Regeneration Found at Brenda Lee Reed’s Genesis Healing Center


Brenda Lee Reed is a long-time student of holistic medicine and the founder of Middle Tennessee’s Genesis Healing Center. Genesis was founded after Brenda Lee Reed lost her father to cancer in 1999 and exists as an extension of her love for him and her exhaustive research on ways to halt this devastating disease. Here, guests are invited to relax, detox, and educate themselves on a variety of whole-health topics and nutritional development.
Brenda Lee Reed offer custom cleansing and detox programs through Genesis Healing Center. Her 30 day program is designed to promote mental clarity and increase energy and stamina. As a Certified Lifestyle Coach, Brenda Lee Reed brings positive energy and an uplifting spirit to her message of hope and healing. Through Genesis, Reed allows individuals to take back the reins of health through physical cleansing and spiritual fulfillment.
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Brenda-Lee-Reed-on-porch Brenda Lee Reed says that a successful experience at Genesis Healing Center is all about an open mind. Here, she shares some of the remarkable success stories from past guests at Genesis.


Brenda Lee Reed says that Gene is an individual that she has known personally for many years. He is fit, eats well, and takes care of his body. But when Gene turned 58, something went wrong; so wrong that he found himself in the hospital hooked up to machines while on a business trip after having what he later found out was a transient stroke, says Brenda Lee Reed.

He left the hospital no worse for the wear but he still felt “off.” Not long after, he had another episode and discussed it with his friend, Brenda Lee Reed, of Genesis Healing Center. Brenda suggested that

Gene check in to Genesis Healing Center for a cleansing. Gene was skeptical at first but after 7 days of following the Center’s regime, he felt 18 again. His issues, which have not returned as of 7 years later, were the result of an impacted colon and the toxins that built up inside of him. Brenda Lee Reed credits his stay at Genesis as what cleared the almost petrified waste from his insides and he left 12 pounds lighter.

Today, Brenda Lee Reed is proud to report that he is still feeling fabulous.  Gene, at the age of 67, goes mountain climbing and works out three times a week. He visits his friend Brenda Lee Reed at Genesis once a year for what he calls his “tune up.”


Erica was a busy woman feeling run down, says Brenda Lee Reed. With no time for herself, Erica needed a bit of quiet time. She checked in to Genesis Healing Center for a quick recharge and for an education on preparing nourishing foods, to combat the fatigue of everyday life. According to Brenda Lee Reed, as a result of her stay at Genesis, Erica has learned how to fuel her body and no longer feels three steps behind everyone else.


Brenda Lee Reed says that Veronica needed more than just a practical experience; Veronica needed to find a spot to fully understand how God wanted her body to work; how He created it to function, and what He intended to be put into it. Veronica’s stay at Genesis Healing Center provided this to her and has allowed her to learn more about how food affects every part of her. Brenda Lee Reed remains in touch with Veronica and reports that she continues to feed her mind, body, and soul with God’s love and healthy foods.

Brenda Lee Reed founded Genesis Healing Center in honor of her father, who she lost early to cancer. She believes that feeding the body food that it can use is the best way to regain stamina, energy, and even physical appearance. Through Genesis Healing Center, Brenda Lee Reed helps dozens of people each year cleanse, detox, and relax. For more information about Brenda Lee Reed and Genesis Healing Center, visit

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