Dean Spasser Discusses the Value of Backend Offers – St. Louis, MO


When St. Louis’s Dean Spasser founded American Publications twenty years ago, he had vast experience in advertising. As a commercial leasing agent in St. Louis, Dean Spasser had spent more than a decade matching business owners with prospective retail and office space. In doing this, Dean Spasser realized he had a talent for helping groups of people with needs find each other.

One of the services that Dean Spasser now offers is helping businesses and individuals find mailing lists to support their direct mail needs. After a business has secured a great list, Dean Spasser then counsels them on how best to market to those customers. A mailing doesn’t help unless the customer responds to what he or she finds in the mailbox, Dean Spasser reminds his clients.

Among the many things a business can do, capturing interested customers is among the most important, Dean Spasser affirms. According to St. Louis resident Dean Spasser, when a customer contacts your business, he or she is showing an interest in the products you offer. Record and file mailing lists from both those who inquire and those who buy from you, Dean Spasser advises. This allows you to directly market to those customers; even opening up the possibility of creating certain “VIP deals” that Dean Spasser advises you offer only to them.

Backend offers are a great way to keep current customers coming back, Dean Spasser says. A popular trend in marketing today, backend offers put new offers in with the packaging when a customer buys something from you. If you’re selling printer cartridges, for instance, Dean Spasser advises putting an offer for a certain percentage off that customer’s next cartridge purchase. Or you could offer a discounted ream of paper or box of pens, Dean Spasser advises.

Dean Spasser explains that backend offers save money because they bring business without having to spend advertising money to reach out to a new customer. “Most of your costs have already been incurred,” Dean Spasser explains. “So when a customer purchases a backend offer from you, the purchase price represents a much higher profit margin.”

Dean Spasser is a St. Louis businessman and sole owner of a well-established direct mailing firm providing information on how to find legitimate work from home opportunities. A 1982 Graduate of the University of Missouri – St. Louis, Spasser has spent the last 30 years refining his managerial and business operating skills. In his career, Dean Spasser has served as a real estate professional and successful entrepreneur.

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