Anatesha Dunn Offers up More than Bread and Wine


Ardent Christian and avid cook Anatesha Dunn offers up some delicious dining ideas with inspiration right out of the Bible.

According to Anatesha Dunn, everyone loves to eat – and few do it better than those from the South. States like Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Florida all have cuisine unique to the Bible Belt. Anatesha Dunn is one who likes to cook, and some days she takes her inspiration straight out of the Good Book.

Anatesha Dunn says that for starters, a good rule of thumb for a homemade Biblical feast is to eat only “living foods”: grains, vegetables, meats, and fruits. God, explains Anatesha Dunn, wants His children healthy, and therefore provides a bountiful harvest from which to nourish the body.

Breakfast, insist Anatesha Dunn, starts the day off right when eaten with proper nutrients. A meal of bread and butter, honey and milk, says Anatesha Dunn, serves the body well, as God intended.

Snack time brings a chance to sample one of Anatesha Dunn’s favorite pop-able treats: nuts and dates. Pomegranates and figs also makes for a heart healthy, and God approved snack. Deuteronomy 8:8 cites these, among other foods as being found in prosperous lands, notes Anatesha Dunn.

Ready for lunch? How about a fish sandwich topped with dill and a side of fresh apples… Finish with grape juice, and you have another nourishing meal, says Anatesha Dunn. Anatesha Dunn also says the midday meal might consist of beans and onions with a glass of fresh milk.

The Bible brings many options to the dinner table, too, notes Anatesha Dunn. A hearty rosemary-garlic chicken drizzled with olive oil and served with diced cucumbers and a glass of wine, says Anatesha Dunn, not only follows with the Bible but is quite tasty. Goat, veal, lamb and even ox are also main courses noted in the Bible, remarks Anatesha Dunn.

For desert, says Anatesha Dunn, fresh fruit is key. Sliced apples with raisins or dates are a light and healthy sweet treat. Those looking for a heavier post-meal follow up are sure to find fig cake, topped with honey and chopped almonds, a pleasant offering.

All of these foods and more are found in the pages of the Bible. Anatesha Dunn claims that no one is better to say what is good for the body, than He who created it. She finds inspiration in the many foods mentioned in the Bible, and it shows in her passion for good food, family time, and post-service potlucks!

About Anatesha Dunn

Anatesha Dunn believes in Joyce Meyer’s positive, uplifting messages. A fan of Meyer’s book, Battlefield of the Mind, Anatesha Dunn takes spiritual guidance from Meyer’s advice to gain control over one’s own mind and refuse to let negative thoughts intrude. It is an attitude that has served Anatesha Dunn throughout her life.

Anatesha Dunn has worked most recently for Financial Freedom in Longwood, Florida. At Financial Freedom, Anatesha Dunn assisted with taking inquiries from potential clients looking for financial advice. During her time assisting customers with their financial needs, Anatesha Dunn no doubt relied heavily on Meyer’s advice on dealing with different temperaments.

“Learn different personalities and how to live with them,” Anatesha Dunn paraphrases from Meyer’s advice. “Once you know what triggers a certain personality, you can learn how to move through certain situations to get the end results you’re looking for.”

A devout Christian, Anatesha Dunn also follows the wisdom of Bishop T.D. Jakes. Once the subject of a Time Magazine cover story titled, Is This Man the Next Billy Graham?, T.D. Jakes is highly respected among Christians, thanks to his positive, uplifting messages. Anatesha Dunn especially appreciates Jakes’ take on change.

“Jakes accepts the inevitability of change, teaching how to embrace and accept it rather than fear it,” Anatesha Dunn says. “Mixing both sacred and secular insights, he shares a unique mix of practical and pragmatic steps, coupled with the sage wisdom of scripture for which he is noted.”

Anatesha Dunn believes in giving back, having headed up and assisted with fundraisers as well as participating in volunteer work over the years. She is certified in both CPR and First Aid and, in the course of her career, Anatesha Dunn has often been trusted with matters that are confidential and of a sensitive nature.

Anatesha Dunn currently lives on the East Coast, where she is actively involved with her church. She believes in Meyer’s advice to arm yourself with God every day.

“Begin your day with prayer to get your day started,” is the advice Anatesha Dunn takes from Joyce Meyer. “End your day with prayer and reflection of what you did that day.”

Anatesha Dunn believes in following Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind in positive thinking as well. Using the power of positive thinking, Anatesha Dunn finds specific ways to impact every aspect of her life. Anatesha Dunn has learned to count her blessings, thanks to a couple of great role models.

Anatesha Dunn also believes in balance. Anatesha Dunn tries to approach every day with a cool, calm, level and objective mind.

“Life is an experience of both good and bad,” Anatesha Dunn says, taking from Meyer’s advice. “In order to really enjoy life, try to find the positive in everything.”

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