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Dr. Eric Siani DMD Has Advice for Patients Who are Afraid of Dentists

Fear of dentists is a big concern for all dental professionals, including Dr. Eric Siani DMD of Palmdale, California. Many people are so afraid that they will put off dental check-ups entirely, says Dr. Eric Siani DMD, until such time painful and serious infections or injury force them to make an emergency visit. Unfortunately, continues […]

Choosing a Kitchen Renovation Project | Advice from Home Installation Professionals

When is the right time to renovate the kitchen? This is a big question that Home Installation Professionals knows that nearly every homeowner must answer during his or her tenure in a home. Home Installation Professionals understands that there are many considerations to be made before deciding to remodel a kitchen. Or course, price is […]

Monahan Chiropractic Offers a Complete Approach to Back Pain Relief

Monahan Chiropractic is known as a community leader in chiropractic treatment. In many practices, chiropractors typically function within limited methods of treatment. Monahan Chiropractic explains that there are four main types of acceptable treatment: traditional straights, objective straights, mixers and reform. Each group, except for reform, is derived from chiropractic philosophies that facilitate the relief […]

Preventive Dentistry Tips from Dennis Norheim J. DDS

Palm Springs, California dentist Dr. Dennis J. Norheim, DDS, considers the education of his patients about the importance of preventive dental care a priority. Dr. Norheim’s dental practice continues to encourage practical procedures and life habits to assist his patients in the prevention of the beginning or further progression of oral disease. Good dental habits […]

A Forever Recovery Speaks About Successful Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Drug and alcohol addictions impact abusers both physically and mentally.  A Forever Recovery understands how addictions physically change the way the brain works as well as dramatically effect emotional balance in those individuals who are abusing drugs and alcohol.  People who abuse drugs may be in denial and insist that they don’t have a problem, […]

Learning Good Preventive Dental HabitsDr. Gregory J. Daniels | Hinsdale Dentist

Dr. Gregory J. Daniels DDS is a believer in the idea of preventive care of his patients’ teeth. He is putting effort behind his conviction and helping to make a difference in the quality of life for his patients. As a general and cosmetic dentist practicing in Hinsdale, Illinois, Dr. Gregory J. Daniels is committed […]

Victoria Vitale-Lewis | Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center | Dr. Vitale Lewis

Why Choose Victoria Vitale-Lewis, M.D. and the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center? – By Victoria Vitale Lewis Dr. Victoria Vitale-Lewis has been practicing cosmetic surgery since 1987 in Brevard County. Known for her practices of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Vitale-Lewis attracts an international clientele from as far away as Austria, England, and Germany. She is board certified […]

Dr. David Mason on Wellness Care

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WELLNESS CARE AND STANDARD MEDICAL CARE By Dr. David Mason, DC The main difference between wellness care and standard medical care is that wellness care seeks to turn on the natural healing ability. Wellness care does not add something to the system, instead it  removes anything that might interfere with normal function. […]