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CWD Construction is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based custom homebuilder. Family owned and operated from the start, CWD Construction is small enough to give each client personal attention while ensuring that their dream home is built with only the finest craftsmanship. The owners, Sonia and Chuck Dohm, take a personal interest in every project. Chuck, a mechanical engineer by trade, works with architects and home designers to ensure the best possible layout for structural integrity. Sonia handles all things aesthetic and often acts as the sole interior design consultant for clients. Homes by CWD Construction are built to last. In most cases, Chuck can perform minor tweaks to the original design to include behind-the-scene details that add real value to a structure. Sonia, having grown up around her own family’s construction company, knows the ins and outs of customization. There is no doubt that her gift for seeing beauty in bricks and mortar lends itself invaluable to CWD Construction. CWD Construction is an A+ rated member of the Charlotte, North Carolina Better Business Bureau and may be found on the BBB’s site by searching for CWD Construction, LLC in Charlotte.

CWD Construction: Renovating Your Back Yard

CWD Construction has built a name for itself in North and South Carolina as a premier homebuilder and renovation company. But clients are finding a new way to utilize CWD Construction’s superior interior design and remodeling services. Increasingly, clients are seeking out CWD Construction for help with outdoor entertainment.

Through a partnership with a great local pool contractor, CWD Construction is able to provide the same quality services outside a client’s home as they offer indoors. For years, the CWD Construction team has listened to customers bemoan the inconsistent quality from pool providers in the area. They’ve repeatedly asked CWD Construction to build their pool for them, and now this service is available through a partnership with CWD Construction and a local trusted contractor. This contractor shares CWD Construction’s dedication to providing custom design and platinum quality workmanship.

Pool packages are currently available for new and existing homes, says the team at CWD Construction. But pools aren’t the only outdoor upgrade the company provides. CWD specializes in turning your indoor living space into the home of your dreams and the same can be done for your outdoor areas, as well. If you are a lover of nature, CWD Construction can turn the back yard into a personal oasis, creating stone patios and outdoor kitchens and grilling areas.

If you like to entertain, CWD Construction can transform a back yard into an ideal entertainment area, with a cabana, a recessed seating area, and CWD Construction’s own personal touches that make your outdoor areas a retreat. As with all of CWD’s design projects, the company takes special care to construct each square inch of its outdoor projects to exceed standard building codes. While Sonia Dohm has an interior design background, Chuck Dohm is a trained engineer who has high standards for each of their projects.

Working alongside the design architect, CWD Construction’s Chuck Dohm ensures each structural header is secured with bolts instead of nails, which prevents sagging over time. Instead of handing out jobs to the lowest bidder, CWD Construction works hard to develop lasting relationships with subcontractors who share the company’s vision.

Known throughout North and South Carolina for their work, CWD Construction provides the highest quality, whether it’s in the grade of paint or flooring to the materials used to secure foundations and roofing. Residents have grown to be able to spot a CWD Construction home at first sight, simply by its upgraded kitchen or dream bathroom. This is a philosophy the company continues to carry forward to its outdoor living spaces.

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