Bobby Martyna Says That Success Comes One Small Step at a Time


According to Bobby Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, you can realize your dreams!  Following some basic steps and creating realistic goals that can be accomplished on a daily and weekly is the key. The question that many people have asked Bobby Martyna of Tradavo, is, “How can I make my dreams come true?”

Begin by imagining your dream as something real.  Picture each detail so clearly that you can almost reach out and touch it, says Bobby Martyna. For example, if you can’t stop thinking about buying a new car, then what kind is it?  Is it red?  Take a minute to imagine that you are sitting behind the wheel for the first time.  How does it feel?  What does it smell like? Now, imagine that you are taking the car for a test drive. Put the top down, if it’s a convertible. Feel the breeze blowing on your face.

But don’t stop there. Make an appointment to go for an actual test drive! Have a friend take a photo of you sitting in the car and post it up where you will be sure to see it every day. Focus on this dream daily. The key, Bobby Martyna of Tradavo states, is to break this big dream down into smaller, measurable goals that will help to get you there. The goal of owning a new car will only be achieved if you can pay for its purchase. So it’s necessary to set a realistic date for accumulating the required funds.

Once you have settled on a date, break your timeline down into bite-sized segments. If your goal is one year from now, then break that down into a manageable goal for each month, each week, even a goal for each day. According to Bobby Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, it’s important to determine the specific actions you must take to reach each specific goal.  Do the math; figure out how much money you will need to save each week.  Then determine what actions you need to take each day to earn those funds.

Or, you may have a goal of writing a book, but have no idea about how to get from your dream to holding a book in your hands. Every great book begins with research.  So the first step in front of you is to begin your research.  Create a basic outline, and then begin writing one chapter at a time. Break each major step down into daily steps that must be done on time in order to complete the entire book by your target date.

Bobby Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, says that it’s imperative to ask yourself if each day’s task is reasonable. Make sure to tell yourself the truth. If you know that it will be difficult or impossible to meet each day’s requirement, then extend the timeline until you have something you know you can do every day. That’s the way to set yourself up for sure success!

Like the ancient philosopher said,  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  Bobby Martyna agrees. No matter how big a dream, if it is broken down into baby steps that can realistically be accomplished day to day, the road to success will be paved with many joys!

One thought on “Bobby Martyna Says That Success Comes One Small Step at a Time”

  1. Bobby Martyna puts emphasis on the importance of dreams and the realization that they DO come true. Bobby Martyna also explains throughout his article that with a goal in mind, enthusiasm, and persistence, anything is possible once you set you’re mind to it.

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