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Dave Ramsey supports Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries – Nancy Alcorn and Dave Ramsey both in the business of transforming lives.

Nancy Alcorn and Dave Ramsey have been friends for a long-time.  They share the love of helping people find freedom from bondage – bondage to money and debt or bondage to life-controlling issues.  Here are some highlights of the partnership between Dave Ramsey and Nancy Alcorn: As long-time supporters of Mercy Ministries and Nancy Alcorn, […]

Dr. David Snodgrass DDS Addresses Parents About Pediatric Dental X-Rays

Many people that come to consult with Dr. David Snodgrass DDS at Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates are visiting for the first time as parents. Dr. David Snodgrass DDS offers valuable information to parents bringing their children for dental visits. New visitors to the Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates are given a warm welcome and a brief orientation with the facilities.

Jonathan Berkowitz Suggests Nature Walk Ideas for Parents

Jonathan Berkowitz’s affection for the great outdoors informs his work as a licensed clinical social worker. According to Jonathan Berkowitz, time spent outside experiencing nature can be a fulfilling and relaxing activity for the whole family. Jonathan Berkowitz says that parents can use nature walks to relax their own minds while entertaining and educating their children.

Yochanan Berkowitz Appreciates a Good Hike

Yochanan Berkowitz is a big fan of the great outdoors. When Yochanan Berkowitz’s work as a licensed clinical social worker allows, he takes time out to commune with nature. First hand contemplation of nature, says Yochanan Berkowitz, is a good way to center one’s thoughts and regain perspective on life’s difficulties. There are many ways to enjoy nature, says Yochanan Berkowitz, ranging from walks in a local park to cross country skiing along a snowy landscape.

Chef Ben Vaughn Cites an Interesting Study on Low Fat vs. Low Carb Diets

During his career, Chef Ben Vaughn has seen the culinary debate swing back and forth between different dieting trends. For a time, says Chef Ben Vaughn, it may seem that low fat diets are best for fitness and weight loss. Then a new rhetoric emerges, notes Chef Ben Vaughn, and low carb diets get touted as the most effective diets for health and weight loss.

JS Properties, LLC Offers Residential Property Management Considerations

In addition to residential and commercial real estate sales, JS Properties, LLC, owned and operated by Joyce Smotherman, offers management and marketing services to property owners that choose to lease their properties. For residential owners, whether it is a single family home, apartment complex, duplex, townhome or condo, JS Properties, LLC offers a management agreement […]

Tips from SMART Carpet | Prevention in Carpet Care

The best carpet care recommendation is prevention: keep your carpets as clean as possible in the first place. This purely practical approach may give an inkling as to the reason for his company’s success. SMART Carpet has installed some sixty-five million square feet of both residential and commercial flooring in more than 100,000 homes and […]

Homes by Vanderbuilt Implements Technology to Create Energy Efficient Modular Residences | Homes by Vanderbuilt

Homes by Vanderbuilt is a home building company that specializes in modular home construction. Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home construction, explains the staff at Homes by Vanderbuilt, is when a home is erected in an off-site facility. The Homes by Vanderbuilt home is then transported to the homeowner’s lot and installed on the foundations. Homes […]

Chef Ben Vaughn Teaches About Curries and the Magic Ingredient

Chef Ben Vaughn has been making diners full and happy for years. Often, Chef Ben Vaughn gets questions from food lovers about how to work kitchen magic at home. Here are several of Chef Ben Vaughn‘s suggestions on the perfect curry, the magic ingredient, and how to correct over-salting. Many home chefs, notes Chef Ben […]

Mastercraft Exteriors Understands the Beauty of Green Industry

Mastercraft Exteriors is a nationwide leader in roofing, gutters, and siding. Furthermore, they are progressive conservationists, helping to lead the business of home exteriors into the green revolution. White Bear Lake, MN, November 04, 2009 — The specialists at Mastercraft Exteriors long ago realized that home exterior restoration produces tons of waste like discarded shingles, […]