as being high in antioxidants. What other benefits does this tasty treat offer?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and help relieve stress.

Q: Are nuts considered a health food?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: While nuts are high in fat, it is not the bad kind. They’re extremely high in protein, fiber and many nutrients that work within the body to stabilize blood sugar.

Q: Kale has recently been added to the list of super foods. Why?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Kale has gained an advantage over broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower for its mild taste and abundance of cancer-preventing nutrients. Kale contains more than four dozen different flavonoids, which provide a number of health benefits.

Q: What are the worst foods to eat for those trying to lose weight?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Pretty much anything out of the box should be avoided for those trying to lose weight. Most boxed, canned and packed foods are processed, which will increase the dieter’s intake of preservatives and also lead to more frequent hunger. It is best to stick with whole foods including plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Q: Are there certain foods that people with heart problems should avoid?

Pam Gray, Bonaventure: Processed meats, white bread and foods high in fat, like pizza, should be avoided by anyone with heart problems.

Pam Gray of Bonaventure has spent the last two decades of her career focusing on senior needs. Currently, as the Chief Operating Officer of Bonaventure Senior Living, Pam Gray dedicates her time making sure that the company’s 37 communities operate efficiently and with a level of quality care and value unavailable anywhere else. For additional information about Bonaventure options for assisted and independent living or memory care, visit

Spotify’s Influence on Music

To music lovers, Spotify is almost like a dream come true. Seemingly out of nowhere, the service took the U.S. by storm with its gargantuan music library, high quality streaming, album artwork, and reasonable price point ($9 per month). Users basically pay a small fee to have access to the world’s greatest iTunes account, but without the hassle of misspelled song titles, mislabeled song titles, or flat out missing song titles. While many people use Spotify simply to search for and listen to individual songs and albums, the program actually has many features that often go unnoticed.

Show lyrics

No more Googling random song lyrics and hoping to get a match. With Spotify’s app platform, users download a program called TuneWiki, which automatically looks up and displays the lyrics to songs he or she is listening to in real time.

Organize playlists

With its seemingly endless number of tunes available for instant streaming, creating playlists in Spotify can be a little intimidating. How can a person possibly select a list of songs they want to hear when all of the songs can be selected? With Spotify’s easy ability to simply drag and drop playlists, that process just got a whole lot easier.

See what you’re listening to

One of the perils of a service with just about every song available at the click of a mouse is that people paradoxically choose to listen to old familiar songs rather than branching out and discovering new music. Spotify tracks a listener’s favorite songs, albums and artists from the past several months or even years, so he or she will be able to tell when it’s time to move on and start broadening musical horizons.

Share … or not … on Facebook

For many people, sharing on Facebook is a great feature that makes the listening experience a social one. But for others, it’s on par with a constant barrage of baby pictures on their newsfeed. Thankfully, Spotify allows users to choose whether or not they want to share every song they play with their Facebook friends.

Share playlists

Like a friend’s taste in music? It is no longer necessary to wade through track after track of a band you may not necessarily like based on a single recommendation. Now, listeners can jump right into a friend’s playlist and hear the tunes they recommend.

Therapist Thaddeus Heffner, LMFT Discusses Body – Soul – Spirit

According to Thaddeus Heffner, LMFT, human beings are three parts that make up one whole.  There is the physical body; the soul, which from the Greek means life, self, and our conscious personality; and then there is the human spirit.  However, reports Thaddeus Heffner, he often finds that when interacting with these wonderful three part human beings in therapy, only one of the three is being focused on and fed. Or in other words, they are top heavy in one area and anemic in the other two, explains Thaddeus Heffner.

As Thaddeus Heffner has observed, some people are all about their bodies: Exercising, training, grooming, watching everything they eat to a fault. Others, notes Thaddeus Heffner, are always in their heads: thinking, analyzing, worrying, fretting, or planning.  Last, and certainly not least, points out Thaddeus Heffner, some are all about the spirit: meditating, praying, reading holy books, contemplating ancient words, fasting, etc.

All of these are wonderful activities and practices we both have need of and were made to do, acknowledges Thaddeus Heffner.  But to focus on only one area, leaving two untouched is to abandon a whole and complete self.  When we neglect important parts of our being we fail to live a whole life, adds Thaddeus Heffner.

When working with clients, Thaddeus Heffner has discovered that many times part of the solution to their presenting problems is turning their focus toward those areas of their life that they have abandoned and, with intention, care for these orphaned pieces.

The biggest objection Thaddeus Heffner hears most frequently is, “I don’t have time! I cannot afford to spend anymore time on myself.”  His response is that “You can’t afford not to. Find the time in small ways.”  The idea of taking time to feed your body, soul, and spirit regularly does not have to be an overwhelming one, affirms Thaddeus Heffner.  It can be done in small bites.

Thaddeus Heffner has several suggestions for making some small changes. First, consider setting a boundary in the evening when you will stop answering work email, turn the TV off and pick up a book instead, go for a walk, hold someone’s hand, say a prayer, maybe say two, stretch your body and drink more water, call a friend, go to bed a little early tonight, take time to help someone, look people in the eye when you speak to them, be kind to a stranger. As Thaddeus Heffner points out, the list goes on and on.

These do not have to be great, overwhelming feats, according to Thaddeus Heffner.  He cautions, “Don’t be fooled by the seemingly smallness and ordinariness of these acts. When done with intention they can be a power force that is good and nourishing. You might be surprised at how far one small act of kindness can go.”

So be kind to someone today, proposes Thaddeus Heffner. And start by being kind to yourself and, with intention, begin nourishing your whole self.

Thaddeus Heffner is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Brentwood, Tennessee and is a member in good standing with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  Visit him today at