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Instant Tax Solutions is a national tax debt relief agency headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho. The firm, founded in 2009, now employs over 30 tax professionals who have more than a century of combined experience dealing with the IRS. The team at Instant Tax Solutions is made up of experienced former IRS Revenue Officers, Federally Enrolled Agents, CPAs and administrative staff. Since tax debt resolution is Instant Tax Solutions’ specialty, the owners take great pride in ensuring each and every team member is up to date on the ever-changing rules and regulations within the IRS code.

Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Hear What Clients Are Saying about the Team at ITS

Instant Tax Solutions is a tax debt resolution firm with a knack for offering immediate piece of mind. By educating their clients and keeping them involved in every decision, the Instant Tax Solutions reviews team has earned a reputation as the best place to go when Uncle Sam comes calling. Founded in 2009 by Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman, Instant Tax Solutions combines the experience of more than 40 tax professionals, including Federally Enrolled Agents, former IRS Revenue Officers, and Certified Public Accountants.

Instant Tax Solutions provides reviews, free of charge, during an initial consultation where the client is given an honest evaluation of their circumstance. If the Instant Tax Solutions reviews team does not believe the debt can be settled, they speak up and inform the consumer as to why. Education is a top priority of the ITS founders, that’s why their staff is trained continually on new tax laws and tax relief programs.

The Instant Tax Solutions reviews team will waste no time getting started on your project, as they respect the value of your time and know that peace of mind can never come soon enough. As well, the Instant Tax Solutions reviews team provides live customer support with direct access to the client’s personal case manager. ITS believes that education is a key element in their process and offers insight in to each step so that the client may remain informed and involved.  With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Instant Tax Solutions is the right choice when it comes to IRS problem and back taxes.

Here’s what clients have posted on Instant Tax Solutions Reviews:

I received an IRS notice of levy on my wages and I was scared to death. Within 48 hours, ITS had the levy released and now they are helping me get caught up on unfiled returns. What a relief it will be to have this settled!  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Mary G. on 11/21/2011]

Instant Tax Solutions is a professional organization that does what it says. Just be ready with all your information because they do not mess around.  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Eric S. on 12/1/2011]

So far so good! They do what they say to do and that is great!!! In situations like this you need a company that will deliver, they really stand behind their company’s name…. INSTANT TAX SOLUTIONS… The solution is really instant. The people working in this company, they don’t waste time, they work on it right away……. so far I’m happy with their services, no doubt about it, they are very recommendable.  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: A.L.R. III on 11/30/2011]

Instant Tax Solutions provided me with the exceptional service and far exceeded my expectations and turned a $75,000 headache into (and I am not exaggerating) a $0 liability. I would highly recommend them for all your tax needs  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Tracy on 11/28/2011]

I highly recommend working with the very experienced staff at ITS. From my first intake call I felt like I was in competent hands, and was so relieved to have someone with your level of expertise on my side. All of the professionals at ITS are first -rate, and I couldn’t have achieved the results I did without their exceptional support. [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: David on 11/21/2011]

Instant Tax Solutions did a great job. They answered all of our questions and made a stressful situation into something that was easier to handle.  [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Amy on 11/18/2011]

All of the interactions have been very professional at Instant Tax Solutions. I have no problem recommending them because they were straight forward and were able to make me feel comfortable to the point that they made dealing with the IRS comfortable. I cannot thank them enough. [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Gabriel on 11/15/2011]

I was very stressed about my situation but found relief from using Instant Tax Solutions. They stayed on top of things and took care of my IRS problem. [Instant Tax Solutions Reviews: Sharon on 11/11/2011]