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Ian Woodman, Idaho Businessman, Explains How You May Be Overpaying Taxes

Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, has seen many taxpayers struggle with the IRS. In addition to providing resolution to tax problems from simple to complex, Ian Woodman provides Idaho residents with tax assistance both leading up to and during tax season.

While overdue tax filings and past-due payments are a common challenge for the company’s clients, says Ian Woodman of Idaho based Instant Tax Solutions, the staff at ITS also sees another issue. Taxpayers who do not seek assistance during tax time end up paying more than they should, says Ian Woodman. Idaho residents who seek tax assistance from ITS often learn that there are many ways they can save money each year.

One of the biggest problems, points out Ian Woodman of Idaho based Instant Tax Solutions, is that taxpayers are so afraid of an IRS audit they don’t claim all the deductions they are owed. While it is definitely wise to err on the safe side, Ian Woodman, notes Idaho taxpayers may be actually overpaying the IRS. A qualified tax professional can help them determine what rights they have, adds Woodman.

Claiming items like a home office are legitimate if done according to tax guidelines, Ian Woodman of Idaho based Instant Tax Solutions says. If you work from home, you may be entitled to claim a portion of your home costs, including your mortgage, Woodman reports. The key is to know the tax laws and the tax professionals at Ian Woodman ’s Idaho based Instant Tax Solutions can help you decipher them.

Another way taxpayers overpay, according to Ian Woodman of Idaho, is by having too much withdrawn throughout the year. While this overpayment may be small, the amount you could be saving each year can add up over time, notes Ian Woodman. Idaho ’s Instant Tax Solutions office regularly counsels taxpayers about having less withheld throughout the year and saving or investing that money. This ensures the taxpayer gets the interest instead of the IRS, explains Ian Woodman, Idaho Instant Tax Solutions co-owner.

While not everyone has the discipline to set that money aside, as experts like Ian Woodman in Idaho have seen, it can be done. Simply change your withholding and have an automatic transfer set up with your bank each paycheck in the amount you would have been paying to the IRS.

Instant Tax Solutions was co-founded by Ian Woodman, Idaho businessman, and his business partner Byron Pedersen. Ian Woodman’s Idaho Instant Tax Solutions office helps thousands of clients each year by providing insightful tax advice.

Instant Tax Solutions’ Ratings Offers Unparalleled Service

There are several reasons why Instant Tax Solutions’ ratings are so high; in this brief interview Zrylw Blog discusses their services with the Instant tax Solutions Ratings Team.

Zrylw: Thank you for joining us today. With tax season in full swing, we are lucky to have caught you.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: We are always glad to speak about taxes; it’s what we do!

Zrylw: We understand that Instant Tax Solutions’ ratings with the BBB have remained consistently an A+ – that is quite an achievement. We want to congratulate you for that honor.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: We thank you for that. We definitely couldn’t have done it without our service team.

Zrylw: What type of agents does your firm employ?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Only the best former IRS Auditors, Certified Public Accountants, Federally Licensed Enrolled Agents, and Legal Counsel.

Zrylw: Please tell our readers what services you provide.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: We offer Tax Resolution services; basically, when a taxpayer is behind with Uncle Sam, we help them understand why and sort through options they have for repayment.

Zrylw: There are options?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Yes, actually, the IRS has many programs available for those who cannot file on time, cannot pay on time, or who are already behind – even if they are years past due.

Zrylw: Very interesting. We didn’t know that.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Many good hard-working Americans don’t. The IRS isn’t just going to call everyone who is late and say, “We’ll catch you next year, when you are caught up on your personal obligations…”

Zrylw: So, what kinds of reductions are available?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: There are programs that allow for monthly payments and even reduced penalties.

Zrylw: Are all taxpayers eligible and guaranteed reduced taxes?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: No, that is a topic of discussion now among agencies like us. There have been a number of TV ads placed over the last few years that promise results – to everyone. The fact of the matter is, it isn’t possible to make those claims. The IRS has very specific guidelines, policies and safeguards in place to ensure proper use of the system.

Zrylw: That sounds very confusing. How does Instant tax Solutions keep up with it all?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Our staff is trained and re-trained constantly. We monitor the IRS’s regulations and ensure that our representatives are up-to-date on even the smallest changes.

Zrylw: Looking at your website, we can see you are different. It says that you offer direct support, flat fees, and that you are licensed in all 50 states. Is that right?

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: Yes, that is all correct. Also, as a value-added service to our clients, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of their tax situation before we accept their case or their payment. Our staff will advise if there does not appear to be an IRS program that can help, and why.

Zrylw: No wonder Instant Tax Solutions has earned such high marks from the Better Business Bureau.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team: We take pride in each and every case that we present to the IRS and we are certainly honored to have the recognition of an A+ rated firm.

The Instant Tax Solutions Ratings Team, a group of the firm’s employees who specialize in rating and accessing taxpayer information, offers a no obligation, no cost consultation. The group specializes in solutions and offers services without delay, without hidden charges, and without false promises. For more information, visit them online at www.InstantTaxSolutions.com or call 888.387.4071

Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives

Kummetz Corp LLC knows Colombia has large deposits of gold spread throughout the country. As a company that regularly scans the globe to help bolster economies in countries that need it, Kummetz Corp LLC sees great opportunity in gold mining in Colombia, thanks to mines that have been around for decades, with new mines springing up often these days. As such, Kummetz Corp LLC has partnered with Colombia to help increase the country’s economy.

The partnerships, Kummetz Corp LLC states, are in the northern region of the country, with Kummetz Corp LLC making plans to mine more than 9,000 acres of land in these areas. Many have flocked to Colombia in recent years, Kummetz Corp LLC explains, thanks in part to the rising value of gold in most parts of the world, as well as the opportunities that exist in Colombia.

Gold mining is a hot issue in Colombia now, with some experts predicting the country will produce more than three million ounces of gold in 2012, Kummetz Corp LLC describes. Colombia has been encouraging miners to explore for gold, with recent reports stating that more than forty international companies are now exploring the country in search of gold, Kummetz Corp LLC cites. Due to the rising prices of gold, companies like Kummetz Corp LLC are able to take advantage of Colombia’s rich resources, which, in turn, benefits the country by bringing in industry and strengthening the country’s economy.

As Kummetz Corp LLC explains, Colombia had a long struggle after a 1999 depression weakened its economy. In addition to gold, Colombia’s exports include agriculture, petroleum, and coffee, Kummetz Corp LLC says. Colombian coffee is known worldwide for its delicious, rich taste. According to Kummetz Corp LLC, the country has also become a leader in petroleum exportation, ramping up export efforts in recent years to become the U.S.’s seventh largest foreign supplier of oil.

By focusing on gold mining in Colombia, Kummetz Corp LLC hopes to help strengthen the country’s economy, which is now growing stronger, thanks to the increase in exports. By building the economy, Kummetz Corp LLC knows it can help the people of Colombia have access to all of the comforts for a long, productive life. Additionally, Kummetz Corp LLC knows that increasing gold production can help keep gold prices reasonable by increasing supply to meet worldwide demand.

About Kummetz Corp LLC: The Kummetz Corp LLC was registered in the state of Nevada in 2005. The Kummetz Corp LLC has satellite offices in some of the remotest regions of the world, allowing them to react in areas with the greatest need for economic stimulation. The firm consistently produces a steady return on investment for their clients through funding projects that bring change to some of the poorest areas of the world.

Ian Woodman Memorable Holidays: Honeymoon Cruise

Of Ian Woodman’s many memorable vacations, his honeymoon cruise in 2004 stands out. Ian Woodman and his wife Becky were so impressed with one of the destinations, the Bahamas, that they chose to revisit it for their seven-year anniversary.

A cruise is a preferred way to travel for many reasons, Ian Woodman explains. First, he says, is that it gives you a small taste of several destinations in one trip. According to Ian Woodman, most ships stop in several ports during a one-week or two-week trip, with tours available at each stop. And as Ian Woodman found, you may often discover destinations for future vacations during these stops, returning to spend more time in the future.

During Ian Woodman’s honeymoon cruise, he and his wife were treated to a taste of Jamaica, Cozumel, and the Bahamas. While in Jamaica, Mr. and Mrs. Ian Woodman were treated to a view of Dunn’s Falls, a popular destination for tourists. Visitors of Dunn’s Falls can climb up to six hundred feet while enjoying breathtaking views while led by a guide. As Ian Woodman explains, climbing is, of course, optional and some simply choose to stand on the sidelines, taking pictures. At the base of the waterfall is a beach where visitors can relax, while those who make it all the way to the top will find souvenir shops. Ian Woodman calls Dunn’s Falls a must-see destination for anyone visiting Jamaica, adding that it is one of the most amazing things he’s ever done.

In Cozumel, Ian Woodman and his wife were able to swim with the dolphins for the first time. It proved to be such an incredible experience that he swam with dolphins five times within the next seven years. According to Ian Woodman, Dolphin Discovery provides a variety of packages for visitors. Ian Woodman notes the Dolphin Royal Swim, which allows you and your family to swim with the dolphins. This swim includes the famous foot push, where two dolphins pull you along as you stand on them. The Dolphin Swim Adventure allows you to watch the dolphins with a snorkeling mask, Ian Woodman describes, and the Dolphin Encounter is specifically designed for children.

In addition to being able to visit a variety of locations, Ian Woodman and his wife were impressed by all the offerings on the cruise ship itself. There seemed to always be something to do, Ian Woodman explains, with delicious meals and fun activities making every minute of the trip as excitement-filled as possible.

Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans

Through a special fund, Kummetz Corporation will now provide support to both the disabled and orphans in Brazil. This is the latest in a series of initiatives that Kummetz Corporation has undertaken to help assist with economic development in needy areas of that country.

Licensed in 2005 in Nevada, Kummetz Corporation has provided help in East Africa, South America, and other locations by helping build houses and provide economic opportunities to boost those areas’ economies. Through its Kummetz World Foundation, Kummetz Corporation is working to help foster educational development for a well-educated workforce, as well as create more hospitals for better medical care and help boost agricultural development.

With this fund, Kummetz Corporation will specifically target the disabled and orphans, providing educational opportunities and scholarships to individuals in need. Kummetz Corporation will also help provide housing to help families affected by disability and other economic hardships, in an effort to ensure every citizen has a place to live.

According to a spokesperson at Kummetz Corporation, the Company also believes that affected citizens need emotional support as well. For this reason, Kummetz Corporation will use funds to help provide counseling services. These services will include psychological evaluations and working with individuals who have behavioral disorders, Kummetz Corporation says.

Brazil has an estimated 20,000 homeless residents, which may in part be due to a deficiency in housing in the country. By helping build low-cost, environmentally-friendly housing to Brazil’s population, Kummetz Corporation hopes to give citizens the basics they need to get back on their feet.

Education is especially important, according to Kummetz Corporation. By giving educational opportunities where they previously have not existed, Kummetz Corporation hopes to build a better educated workforce, which will in turn strengthen the country’s economy and provide future educational opportunities.

In addition to education and housing, Kummetz Corporation is also involved with boosting the country’s access to healthcare. By working with companies that can build these hospitals, Kummetz Corporation hopes to provide better access to medical treatments for citizens throughout Brazil. Kummetz Corporation is also working on projects to develop biofuels and mine elements in the area in an effort to provide environmentally-friendly experts to help boost economic development.

Interview with Joe Aldeguer at the Los Angeles Premiere of “Nobody, Nobody But Juan”

Interviewer: Hey what’s up guys? In case you guys didn’t know, this film has people working from the back, and part of the cast, all in one. Great movie. I actually have one of the co-executive producers with Nobody, Nobody But Juan. I have to ask, how is it working with the comedy king?

Joe Aldeguer: You know, initially you’re definitely intimidated. It’s Dolphy—the king of comedy.  From the moment he says “hello” to you—he’s Dolphy. He treats you just like you’re one of his family. He’s absolutely unbelievably humble. That was really a surreal event. But immediately the surrealness just goes away.

Interviewer: Cool. You know what? I forgot to ask a lot of the people that I interviewed—. Give me a few names of the people in the cast.

Joe Aldeguer: Well, there is of course Eric Quizon who plays his son and my brother in the movie. He’s also the director of the film. There’s G. Toengi. There’s Pokwang. There’s Willie Revillame. He does a special appearance and a guest on there. There’s Heart Evangelista. There’s of course Eddie Garcia, Gloria Romero. The cast is a long cast.

Interviewer: It sounds like a star-studded cast.

Joe Aldeguer: Yeah. There’s also Epi Quizon, and also Vandolph.

Interviewer: So you have, like, the Quizon is president of the movie. I have to ask, what is the fondest moment you have with making the movie?

Joe Aldeguer: Well, the fondness is obviously, you know, coming from the United States—this was my first project in the Philippines. The vastness of the movie. There’s a lot of moving parts in the film—a lot of film crew, there’s truck loads, and the entourage that comes with the Dolphy name.

Interviewer: Would you say it’s like culture shock of having films independently made here to films being made over there?

Joe Aldeguer:Well, yes, because there are so many more people involved there because, of course, you know, it’s easier to make a movie in the Philippines but it’s more fun.  Being Filipino-American you feel home right away. It was my first time in the Philippines as an adult. But as soon as you walked off the plane you feel like you were home. You know what I’m talking about?

Interviewer: Cool. I know with the scripts and whatnot is it exactly what you guys envisioned it out to be?

Joe Aldeguer: Reading the script it comes out so differently than what you actually see in the film. There’s a lot that goes into the film. The scenes are definitely a lot more vivid than real life, of course. And also the script changes a lot. Of course working with Dolphy who is the king of impromptu –he absolutely ad libs everything. But he ad libs it to make more of it, to involve more people, to have more fun with the film.

Interviewer: I hear he makes everybody so comfortable on the set trying to work with him. So everybody is not nervous around him.

Joe Aldeguer: Not at all. Again, it’s a big family affair. Really the whole cast becomes Dolphy’s family—the whole thing becomes like a big extended Dolphy family.

Interviewer: It sounds really great. You guys make sure to check out Nobody, Nobody But Juan. Let’s go ahead and invite our viewers out there.

Joe Aldeguer: Well, real quickly. This is going to be the first Filipino film that is going to hit AMC Theaters or mainstream theaters in the United States. The first film. And who better to represent our culture or our films than Dolphy, Dolphy himself. Sixty-five years is the anniversary this year. In the L.A. area it’s going to be in Covina and also Long Beach. AMC. And that’s February 26 through March 4.  For more information go to Juanthemovie.com for other cities. It will be playing nationwide in different selected cities.

Interviewer: And this will be in AMC theaters?

Joe Vincent Aldeguer: AMC theaters—we are so excited to work with them. Not only, if it does well, which we think it will, it gets our foot in the door. Most Filipinos, as we get our foot in the door, we work very hard. We think it could be a step to bigger, bigger films in the future.

Interviewer: Great! You guys heard it straight from one of the producers of the movie and a part of the cast. Come by your nearest AMC theaters. It’s going to be out in Covina, Long Beach. So check it out. Nobody, Nobody but Juan. And the website again?

Joe Vincent Aldeguer: Juanthemovie.com.

Interviewer: Alright guys. That’s it for now. Thanks.