ANY LAB TEST NOW Provides Individuals with Discreet STD Testing and Results


Individuals can take control of their health utilizing the convenience of ANY LAB TEST NOW® STD Screening. ANY LAB TEST NOW has trained medical assistants that can draw blood and obtain a urine sample to test for many STDs. Testing is fast, easy, and completely confidential. ANY LAB TEST NOW does not chart tests results, ensuring complete privacy.

ANY LAB TEST NOW Helps People Take Control of Their Health and Their Life

Case Studies have shown that facilities like ANY LAB TEST NOW can help men and women identify STDs, thereby arming them with the knowledge they need to talk to their doctor, for instance:

Annie is a 32-year-old accountant. She and her husband have been trying to conceive for three years. She visited her local ANY LAB TEST NOW center after a few days of painful urination. She had read on the ANY LAB TEST NOW website that certain STDs, like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, can have symptoms such as hers. She was embarrassed, but the professional staff at ANY LAB TEST NOW assured her that there was no shame in testing. Two days later the results were in; Annie had Chlamydia. She spoke with her husband that night. The two visited her OB-GYN a few days later and Annie was treated with a simple round of antibiotics. Thanks to ANY LAB TEST NOW, Annie was able to get the care she needed.  She reports that she is now well and that they are expecting their first child this December.

Testing at ANY LAB TEST NOW Covers a Broad Spectrum and Relieves Worry

ANY LAB TEST NOW Offers a Comprehensive STD panel, which uses the information found in urine and blood, to offer patients fast and reliable results. The Comprehensive STD panel tests for:

  • Hepatitis (B & C)
  • HIV
  • Herpes Simplex Virus (I & II)
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis

Not all STDs have outward signs. Only blood/urine tests like those performed at ANY LAB TEST NOW can confirm the presence of an STD. ANY LAB TEST NOW can perform the STD testing that is recommended yearly for sexual active women under age 25, as well as anyone engaging in sexual intercourse with multiple partners. ANY LAB TEST NOW has a group of well-informed staff that can answer any questions you may have about STD testing; however, ANY LAB TEST NOW does not treat or diagnose any condition. ANY LAB TEST NOW acts as a portal for the consumer to access these and other tests.

At ANY LAB TEST NOW, testing for STDs starts at just $89 – prices vary by location.

With one hundred and thirty-three walk in draw centers located in communities across America, ANY LAB TEST NOW offers medical, DNA, drug and other standard laboratory tests. Named the second fastest growing franchise in America by the Franchise Times in April 2010, your local ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise provides thousands of lab tests, allowing individuals to take control of their health. For more information about ANY LAB TEST NOW and the tests available at your neighborhood location, visit them online at

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