BentleyForbes Shares Virtues of the Boy Scouts of America


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BentleyForbes The founder of BentleyForbes has been a champion of the Boy Scouts of America since the company began in 1993. In this interview, he explains why BentleyForbes is heavily involved in the organization’s wealth of opportunities for today’s young men.

Zrylw: Welcome, and thank you for your time this morning.

BentleyForbes: It’s an absolute pleasure to be with you!

Zrylw: Tell us about your involvement with the Boy Scouts of America…

BentleyForbes: The Boy Scouts of America is truly one of the finest youth organizations in the U.S. The Boy Scouts put an emphasis on physical and mental fitness for young men from the ages of 11 to 17.

Zrylw: Why is this mission so critical in today’s society?

BentleyForbes: The American value system remains in a state of flux. With so many social options available to kids today, making the right choice can be incredibly difficult.

Zrylw: How so?

BentleyForbes: The youth of America are subjected to countless unethical corporate and individual acts in the media, not to mention their schools and communities.

Zrylw: Where do the Scouts come into play?

BentleyForbes: According to various studies, Scouts are generally more satisfied with their professional and personal lives. The value of these relationships cannot be underestimated.

Zrylw: What specific traits do you find are most notable among Scouts?

BentleyForbes: Scouts have excelled in leadership roles as a result of the self-confidence and strength that they have drawn from their experiences.

Zrylw: What experiences, for example?

BentleyForbes: Being of service to others is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. By learning how to respect other people and their property, Scouts gain invaluable life skills.

Zrylw: Such as…?

BentleyForbes: Especially in today’s society, it’s important to feel pride about America and all of its abundant opportunities. Taking care of the environment is one of the chief lessons learned by Scouts.

Zrylw: That’s a noble goal!

BentleyForbes: Indeed. These ethical standards establish a strong and unyielding foundation that serves young men for the rest of their lives.

Zrylw: What is the long-term impact of their involvement?

BentleyForbes: The opportunities granted by the Boy Scouts of America carry forth into the rest of their lives. Because of their association with the Scouts, young men improve their interpersonal relationships.

Zrylw: How can adults help out the cause?

BentleyForbes: As part of volunteering, adults can work directly with youth to develop and sustain a brighter future for the United States.

Zrylw: Is a certain level of experience necessary to volunteer?

BentleyForbes: Scouting volunteers come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. People and businesses from nearly every industry are involved in helping youth become competent, caring and responsible citizens.

Zrylw: What can adults learn from these endeavors?

BentleyForbes: Scout volunteering allows people to learn a variety of new skills and create lasting friendships within the community.

Zrylw: Where can adults find out more information about volunteering?

BentleyForbes: On the Scouts website, simply type in a zip code to find the nearest council.

Zrylw: Tremendous! Thanks for sharing!

BentleyForbes: You’re quite welcome.

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