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Coronavirus Car Tips: What to Disinfect In Your Car Right Now

GPO Tuning

While the coronavirus pandemic has prompted people to work from home, they still need to drive every now and then to do their errands. Essential employees also have to commute to work daily. During this time, staying safe and healthy means disinfecting areas and things we come in contact with, and that includes your car.

A BMW service center in Nashville, GPO Tuning shares tips on how to disinfect your car thoroughly.

Here’s a checklist of car surfaces to clean and disinfect

When a person with coronavirus coughs or exhales, tiny droplets are released and could land on surfaces. The coronavirus can live on surfaces for a few hours to up to several days depending on factors such as the type of surface, temperature, and humidity. The virus can spread when people touch contaminated surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. 

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, Nashville-based BMW service center GPO Tuning recommends disinfecting car surfaces regularly. Focus on frequently touched areas such as:

  • Steering wheel
  • Key and remote fob
  • Exterior door handles
  • Trunk lid
  • Interior door panels
  • Start button, if your car has one
  • Dashboard
  • Audio systems
  • Touchscreens
  • Rearview mirror
  • HVAC vents
  • Gear shifter
  • Turn signal lever
  • Windshield wiper controls
  • Center stack knobs
  • Center console and armrests
  • Seats
  • Seat belt and buckle
  • Headrests
  • Cup holders
  • Parking brake

Hard, non-porous surfaces such as armrests, door handles, seat belt buckles, light and air controls, doors, windows, and grab handles can be cleaned with soap and water before applying a disinfectant. Soft, porous surfaces such as fabric seats should be cleaned with products formulated specifically for the material. Electronic touchscreens are sensitive and should be cleaned and disinfected following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here’s a list of disinfectants considered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as effective against the coronavirus. Always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for concentration, application method, and contact time for all cleaning and disinfection products. Do wear gloves while disinfecting your car, and try to do so in a well-ventilated area.

Just as important as keeping your car coronavirus-free is making sure it’s safe to drive. While regular car maintenance is easy to overlook, it’s one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. Ignoring maintenance can end up costing you more in the long run. If your BMW needs more than just a thorough disinfection, schedule an appointment with GPO Tuning, a  BMW service center in Nashville. Their team of technicians provides a mix of factory training, ASE certifications, technical school training, and have over 100 years of combined experience, making sure your vehicle is in excellent condition.  

As an essential service provider for transportation, GPO Tuning is open for business. Get in touch with them today to book an appointment.

German Performance Options (GPO Tuning) is Nashville’s most trusted independent BMW service center. Call 615.248.9466 to speak to one of their service advisors.

GPO Tuning: Volkswagen Repair in Nashville Starts With Maintenance

GPO Tuning GPO Tuning is Nashville’s leading import service shop and specializes in performance tuning and general repairs on Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mini and Porsche, and other high-performance vehicles. Here, the experts from this Music City garage open up about ways to maintain a Volkswagen, and when it’s best to seek an expert.

Q: What is the first sign that something is wrong with my vehicle?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: That really depends on the problem. If your tires are out of balance, for example, your vehicle may feel shaky when you drive down the highway. However, for many problems, a check engine light is the first sign that you need Volkswagen repair. In Nashville, that means paying us a visit to have your vehicle evaluated by a professional.

Q: A check engine light always indicates a serious issue, right?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: Fortunately, no. While a check engine light does require expertise, and often specialized equipment, to track down the root cause, sometimes it is something as simple as a loose fuel cap.

Q: How can I tell if my brakes need attention?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: Squealing or a grating noise or vibration when braking is a good indication that your Volkswagens braking system needs repair. Something else to look for is fluid under the vehicle where you park. If you see any liquid other than regular condensation, call your mechanic.

Q: Is there a way to avoid costly repairs?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: There are many things you can do to reduce the chances of needing Volkswagen repair. In Nashville, this starts with changing the oil regularly. This is usually done in increments of 5,000 miles as our humid heat during the summer necessitates frequent oil changes. Your Volkswagen technician might also suggest changing the spark plugs and filters.

GPO Tuning
Q: Where is the best place to park my Volkswagen?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: A garage or covered carport is best to avoid storm and sun damage. Something else to consider is whether or not you park on a steep hill, which will make it necessary to engage the parking brake. This can add extra wear and tear to your braking system so make sure to ask your mechanic to check your brake pads at each visit.

Q: How can I talk to my mechanic about needed repairs?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: Do not be afraid to ask them point blank what, exactly, is wrong with your vehicle. At GPO Tuning, our mechanics are certified and trained to work on your Volkswagen. They have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose problems, and won’t give you the runaround or leave you with a vague answer.

Q: Will they be able to tell me how long my repairs will take?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: You will not always get an exact time. Minor repairs and maintenance may take a single day while more involved projects can take a week or more. Your mechanic can help you pinpoint the appropriate time to bring your vehicle and will let you know immediately if anything comes up that might delay its return.

Q: Other than repairs, what services are available at GPO Tuning?

GPO Tuning, Volkswagen Repair Nashville: We offer performance tuning that can take your vehicle to the next level. From performance tuning software, air intake systems to lightened flywheels and larger turbochargers, our performance tuning services can help you upgrade your Volkswagen a little or a lot, it all depends on what you want to get out of your vehicle and your budget.

Call German Performance Options (GPO Tuning) for answers to all your questions about VW Repair or visit 615-392-5498

Bobby Price Shines a Light on a Real American Hero

Bobby PriceNo, we’re not talking about the 80s cartoon soldier. Here, Bobby Price discusses his decommissioned 1984 American LaFrance Triple Combination Fire Pumper.

ZRYLW: We appreciate you being here today.

Bobby Price: I’m happy to share with your readers.

ZRYLW: We understand that you own an old New York firetruck. How did that come in your possession?

Bobby Price: Back in 2006, I attended an auction at the Cars of Dreams Museum. The fire pumper – an American LaFrance Triple Combination – had just been delivered. Notably, the truck was driven the entire way.

ZRYLW: Why was it decommissioned?

Bobby Price: The truck was over 20 years old at the time. And, despite having served faithfully, Engine Company 2 of the Commack Fire Department made the decision that it was time for an upgrade.

ZRYLW: Can you tell us about American LaFrance?

Bobby Price: American LaFrance was an American fire apparatus manufacturer from 1873 until 2014.

ZRYLW: They built fire trucks? 

Bobby Price Bobby Price: Not only fire trucks; they started out selling hand powered equipment. The founders Truckson LaFrance and Alexander Diven both had extensive experience in the industry and had been involved in companies that built steam powered fire engines.

ZRYLW: The company was based in South Carolina, correct?

Bobby Price: It was, however, its original corporate offices and manufacturing operations were located in New York.

ZRYLW: Did the company have any foreign operations?

Bobby Price: It was American owned and operated but had a plant in Ontario Canada that functioned under the name LaFrance-Foamite until 1971.

ZRYLW: What other kinds of vehicles did the company manufacture?

Bobby Price: American LaFrance focused specifically on firefighting equipment. It built combination pumpers, chemical engines, and aerial ladder trucks. In addition, American LaFrance provided specialty equipment including airport crash response vehicles.

ZRYLW: Why did the company go under?
Bobby Price: The company filed for bankruptcy in 2008 citing implementation problems with its new enterprise resource planning software.ZRYLW: But they continued through 2014?

Bobby Price: After six months, the company emerged from bankruptcy and continued successfully until ceasing operations in 2014.

ZRYLW: What drove your decision to buy the fire engine?

Bobby Price: I’m something of an automotive history enthusiast and really felt like this truck symbolized the greatest manufacturing accomplishments in America.

ZRYLW: How’s that?

Bobby Price: Many collector vehicles simply earn recognition for their ability to go fast. This truck is different in that it was directly responsible for saving countless lives in its two decades in service.

ZRYLW: When you put it that way, it’s pretty remarkable.

Bobby PriceBobby Price: I think so. I know the firemen were sad to see it go.

ZRYLW: You mentioned that you purchased this from the Cars of Dreams Museum. Tell us about that…?

Bobby Price: The Cars of Dreams Museum is a showcase of classic vehicles located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

ZRYLW: And it holds auctions?

Bobby Price: Usually when it has an auction, it’s to raise funds for an important cause.

ZRYLW: Can you give us an example?

Bobby Price: The Cars of Dreams Museum holds classic car shows and auctions that benefit everything from the Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office Shop with a Cop program.

ZRYLW: Sounds like a great place to stop on a vacation!

Bobby Price: It definitely is…

Bobby Price is the owner of Nashville’s premier collision repair provider Price’s Collision Centers. He is an avid automobile collector who says cars have played a major role in his life since childhood.

David Slone Discusses a Fascination with Root Beer

About twelve years ago, David Slone received a package at work from one of his vendors. Curious, he opened it up. Inside, David Slone found samples of Henry Weinhard’s® Root Beer. David Slone was soon fascinated by the complex mix of sassafras, vanilla, licorice, yeast, and other flavors, all mingled in a cold, frothy drink. That was when David Slone began his fascination with root beer. From there, David Slone was on a mission; a mission to sample as many root beers as he could track down.

Since that time, David Slone has tried many a different brand of root beer, and has found out a great deal about the history of the drink. What David Slone found out was a bit of a surprise.

Root beer, discovered David Slone, goes back to colonial times, with what was referred to as “small beer.” Small beers, according to David Slone, sometimes included alcohol, and sometimes not. Things like sarsaparilla, birch beer, ginger beer and root beer were all small beers. David Slone notes that ingredients could include juniper, wintergreen, burdock root, dandelion root, coriander, allspice, molasses and other exotic elements.

Digging deeper, David Slone found that it was in the 1870s when Charles Hires made the first commercially-available root beer. Charles Hires was a Philadelphia pharmacist, David Slone discovered. While on his honeymoon, Hires ran across a recipe for herbal tea. Soon, the pharmacist began selling the tea in a dry form, and began working on a beverage based on the recipe. David Slone went on to find out that Hires’ drink used over 25 herbs, berries and roots, and was debuted to the public at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial. David Slone says that another famous brand, A&W® Root Beer, dates back to 1919.

What is it that makes root beer so appealing to people like David Slone? It’s the combination of flavors and ingredients, David Slone states. No two root beer recipes are the same, and the drink has about as many different variations as there are root beer aficionados. In his current position at Weld County Garage, David Slone was delighted to receive a case of Goose Island® Root Beer from one of his regular vendors. David Slone found the combination of creamy consistency, carbonation and a spearmint finish to be tantalizing. Other root beers that David Slone counts among his favorites are Dog ‘n Suds®, Sprechers and Boylans®, each with its own unique personality.

David Slone isn’t by himself when it comes to his love for root beer. There are Root-Beer-of-the-Month Clubs that delve deep into root beer lore, exploring regional root beers from around the country. Members can even have a six-pack of the Root Beer of the Month shipped to their door. There are root beer kits, sampler packs of root beers, extracts and syrups, gift certificates, and even a private label of root beer that all go with membership in the club. Root beer is a uniquely American drink, notes David Slone, one that has roots that go back as far as the country itself.


County Line Nissan Offers Quality and Options: The Quest

County Line Nissan offers many quality vehicles, and the Quest is one of them. In the four door SL and LE models, the Quest minivan from County Line Nissan offers a 3.5 liter CVT automatic V6 engine that gets 24 highway miles per gallon. According to County Line Nissan, the Quest is a quiet, smooth ride with roomy seating for seven. Great for a family and traveling on road trips, the Quest is another vehicle available at County Line Nissan with quality and options. Safety is first when it comes to the Quest minivans available from County Line Nissan.

The Quest minivan available at County Line Nissan has safety features such as front and rear crumple zones, the Nissan advanced air bag system (AABS) – including driver and front passenger dual stage airbags, occupant sensors and front seat-mounted side-impact airbags. The Quest model at County Line Nissan also includes roof-mounted side curtain airbags for all rows, rearview monitor 3-point front seat belts including adjustable upper anchors, pretensioners and load limiters 3-point rear seat belts with height adjusters and 1st row active head restraints. The staff at County Line Nissan says that the Quest includes lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH). Child safety rear door locks are standard as well. Your family will be safe when traveling in the Quest from County Line Nissan.

According to County Line Nissan, the SL model is equipped with 18-inch wheels, heated mirrors, roof rails, a power lift gate, leather upholstery, heated front seats, a power driver seat and one-touch fold-flat third-row seats. County Line Nissan also offers the LE model that has even more luxury. At County Line Nissan the LE model has xenon headlights, driver seat memory, a power front passenger seat, power-return third-row seats, advanced air filtration, a navigation system, second- and third-row sunshades, a blind-spot warning system, a rear entertainment system with 11-inch widescreen and a 13 speaker Bose surround-sound system with an 8-inch display and satellite radio. A dual-panel moon roof is also included for the SL and LE models, notes the staff at County Line Nissan.

The Nissan Quest from County Line Nissan presents a calm, comfortable and quiet cabin. Wind and road noise are miniscule, just as ruts and bumps in the road are also absorbed by the compliant suspension, says County Line Nissan. On a test drive at County Line Nissan, you’ll find the steering is precise and overall the Quest is a fantastic minivan. The professionals at County Line Nissan are available to assist you every step of the way to make sure you have the vehicle of your dreams. Learn more by visiting them online at

About County Line Nissan: For 50 years County Line Nissan has offered its guaranteed credit acceptance program and the largest onsite parts department in New England, to customers in Connecticut and surrounding areas. County Line Nissan’s fifteen-acre property holds a variety of new and used vehicles to suit any car buyer’s budget and expectations. Whether you are looking for a $3,000 economy car or a $60,000 luxury vehicle, County Line Nissan stands ready to serve. In fact, many buyers find that the toughest part of the shopping experience at County Line Nissan is deciding which car to drive home.

The sales and service staff at County Line Nissan makes it their top priority to daily strive for customer satisfaction. County Line Nissan guarantees that buyers are always met with friendly, honest, helpful associates who will give them the full attention and consideration that they deserve. In addition to being Connecticut’s top Nissan Dealer, County Line Nissan’s inventory includes new and certified pre-owned Mitsubishis and Suzukis. The renovated County Line Nissan sales and service buildings will offer a luxury customer lounge and drive-through service lane. County Line Nissan stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality, service, and total customer satisfaction. For more information about County Line Nissan, visit them online at

County Line Nissan
2191 Straits Turnpike
Middlebury, CT 06762

Tire Works Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Customers that visit Tire Works for the first time often have the same questions about basic services. They ask the professionals at Tire Works, “What is computerized balancing? What is wheel alignment? Does wheel alignment have to be performed whenever tires are replaced? What are the basic types of tires?”

In this article, Tire Works answers these questions and invites prospective customers to stop in and learn more about the services offered at Tire Works. Computerized wheel balancing, explains the team at Tire Works, is when the tire and wheel assembly is mounted on a balancing machine before it is reattached to a car. The balancing machine spins the wheel at high speeds, says Tire Works, and detects heavy spots in the tire or wheel that might cause it to wobble later.

The Tire Works experts also explain that minute imbalances are inherent in the materials and manufacturing processes of wheels and tires. As technology has improved, adds the team at Tire Works, tires are being produced with fewer inherent imbalance. But technology has also improved the automobiles, says Tire Works, and they are consequently more sensitive to even minor imbalances. Certified computerized tire balancing, notes Tire Works, has become the industry standard. All tires purchased at Tire Works are eligible for free balancing and tire rotation for the life of the tires and the Tire Works experts caution that driving on imbalanced tires can lead to flat spots and irregular wear that will shorten tire life.

To answer the second question, what is wheel alignment? Tire Works explains that wheel alignment is a series of adjustments and calibrations made to the suspension of an automobile. Sound wheel alignment, add the expert professionals of Tire Works, improves vehicle handling and mitigates tire wear. Tire Works also notes that poor alignment may lead to unsafe conditions at high speeds, during turns and safety maneuvers.

Tire Works further explains that changing tires does not affect the wheel alignment of a car. When tires are replaced, Tire Works inspects the old tires for signs of uneven wear caused by bad alignment. If there are signs of poor alignment, Tire Works will recommend a tire alignment service. Tire Works also informs consumers that good wheel alignment lengthens the life of the tires.

When customers shop for tires, continues Tire Works, they will eventually choose between four general types of passenger tires. Tire Works stocks Ultra High Performance tires, Touring tires, All-Season tires and Traction tires. Tire Works’ Ultra High Performance tires have excellent dry road traction, rigid sidewalls for stability and are resistant to wear under high temperatures. Touring tires have better wet weather traction, explains the staff at Tire Works, as well as longer tread life. Tire Works also offers All-Season tires that give the quietest ride, best wet weather traction and longest tread life. Traction tires are designed for specialized uses, says Tire Works, like winter use driving in mud and snow. Tire Works advises automobile owners that tire choice should based on individual driving needs and the type of car. The experts at Tire Works provide customers a full complement of products and services as well as a wealth of automotive knowledge. Ever committed to quality customer service, Tire Works endeavors to follow up with each sale to get the customer’s opinion of the service they have received at Tire Works.

For more information about Tire Works, or to contact the professional team at Tire Works, please call (702) 365-TIRE (8473).

About Tire Works

In May, 2004 Jeff and Roshie Weightman opened the first Tire Works store in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The Weightman’s vision and ambition for Tire Works was clear. Their mission was to support the local community through hands-on involvement and generous donations from Tire Works to programs like Toys For Tots, Christmas Angel, Coats For Kids, Nevada Rape Crisis Center and many more.

Jeff and Roshie Weightman promised that Tire Works would offer the best prices and best service to Las Vegas residents. Tire Works got the message out through television, radio and print advertising, and the public responded. Over the next four years Tire Works grew aggressively as 12 additional stores were opened in the Las Vegas Valley. Today Tire Works is one of the leading independent tire and service dealers in Nevada with more than 150 employees and 14 Tire Works locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley.  The Weightmans are opening 9 more Tire Works stores in Las Vegas, with plans to expand Tire Works into Arizona.

Jeff Weightman serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tire Works Total Car Care.  Thirty-five years of experience in the tire and automotive service industry included many years with Bridgestone Firestone of North America before he co-founded Tire Works.  Mr. Weightman is responsible for the overall strategic management of Tire Works Total Car Care.  He is a graduate of San Jose State University with a B.S. in Business.

Roshie Weightman serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Tire Works Total Car Care.  Mrs. Weightman is a graduate of San Jose State University with a B.S. in Political Science and a minor in Finance.  She earned a Jurist Doctorate degree in Law from the Santa Clara School of Law and practiced law for 11 years prior to starting a software design company, selling it and then later, co-founding Tire Works. Mrs. Weightman is responsible for the overall growth and development of Tire Works Total Car Care.

Tire Works’ veteran retail sales expert with more than 25 years of experience in the tire industry, Keith Sullivan, is responsible for Tire Works’ branding and sales efforts.  Mr. Sullivan came to Tire Works from Big O Tires, growing its sales portfolio roughly 50% during his tenure there. Sullivan also served as senior Vice President of Retail with Tire Kingdom TBC Corporation in Florida, where he supervised the sales and marketing of 400 stores and with Bridgestone/Firestone USA where he held a Zone Vice President position over 329 stores in the Northeastern United States.

Controller Jenni Fayle joined Tire Works after seven years in public accounting.  She is a graduate of Nevada State College with a degree in Business Management and Accounting.  Ms. Fayle has streamlined the accounting department at Tire Works into one of the most thorough and efficient in the industry.

Tire Works offers a full range of tires and high quality repair services. Free services offered at Tire Works include tire rotations and flat repairs and a “Best Price on Tires Guarantee” for up to 30 days after purchase. Tire Works tires also come with a 30-Day Ride Guarantee. Additionally, Tire Works provides computerized monitoring of inventory to ensure that tires and parts are always in stock at every Tire Works location. Tire Works service technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Tire Works offers the best warranties on brakes, shocks and automotive services. It is the goal of the entire team at Tire Works to have 100% customer satisfaction in regard to quality, friendliness, professional care and time to completion.

Bikes Direct Offers Advice to Aspiring Touring Cyclists

Bikes Direct has watched with excitement as customers have bought bikes for the purpose of touring. In its simplest form, according to the Bikes Direct professionals, bike touring involves traveling long distances by bike, carrying any necessary gear such as clothing, camping gear, and cooking equipment. Bikes Direct is glad to see that cycling has become so integral to the lives of many people that they are eager to plan vacations not only incorporating a bike, but also completely centered on it. Many customers who have purchased their touring bikes from Bikes Direct post their experiences on forums and blogs, and Bikes Direct employees love to see pictures of happy customers on their touring bikes by the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or inaugurating and concluding a cross-country tour by dipping their wheels in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Bikes Direct customers report that these tours, whether days, weeks, or months long, are among their most memorable vacations, and their first tours often become the first of many. Bikes Direct believes that there is no better way to travel than by bike, and to incorporate biking into one’s vacation plans is to guarantee that the trip will stay with the cyclist forever.

Although the thought of planning a ride potentially hundreds of miles in length and also organizing lodging can be a bit intimidating, Bikes Direct is happy to report that there is a wealth of incredibly detailed information available online to help those entertaining the idea of doing a tour. Bikes Direct believes that bike touring, in essence, can be quite simple. All that is required is a bike, camping gear (if the bike tourist chooses to camp), a couple changes of clothes and a route. Obviously, the bike is the most important piece of equipment one will require for a tour, and Bikes Direct offers many touring models, including the popular Windsor Tourist and Motobecane Gran Turismo. These bikes feature slightly wider tires than traditional road bikes, braze-ons to which to mount racks, and a relaxed geometry for a less aggressive, more comfortable ride. Naturally, accessories depend on the length of trip and the tourist’s lodging plans, and Bikes Direct is glad to recommend shops that will provide the future bike tourist with amazing deals. Bikes Direct has heard from customers who have camped their whole journey and who have required the maximum amount of gear, while others have stayed in hotels and required minimal gear. Some have combined both.

One of the aspects that Bikes Direct loves most about touring is that the length of the tour and the route can be altered to accommodate any riding level and style. A tour can take two days or two months, and Bikes Direct believes that every length has its benefits. Shorter, more local tours familiarize cyclists with their own surroundings, revealing environments, neighborhoods and wildlife that have been right under their nose all along but have perhaps gone unnoticed. Longer tours, on the other hand, expose cyclists to a region, an entire country, or even multiple countries and the distinctive cultures, people and landscapes that comprise those areas. Short or long, Bikes Direct believes every tour provides cyclists with an opportunity to become better acquainted with their world.

Bikes Direct urges anyone even remotely interested in a bike tour to further explore the information available. There are many existing routes, and Bikes Direct hopes to see pictures of its customers and hear their experiences on each and every one. There are a myriad of reasons to plan a bike tour. Some go looking for adventure, to gain a better familiarity with a region, or – as is the driving force for many Bikes Direct staffers – to eat their way across the country. Whether planning a tour through your state or going all out and planning to traverse the TransAmerica Trail, Bikes Direct believes that bike touring offers an amazing experience for anyone, from beginner cyclist to advanced. Tourists are encouraged to send comments on specs, tours, and other interesting topics to Bikes Direct. This type of input could be posted at any address on the Bikes Direct contact page at

About Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct continues to provide the same excellent cycling experience that riders around the world have come to expect from Motobecane. As a beginning, Bikes Direct can offer this brief history; Motobecane has been making bikes since 1923 and was named after the French word Moto for motorcycle and Becane for bike. Things went well for the company until 1981 when they were bankrupt and bought by Yamaha and became MBK. Now Motobecane USA is not related to the French company as they import bikes from Taiwan and China, these are the bikes you are interested in. Bikes Direct offers these Bikes Direct to the public at competitive price points and excellent quality.

According to Bikes Direct, Motobécane was a major manufacturer in the French bicycle industry. The frames on Motobécane’s mid-to-upper bikes were typically double-butted lugged steel made from Vitus or Reynolds 531 molybdenum/manganese steel tubing with Nervex lugs. Motobécane finished their frames in beautiful and high-quality paint, a practice not often followed in the French industry. Considered the second most prestigious French bicycle (after Peugeot, whose more durable design they emulated, but ahead of Gitane), Bikes Direct remembers Motobécane’s mid-range bikes as a good value; the company kept prices reasonable by matching high-quality frames with lower-priced, but higher-quality components from Japan, at a time when competitors were putting higher-priced, lower quality French components on mid-range bikes. Bikes Direct says that Motobécane bicycles included the Nomade, Mirage, Super Mirage, Super Touring, Grand Touring, Sprint, Jubilee, Grand Record, Le Champion, and Team Champion.

Bikes Direct now offers Motobecane models that use carbon on two of their ranges of bikes, the Race Carbon/AL and the Full Carbon ranges. From the Race Carbon they produce the Century Comp, Elite, Pro and Team and from the Full Carbon they have the Immortal Pro, Force and Spirit.

Race Carbon/AL from Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct says the Race Carbon /AL frames are a mixture of Alloy main frame tubes and carbon rear seat stays. The frames use different Alloy for the tubes on each of the frames and different equipment to assemble the bikes.
The Century Comp has Columbus Airplane tubes and Shimano 105 Triple group set.

The Century Elite has Shimano Ultegra Triple kit and the frame is made from 7005 double butted and carbon stays. Shimano Ultegra 30 speed and Kinesium SL and Carbon are used for the Century Pro.

Bikes Direct offers the top class Shimano Dura-Ace, and carbon FSA Cranks are used for the Century Team with Kineses 7005 AL main tubes and carbon stays. All have carbon forks.

The Full Carbon

Shimano Utegra mixed with 105 and FSA is fitted to the Immortal Pro high modulus carbon fiber monocoque frameset along with carbon forks American Classic wheels.

Bikes Direct knows the Immortal Force is very similar to the Pro except it is all Shimano Ultegra; all the other equipment and the frame is the same.

The Immortal Spirit Dura-Ace, FSA, American Classic wheels and Ritchey are all fitted to a monocoque carbon frame keeping the weight down to 16 pounds.

Bikes Direct makes sure that all the equipment is top class and you can’t fault any choice there. Looking at the Geometries of the frames there is beauty and they handle well.

In addition to the standard diamond frame bicycles, Motobécane produced mixte frame versions; the mixte frame Grand Touring had twin lateral stays in place of a top tube, extending from the head tube to the seat tube, while the Super Touring and Grand Jubilé had a single top tube sloping down towards the seat tube, but diverging into twin lateral stays just before the seat tube. Later mixte Grand Touring models also used this design. Motobécane also produced a tandem bicycle.

Bikes Direct says vintage French bicycles, including Motobécane, are often sought today for their value as a fixed gear conversion.

For more information about Motobecane contact Bikes Direct at

Bikes Direct Offers Affordable Quality Bikes — Online

The first of its kind, Bikes Direct was started by a Texas businessman, David Sander, who built the Cycle Spectrum bicycle store chain. Although the Internet bike retail site, Bikes Direct, is an entirely separate concern, it does have one massive advantage that no other Internet bike sales outlet can claim: the enormous Cycle Spectrum inventory.

This bulk quantity and low overhead allows Bikes Direct customers to experience savings they just don’t find in the brick-and-mortar world. Some Bikes Direct prices are less than retail by literally thousands of dollars. This is often the case, for instance, when Bikes Direct is offering a professionally-tested high-end titanium bike.

Most bike retailers don’t have tens of thousands of dollars of inventory on hand as Bikes Direct does with its access to Cycle Spectrum stock. There is simply no way in which smaller retailers can meet the savings that customers experience at Bikes Direct. Bikes Direct also offers free shipping and no tax to most of the continental United States.

Even customers who go to one of the Cycle Spectrum stores won’t always see the kind of prices that Bikes Direct offers (although they’re similar). This is because some of the bikes at Bikes Direct are built slightly differently. They are more like a comfort bike with a shock seat post instead of one without, and Bikes Direct cycles actually become different products.

Even though sales are made via computers over the Internet, Bikes Direct is a personally-run enterprise and not simply an automated business. Just like at your local bike shop, Bikes Direct is staffed by real employees who are experienced in the world of biking. The Bikes Direct effort to respond to every email inquiry as quickly as possible (sometimes within a matter of hours) helps bring the “corner store” feel to the web-based business.

As stated on the website at, all bikes at Bikes Direct are new and covered by the manufacturers’ warranty, and Bikes Direct offers a money back guarantee. These assurances by Bikes Direct, in addition to the many customer testimonials, an A-plus Better Business Bureau rating and positive feedback at Ebay and Epinions encourage many new bikers to take advantage of the incredible savings on quality bikes at Bikes Direct.

For more information, or to speak with someone at Bikes Direct, please go online to or send Bikes Direct a fax at 877-245-3329.

Bikes Direct Customers Share Their Experience:

Hey Bikes Direct,
I received my KHS 1000 [from Bikes Direct] on the 19th of September and I must say that it is one fine machine. I have been riding it on some short trips and am very pleased with the performance of this bike. I must say that putting the bike together was quite simple and the adjustments were minimal to say the least. When I ordered the bike [from Bikes Direct] I was kind of apprehensive of getting a bike from a mail order house, but once I received it I found out that not only was it a snap to put together but also what I saved [from Bikes Direct was] over $550.00 from the local dealer–to me that’s a great bargain.
Once again it was great doing business with [Bikes Direct],
Joe Sharon (Pringle, PA)

Dear Bikes Direct,

My husband and I got our matching 700DS mountain bikes a few days ago [from Bikes Direct]. We took them to a local shop here to have them assembled since neither of us has any experience with bicycle assembly. The guy in the shop was VERY impressed with them and couldn’t believe how little we paid [Bikes Direct] for them. When we looked around his shop we were amazed at what a similar bike went for there. (The guy even admitted that he hoped that his customers didn’t find Bikes Direct). Thanks, Bikes Direct, for all your help and understanding with all our questions.


Collex Collision Experts Provides Superior Collision Damage Repair Services

Collex Collision Experts bill themselves as a comfortable solution to an uncomfortable problem. The warm and knowledgeable staff at Collex Collision Experts understands the frustrations that come with a car accident. Anyone who has ever needed auto body repair after an accident knows how trying the experience can be. From insurance adjustors to delays caused by special order parts, Collex Collision Experts knows that getting back on the road after an accident can be a time consuming and stressful affair. That is why Collex Collision Experts are committed to customer service and top quality repairs.

Proper collision damage repair is absolutely necessary to maintain the safety and performance of any automobile. Collex Collision Experts use the latest manufacturers’ specifications to restore each model car to its pre-collision state. The experienced technicians at Collex Collision Experts use premium quality equipment and materials for every repair. Collex Collision Experts maintains a suite of state-of-the-art machinery and software operated by auto body professionals personally trained at Collex University in Clinton Township.

Collex Collision Experts began as a family owned body shop located in Warren, Michigan in 1974. Since then, Collex Collision Experts founder and CEO John Gagliano has seen the operation grow into a national organization reaching all the way to Fort Meyers, Florida. All the while, Collex Collision Experts have held on to their formula for success. With customer satisfaction as their first priority, Collex Collision Experts have become an industry leader from little more than referrals, repeat business, and word of mouth advertising.

With a reputation based on quality service and civic involvement, Collex Collision Experts work hard to remain a community favorite. Collex Collision Experts never stops educating staff and updating technology for greatest service and efficiency. Collex Collision Experts takes pride in a reputation as the most reliable and friendly auto body shop in the Metro-Detroit area.

Collex Collision Goes the Extra Mile to Serve Customers

Collex Collision knows that cars are the primary source of American transportation. Collex Collision says when an accident damages a driver’s car life can become very inconvenient, even troublesome. Collex Collision notes that most drivers rely on their cars for necessary everyday activities like getting to work and getting the kids around town. For this reason, Collex Collision wants to get drivers back on the road as soon as possible, with no unnecessary hassles along the way.

Collex Collision provides several key comforts to customers who have lost the use of their car due to an accident. One Collex Collision amenity is a fleet of courtesy vehicles maintained by Collex Collision. For drivers who do not have rental coverage in their policies, Collex Collision offers the use of a company owned courtesy vehicle. There are a few restrictions on the courtesy vehicle policy, and Collex Collision recommends contacting a company representative for the details.

Collex Collision also offers a convenient service called Auto Watch. While a driver is waiting for their automobile repairs, Collex Collision says they no longer have to wonder how far along the repairs are or what is going on with the vehicle. Auto Watch is an online service offered by Collex Collision that allows drivers to track the repair of their car. The Collex Collision repair team takes periodic digital photos of every car being worked on and posts them to the Internet. Using Auto Watch, a client can track the progress of their repairs and the date of completion. Clients can also email the shop manager directly through Auto Watch if they have any further questions.

Getting to and from a body shop can be a real chore. Collex Collision solves this problem by offering a pick-up and delivery service. Distance is no longer a factor when it comes to choosing Collex Collision for auto body repair needs. Collex Collision will pick up and then deliver a client’s vehicle to any point within 30 miles of a Collex Collision repair facility. Call a Collex Collision representative for details, or to schedule a pick up or delivery.

For more information about Collex Collision, call 888-426-5539 or visit them on the web at