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Dr. Gregory J. Daniels DDS is a believer in the idea of preventive care of his patients’ teeth. He is putting effort behind his conviction and helping to make a difference in the quality of life for his patients.

As a general and cosmetic dentist practicing in Hinsdale, Illinois, Dr. Gregory J. Daniels is committed to the principles of dental education and preventive care. Good preventive care includes home dental care performed by the patient, as well as dental care and education by the professional dental staff at Dr. Gregory J. Daniels DDS office in Hinsdale, Illinois.

Dr. Daniels and his staff offer several kinds of dental services, all for the purpose of helping patients to avoid dental disease. Preventive care in Dr. Gregory J. Daniels’ office includes cleaning of the teeth to remove the accumulations of calculus, examination of the teeth and soft tissue using visual and tactile exams, x-rays, and oral cancer screening. Newer techniques to diagnose gum disease include measurement devices that evaluate bacterial content in the mouth. Dr. Gregory J. Daniels looks for early signs of periodontal disease, dental decay, and other troublesome changes in the mouth’s soft tissue that might indicate the possibility of oral cancer. Sometimes, Dr. Daniels may prescribe anti-inflammatory mouthwashes to prevent periodontal problems.

Preventive dentistry should never harm patients when done correctly. Therefore, dentists may need to take additional precautions when a patient has a medical condition that would be affected by some of the procedures. Dr. Gregory J. Daniels needs to be aware of certain medical conditions, such as mitral valve prolapse, which need to be treated with prophylactic antibiotics.

Preventive procedures offered by Dr. Gregory J. Daniels for children include fluoride supplements and applications, as well as dental sealants on the teeth to form a barrier between tooth crevasses and bacteria to help ward off dental decay. Dr. Daniels also may refer young patients to a dental specialist, such as an orthodontist, to correct a bad bite. Dr. Gregory J. Daniels recommends that an orthodontist evaluate children by age seven.

An important part of preventive care, according to Dr. Daniels, is educating patients about at-home care, nutrition, and smoking cessation. At-home procedures include regular and proper brushing, flossing and sometimes use of mouth rinses and at-home fluoride applications. Dr. Gregory J. Daniels educates his patients on proper brushing and flossing techniques.

“In order to properly brush the teeth, a patient should use a soft nylon toothbrush with round-ended bristles. You should place the bristles along the gum line at a 45-degree angle to cover the tooth surface and gum line. The brushing technique should be gentle and in a rolling back-and-forth motion, with two to three teeth being brushed at a time. You should brush the inner surfaces of your teeth and tilt the brush vertically to brush the front teeth. Ideally, you should use a back-and-forth motion to brush the biting surface of the teeth and the tongue.

“Flossing removes plaque from between teeth and at the gum line. This should be done with an 18-inch strip of floss wrapped around the middle fingers of each hand. The thumbs should direct the remaining one to two inches of floss that is inserted between the teeth. By keeping the floss taut, patients can use their index fingers to guide the floss between the lower teeth with a gentle zigzag motion, while contouring the floss around the sides of the teeth. They should floss each tooth with a clean section of the floss and ensure that the floss goes under the gum line.”

Dr. Gregory J. Daniels DDS firmly believes that preventive dental care should begin in a baby’s first year and continue through adulthood. Even before teeth erupt, parents can clean infants’ gums after feeding. Considering that 75% of Americans have some form of dental disease, consistent visits to the dentist are particularly important to maintain throughout one’s life. Seniors often benefit from training in proper techniques of denture care and cleaning, which include brushing the replacement teeth.

For more information contact Dr. Gregory J. Daniels DDS at hinsdaledentist.com or at 630-655-8815.

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  1. Dr. Gregory Daniels DDS offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to their patients. Especially for those who are afraid of dentist offices, Dr. Gregory Daniels DDS will sure to put your anxiety to ease. He is also ensures that he takes the time to properly educate his patients on the importance of preventative care for oral hygiene and give you advice on a proper routine.

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