Neil G. Pansey – Why Neil G. Pansey Enjoys Calling Florida Home


Florida is a great state to live in, believes Neil G. Pansey. It’s sunny, comfortable, and the people are interesting. There’s a lot to do, says Neil G. Pansey. Most importantly, Neil G. Pansey asserts that Florida is never boring.

The weather is perfect, says Neil G. Pansey. The summers are filled with warm nights and hot days. Neil G. Pansey continues that cooler months of the years are just right in temperature. It never gets too hot or too cold, believes Neil G. Pansey.

Having some of the best beaches in the world is also great, according to Neil G. Pansey. These are the beaches with white sand and clear, blue oceans. Neil G. Pansey explains that Florida has good standards for keeping these beaches clean. Even when they’re popular, there’s always enough space. Neil G. Pansey believes that relaxing in the sun is a good way to relieve the stress of work.

Neil G. Pansey says that he has met some of the most important people in his life in Florida. The people there have a great mentality, says Neil G. Pansey. It seems as everyone is fun and has their own story.

Florida is home to some of the best cities in the world, continues Neil G. Pansey. Miami, Orlando, and even the Keys are famous places. Neil G. Pansey observes that these destinations have something for everyone, even for those visitors and residents who don’t like clubbing or dancing. The food is enjoyable in Florida too, says Neil G. Pansey. There are so many fresh seafood specialties to choose from. There are lots of new restaurants to try every day. It’s fun to try something new once in awhile, believes Neil G. Pansey. Florida is a state with lots of great qualities.

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Neil G. Pansey continues his employment as Lead Engineer at Progress Energy and resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Neil G. Pansey graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Engineering.

Neil G. Pansey has been recognized by his peers and by those he manages as well as those he reports to as a man of integrity and sound character and an engineer who is committed to excellence in his field. Neil G. Pansey continues his employment as Lead Engineer at Progress Energy and resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Integrity, pursuit of knowledge and intelligent curiosity have combined to build a solid professional platform for Neil G. Pansey that will serve him well for years yet to come.


Neil G. Pansey has spent a lifetime in pursuit of ever evolving technologies. Neil G. Pansey graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Engineering. His education laid the foundation for what has become a career of excellence and distinction. For the last fifteen years, Neil G. Pansey has served as a professional electrical engineer focused on hardware, applications and technology trends.

As a trained engineer Neil G. Pansey first accepted an engineering position at Rockwell International Corporation in Melbourne, Florida. From 1996 until 1997 Rockwell International integrated Neil G. Pansey into the utilization of microcontrollers to optimize the operation of electronic product environmental stress testing units. While this position was narrow in scope, it laid another cornerstone for a quickly advancing career.

The next opportunity that came before Neil G. Pansey was a position with Invensys Systems, Inc. in Orlando, Florida as a Field Engineer. Neil G. Pansey enjoyed professional advancement with this company from 1997 through 2001. At Invensys, Neil G. Pansey was stretched in directions that truly challenged him and greatly expanded his experience base. Responsibilities included designing automation systems, developing system configurations and testing, as well as repairing, debugging and maintaining various system software, hardware, peripherals, instrumentation, and electronics. Neil G. Pansey was also involved in performed custom hardware and software development, database development, and configuration and programming including PLC and DCS using ladder logic, function blocks, and sequential function charts.

The year 2001 found Neil G. Pansey employed by Progress Energy Florida, a company located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Neil G. Pansey accepted an offer to become a Senior Engineer at Progress Energy. Here he assumed responsibility as a project-engineering manager overseeing all aspects of supervision for a high performance staff engineering organization. Providing strong leadership, motivation and leadership coaching to multi-disciplinary technical staff required a drive for necessary strategic organizational behavior. Neil G. Pansey was quickly recognized as an expert in I&C design and modification for gas turbine, steam turbine, boiler, water treatment, fuel handling, HRSG and other BOP equipment based on high performance operating criteria.

In recognition of his skill and contributions to Progress Energy, Neil G. Pansey advanced to the position of Lead Engineer at the company in 2008. Today, Neil G. Pansey is proficient in measurement selection and installation planning for flow, pressure, temperature, speed, vibration, level and analytical instrumentation and final control elements, including smart instrumentation and digital busses. Neil G. Pansey is also experienced in instrument and control design and implementation using modern distributed control systems including Allen Bradley SLC/PLC/Control Logix, Emerson WDPF/Ovation, ABB Bailey, Foxboro I/A, Siemens XMAT/TXP/T-3000, GE Mark IV/V/VI, and Woodward Netcon controls; Citect, Cimplicity, and Wonderware HMI platforms; modern network technology, protocols and control algorithms.

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