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Richard Spanton Jr | Rewards of Dedication | Richard Spanton Jr

Richard Spanton, Jr. Knows the Rewards of Dedication – By Richard Spanton Jr. Richard Spanton, Jr. shows that there is no limit to achievement–if you put your mind to it. Des Moines, IA, August 29, 2009 — Not only has Richard Spanton, Jr. achieved success, but he has done it on many levels. He provides […]

Mastercraft Exteriors | National Dedication | Mastercraft Exteriors

Local Experience and National Dedication Is Found in Mastercraft Exteriors – By Mastercraft Exteriors Founded by visionary Richard Spanton, Jr., Mastercraft Exteriors is a nationwide leader in roofing, gutters, and siding. White Bear Lake, MN, August 29, 2009 — During his childhood, Richard Spanton, Jr. was taught many skills of the land. When he wasn’t playing […]

Brian Weinstock | Rehabilitation Communication | Brian Weinstock

Rehabilitation Communication – By Brian Weinstock When remodeling your home, Home Installation Professionals urge you to tap into one of your most basic human skills – communication. When renovating your home, you’re a most valuable asset. So don’t risk disappointment by not speaking your mind.  Consistently communicate with your contractor.  Brian Weinstock, a prominent name in […]

A Bailey Plumbing | Making Home Efficient | A Bailey Plumbing

A Bailey Plumbing | Making Your Home More Efficient – By A Bailey Plumbing Have you heard it said that cleanliness is next to godliness? Well, if you’ve got a furnace, cleaning or replacing the filters once a month will keep it working at top efficiency. Also clean your air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators […]

Brian Weinstock | While Choosing Contractors | Brian Weinstock

When Choosing Contractors, Caution Is Advised – By Brian Weinstock Is it time to remodel?  There are a lot of contractors out there.  How will you decide?  Before plunging in, look into long standing organizations, like Home Installation Professionals. Nearly all contractors have the rudimentary skills necessary to produce a new kitchen or bathroom for an […] says “Don’t Hit a Sour Note when Moving a Piano”

CARMACK MOVING SAYS “DON’T HIT A SOUR NOTE WHEN MOVING A PIANO” by Robert Carmack, There are many funny cartoons and movies that feature situations involving people trying to move a big heavy piano. Pianos can be very difficult to move, especially if they’re heavy antiques and heirlooms passed on from generations and you […]

A. Bailey Plumbing & Heating | A Bailey Plumbing | ABaileyPlumbing

FIVE SIMPLE WAYS TO SAVE MONEY by Chris Bailey, Master Plumber and Owner of A. Bailey Plumbing & Heating Avoid high pressure showers: Too much pressure can be stressful, not just on yourself, but on your plumbing system too! High pressure showers not only cost more because of the extra water running down the drain, […]

Carmack Moving and Storage | Robert Carmack | Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage – HELPING YOUR CHILDREN COPE WITH A MOVE By Robert Carmack, Carmack Moving and Storage School is out and families across America are preparing to pack up and move. Whether you are moving across the street or across the country moving can be especially stressful for children. Younger kids often become […]

Carmack Moving | Robert Carmack | Carmack Moving

Carmack Moving – TIPS FOR REDUCING THE STRESS OF A MAJOR MOVE by Robert Carmack, Carmack Moving Some of life’s simplest problems can end up being the biggest bother to solve. When it comes to moving, think simple. While professional movers such as Carmack Moving offer direction on how to plan for a move, it […]