Chef Ben Vaughn Steps Up the Art of Southern Comfort Cuisine

The mark of an artist like Chef Ben Vaughn is that he constantly strives toward new creations. This is clear in Chef Ben Vaughn’s latest addition to Memphis restaurant culture, Au Fond Farmtable. Based on the philosophy of artful nutritious food from local producers at cafe prices, Chef Ben Vaughn has launched another eatery that is sure to make its mark on the Midtown Memphis scene.

Many patrons already associate Chef Ben Vaughn with his restaurant in Memphis, called Grace. Au Fond Farmtable, explains Chef Ben Vaughn, caters to a different niche. Chef Ben Vaughn says that Au Fond Farmtable is a counter service breakfast and luncheon house. At Chef Ben Vaughn’s Au Fond Farmtable, patrons can get brunch, coffee, dessert, or afternoon snacks, all at their own pace. Au Fond Farmtable offers the relaxed atmosphere of a cafe, adds Chef Ben Vaughn, with a menu of much greater range and quality than any cafe.

While Au Fond Farmtable operates on a scale of less formality and opulence than Grace restaurant, Chef Ben Vaughn makes sure the welcoming atmosphere and quality of the food are equally excellent. Customers order at the counter after reading from the quaint chalkboard menus that hang above. Chef Ben Vaughn believes in small menus with no mediocrity, so the chalkboards fit everything, and everything tastes fabulous.

From the formidable open-faced turkey sandwich to the delicate and savory charcuterie plate, Chef Ben Vaughn’s Au Fond Farmtable has something for every taste. For diners with more home-style palettes, says Chef Ben Vaughn, Au Fond Farmtable has a selection of gourmet comfort foods sure to please. It may be hard to choose, adds Chef Ben Vaughn, between the shrimp and grits or the red beans and rice with house made andouille sausage, but either way the results are delicious. Don’t forget a side of fried okra or delightfully dirty rice.

Au Fond Farmtable
Cooper-Young next to Grace Restaurant
938 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN, 38104

Neil G. Pansey – Why Neil G. Pansey Enjoys Calling Florida Home

Florida is a great state to live in, believes Neil G. Pansey. It’s sunny, comfortable, and the people are interesting. There’s a lot to do, says Neil G. Pansey. Most importantly, Neil G. Pansey asserts that Florida is never boring.

The weather is perfect, says Neil G. Pansey. The summers are filled with warm nights and hot days. Neil G. Pansey continues that cooler months of the years are just right in temperature. It never gets too hot or too cold, believes Neil G. Pansey.

Having some of the best beaches in the world is also great, according to Neil G. Pansey. These are the beaches with white sand and clear, blue oceans. Neil G. Pansey explains that Florida has good standards for keeping these beaches clean. Even when they’re popular, there’s always enough space. Neil G. Pansey believes that relaxing in the sun is a good way to relieve the stress of work.

Neil G. Pansey says that he has met some of the most important people in his life in Florida. The people there have a great mentality, says Neil G. Pansey. It seems as everyone is fun and has their own story.

Florida is home to some of the best cities in the world, continues Neil G. Pansey. Miami, Orlando, and even the Keys are famous places. Neil G. Pansey observes that these destinations have something for everyone, even for those visitors and residents who don’t like clubbing or dancing. The food is enjoyable in Florida too, says Neil G. Pansey. There are so many fresh seafood specialties to choose from. There are lots of new restaurants to try every day. It’s fun to try something new once in awhile, believes Neil G. Pansey. Florida is a state with lots of great qualities.