Donald Leon Farrow: Understanding Rescue Animals


Donald Leon Farrow believes community service is crucial to personal development and improvement. Since 2006, the architectural innovator has been active in pet causes, serving as an animal rescue volunteer both in Illinois and in Michigan. Currently, Donald Leon Farrow lives in South Haven, Michigan with projects ongoing in Chicago. Donald Leon Farrow is a respected architect who lives in South Haven, Michigan. When he’s not working, Donald Leon Farrow and wife Gina are either relaxing with their Yorkies Carlie and Charlie, or volunteering with animal welfare organizations.

Donald Leon Farrow Donald Leon Farrow has worked with animal rescue for many years. As an architectural leader, Donald Leon Farrow believes that professional success should be balanced with community involvement. For many years, Donald Leon Farrow has served as an animal rescue volunteer for the National Animal Welfare Society, the ASPCA and several local shelters. Donald Leon Farrow recently talked to the Zrylw Blog staff about rescue animals.

Zrylw: What should I do if I see a dog at the side of the road?

Donald Leon Farrow: The important thing is to keep both the dog and yourself safe. Try to lure the dog away from the road – taking yourself off the road as well so neither of you get hit by a car. If the dog is skittish and starts to back off or run – don’t chase it as it may run into traffic. At some point in the process – and especially if you can see that the dog will not come to you, you should call your local dog rescue or animal shelter. If the dog is rabid or aggressive toward you – do not approach. Instead – phone the animal shelter or animal control immediately.

Zrylw: Animal rescue may not get there in time – what tools do you need?

Donald Leon Farrow: I recommend carrying items in the storage compartment of your car to include an old blanket, good quality dog treats, dog dish and container of water. Also carry a rope with an adjustable loop to act as a makeshift collar / leash. Have with you the number of your local animal rescue and dog shelter. If the animal runs off – phone them with the time of day and direction the dog was going.

Zrylw: What if I choose to adopt a rescued dog?

Donald Leon Farrow: The first thing you’ll need to do is have the dog thoroughly checked over by a vet, as well as spayed or neutered, and a good check and clean of the teeth as teeth health is a large component for dog health. Give the dog a very good bath an regular combings. Have a comfortable bed of old washable blankets in a peaceful area for the dog to rest on.

Zrylw: Is there a certain amount I should feed the dog?

Donald Leon Farrow: It’s usually best to start a feeding schedule slowly at first. If a dog’s belly is distended, overfeeding can actually kill him or her. You’ll want to start with small amounts of food and fresh water. Always ask your vet for advice on this, and use high-quality dog foods that contain protein as the first ingredients.

Zrylw: Can I expect the dog to be problematic?

Donald Leon Farrow: It depends on the animal’s history. Remember, dogs are pack animals. They search for a pack to bond with. Once you’ve established yourself as that dog’s pack, it will likely be very loving toward you.

Zrylw: I’ve heard once a dog has been rescued, that dog is more appreciative and loving.

Donald Leon Farrow: Yes, that has been my experience. Once a dog has been mistreated or neglected, having an owner who is loving and cares for it means a lot. That dog is likely to be extremely loyal and loving.

Zrylw: What if I want to help my local animal rescue office?

Donald Leon Farrow: Enthusiastic volunteers are always needed. Caring for strays can be extremely rewarding. Call your local animal rescue and set-up and appointment to visit and discuss opportunities.

Zrylw: What if I want to donate?

Donald Leon Farrow: Animal shelters are always looking for dog food and supplies, including food bowls, and toys.