Byron Pederson Discusses Meeting of Coalition to Promote Fairness in Tax Debt Resolution Industry


Byron Pederson is a Post Falls, Idaho businessman and the co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions. He has a broad range of professional and personal interests which utilize his many talents. As a business owner, Byron Pederson credits God’s guidance for allowing him to help people who are experiencing stress due to financial shortfalls caused by tax debt.

According to Byron Pederson, in May of 2012 the recently formed National Association of Tax Debt Resolution Companies will meet in Washington, DC to discuss issues affecting the industry. The meeting is a unique opportunity for industry professionals to collect specific information about new issues the industry will face, reports Byron Pederson.

The conference is a two-day program. Byron Pederson says that on the first day group participants will be introduced to the potential Board of Directors and officers, and have an opportunity to vote on these nominations. Additionally, Byron Pederson notes that the group’s budget preparation, legislative development, and membership development programs will be discussed. Also on the agenda will be the development of standardized contracts in uniform disclosures.

Many industry leaders are scheduled to speak at the conference, including Karen Hawkins, the Director of the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility, says Byron Pederson. Ms. Hawkins is expected to address the IRS’s concerns and will stress the continued professionalism of industry agents who are authorized to appear before the Agency. Larry Lawler is also scheduled to discuss policies and procedures in place that will help tax debt resolution companies consistently remain compliant with IRS regulations, says Byron Pederson. As well, Byron Pederson notes that the group’s lobbyist, Mark Guimond, will offer a briefing as to the most recent status of proposals, including California’s Bill 708 and the Telemarketing Sales Rule, which is currently on hold.

Byron Pederson points out that participants will be offered a view of the tax resolution industry from the U.S. Senate. Also, says Byron Pederson, the issue of Internet Marketing and lead generation will be addressed. Most–if not all–forms of advertisement will be spoken about and include a discussion regarding how some firms intentionally mislead consumers, and how that has a negative impact on the industry as a whole, notes Byron Pederson.

Byron Pederson explains that the National Association of Tax Debt Resolution Companies was founded to help ensure fairness to both consumers as well as those serving in the industry. According to Byron Pederson, the American public needs to be aware of what services are available and how a reputable and honest firm can positively impact the lives of those afflicted with tax issues. Byron Pederson believes that the Association can offer both legislators and consumers information on why tax debt resolution firms are important to the economy. Additionally, the group will help educate people on how to differentiate the legitimate agencies from the scammers, concludes Byron Pederson.

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This sounds like a very interesting meeting to attend. Will you be going to it? I would love to attend. Can you provide more information about this? Let me know. Thanks


Will you be posting articles or blogs about what you learn there? If so, I will be looking forward to it. Thanks for posting this article. You’ve always been very informative about things like this.

It’s great that you post things like this to keep us in the loop. I’m sure there are other people out there who wonder how you stay up to date with all of the changes. You are a great resource to stay informed.

Will there be audio or video available from the speakers who speak? I’m talking in reference specifically to Karen Hawkins. I would love to sit in and listen to her speak about her topic, but I am not a tax professional. If you could post where those links would be available, that would be great — IF they are available. Thanks!

In reading this article, I had one question: When you vote for the officers and the board of directors – does that affect the tax changes at all? I’m just curious… Thanks for sharing this information. It is interesting to see what “tax” people get to look forward to.

@Elianna Rutherford – I don’t know if our votes directly influence the tax changes – but I know that it does make a difference in meetings like this – how the information is passed to the public. Yes, “tax” people do have quite an interesting life. – Byron Pederson

@Mary Thompson – I am not sure if there is audio or video available. If there is, I will post the information here once it is available. That is a great suggestion. Stay tuned. – Byron Pederson

@Frank Little – I’m glad you enjoy the amount of information we make known to the public. That is one of our desires – to help educate the general public. We know what problems people can face when they are not made aware of the changes in tax laws. It is my pleasure to share this information. – Byron Pederson

@Gary Sutton – Yes, we will be posting articles here about what we learn. That is the purpose for making this meeting public knowledge — so you will get to look forward to what we will be sharing. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. – Byron Pederson

@Gino Filamore – Yes. I will be attending. We will be reporting what we learn here. Thanks for reading. – Byron Pederson

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