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Mallory Fleming has been a varsity volleyball player on her high school team for three years, going all the way to championships. Through her competitive spirit and belief in teamwork, Mallory Fleming is able to achieve her goals both on the court and off, leading to an impressive collection of interests and achievements that show her dedication to helping others. Teamwork has led Mallory Fleming and her varsity volleyball team to multiple accomplishments. This includes being chosen as best defensive player for 2012 and traveling with her team to the Fort Ancient Valley Conference (FAVC), which they won in 2010. Athletics aren’t the only interest for Mallory Fleming, however. She is an active part of her school’s student council and newspaper staff, and also writes for the school yearbook.

Mallory Fleming Praises Monterosso, Italy for Its Stunning Scenery

Mallory Fleming recently visited Monterosso, a popular tourist location on the coast of Italy. After soaking up the wonderful atmosphere, Mallory Fleming suggests helpful tips for those who want to experience the beauty and serenity of Monterosso for themselves.

Q: Why is Monterosso such a wonderful destination?

Mallory Fleming: Monterosso is the best place for people who desire rest and relaxation with a dash of adventure. After arrival, a seaside boardwalk leads to a beautiful white sandy beach.

Q: What activities do you recommend?

Mallory Fleming: A boat tour of the Cinque Terre, a rugged section of coast along the Italian Riviera, helps visitors appreciate the five fishing villages in the area.

Q: What else is prominent about the Cirque Terre?

Mallory Fleming: The Cinque Terre is also a treasured spot for hikers and outdoors enthusiasts.

Q: What advice do you have for first-time visitors of Monterosso?

Mallory Fleming: The best way to travel to Monterosso is via local train from Genoa or La Spezia, or by taking an Intercity train originating from Turin, Tuscany, Milan or Rome. The expansive train network also reaches other villages along the Cinque Terre.

Q: Why trains instead of cars?

Mallory Fleming: Parking is expensive in Monterosso, so motor transportation is not recommended. Driving through public areas is often prohibited.

Q: What about Italian dining?

Mallory Fleming:  Needless to say, Italian food is a real treasure. The gelato in particular is a must.

Q: What’s different from American meals?

Mallory Fleming: At lunchtime, the Italians do not rush back to their routines. Diners are encouraged to bask in the local music and culture.

Q: What should visitors do after lunch?

Mallory Fleming: For some afternoon fun, a leisurely stroll through the village streets reveals a series of attractive houses with offbeat colors and distinct shapes.