Dr. Jerry M. Foster Lends His Perspective to the Doctrine of Simplicity


Modern society places a premium on urgency and business, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, but these concerns are often a detriment to overall health and well being. The stress that comes from a crowded and complex life, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, can have a significant affect on personal health. For this reason, Dr. Jerry M. Foster encourages readers to step back from time to time and evaluate the pace of their lives.

While agreeing that being productive is a desirable aspiration, Dr. Jerry M. Foster notes that a busy life can frequently get out of balance. Many people are constantly in a hurry, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, eating meals on the run and rushing from one commitment to the next. Thought this may at the time seem expeditious, points out Dr. Jerry M. Foster, it can backfire in the long run. In fact, Dr. Jerry M. Foster reports that an overly hurried and stressed lifestyle can have very direct bad affects on an individual’s health.

Dr. Jerry M. Foster’s advice to readers is that all people need time to contemplate and ponder their lives in an unhurried manner. Without pausing to assess the aim and quality of life, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, we can easily slip into the trap of “racing toward oblivion.” In fact, we may get so caught up in working towards perfection, says Dr. Jerry M. Foster, that we forget that most of the joy is in the journey, not the destination.

Look for ways to make your busy life a bit simpler, encourages Dr. Jerry M. Foster. A philosophy of simplicity in life can actually uncover freedoms we may have forgotten about due to our harried modern schedules. Taking time to ponder one’s life and goals, concludes Dr. Jerry M. Foster, increases one’s self-knowledge and puts every individual on a more sure social, emotional, and intellectual footing with his or her fellow human beings.

Dr. Jerry M. Foster is Board Certified in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Jerry M. Foster completed his formal academic studies at distinguished universities in North Carolina, Tennessee, and England. After rigorous medical training and an oncology residency, Dr. Jerry M. Foster chose to pour his talents into his middle Tennessee community. Dr. Jerry M. Foster’s vocation is tempered by his Christian ethos, dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Dr. Jerry M. Foster gives his time freely to volunteer endeavors like Samaritan’s Purse and the Room at the Inn Homeless Ministry, as well as medical relief trips abroad to help the needy children of Haiti. Dr. Jerry M. Foster values family above all else, and lives happily with his wife Patty and two daughters near Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. I was interested for Dr. Jerry M. Foster and this is what I found. Thanks for your explanation Dr. Jerry M. Foster. I like Dr. Jerry M. Foster perspective to the doctrine of simplicity.

  2. I appreciate Dr. Jerry M. Foster knowledge and how clearly he explains himself. It was my first time here on Dr. Jerry M. Foster blog. I gained a lot of information reading your post Dr. Jerry M. Foster. Once again, Thank you!

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