Green Water Technologies on Improving Appliance Longevity With Pro Elite Systems


San Antonio-based Green Water Technologies is an area-exclusive distributor of the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by General Electric. The company was founded in 2010 to combat the negative effects of untreated water throughout South Texas.
Green Water Technologies is a Better Business Bureau A-rated company and was awarded the distinction of No. 1 GE dealer two years in a row for exceptional sales and service.
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Green Water Technologies has assisted countless customers in improving their homes through the usage of water softening methods. Recently, Green Water Technologies explained to Zrylw how major appliances work more efficiently with the high efficiency, Energy Star-certified Pro Elite Systems, a water treatment system proven to eliminate hard water from homes.

Zrylw: How can water softeners affect daily activities?

Green Water Technologies: A recent study has show what numerous experts had expected: Water softeners are proven to extend the life of all major appliances.

Zrylw: What does this mean for the consumer?

Green Water Technologies: That means customers can save both energy and money and reduce the pileup in landfills.

Zrylw: How do water softeners achieve this goal for consumers?

Green Water Technologies: Softeners assist in preserving the efficiency of major appliances and water heaters.

Zrylw: Who conducted this study?

Green Water Technologies: The study was commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation in 2009 and then conducted by the Battelle Memorial Institute. The Battelle Memorial Institute is an internationally renowned independent research and testing facility with a focus on technology and applied science development.

Zrylw: How was the study conducted?

Green Water Technologies: Both dishwashers and clothes washers had been tested for 30 days, with a total of 240 wash cycles using hard and soft water sources.

Zrylw: What were the key results?

Green Water Technologies: The washers that ran on softened water were almost free of scale buildup.

Zrylw: What was the appearance of washers that used hard water?

Green Water Technologies: The appearance demonstrated a significant need for both deliming and cleaning as a result of buildup of scale and deposits.

Zrylw: What are some other benefits of soft water?

Green Water Technologies: The usage of less detergent is made possible by using softened water. This is a major benefit for users.

Zrylw: Is this a long-term solution?

Green Water Technologies: Indeed it is. Water heaters with gas storage tanks that use softened water have managed to keep their original efficiency rating over the course of their 15-year lifetime.

Zrylw: What about those heaters using hard water?

Green Water Technologies: Hard water actually leads to an almost 50 percent loss in water heater efficiency.

Zrylw: Are the results different with electric heaters?

Green Water Technologies: Typically not. The overall life of the heating element is shortened because of scale buildup.

Zrylw: Do indoor instantaneous gas water heaters maintain this same efficiency?

Green Water Technologies: Yes, indoor instantaneous gas water heaters, which are tankless heaters that use softened water, will exhibit the same positive results.

Zrylw: How significant is the difference?

Green Water Technologies: Tankless water heaters using hard water failed after an average of 1.6 years.

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