How Do You Maintain An Overhead Crane?

Integrity Crane and Hoist
Integrity Crane and Hoist

Having a proactive and customized overhead crane inspection and preventive maintenance program is essential to workplace safety and productivity. This article aims to answer frequently asked questions on overhead crane and hoist inspection, repair, and maintenance.  

Q: Why is it important to have an overhead crane inspection and preventive maintenance plan in place?

A: Having regular inspections and preventive maintenance activities helps identify potential risk areas and reduces downtime while supporting compliance requirements. Moreover, keeping overhead crane and hoist systems safe for daily use is a more cost-efficient option to lawsuits, medical expenses, and the tedious administrative work related to finding a replacement for an injured employee. 

Q: How often should overhead crane and hoist systems be inspected?

A: Routine overhead crane and hoist inspections are a must regardless of their condition because of the work they complete (i.e., lifting loads in varying sizes and weights). There are four inspection categories: Initial, Functional, Frequent, and Periodic.

The initial inspection is conducted after the installation of a new crane or hoist, or after the equipment has been reinstalled after alteration, modification, or repair.

Functional inspections must be done before every shift.

Frequent inspections should include all aspects of the functional inspection, paying extra attention to the hoist brake, wire rope, and load chain. The inspector must be on the lookout for any unusual sounds. The hook and latch must be inspected as well. A crane that operates under “normal service” should be inspected monthly; a crane in “heavy service” should be inspected weekly to monthly, and a crane in “severe service” should be inspected daily to weekly.

Under periodic inspections, cranes used for “normal service” and “heavy service” should be inspected yearly while cranes in “severe service” should be inspected quarterly. 

Q: How do you inspect an overhead crane?

A: Check crane and hoist components for signs of malfunction, deterioration, and everyday wear and tear. Functional operating mechanisms, hydraulic and air system components, and crane hooks must be inspected daily, before starting each shift.

  • Functional operating mechanisms – Check for maladjustment
  • Hydraulic and air system components – Inspect valves, lines, tanks, drain pumps, and other components for deterioration or deficiency
  • Crane hooks – Check for cracks and signs of deformation.

Inspect rope and end connections as well as hoist chains and end connections every month.

  • Rope and end connections –  Check broken strands or signs of wear and tear
  • Hoist chains and end connections – Are there signs of distortion or anything else that might hinder it from functioning properly?

All findings must be documented in detail so you can have an accurate record of the overhead crane’s maintenance history.

Q: What’s the difference between corrective and preventive maintenance? 

A: Corrective maintenance is done when there is equipment failure or malfunction. Examples of corrective maintenance procedures include retrofits and customizations.

Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, involves taking the necessary precautions to prevent accidents or equipment failures even before these happen.  

You’ll need to do both at some point. Integrity Crane and Hoist recommends having a highly trained team of professionals to complete these tasks.

Working out of Columbia, Tennessee, Integrity Crane and Hoist is a full-service overhead crane and hoisting equipment company that designs, engineers, manufactures, installs, modifies, modernizes, and load tests industrial bridge cranes, gantry cranes, ergonomic workstations, runway systems, monorails, power systems, and control panels. They also perform inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance for all types and brands of cranes, hoists, vacuum filters, and below-the-hook lifting devices. Get in touch today to learn more.

Call Integrity Crane and Hoist at (615) 302-3431 for more information.

Build A Better Deer Fence – Here Are 5 Ways How

Straight Shooter Game FencingDeer are persistent animals and will doggedly try to make their way into your orchard or garden. A high – and imposing – deer fence can help prevent that. How high and strong should your deer fence be? What factors should you consider in constructing one? Here are 5 tips from high fence contractor Straight Shooter Game Fencing on how you can build a deer-resistant fence.

  1. Height matters

Deer are very agile and are surprisingly capable of jumping impressive heights. Your high fence must be at least 8 feet tall to prevent deer from jumping over it.

  1. If you can’t go high, make it double

Note that while deer can jump high and across a long distance, they can’t do both at the same time. As an alternative to building a high fence, consider constructing two shorter fences, one inside the other and are approximately five or six feet apart. Their poor eyesight makes it challenging for them to jump over a double barrier. Achieve the same effect with a taller fence by slanting it outward so it appears to be a wider and riskier high fence.

A DIY fence could lead to costly mistakes due to trial and error. Make sure to consult with a high fence contractor like Straight Shooter Game Fencing to build a deer fence tailored to your property. 

  1. Secure the bottom of the fence

Being the inquisitive and persistent creatures that they are, deer will try to go under your fence if they can’t jump over it. If you have plastic and welded high fences, ensure that the bottom is secured to the ground in between posts. Otherwise, deer will squirrel their way underneath the fence. Use metal tent stakes to secure your fence at 6 feet intervals.

  1. Don’t spread out fence posts too far apart

Deer can exert a lot of pressure on your high fence. Deer leaning against it or accidentally running into it, for example, will weaken the stability of the fence itself. Having posts far apart increases the chances of the fence material sagging in between posts, which will entice deer to jump over it. Set up high fence posts at 8 to 12-foot intervals.

  1. Increase your high fence’s visibility

Black plastic and welded fences are difficult for deer to see, and the last thing you want is to have them running headlong into a fence and breaking through. Brightly colored ribbons tied between posts can warn deer that there’s a barrier in place. These ribbons should be tied four feet above the ground to get the best results.

Based in Alabama, Straight Shooter Game Fencing works with property owners throughout the US to provide the best deer high fence installation at competitive prices. We guarantee a professional fencing installation on your property no matter the size. We’ve done every high fence job you could imagine; no job is too big or too small and no terrain is too rough. Get in touch with us to know more.

How To Style Your Bookcases and Shelves

The Linen DuckAre your bookcases and shelves currently functional and fashionable, or are they a catch-all for the things that don’t have a home? More often than not, it’s the latter. Luckily, styling bookcases and shelves only takes a short amount of time and effort and creates a huge impact on your home’s overall look and feel.

The Linen Duck, a boutique furniture store offering interior design services in Nashville TN, shares tips on how you can take the existing items in your home and transform your bookcases and shelves from boring to chic in just a few hours.

Clear, clean, and sort

As with any styling project, remove everything from the area before you begin. Clear the bookcases and shelves and sort the items into separate piles. Give everything a good dusting.

Sort items into three main categories: books and magazines, decor and photo frames, and greenery and plant life. Let go of all the other items that don’t fit in these categories or find it a new home. Remember, a place for everything, and everything in its place. Loose paper, gloves or scarves, and gadgets should be stored in their rightful places.

Choose your color palette and aesthetic

Color palettes and aesthetics can be interpreted in different ways. A color palette in navy, blush, and ivory, for example, could be styled as French country, farmhouse chic, or ultra-modern. Be deliberate with the design style you want to create.

Having selected two to three main colors and a design style, find several pieces in at least one of your chosen colors to represent the following textures or finishes: fabric or natural fiber, nature (pine cones, dried grasses, florals, greenery, etc.), metals (bronze, stainless, rose gold, etc.) and glass (clear, mosaic, or ceramic).

Have fun and see what works

While the curation process is the same, styling your bookcases and shelves is different from the way you’d style a coffee table.

Place your items next to each other and take a step back. Do these items flow together? Edit out items that look out of place. Take an item from each of the categories mentioned earlier and make odd-numbered groups. Place each group of items on its own shelf.

Look at your shelf or bookcase objectively. You may need to shift a few pieces here and there or adjust the spacing. Either way, your bookcases and shelves are now a showcase of your tasteful curation skills, and you didn’t have to buy anything new. 

Do you need decorating advice not just for your bookcases and shelves but your entire home as well? The Linen Duck offers interior design services in Nashville TN or for anyone in surrounding areas. Sit down with one of our in-house designers and discuss space planning, art, accessories, and other elements of design for a space you are working on. We will review your room measurements, color swatches, fabrics, etc. to make sure you are on track. Please book this complimentary service at least 3-5 days in advance. 

Schedule your next project or refer us to a friend. Call us at (931) 548-2422 or visit our website to learn more.

Protect Yourself From These Post-Flood Wastewater Hazards

Rytech NashvilleWhile post-flood water damage to a home is considered a given, many property owners are still caught off guard by health and safety risks posed by contaminated wastewater. Let’s look at the different kinds of wastewater contamination and what you can do to minimize risks.

Sewage contamination

The water is contaminated by waste coming from non-industrial human activities such as bathing, washing, and cleaning. Assume that the water you come in contact with post-flooding may be tainted with raw sewage.

Here’s how you can stay safe:

  • Wear protective clothing such as boots, gloves, eyewear, and a face mask.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • Avoid eating food that has come in contact with contaminated water. Drink bottled water for the time being until the safety of the local drinking water has been verified.
  • Clean and bandage cuts and scrapes, even if these are minor, before doing any cleanup work.

Chemical contamination

Industrial chemicals such as pesticides and gasoline could leach into waterways after a flood and get into your home; these must be handled accordingly.

Protect yourself by:

  • Wearing protective clothing.
  • Being aware of symptoms resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and skin irritation. Seek medical help immediately should these symptoms persist.

Consult with a qualified water damage remediation expert before re-entering a flood-damaged home to make sure other, more lethal threats such as live electricity and potential structural collapse have been mitigated.

Rytech, Nashville’s leading water damage restoration expert, provides a professional assessment of flood contamination risks and reliable water damage restoration services. Middle Tennessee residents trust Rytech’s IICRC-certified technicians for their water damage restoration requirements. 24-hour emergency services are available. Get in touch today for a no-commitment consultation.

Rytech Nashville has become a leader in the water damage restoration and mold remediation industry. From its humble beginnings in one location, the company has reached exponential growth and currently provides service to 49 major markets across 25 states. Call (615) 751-8445 for more information.

9 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Telecom Consultant

Pivotel Networks

For business owners, working with telecommunication providers is painful but necessary. Most people struggle to decipher “tech-speak” to try and understand the best solution for their unique challenges and business needs. It can be so overwhelming that business owners are often tempted to give up and just say ‘yes’ to any proposal that seems to fit.

This is where a telecom consultant like Pivotel Networks comes in. At Pivotel, we evaluate your business requirements and match these with customized solutions that fit your needs. Moreover, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers and will help resolve issues as they arise in an efficient and timely manner.

Here are 9 more reasons why you should consider using us as your telecommunications consultant:

  1. Customized solutions. We will design solutions based on industry trends and best practices, ensuring that you receive the best solution possible.
  2. Carrier neutrality. We can work with various providers, allowing us to offer excellent solutions options from different carriers.
  3. Implementation assistance. We will assist you in integrating these new solutions into your work environment.
  4. Billing audit. We will provide a billing audit to make sure that everything has been billed accordingly. 
  5. Customer care. Get help with escalations. Need help in escalating an issue or ticket? We can help to escalate tickets until they are resolved.
  6. Budget management. Work with us to find a solution that’s well within your budget.
  7. Circuit Inventory. We will keep track of all your circuits so you don’t have to.
  8. Support. We provide technical support as needed.
  9. Infrastructure analysis. We will audit your current communications infrastructure and determine if you are utilizing the best and the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Should you decide to partner with us, we’ll begin with an in-depth analysis of your current infrastructure. We’ll then identify the pain points that need to be addressed. As a telecom consultant and business phone systems expert, we can present options from different carriers and provide unbiased advice on which solutions best fit the nature of your business and budget.

Based in Nashville and serving Middle Tennessee, business phone systems expert Pivotel Networks strives to be your advocate and ally in an ever-changing world of telecommunications and technology. Get in touch by calling (615) 499-7900.

Coronavirus Car Tips: What to Disinfect In Your Car Right Now

GPO Tuning

While the coronavirus pandemic has prompted people to work from home, they still need to drive every now and then to do their errands. Essential employees also have to commute to work daily. During this time, staying safe and healthy means disinfecting areas and things we come in contact with, and that includes your car.

A BMW service center in Nashville, GPO Tuning shares tips on how to disinfect your car thoroughly.

Here’s a checklist of car surfaces to clean and disinfect

When a person with coronavirus coughs or exhales, tiny droplets are released and could land on surfaces. The coronavirus can live on surfaces for a few hours to up to several days depending on factors such as the type of surface, temperature, and humidity. The virus can spread when people touch contaminated surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. 

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, Nashville-based BMW service center GPO Tuning recommends disinfecting car surfaces regularly. Focus on frequently touched areas such as:

  • Steering wheel
  • Key and remote fob
  • Exterior door handles
  • Trunk lid
  • Interior door panels
  • Start button, if your car has one
  • Dashboard
  • Audio systems
  • Touchscreens
  • Rearview mirror
  • HVAC vents
  • Gear shifter
  • Turn signal lever
  • Windshield wiper controls
  • Center stack knobs
  • Center console and armrests
  • Seats
  • Seat belt and buckle
  • Headrests
  • Cup holders
  • Parking brake

Hard, non-porous surfaces such as armrests, door handles, seat belt buckles, light and air controls, doors, windows, and grab handles can be cleaned with soap and water before applying a disinfectant. Soft, porous surfaces such as fabric seats should be cleaned with products formulated specifically for the material. Electronic touchscreens are sensitive and should be cleaned and disinfected following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here’s a list of disinfectants considered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as effective against the coronavirus. Always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for concentration, application method, and contact time for all cleaning and disinfection products. Do wear gloves while disinfecting your car, and try to do so in a well-ventilated area.

Just as important as keeping your car coronavirus-free is making sure it’s safe to drive. While regular car maintenance is easy to overlook, it’s one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. Ignoring maintenance can end up costing you more in the long run. If your BMW needs more than just a thorough disinfection, schedule an appointment with GPO Tuning, a  BMW service center in Nashville. Their team of technicians provides a mix of factory training, ASE certifications, technical school training, and have over 100 years of combined experience, making sure your vehicle is in excellent condition.  

As an essential service provider for transportation, GPO Tuning is open for business. Get in touch with them today to book an appointment.

German Performance Options (GPO Tuning) is Nashville’s most trusted independent BMW service center. Call 615.248.9466 to speak to one of their service advisors.

Choosing The Right Boarding School

Currey Ingram

Whether you’re considering a boarding school in Brentwood, Tennessee, or other location, here are some of the things you can do to make sure you’re giving your child the best educational experience possible.

List your must-haves

Sit down with your child and talk about all areas of the boarding school experience that need to be considered, including the boarding school’s location, campus and class size, extra-curricular activities offered, tuition and financial assistance available, inclusivity, and philosophy. This will help sift your non-negotiables from the things you could do without.

Take it a step further and ask your child to think about their long-term goals. Where do they want to go and who do they want to become? The right boarding school will provide an atmosphere that encourages them to grow along this path, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Consider the private boarding school’s mission statement

A boarding school’s mission statement is crafted to reflect its values and goals; it will ultimately be the basis for how the school’s decisions are made. Brentwood boarding school, Currey Ingram Academy’s mission statement, for example, is to provide an exemplary K-12 day and boarding school program that empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential. Take time to think about whether or not this school reflects your values as a family.

Explore Currey Ingram’s curriculum, teaching methodology, and how the school works to uphold social, emotional, and academic balance. These factors will determine how the school assigns homework, conducts tests, grades performances, mentors its students, and sets long-term learning goals. The culture within the boarding school’s teaching community is reflective of the culture created within the classroom. 

Seek first-hand reviews

This of a boarding school education as an investment. While statistics like state rankings, test scores, and student-teacher ratios are important, first-hand reviews will give you a feel of the school beyond the numbers. This can help you decide if a boarding school is the right fit for your child.

Check if the boarding school has programs and support systems in place for holistic student development

A student’s interests will evolve over time, so variety is essential. Does the boarding school’s curriculum include science offerings, an arts program, and special interest classes? Does it have an excellent athletics program as well as facilities to go along with it? Are there mentorship opportunities available?

Currey Ingram Academy, a well-known boarding school in Brentwood, provides programs for visual arts, music, photography, theater, and video production that give students multiple opportunities to share their talents and to be recognized for their work. Students are encouraged to participate in and/or support the school’s athletics program.

Get a feel of the community life

For a truly exceptional boarding school experience, students and teachers must have a strong rapport with one another and value each other’s contributions to the community.

Select faculty members of Currey Ingram Academy have joined the Residential Life staff and live alongside boarding students in the school’s new residence hall. They are there to make sure the students’ experience is rewarding, safe, and fully-integrated with all aspects of living and learning on campus.

Look up the school’s history and traditions, as these in part shape the school’s approach to community building.

Schedule a tour 

An on-site visit will give you a clearer view of everyday life at the boarding school. Observe student-teacher dynamics: Do they greet each other? Do they greet you? Are they fully engaged with the discussions taking place within the classroom? 

Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions on housing arrangements, protocols in the event of a medical emergency, food options, college placement assistance, and weekend activities.

At Currey Ingram Academy’s boarding school, mission-appropriate applicants are invited on the Brentwood campus for individualized shadow days. All prospective students are expected to participate in classroom activities and complete all homework, if given. Lunch and a snack will be served in the dining hall at no charge. 

Remember that admission departments are just as hopeful in finding the right boarding school-student fit as you are. At the end of the day, it all boils to choosing a place that inspires your child to learn and thrive to the fullest.  

A boarding school in Brentwood, Currey Ingram Academy supports and empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential – academically and socially – within an environment that fosters holistic student development. Get in touch by calling (615) 507-3173.

Interior Design Tips: Your Guide to Buying a New Rug

The Linen Duck

There’s more to a rug than its colors, patterns, or textures. A great rug helps ground furniture and define a space. It also protects floors from scuff marks, absorbs noise, and provides plush padding underfoot.

If you’re looking for a new rug and are looking for interior design services in Nashville, a visit to The Linen Duck (located in Columbia, just 40 minutes south of Nashville) is always a good idea. Here are a few of their rug shopping tips:

The Linen Duck

Get the right size

The right rug size depends on several factors: the room’s dimensions, the furniture in it, the function of the space, and the look you’re trying to achieve. 

For the living area, the rug should be centered under the coffee table and selected with the furniture arrangement in mind. Living room rugs usually range from 5’x8’ to 9’x12’.

For the dining room, always choose a rug that’s bigger than your table. To get the ideal size, a simple rule of thumb is to add 36 inches to both the length and width of your table (or 36 inches to the diameter if it’s a round table).

When choosing a rug for the bedroom, give your feet a soft surface to walk on and go for a rug that’s 18 to 24 inches beyond each side of the bed. 

A common mistake in interior design is buying a rug that’s too small. When in doubt, go for the larger option. The rug’s size could spell the difference between a space that looks haphazardly put together and a thoughtfully decorated one.

The Linen Duck

Know your rug materials

Wool rugs are durable, affordable, and naturally stain-resistant. These rugs also retain heat, which would be perfect cold winter months. On the other hand, wool rugs have a tendency to shed and might need regular vacuuming. 

Cotton rugs are low maintenance and easy to clean. These rugs are less likely to shed than wool rugs but are less durable. Cotton rugs are machine-washable and are an ideal choice for spill-prone areas such as the kitchen.

The Linen Duck

Silk rugs are soft and luxurious, making them a great choice for the bedroom. On the other hand, these are delicate and can be expensive, not to mention difficult to clean and maintain for high-traffic areas.

Eco-friendly natural fiber rugs are often braided and are made from materials such as jute, bamboo, or seagrass.  These rugs are best used in relatively dry rooms where it’s less likely to be dirty since these rugs are difficult to clean.

Stain and fade-resistant, durable synthetic fiber rugs are suitable for functional areas like entryways, hallways, or patios.

Consider the overall look of your space

Choose a rug that complements your room’s décor. A patterned or colorful rug will complement rooms with a muted color palette. Colorful rooms will benefit from the visual contrast a neutral rug provides. The Linen Duck

Take care of your rug

Always read the care instructions on the rug’s label to make sure you’re cleaning it correctly. Spot clean stains right away, and turn your rug 180 degrees every so often to prevent certain areas from being more faded and worn out than the rest. 

The Linen Duck’s interior design center has hundreds of sample options to choose from. Special orders usually arrive within a week. Learn more about rugs from our online guide or visit us in the store.

The Linen Duck offers interior design services in Columbia, TN, just south of Nashville. They are open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and on Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. Call (931) 548-2422 or visit their website to learn more.

Your Guide To Residential Asphalt Driveways

Hargrove SealcoatingHomeowners know that a cracked and neglected driveway affects the overall aesthetic of a property. If you’re still deciding whether or not paving your driveway is a good investment, wonder no more. Laying an asphalt driveway or repairing cracked asphalt will enhance your property’s long-term value and curb appeal.

It only takes one to two days to lay an asphalt driveway if it is done by a professional contractor, and you don’t have to wait a long time to start using it again. While residential paving expenses will depend on your location and specific requirements, it is generally affordable. However, there are factors to consider to make sure your driveway paving lasts and functions as it should. Here are some of them.

Driveway Foundation

Your driveway’s foundation must be sufficiently compacted before any paving work can be started. Failing to have a proper foundation can make or break the quality of the asphalt pavement.  Make sure cracks and holes are filled out, and there’s a drainage system in place. 


Having an effective drainage system is crucial to an asphalt driveway’s quality and durability. Water should never be stagnant on the pavement’s surface; neither should it pool around the edges. To prevent water stagnation, driveways are usually raised in the center and built lower along the sides.

Patio and walkway drainages should be kept further away from the driveway.

Tack Coating

This helps the asphalt overlay adhere to the foundation. Tack coating is usually sprayed on a deteriorating surface to ensure its evenness before adding the asphalt overlay.

Paving Material

Your choice of paving materials would depend on the specific demands of the project. In some cases, an aggregate base may be the best choice. In others, a full-depth asphalt application would be highly recommended. A professional contractor such as Hargrove Sealcoating will survey the area to determine the best pavement material for the job.

Pavement Width

A one-car driveway would typically require a width of 8 feet. But it is recommended to set the width at 10 feet so there’s enough space for larger vehicles.

Expand the width to 12 feet if you want to accommodate pedestrians, too.

Pavement Thickness

Asphalt contractors would either use asphalt over an aggregate base or use asphalt all the way through. Asphalt thickness will differ depending on which case. An asphalt overlay would be at 1.5 to 2.5 inches, whereas a full-depth asphalt pavement would be at 5 to 6 inches total.

Asphalt Surface Course Application

The surface course is the top layer of the pavement and it should be laid in such a way that it is able to withstand high traffic and environmentally-induced stresses without cracking or rutting. It aims to provide an even profile with just the right amount of texture to ensure sufficient and safe skid resistance.


Your driveway’s location should consider your property’s natural topography. An area that is too flat an area will cause drainage problems while an area with steep slopes could become slippery and dangerous. As a rule of thumb, a driveway should have a grade of less than 15 percent, which means that it should not rise more than 15 feet over a distance of 100 feet. 

Surrounding trees and natural features should be taken into consideration in the construction of your driveway.

Everyday Traffic

While cars do not damage the surface of your driveway, heavy-duty vehicles parked regularly on your driveway can. It is recommended that trucks should not park on your driveway for at least a year after the paving work is completed.


Asphalt driveways last for about 25 to 30 years. With regular sealcoating, or the application of a protective coating against the elements, your driveway could possibly last longer than that.


Cracks, potholes, and ruts should be repaired as soon as possible as these could speed up the deterioration of your residential asphalt paving. Asphalt patching is a fast and effective solution to these concerns.

Serving Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson’s Station, Lewisburg, Murfreesboro, and Nashville, Hargrove Sealcoating specialists provide asphalt crack repair services. Call them today at 931.619.6718. One of their service advisors will be happy to assist you.

Q&A: Here’s How You Can Boost Media Relations With SEO

McKeeman Communications

There are 6 PR professionals for every journalist in America. It’s an exciting yet challenging time for PR practitioners: while the industry is booming, it’s harder to capture the attention of journalists faced with the onslaught of 24-hour news cycles, consolidated newsrooms, and the possibility of AI-assisted writing. PR firms in Charlotte, NC are constantly battling for top-of-mind awareness.

How can you cut through the clutter and make sure the right people actually open your pitch? Here’s where having a robust search engine optimization (SEO) strategy comes in. Kim McKeeman, CEO of McKeeman Communications, a PR firm serving Charlotte, North Carolina, answers some of your burning questions.

Why is SEO important even in what’s considered traditional media relations?

Kim: Journalists use search engines to look for resources, just like everyone else. SEO enhances the searchability of press releases and other placements.

How does one craft a press release optimized for search?

Kim: Insert primary keywords, company names, and locations into headlines, sub-headlines, content, and boilerplates. Write in a conversational tone as Google penalizes keyword stuffing and will flag your content as spam. Keep headlines short: only 50-60 characters of a headline will appear in the search results, so keywords should appear before your content gets cut off.

How do you determine which keywords to use? 

Kim: If you don’t have a dedicated SEO team for this task, PR firms in Charlotte NC such as McKeeman Communications recommend studying your niche. Keep track of relevant topics and questions that prospects, customers, and other shareholders ask. Start building your keyword list from the common phrases that emerge.

Press releases have images that go along with them. Can these be optimized for search as well?

Kim: Absolutely. With Google shifting from text to a more visual way of finding information, it only makes sense to do so.

Google’s search engine results display just as many image results as they do text-based results. An image’s alt text is the copy that appears in place of an image on a webpage if the image fails to load, and it makes the image clickable. Including images with highly relevant alt text increases the searchability of your press release.

Use a unique image (relevant to your content, of course) rather than a stock photo whenever possible. Even its placement in an article matters: if you have an image that you’re trying to rank, keep it close to the top of the page. 

Another best practice is to select a distribution service with high online exposure. PR Web, for example, has a website distribution of 30,000 bloggers and journalists.

How can we verify if we’re pitching a story to an authoritative website?

Kim: Check the website for quality backlinks. Backlinks are important because these represent a vote of confidence from one site to another. If several sites link to the same website, search engines can infer that the content is worth linking to. A backlink from a trusted website will increase your own site’s authority and search ranking. 

While Google does not disclose its metrics for determining a site’s authority, this Backlink Research tool developed by Moz lets you check the backlink profile and Domain Authority of any site. It’s not exact, but it’s a good indicator.

How can PR pitch emails stand out?

Kim: If you haven’t heard from your favorite journalist regarding your PR pitch, don’t give up just yet. Journalists looking for resources and story ideas will go through their archived emails. This can happen weeks, months, or even years after the initial pitch was sent. Therefore, it’s important to craft PR email pitches in a way that will make them easier to find. 

Think about what words or phrases most accurately describe your theme. Incorporate main keywords into the email subject line as well as the main body of the pitch whenever possible.

Writing the article yourself and pitching it directly to a publication gives you the opportunity to incorporate essential keywords and backlinks. Include anchor text leading to a specific blog post, an FAQ page, a white paper, an archived newsletter, or other content you provide for free. Doing this tells Google that you are an expert on a particular topic.

These SEO strategies will help drive media relations efforts, which in return, creates more value for the organization. 

One of the top PR firms in Charlotte, NC, McKeeman Communications is in the business of building brands and reputations. If you want to learn more about how your media relations can benefit from SEO, call (866) 341-2650 or email