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Kyle Thomas Glasser is the classic picture of what it means to work towards a dream. In his short life, Kyle Thomas Glasser has demonstrated what it means to remain persistent, hope filled and to never stop reaching. Glasser’s future plans center around the goal of becoming a medical doctor. He dreams of this for one reason – to serve.

Psi Chi International Honor Societies cover a wide range of medical expertise fields offering premedical students and medical students the help and aid that they need to facilitate and guide them through their learning process. The organization aims to equip students with the right support system so that they will become responsible medical practitioners within their respective chosen fields. With a wide array of medical fields included in this prestigious honor society and covering several countries around the globe, this organization provides plenty of medical students a chance for membership.

With this being a prestigious organization, applying to become a member is quite rigid and process is thorough. Aside from satisfying academic requirements, backgrounds, profiles, and academic status, are checked ensuring everyone that members who passed has gone through a rigid and thorough membership accreditation process.

A lot of premedical and medical students aim to be part of this organization. Those who want to join should be able to supply ample information of their medical endeavors and activities pertaining to the medical profession that can help aid their application.

Medical missions may play an integral role when applying. This will help gauge one’s experience and dedication to the field. Kyle Thomas Glasser, a premedical student, for example participated in medical missions outside of the country to help other who are in need and extend medical services. His efforts include serving the community and aiming to become a responsible member of society.

It was only recently that Kyle Thomas Glasser faced a very difficult part in his life. He was alleged of crimes due to his actions that played a very important role on how to move forward. There were incriminating photos and documents found in his laptop when he brought his laptop for servicing. With him not being aware that his files were made public, technical service agents were able to detect files as they did some back and up restoration procedures of his files which weer enough to incriminate him. A lot now are questioning on whether the procedures done were deemed in accordance, sine those files, were after all private in the first place. There was also a question on whether or not should simply turn its head and look the other way once they find something wrong?

This test or experience did not however stop him from moving forward with his life. Sometimes mistakes, especially ones were not meant o hurt anyone, happens. The best that one can do is acknowledge and move forward, and aim to become better.

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